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SS: ~Spark Of Love~ Chapter 7 @pg128 *NEW* (Page 111)

Dandelion. Goldie

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Chapter 6

"I felt like finally I have got my happiness. But I was wrong. I was really wrong! He never loved me. It was always me who loved him". For some reason Arnav couldn't bear Khushi talking about Rahul. He closed his eyes. "Can we just stop talking about Rahul?" His tone was harsh. "How can you expect me not to talk about him?"

"He left you Khushi! Get over with it!"

"No he didn't! Your girlfriend snatched him from me!"

"Oh come 'on! Now this is what you think? Impossible Khushi!"

"Oh yeah! How can I expect you to be against your girlfriend?"

"Its not about my girlfriend!"

"Yes it is! It is Arnav!"

"No it isn't! The truth is Rahul is an ass and will remain one! He can only love himself!"

Khushi banged the car door and walked away from it. "Damn it!" Arnav got out from the car and walked towards Khushi. "Khushi stop!" She was about to cross the road when Arnav caught her hand and stopped her.

"Let go off me!" Khushi struggled against his grip.

"Khushi get in the car right now!"

"I'm not going with you!"

"Yes you are!"

"Leave my hand right now!"

"No I won't!"

"You are hurting me". He loosened his grip on her hand and she turned to go. A speeding car was about to hit her when Arnav pulled her to him. He didn't know what happened to him when he saw that car approaching her. What of he lost her? No no! That can never happen! He hugged her tightly. Khushi pulled away from the hug and tried to go but Arnav caught her hand pulled her to him. "Have you gone mad? What if that car hit you?"

"I will die what else?"

"What else? What else Khushi? What about the people who love you! Have you ever thought that you have a damn life other than Rahul?"

"Nobody loves me! Don't try to lecture me on loved ones! I have none!"

"Khushi what has happened to you? Rahul left you so what? You have your family! Your mom and dad who loves you more than anything!"

"Huh! You don't know anything about me!"

"Then tell me!"

"So you want to know about my family? Okay let me give you a quick introduction. There is my dad, who has no idea whether his daughter is alive or dead. And my mom, who doesn't care about my existence! Enough for you or do I have to say more?"

"Khushi I'm so sorry.." He hugged her but she again pulled away from him.

"Don't pretend to care!"

"Pretend? You think I'm pretending?"

"Oh please! We don't need this right now!"

"Exactly! We don't need this right now. So get in the car"

"I'm not going with you!"

"Khushi its late night and I can't leave you here so get in the damn car right now!"

"How can you behave like that with me?"

"Oh I can be the worst if needed and I mean it!" He glared at her angrily. He hated himself for talking to her that way but he had no other option as she wasn't going to listen to him anyway. He grabbed her hand and brought her to the car and got her inside.


"Oh you two are here.. I was so.." Without giving a glance at Shehnaz, Khushi walked straight into her room and banged the door. Shehnaz looked at Arnav who also went to his room without saying a word to her. "Now what happened? God! These two are unbelievable!"


Khushi buried her face in the pillow and screamed as louder as she can to let her anger out. Then she threw away the pillow. "How can he be so rude with me? He has no right to talk to me like that! And how dare he call Rahul an ass!"


"Dad.." Arnav tried to sound normal but his eyes were welled up with tears. "Yes.. Finally you have got time to call your Dad!" He felt he was crying. "Arnav? What's wrong?" He asked worriedly. "Dad.. I wish you were here". He very well knows what he felt for Khushi is love. But he had no idea how will be able to tell her this. And most importantly, how she will react to this.

"I'm always there with you Son. Tell me what happened?"

"Dad.. I.. I love her"


"Khushi.. I don't know when I started falling for her but now I know that I will never be able to live without her. I can't even stand the thought of living without her Dad.."

"Then what's the problem?"

"She loves someone else"

"Oh oh.. That's a serious problem I guess"

"Dad stop it!"

"Okay sorry. But really I'm very surprised with the sudden change in your behavior. You have given up so easily?"

