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Avita OS-"Not just a Crush"

joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 4:47am | IP Logged
Hello everyone
here is another version or should say part of my old Avita OS

Simply "Crush"
was thinking to complete it from a long time..but didn't get time so thought to do it in a new way
from a different point of view..
hope you will like it

 Simply a Crush...

After the classes its time now to rush'for the same place where I used to be on time always'only difference is 'that time I knew that He would be there to support me with a cute smile and allow me to step in and take my seat'that was first row just in front of him, where he used to look straight when he need to explain any thing for others,

Well its raining today'and I have to make fast if I don't want to get some rebuke from our manager, thought she is always kind and helpful to me but there is a limit of taking advantage of some one's kindheartedness and favor'and to be used to of it. I bid bye to my friends and rushed for a taxi'sometimes it's really hard to get a Auto or taxi by noon, and my professor'always takes some extra minutes to finish her lecture.



Ah'finally got it'though its packed but have to manage if I want to be on time'God'got window seat'I like to feel rain drops on face but not now I don't want to be wet while teaching my students'

Students...hehehe no'am not teacher'am their Trainer'as He said once when another trainer said '"Avdhesh Sir'please help you student'after all you are her first teacher at institute."

Wooo the way he turned back and said-"Am not teacher'am trainer" still can't find what was that'why was that as he mentioned later with a smile "am teacher term is quite sophisticated for the person like me .,. Look from which angel I look sophisticated" while raising his shirt's collar and we all smiled at them. So clever he was'and yaa so protective too'.

"hey Arpita'.so good to see you after so long yaar'"

"Ruby'Oh God can't believe 'how are you dear'wait  wait'should I call you Ruby or Doctor Ruby?" (it was Ruby my old friend from same institute)

"Annn yaa you can say so as am practicing now'so how about you? Where are you going? Such a long time naa'.have you seen Avdhesh Sir? How is he? "

"No dear'its really long time now I don't have any idea about him, actually just after you I too left going there'and if am not wrong he too isn't its part anymore now."

"Ah'its my stop now'have to go'lets meet sometime, am in town for a week, you have my number naa'give me a ring, actually I lost yours the same day I asked for it, don't know how but that page was torn when I checked at home."

"Yaa I will'byee'will call you by eve hun."


So that was the mystery'that's the way my number went into some else hand'certainly unwanted person he was'but now when I think about that incident, all it reminds me is his reaction over it, when I told him almost crying that some idiot called me at my mom's number'he started frisking rooms as trying to find someone, his reaction compelled me to hide that the caller confessed that he likes me. I just told him that the caller used institute's name when my mom picked the call and I was unable to say anything else further'such a meek gal I was.

He asked me about many guys'but I didn't know any of them'as for me he was the only guy with whom I need to talk specially after that day when during a discussion few guys tried to over power me by their double meaning sentences'the way he interfered in the matter'he was standing next to me when I was replying them well'all sudden one of them instead of replying my point raised question on me'by saying "so ma'am what is your personal thoughts would you like to follow some one or '"

I was just listening to him to complete when Avdhesh ji rest his right hand on the back of my chair and left on the arm of it leaned toward me and said firmly looking straight into his eyes' "No'she don't need it, she has her own strong personality."

They were like'hahaha well he supported me so well in that unknown call case by taking me to manager and supporting too in front of her'

I was trying to forget him'and almost succeeded in it but today when Ruby asked about him '.everything get refreshed in me'these rain drops are more pleasant now'wow my sleeves are wet by now haha'it reminded me of that day'when I reached institute trying to escape rain hehe how foolish I was'and when I entered class I was bit early so he was just sitting there only one or two people were there'and when he saw me almost quenched with my umbrella his comment' "Aree'what happened to you.., take seat.." someone informed him that weather is no so good out side and his reply was..

