Hongey Judaa Na Hum


Hongey Judaa Na Hum
Hongey Judaa Na Hum

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Hongey Judaa Na Hum
Archive Mansion

This thread will contain all the Important Links of the show and forum.
Post 1: General Links
  Post 2: Section Rules
Post 3: Update Schedule and Archive
Post 4: Forum Activities(DOTW , GOTW , MOTW , Contests, Newsletters)
 Post 5: Appreciation Threads
Post 6: Off-screen Segments (SBB ,SBS ,TV9,IBN7 etc)
Post 7: Writers' Corner
Post 8 : Promos , Special event interviews
Post 9: Episode Discussion Threads, Chat Clubs
CM: jyoti06
Viewbie: OnlyHope

If you have any queries, please contact the Dev team

HJNH Dev team

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G E N E R A L   L I N K S

P I C T U R E  G A L L E R I E S

#1 || #2 ||

C R E A T I O N  G A L L E R I E S

#1 || #2 ||

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S E C T I O N  R U L E S
 Hello HJNH Members,
Before anything else, please check the basic Code of Conduct for IF, all of which applies in all sections!
here's a list of some basic rules for the forum:

Introducing Yourself: All newbies and other general members of this forum, please introduce yourself in one common thread, HJNH Introduction Corner, instead of opening separate intro topics.

