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SS: ~Spark Of Love~ Chapter 7 @pg128 *NEW* (Page 126)


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Posted: 21 November 2012 at 11:50am | IP Logged

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Awesome Update :)

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Wonderful update

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That was a cute update. Loved their silly fights

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loved this update it was really cute

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So sorry for late update 
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Here is the 7th chapter! tada!
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Chapter 7

"Badi ma' " Khushi searched the house but no one was found. "Where have they gone? Why didn't she wake me up?" She thought. As it was early morning, she made coffee for her. She loves coffee at mornings. A person knocked the door and Khushi went to open the door.

"It must be badi ma and Arnav." Khushi reached the door and opened it. But it wasn't them. It was Rahul! She was about to shut the door on his face when he held her hand and stopped her. Khushi immediately took he hand away from his. She gave an angry glare at him.

"Why are you here?" She turned her face away and walked towards the living room. Rahul followed her.

"Khushi.. Please give me one chance!"

"There is nothing left between us to talk about. So just go from here!"

"We can sort out things.. Just listen to me!"

"I don't want to sort out things!! I want you out from my life!"

"So you can be with Arnav?"

"Excuse me?" Khushi looked at him.

"You don't understand what he is! He just want to take advantage of you! To use you! That's what he is! And I know why he'" He couldn't finish when Khushi slapped him. "Don't you dare say that again! Get the hell out of here right now!"

"How dare you slap me!!" Rahul slapped her. "Aaahh!" Khushi screamed in pain. She fell on her knees.  Her lips were bleeding. He stormed out of the house without giving a second glance at her.


Arnav was approaching the house in his car when he saw Rahul on the road. "What is he doing here? Did he..?" He drove the car at full speed to the house. The front door was left open. He entered the house and saw Khushi sitting on the floor. He ran to her and sat on his knees beside her. She was hiding her face in her hands. "Khushi.. Khushi what happened? I saw Rahul.. Did he?" Arnav stopped and took her hands in his. She still didn't look at him. He held her chin and made her look up.

He gasped when he saw her face. Her lips bleeding and she was crying. Arnav clenched his fists. "Did he do this?" He asked gritting his teeth. Khushi nodded. "He is dead!" Arnav said and stood up. But Khushi held his hands. "Don't leave me here.." She whispered. Arnav's heart melt at her voice. He turned to her. She got up and hugged him tightly. Arnav hugged her back. "Where were you Arnav?" Khushi asked in between her sobs. Arnav closed his eyes.

"I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have left."


Arnav knocked the door. "Come in." Khushi said. Arnav entered and saw she was about to get up from the bed. He hurried towards her and held her and made her sit on the bed. "Arnav! I'm fine now!" Khushi said. "I know. But you have to do what I say until badi ma comes!"

"When will she come?"

"I think she will be back by evening."

"Hey don't tell her anything about this okay?"


"Because she will tell my mom about it and then she won't let me stay here for another second! And I don't wanna go from here."

"Why?" Arnav asked looking straightly into her eyes.

"Because.. Because I .. I don't wanna go away from you." She was so lost in his eyes that she had no control on her words. She quickly corrected her sentence. "I mean.. I will miss you and badi ma then."

"Yeah.. Yeah of course. You will miss badi ma.. and me." Arnav smiled. Khushi smiled back. Someone knocked the door. Arnav stood and walked towards the door. Khushi tried to get up but was stopped by Arnav.

"aa aa don't even think of doing that!" He said. Khushi glared at him and got back on the bed. "Now that's like a good girl!" Arnav teased. Khushi threw a pillow at him. He threw it back at her and ran from there before she could throw it back.


Arnav opened the door. It was Rahul. Khushi on the other hand was in her room wondering who it could be at the door.

"How dare you come here after all what you have done?" Arnav said roughly.

"Listen dude! I'm not here to.."

"Dude? Seriously? Dude?" Arnav asked and before Rahul could reply back he slapped him on the face. Rahul turned to fight back but Arnav grabbed his collar and dragged him inside. He pinned him to the wall.

"Why did you slap her?"

"You have nothing to do with it!" Rahul answered struggling to get free of his hold but all his attempts were useless.

"Why did you slap her?" Arnav roared.

Khushi heard him and got up from the bed and hurried towards the living room. She was shocked to see Rahul there. Still unaware of her presence Arnav kept asking him.

"Why did you slap her?"

"Because I was telling her what you are and what you are up to ans she slapped me!!" Arnav release him. He still stood there looking straight into Arnav's eyes.

"What do you mean?" Arnav asked.

Damn! I don't want him to know it! Khushi said to herself. "Aa-a-Arnav! Whats the need of that?" Khushi asked coming to them. They both looked at her.

"No.. I need to know what I'm up to!" He said glaring at Rahul. "Fine! You are using her for your own good! You are a cheap person!"  Rahul said coldly.

"Rahul! Get out of my house! Now!"  Rahul stood like that staring at her. "Go!" Khushi cried. "You will regret this Khushi!" He walked out of the house and Khushi immediately locked the door. She knew Arnav was still there. And she knew he would question her about this. She walked towards her room as quickly as she could but was stopped by Arnav."Khushi wait!" Khushi stopped and turned to him. He came to her. "So that is why you slapped him?" He asked softly. Khushi cleared her throat as silently as she could. " Let's just leave that topic." Arnav caught her hand when she started to go from there.

"Is that the reason why you slapped him?" Arnav asked in a little bit louder tone. Khushi turned to face him. He dropped her hand. "I slapped him because he was talking shit about you and I couldn't stand that! Happy?" She yelled.

"Yeah much happy!" Arnav said and walked towards his room.