"Is it? But I thought Mausam is Awesome out there' "

Hahaha'everything was going well'I was enjoying learning with him'everyday he gave me some thing new ... sometimes knowledge and sometimes confidence' 

Ah'm loving this weather 'though its traffic now because of water logging'.but

 Now m not worried'will listen some words from sure she will not be too harsh with her new presentation trainer'wow'am loving this song too'now feels like am living the past same song, same me, same weather, same institute'but no'nothing is same any more'he is not there'I was not there for a long time'don't know why but his behavior got changed all sudden '

it was also a fine weather day when I rejoined classes after my semester exams'I was sitting in other room as he was taking fresher's class and I was a re-joiner' he was taking class in the room just opposite to mine'my room was already open and when someone opened that rooms door I saw him'for a second he looked at me'then don't know why he asked another guy of his class to shut the door. I can't find till now'why? But I was hurt'he didn't took our class'I felt as he was avoiding me'but why'why was he'or I should say'was he?

A new teacher was appointed for our class from the very day when I re-joined'may be it was mere co-incident'but what was that which happened that day'our trainer was absent that day so he had to take our class'there were hardly 10 people in class including me'he gave us topic for presentation'everyone was jotting down their points'while I was just lost in thinking'so lost that I didn't realized who was sitting next to me'I felt as someone was looking at me'instead of looking up I choose to check by side eyes when I checked'.for my surprise  I find him next to me, sitting and gazing at me continuously while another guy was giving his presentation'at the same time his presentation was over and I clapped for him as I didn't noticed him at all'don't know why but I think as he tried to cover up'He said

"Observe people more then you speak'.I use to observe most of the time '"

Was he really just observing? 

What ever'the fact is he is not here anymore'he is gone'and the most hurting thing was I attended the class on his last day but he didn't mentioned it to me or anyone'he just disappeared'when others asked about him to the manager she said he is transferred to another branch'.soon after him It was impossible for me to go that place when he is not there'the same rooms seems now haunting 'I left it..

My taxi ride is over now'I reached the same institute'Yes the same place where I met him'but this time am not student anymore'am a trainer here now'initially I use to search for his bike from a distance in a vain hope to find it at its place in stand but now I have accepted'so what if he is not here' I choose to stay with those sweet memories'still don't have any idea what was it'may be this is what people calls 'nothing'but Simply a Crush'"


 hope you liked it...

yes or not...please let me know...

thanks for reading..Embarrassed JO

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-Prashu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 8:29am | IP Logged
Yo Samo!!TongueTongueWinkWinkWink

Adorable update..

So true.. Even if he is not there with her.. but still those memories are there.. and we shldnt forget beautiful memories,,,

It happend.. Thts allEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Smile that it happendBig smileSmile

Lovely UpdateEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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jes_jade IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 2:44am | IP Logged
Neha !!!!!!!!!! HugHug

Aww..dats so sweet update !!!!!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

This OS is so realistic...It must have happened with every girl atleast once in her life !!Day DreamingDay Dreaming

I felt so connected to it !!!

But there r so many questions unanswered..why he left the institute..what happened to Avi...I wish u cud continue & write frm Avdesh's POV also !!!WinkWink

I loved the OS completely !!

Love ya !!HeartHeart

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MuktaJaiswal Senior Member

Joined: 18 May 2011
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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 7:51am | IP Logged
abhi only like wala button press kiya hai (its working todayLOL) will comment sooon. Embarrassed
joliefille Goldie

Joined: 28 October 2010
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Posted: 02 October 2012 at 2:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by prash_t

Yo Samo!!Wink

Adorable update..

So true.. Even if he is not there with her.. but still those memories are there.. and we shldnt forget beautiful memories,,,

It happend.. Thts allEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Smile that it happendBig smileSmile

Lovely UpdateEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Hey Mrs.Thakur...Big smile happnce wid everyone at least once hehe
Luv yaa Embarrassed
joliefille Goldie

Joined: 28 October 2010
Posts: 1677

Posted: 03 October 2012 at 2:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jes_jade

Neha !!!!!!!!!! HugHug

Aww..dats so sweet update !!!!!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

This OS is so realistic...It must have happened with every girl atleast once in her life !!Day DreamingDay Dreaming

I felt so connected to it !!!

But there r so many questions unanswered..why he left the institute..what happened to Avi...I wish u cud continue & write frm Avdesh's POV also !!!WinkWink

I loved the OS completely !!