Use the help desk: Any queries or doubts regarding the show, the forum,  actors/characters, or any other issues should be posted in the HJNH Help Desk.
Regarding Regular Written Update and Videos: Please be patient and avoid opening topics asking for written updates since our updaters (who have volunteered) will be posting the written update within few hours after the episode is aired ... In case the written update is not posted on any particular day , please be patient for the back-up updater to fill in.
Coming to the Videos , due to copyright issues , Videobies will no longer post the videos, so you will have to look in the Video section of IF for all the official episode videos that are uploaded by IF directly from official Sony channel.
Regarding posting of Sony TV Videos : Due to copyright issues, no more Sony TV videos (Episode and Promo Videos, to be precise) are allowed on IF. So please make sure no one is posting any Youtube or other video links of episode scenes or promos in the forum or else they willdirectly be trashed without any notice. Videobies will be only providing the SBS/SBB videos to you on time. Rest of the Sony TV videos can be found in IF's Video Section.
No creating repetitive topics: Many times it has come to the attention of the DT that members create topics, that have already been discussed. For example, if you see that someone has already opened a post on today's SBS or SBB segment, there is absolutely no need to create a separate topic for them as anything related to the segment can be discussed in one thread only which will also keep the forum clean. So before posting any article or new topic or segment updates, check the first 2-3 pages and only if there are no similar topics on that article or segment, then open a separate thread to post it. If u wish, u can post the Articles in HJNH Article Archives as well. Also, please avoid opening one liner topics on similar discussions which are already posted in the forumAny topics which are found repetitive or just have a one liner content will be merged in one thread or simply closed.
Regarding Spamming/Chatting: Many times posts go up to 20-25 pages of discussion but when one goes through the posts, half of the pages are filled with Chit-chatting among the members using only emoticons or code words which are not really related to the show. These are considered as spamming and is against IF rule. So please make sure such type of spamming is avoided. Chatting is allowed only in Appreciation Threads, but even in Appreciation Threads, make sure there's no sarcastic comment made on other fan groups or another couple.
If the discussion in a certain post is really interesting, we won't mind any post going for even 50 pages, but if we find that the same points are repeated again and again in every post and the post is going nowhere andhas turned into a chat thread after a certain point, we will close it with a note. Only Appreciation Threads are excluded from this.
No Comparison Topics/Polls: Please don't create topics or open polls comparing two actors or couples or two different shows as such topics or polls often lead to fights between different fan groups thus disrupting the peace and unity of the forum. If a particular track in the show is shown having competition between two characters or couples then a comparison topic or poll on  "which  character or couple  might win" can be opened in the forum as such comparisons are mostly related to fictional characters in same show but no comparison topics should be opened on actors or couples of other shows.
No typing in caps: Typing an  entire post in capital letters is NOT permitted on India-Forums as its considered shouting. So please don't open posts writing everything in capital.
DON'T Make MIDs to bash the actors, creatives, characters, or to advertise other websites: This particular issue has increased in the last few months on IF. There are many members who are creating Multiple IDs or using proxy servers just to bash the actors, creatives, and the characters of the show deliberately. The Dev Team can very well find out the members who have more than one ID and if someone is found guilty then that member might immediately face a straight ban or an IP block. So it's a request that if any member has doubts on any particular Member ID, kindly report it or PM the Dev Team.
No Personal Attacks/Name Calling/Sarcastic Comments/Instigating or Provoking posts will be tolerated anymore  : Personal attacks with sarcastic comments or making deliberate instigating/provoking posts is another common issue and this is what instigate fights between different fan grps .If a member does not agree with another member's POV,try to ignore the post or simply state your own POV saying "I disagree with you for so and so reason" instead of saying "Just stop your nonsense"  which comes under personal attack  ;India-Forums gives us the freedon of expression and so everyone has the right to speak out what they feel is correct but that does not mean you will force your opinion on others via personal attacks  .So these are the conditions we are putting on this issue with a hope that the members will follow it.
  • If any member finds anything offensive/abusive/deregatory in a particular comment or post of another member,instead of quoting the member back , just report the comment/post immediately by pressing the report  button or pm the Dev team and then step out of that thread immediately .Then Wait at least 24 hours for us to take action as its not always possible for us to be online 24/7. But we assure you that action will be taken within 24 hours.
  • Sarcastic comments will also not be tolerated  because even they come under personal attacks..for eg :"Making indirect attacks on a Member's family or upbringing or questioning the Member's  qualification in  a particular field just because her views are different than yours...These are all sarcastic comments where another member is directly getting targetted...If we find anybody involved in such type of sarcastic comment,we will be editing that member's post immediately and will be deleting the comment followed by a warning PM send to that member and even if he/she continues with it, further action will be taken in terms of warning level rise or a direct ban.
  • Name Calling (Using B or F or many such abusive words)  have become a very big issue on IF these days which can hurt the sentiments of that particular actor or couple's  fan group ,So no such name calling will be tolerated . ...Dev team will instantly edit such posts and directly raise the warnings of those members without any warning PMs...
Constructive Criticism is allowed but strictly NO Bashing :Many times members have put forward these queires like which words come under constructive criticism and what comes under bashing..let me make it clear for all ...
  • Personal attacks/Name calling, using  foul language and making derogatory comments against any particular member or actors or couples or characters in the show comes under Bashing which is not allowed but disagreeing with someone's POV and stating your own POV with a proper justification and decent language comes under constructive criticism or a healthy debate which is allowed.
  • Usage of extreme foul or filthy languages(like the B or F word)  or taking potshots at any actor's physical appearence or looks ( like she/he is ugly , she/he is fat) will not be tolerated and whoever breaks this rule will face a severe action. But usage of sentences like "XYZ character/couple is not able to create magic or XYZ's acting needs improvement or  storyline is going haywire"  can be allowed depending on the context in which we are using these words or sentences ..There is a thin line between constructive criticism of  a character or storyline and direct  bashing..try to maintain that thin line in your discussions. Smile...Rest we r here to judge the rest ..so plss report posts which u feel comes under bashing and leave the rest on us to decide whether the report is valid or not rather than taking things in your own hand Smile
  • If a member is bashing a particular actor/character ,don't follow the member and do the same. Instead report the post immediately and try not to comment in that post anymore because the more members comment on such post ,more instigating the topic becomes and this is how fights and rivalries between two fan groups keep extending.So the best way to maintain peace is to ignore any sort of instigating posts as Mods will be there to deal with such posts and members .
No Bashing Other shows in TRP Or IF Ranking Related posts:This is another problem which have recently come to our notice..whenever the trps of the serials or weekly IF Actor/CM rankings are posted,we have noticed that if  our favourite show or actor is not there in top 10 shows or rankings,then out of anger and frustation,members start bashing other shows or actors without thinking that it might hurt the sentiments of that particular show or actor's fans since every forum has common set of fans as well ;How will you feel if your show or actor is getting bashed in some other forum??;I know sometimes if our favourite show is not doing good we do feel frustated wondering how XYZ show is getting more trps but that doesn't mean we will start bashing that XYZ show. Have constructive discussions in trp and ranking posts regarding a show's rise or fall in trps/Chaskameter or regarding an actor's ranking but no bashing  or comparing..
No Discussion about an Actor's personal life without any valid source/article:You all are very much aware that Actors visit IF and so its not really right to discuss about their private life affairs in public without any valid source and lets not forget that this is a Serial forum where we are suppose to discuss about the show and its different characters and NOT about the actors or their private lives..So avoid discussing about an Actor's private life without any valid source or article.If any member is seen spreading false rumours about any actor's private life ,simply report such posts and then Mods will take further action Smile.Only if a valid article is provided ,then it can be allowed but Mods will keep a check on such posts to make sure there is no bashing or personal attacks going on .
Regarding Fanfics and OS :Don't open multiple threads for writing your single fanfic or OS parts unless the thread completes 150 pages . In case the forum traffic increases ,then Dev team will be shifting the FFs and OS to the Fan Fiction section once it crosses 15 pages and its link will be put in the forum's   **HJNH Archive Mansion-No Comments**  . but we will inform you in a separate post in case we take this decision in future depending on forum traffic Smile .
Please dont write any FFs containing any graphic adult content or else Dev team will ask the author to edit their FFs asap and if not followed then the FF will be edited by the dev team . Also plagiarism is strictly against IF rules ,so if any member is caught in plagiarism ,then the fanfic thread will be instantly closed and member will be given an open official warning in the thread itself . 
Regarding carrying Signatures in your profile: Plss dont carry any signatures which are provoking or instigating any fan grp or indirectly making fun of any actor or character .If Dev team finds any member carrying such siggy in their profile ,then the profile of the member will be edited asap and the siggy will be deleted from his/her profile and the member will be sent an official warning PM for it . Rest all the rules regarding no. of siggies and size of siggies can be found in this ATTN: Signature/Avatar Size - Guidelines Thread .
Regarding Warnings and Moderation: Many times queries on warnings and moderation are raised in the forum .Just to be clear ,we are not suppose to openly declare to everyone regarding warnings Embarrassed .If a member breaks any rules mentioned above ,then the member is given verbal and PM warnings initially but if still a member repeats the same offence then he/she is given a raise in warning level and in case the first offense of the member is severe like usage of slang/offensive words or the member is a MID case then in such case we directly raise warning levels or go for direct ban but we are not suppose to declare the warnings of any member in open . So in case if anyone has any doubts regarding moderations and their warnings ,feel free to PM the Dev team rather than opening topics in the forum Smile