"No I haven't!"

"Then why are you wasting time here calling me and telling me those things? Go tell her!"

"Yeah! I'm gonna tell her! Yes!"

"Now that's like my son!"

"But what am I gonna tell her?"

"You are hell bent on ruining my image aren't you?"

"Not funny!"

"If you really love her then tell her. Speak your heart out"


"Good morning". Shehnaz kept the tea on her table. "There is nothing good about this morning". Khushi said to herself. "Did you say something?" Shehnaz asked. "Uhh no". She smiled at her. "Hey what's wrong with Arnav?" Khushi rolled her eyes trying to show as if she doesn't care but deep down her heart she knew she cared. "Ask him". She got up and went to the bathroom. "Something is really wrong with this two!"


"Umm.. So the breakfast is ready?" Khushi asked sitting on her chair. "Almost!". Shehnaz called out from the kitchen. Khushi searched the living room for Arnav but he wasn't there. "So.. I'll be having the breakfast alone?" Khushi asked, not wanting to ask directly about Arnav. Shehnaz chuckled. "No I will join you". She purposely said it. "And what about him?" Khushi unwantedly asked. "Him? Oh Arnav? He didn't come out from the bedroom. I told you something is really wrong with him! What happened?"

"Priya-the-bitch happened!"


"Nothing.. I will bring him"

Khushi stepped in Arnav's room. He was lying on his bed reading a book. Though he knew it was Khushi he didn't turn to her.

"Badi ma is asking you for the breakfast". Arnav closed the book and turned to her.

"Oh! Badi ma you have done plastic surgery?"


"Oh! But you used to look way better than this before!"

"Very funny! I'm asking you for the breakfast! Happy?"

"No thanks!"

"Listen. If you don't eat then.."

"Don't pretend like you care!"

Khushi crossed her hands on her chest. "Don't throw my dialogues on me Mr. I'm-in-love-with-a-bitch!"

"Oh please don't say that again. And trust me it's for your own good!". Arnav chuckled. She herself was calling her a bitch.

"Spare me!"

"Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V!"

"Excuse me?"

"Spare me!"

"You are not funny at all!"

"I didn't intend to be either!"

"Fine! Stay here and starve! " She stormed out of the room. "No I'm coming to you sweetheart!" Arnav chuckled.


"Good morning ". Arnav sat next to Khushi. "Where is badi ma?". He asked. "She has gone somewhere". Khushi said taking a bite from an apple. "So you are gonna serve me the breakfast?" She raised her eyebrow. "We believe in self-service!" She smirked. Just then they heard a knock at the door. "I will get it". He went to the door. It was Rahul.

"Speak.." Arnav glared at him.

"Is Khushi here?" Khushi came to them. "Your jerk is here ma'am!". Arnav stepped aside giving space for Khushi. "What?". Rahul looked at Arnav. "Nothing.. You carry on!"

"Khushi.. I'm so sorry for everything. I shouldn't have done it. I have realized how much I love you. It's always going to be you Khushi. Only you".

"So she dumped you?"

"No.. It's that.. I dumped her!"

"How sad! I really feel for you!"

"Yeah but that's not the point! I'm here because I love you!"

"Listen! I really don't have time for talking to jerks like you. You are an ass! And you found a bitch who really suits you but sad that she also dumped you. What can I say? Bitches are like that! Hope you will be able to find a perfect match for you. A bitch and a jerk! Perfect couple!"

"How dare you! You have no.." He was about to slap Khushi but Arnav was too fast to get there and stop him. He pushed him away. "Listen Mr. Jerk! Get your ass out of here before I give you another punch on your face!" . Arnav closed the door on his face.

"Another punch?" Khushi asked as Arnav sat back on his chair. "Why is badi ma taking this much time?" Arnav tried to change the subject.

"Don't try to act smart with me! Now tell me, what did you meant by that "another punch"?".

"And you don't try to act as if you don't know anything!"

"What do you mean?"