Love ya !!HeartHeart

Awww ...Jessie Hug
your wish my command...hope you will like the coming part tooEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

joliefille Goldie

Joined: 28 October 2010
Posts: 1677

Posted: 03 October 2012 at 2:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MuktaJaiswal

abhi only like wala button press kiya hai (its working todayLOL) will comment sooon. Embarrassed

Di Still waitingwaaa...Big smile

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joliefille Goldie

Joined: 28 October 2010
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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 3:03am | IP Logged
Hey Everyone...
here I am with the last Updte of this OS Embarrassed
He he yap thought to wind it up in last one shot...
but as Jessie pointed out...
yap there were lots of things unanswered just like our lives...
at least we can find there answers in fiction naa Wink
so here is it..

Part II

Arpita was collecting her files from the manager's office its was just her luck that she was not present in the office that time when she(arpita) entered late…

She was hardly 30 minutes late, which mean her class must be waiting for her from last 30 minutes…but when mnages was not there in office and so was she herself late then who was taking her class, as she knows her students very well they were not that innocent kids who would wait quietly in their room ,

"Arpita…Late again hun…" her colleague  entered the office taunting her, as they hardly get chance to say her anything regarding her work.

"Yaa…sorry for being late Sushmita dear…but you know naa how tough is it to get a auto specially in such weather, by the way thanks for taking over the class…are they done with Presentation?"

"wo wo wooo wait my dear, you are forgetting my shift is over I was just waiting for a call…"

"Call! Shift over! I didn't get you."

"Oh I forgot to tell you…I got transferred from this branch, and am just waiting for a call from another branch  office…though I will join there tomorrow onwards but thought to see you and students and say a proper good bye."

What she is going too…what yaar…yaa she is not my best friend or anything like that but she was not that bad. God knows how will be the person who ever will replace her.

"Bye…take care dear…all the best haan…"

"Thanks was pleasure to work with you…and yaa am not working with you doesn't mean we are not friends anymore…k…you are co orderly invited for my engagement and then marriage in advance, OK " she winked and hugged me casually to say bye. At the same time her cell ranged and she got the call for which she was waiting.

"Ok, thank you Ma'am I am coming …thank you.' Ok Arpita I have to rush now…thought to join by tomorrow but ma'am said I have to join today…as they have send their faculty here so I have to be there for his replacement…and yaa…all the best to  you too for new colleague, quite handsome guy hun.." again she winked and I get her indication…these girls uff…always thinks in a wrong way...hoga koi handsome sa arrogant sa..who cares!

"Hello ladies…"

That voice…I know him…No but it can't be true…seems my mind is playing with me…

"Hi Sir…meet your would be colleague…Miss Rai…"

I turned around to make sure that my mind was playing with me…its not him...

"Arpita…meet Mr.Avdhesh Singh Thakur…he is going to be your colleague today onwards…and Mr. Thakur Miss..

"Arpita…I know her." He completed Sushmita's sentence with that well knows cute innocent smile…My Crush is standing in front of me…yes its Him..He is back…is it some dream or some thing…am I still sleeping! I am just staring at him, shell shocked!

"Ah that's nice…Good for you…"she whispered in my ear and left us alone. He stepped toward me, looking straight into my eyes, I don't know why but I can't look anymore straight into his eyes…I clasped my files close to heart and turned around, pretending to search something, I tried to talk to him..

"Welcome Back Sir…so nice to see you again, How are you?"

"I am fine…Arpita…" I felt him next to me, so close and his essence. it felt like some anesthesia to me…I hardly controlled my self and stand back, when I turn, I was almost in his arms as he was really standing close, I looked up at him and he stepped back, looked out from the glass door, and took few more steps back, and showed me way to leave the cabin…

"I think you should go for your class…your students are waiting for you, must say you are quite popular among them…We will talk later…have a lot to share."

He said last line in really soft tone...I left the cabin as fast as I can…took all classes I was assigned for , He was taking classes too but in the room next to mine…I was taking presentations…while I my self was not present properly in the room…there was a time when his absence was painful for me, and today his presence was making me restless…why?

Some how the passed and all classes were over…the poen was shutting the rooms and we were busy with some paper work in office or should say I was trying to be busy, to avoid Him, while he was in the same cabin, strange , but I was really willing to avoid him but was totally unable to do it.