Please go through all these rules and if anyone has any doubts or suggestions regarding these rules then please let the Channel Moderator or  : jyoti06Viewbie: OnlyHope  know about it via PM. DT will take care of any issues.

-| H J N H   D E V E L O P M E N T   T E A M |-

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U P D A T E S   S C H E D U LE

 Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
 Written   lonelyshadow   Armu4eva   -RohanMuskan-
 Back up       --Pooja--    --Pooja--  

Stand by back ups : All days :  ash_arti , lonelyshadow

U P D A T E S   A R C H I V E 2012 

 HJNH - Updates Archive!


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A P P R E C I A T I O N   T H R E A D S

 RaQuesh Vashisth (Rohan Mishra)

.-*| RaQesh V. AT || Muskaan da Rohan <3 |*-.

 Aamna Shariff (Muskaan) 

Aamna Shariff AT UnderConstruction

 Aamir Ali Malik (Anirudh) 

~~*Aamir Ali AT *~~ Doctor Doctor! <3


 RoMu Ke Pyaar Ka Safar#1 :Love will Find a way:
 RM ke Pyaar Ka Safar#2: Comin'BackTogether

 Other  ATs

HJNH Wardrobe AT


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W R I T E R S  C O R N E R

 O N E - S H O T S

SS: Tara...ek nagin ek Junoon (funny ss)
 F A N    F I C T I O N S
  *New*|| RM FF // We are Destined. ||
 *New* || RM FF \\ Heart Shaped Love ||
FF : * Rohan-Muskaan - Never to part*

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