"Okay. I punched him straight on the face last night for misbehaving with you! And it could have gotten worse if it wasn't a public place! I will not think a second before ripping his head off!" Arnav stared at her. She blinked. Not being able to believe what she just heard.

"Now can we continue the breakfast?"

"What? Yeah.. Sure!" Khushi gulped. Not knowing how to react. It would be better if she didn't react at all. She thought.

"By the way, you called him an ass on his face! Cool!"

"And Priya a bitch!"

"I have a strong feeling that you are very jealous of Priya!" Arnav sipped his coffee.

"Why would I be jealous? Rahul is a closed chapter!"

"Who said it's about Rahul?" Arnav smirked.

"What are you trying to prove?" Khushi asked raising her eyebrow. Arnav chuckled. "Am I trying to prove anything?" He asked.

"Seems like that to me!"

"Well then you are really wrong"

"I'm glad!"

"Oh yeah! I didn't like this side of yours. Using abusive language and all that! You were better as a sweet little girl"

"Well, that's what I'm!"

"No. That's what you are trying to be like. And I'm not gonna let that happen. You don't have to change yourself Khushi!"

"Say directly! You are saying I'm trying to be like Priya?"

"Now how did Priya come here?"

"She is everywhere when you talk! Trust me!"

"Jealous much?"

"Listen I swear if you utter that word again I'm gonna kill you!"

"Okay I won't!" He said getting up from the chair. "Hey you jealous?" Arnav smirked. Khushi stood up and chased him but he was too fast to get in his room. "Stay there until badi ma comes! Or I will kill you!"

"You didn't mean that literally did you?"

"No I did!"

"Then I'm gonna come out! It would be a pleasure to be killed by the most jealous woman in the world!"

"You won't have the guts to come out!"

Arnav opened the door and stepped out. He looked at Khushi and smirked. Without waiting for a second Khushi almost attacked him. His hair actually. She started pulling his hair darggin him through out the living room. "Ouch Khushi! Now you are really killing me! Don't ruin my hair!"

"Let me show you what a jealous woman actually does!"

"So you do admit that you are jealous?"

"Yes I do!"

"And what's the reason behind that jealousy?"

"You! You know what? I just hate when you always take her side!"

"Whose side?"

"That bitch!"

"Oh lady! You have crossed the limits of jealousy!" Arnav chuckled still struggling with her hold on his hair.

Just then Shehnaz entered the house. They both looked at her. Khushi quickly let go off his hair. Arnav straightened his shirt and ran his hands through the messed hair. "What on Earth were you both doing?" Shehnaz came to them. And both of them pointed their finger towards each other.

"He started!"

"No she did!"

Shehnaz sighed. "Will you two ever grow up?" . They both lowered their gaze and stood like kindergarten students who have been caught by their teacher while doing mischief. Shehnaz went to her room.

"Why did you lie?"

"Oh really? I lied? Who was the one pulling my hair?"

"And who was the one repeating that damn word?"

"And who was the one who admitted that she was jealous indeed?"

"And who was.. Wait! What?"

"Just rewind the last few minutes of your life and think about what you said. Good luck and have a nice day Ms. I'm-in-love-with-a-dashing-hot-guy!"


 Buddy ..-Milsha-.. for PMs! And one important note. I'm going to write my other stories once I finish this one as this is a SS. It won't take much time. 


 Oh yeah! I'm back with a bang!


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WOW...this was such a antastic update... so arnav realised his love for kushi and now he wants to make kushi feel the same for him ..interesting..looking forward to the next part.. awesome...perfect part

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Interesting Part'
continue soon

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loved it!!!

awesome update...

loved this side of arnav...

the last part was simply awesome!!!

plz update soon

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arnav and khushi r just too cute
thank god khushi is no longer with rahul
waiting for the next part
contine soon
thanx for the pm

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Fabulous update tnx lovf it

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super Smile

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Superb updt..
Dere nok jhoks were awsum..luvd it..
Thanx 4 pm

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