"You knew that already, so why did you want to hear it from me?" Arnav stopped when Khushi asked that. He looked back at her.

"Because, I want you to know what actually want." He entered his room.

Khushi walked to her room slowly. "I guess I know what I want. But I don't wanna accept it." She said to herself as she entered her room. she noticed Arnav's phone on her bed. She picked it and accidentally pressed a key. The screen flashed a note. "2 new messages" and below it was a name; "Priya". Khushi clenched her fists. "He has been messaging Priya?"

Thankfully there was no password lock so Khushi opened the message. "Am I doing the right thing? I have no right to be angry even if he talk to Priya. Who am I to be mad at him?" She thought. But still she needed to know why he was messaging her. Does he still love her? She wondered.

She read the conversation. The messages read; "Yeah sure" and the other one read; "I love you."  Khushi searched for previous messages hoping he didn't write I love you before. But she was wrong.The message read; "I will meet you tonight. Will message you the venue later. Take care jaan. Love you." Khushi closed the conversation. "Why didn't he te;; me about Priya? I told her everything about me and Rahul. So he was just pretending to care about me!" She closed her eyes to let the tears fall which were unshed. But they stayed stubbornly on her eyelashes.


"Your phone.." Khushi said stepping into Arnav;s room. He smiled and took it from her hand. Khushi wished if he would tell her everything about him and Priya. But he went back to his laptop. "You sure you don't wanna say anything?" Khushi asked. How stupid! She thought.

Arnav looked at her and closed his laptop. He stood and went to her. "Ms.Khushi is there anything you want me to say?" He asked in flirty way.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Khushi pushed him away.

"What is wrong with you Khushi!" He asked, irritated by her behavior. Khushi looked at him with furious eyes. "What is wrong with me? What is wrong with me? Am I the one who is talking to his ex and telling her that he love her?" She yelled .

"What are you talking about?" Arnav asked, again coming to her. When he touched her shoulder she jerked back. "Don't touch me!" She cried. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. "And please stop acting like you have no idea about what is going on!"

"I swear I don't know what you are talking about!"

"Why don't you check your inbox, your lover might have messaged you back!" Khushi said pointing towards his phone. Arnav gave a long sigh and took his phone from his pocket.   

"What the heck!! Khushi I swear I have no idea.."

"I LOVE YOU! That was sent from your phone your number! And you are saying you have no idea what it is?"

"Khushi I'm not lying! I didn't message her!"

"Stop lying to me!!"

"What if I did message her? Why do you care?"

"Yeah right! Why do I care? I care because I love you! Won't you get that?" Khushi said the thing that she had being denying to herself.

"What.. did you say?" Arnav asked not being able to believe what he just heard.

"I love you Arnav! I love you! Why did you make me fall for you when you had planned to do this to mmphh." Arnav kissed her. Khushi tried to push him away but he wrapped his arms around her waist and drew her more closer to him. Soon she forgot she was angry with him. Throwing her arms around his neck, she kissed him with equal passion. Arnav pinned her against the wall knowing that she was shaking and not being able to hold on. Suddenly she realized what she is doing and pushed him away.

"You can't just kiss me in the middle of an argument!" Khushi said rubbing her lips with her hands as if she is going to "erase" that kiss.

"You think doing that will erase my kiss?" Arnav chuckled at her childish act.

"You can't just kiss me okay!"

"I want to kiss you again"

"Well, I don't want to kiss you"

"Yes you do! I can feel it. Have you ever kissed a guy like that?

"I didn't kiss you!"

"Yes you did! And it was the best kiss ever!"

"I did not!"

"Okay lady, I kissed you and you fought back with all your efforts to protect your virtue like anything. Happy?"

"You think this is funny?" Arnav noticed she was hurt and stopped his laughing. He came to her and cupped her face with his hands. At first she removed it but when he did that for the second time she didn't try to go away from him.

"Khushi.. You need to know what I feel for you. I love you Khushi. I love you. I can never hurt you. If you are hurt then that would hurt me too!"

"It's easy for you to say. But hard for me to believe! Not after those messages!"

"To hell with those messages yaar! I swear I didn't send them!"

"Then who else can send those messages?"

"I don't know. But I will find out. But right now I just want you to trust me."

"I trust you. But I'm afraid of losing you. I can't bear to lose any other person from my life."

"I promise you. I will never leave you!" Arnav wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly. He stroked her hair gently. "I love you." He whispered.

"I'm sorry about the kiss." Arnav said. Khushi looked at him. "You are?" She asked.

"Yeah.. I shouldn't have kissed you that way."

"What way?" Khushi asked.

"You know.. All of a sudden and kinda forcefully.. I didn't want our first kiss to be a one that you will regret."

"I don't regret it. Do you?"

"Not in this lifetime."

"I love you." She smiled.

"Were you able to erase that kiss?" Arnav asked holding back a chuckle.

"No but I can tell you how to do it."

"And how is that?" Arnav asked raising his eyebrow.

"Actually showing you would be a better option." Before Arnav could reply she sealed his lips with hers. When they finally broke the kiss he whispered in her ear.

"If that's the way to erase a kiss, I would love to do it frequently."

Buddy ..-Milsha-.. for PMs. Thanks in advance for your comments. 

PS- And yeah I don't know why but I feel really happy to read the long comments that some of you leave. There is a smile on my face whenever I read those comments :P I know you'd think silly me :P But can't help it. So a very special thanks to those who leave lengthy comments and state that which parts they loved the most and why. :D Love you all :D

PPS- Sorry for the "lengthy" noteLOL

Today is my pyaari behena's birthday :D Happy birthday shilpo aka ii..shilpa..ii HugLove you loads. And this update is for youHeart


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