"Sir, Ma'am…office band karn hai, aap logon ka kaam ho gaya ho to karun, ya kahiye to rukun.." peon asked as it was getting late, our closing time is 7 and it was already 7.30.

"Its OK, you can go if you want , Arpita Ma'am have some work, don't worry I will lock the office and will come on time tomorrow."

Before I could say anything Avdhesh replied him…but fact was I had no work.

"No no its ok, I will finish it tomorrow. Its not that important…You can't close it now…I think I should leave now." And I tried to leave but …

"Arpita wait yaar , am waiting for you and you are running like am some goon or something"

He followed me with his bike keys and helmet.

"Ah nothing like that Sir, just thought to reach home before getting too late…" I tried to tackle him.

"before getting too late…Yeah…hope its not too late yet!" he repeated me but in different tone.

I looked up at him and find him looking straight at me with strange looks… I have never seen him like that…and unknowingly I nodded in NO…

"Come I will drop you today.." he held my hand and we stepped down the stairs…we reach the stand…same bike...same number plate..and the same Avdhesh Singh Thakur. Only difference was …today I was going to accompany him on it. I sat behind him and he started the bike.

"Hold me, or I will forget that someone is sitting behind…am not used to it naa…"

He almost ordered me…felt bit shy to put my hand on his strong shoulder. but as he ordered I have to do it.

He was driving it smoothly…though in our time he was well-known for his rash driving, accidents and all…at some distance he pushed the breaks…and bring me out of my revere…to notice the jammed traffic around us…

"Arpita I think it will take some time to get clear…If its not too late…and you don't mind…may I ask you for a coffee!"

"Coffee at this time!" I asked him with surprise. though I love coffee at any time but with him…

"why? What's wrong in this time? its not so far…and I don't' want to be late anymore…"again he whispered last line.

"OK...if you don't have any problem." I replied.

He took out his bike from traffic and turned to a lane , we stopped at a coffee shop, he escorted me to a table next to window in a corner, placed order for two coffee, and joined me back at table.

We both were quite looking here and there...and trying to pass the time of waiting for our cups…the waiter came and served us and left.

"Ah…you are not changed much hun…still an introvert..." he broke the silence.

"Well…can't say…am a trainer now..haha…" I tried to lighten the situation and he smiled too

"Yeah trainer ji..can see that…and must say…a good one hun… you were asking few things when we met in office…don't you want there answers…"He inquired in a mysterious tone..

"Oh …that time…frankly speaking… I was stunned to find you in front of me after so many years…you just get disappeared and all sudden appeared in front of me like that…was quite surprising" I just said what came into my mind at that time…and it was true to for some extent …

"Arpita…." He said in a bit heavy voice… "the reason I left was ..YOU."

"Me…!"I can't say anything on that statement.

"Yes you…I knew it…that you….even me too…"till now he was playing with his keys but after this he left them and clasped the cup, looking at it with fixed eyes .

"I what? What you knew? And you too what?"

It was getting more confusing as he was uttering each word.

"Look…they had started to talk about you and me…"

"Talking about Us! But why? What? And who?" I was stunned by now to hear it from him.

"those guys…remember that Group discussion…they had spread rumor about you and me…that… Why I use to support you…and " again he paused but that short pause was intolerable for me.

"And What?"

"And that I was taking advantage of your innocence." He heaved and took a sip.

"What? How anyone can think so low, cheee so cheap…vo bhi aapke bare always supported students,. Even you helped them also many times…"

"Arpita…I can't blame them only…Sorry…its not about me only, am a guy all these things doesn't affects me…but I heard same stuff about you from a faculty member (He took a pause, seems like was  controlling himself) I was responsible for  it , its all started because I allowed you to sit in all my classes… " He was having his coffee sip by sip and saying all of his heart without looking at me, and for the first time I was practicing his own teaching on him…I was observing him, I had never seen him like that, he was serious, nervous everything he never used to be like.

"If that was the reason..then you should stop that rumor by clarifying it or you could say to me, I was a student, I could leave the institute, why you choose leave ? " I said without any intention

"Because…it was not baseless rumor… " He looked up at me straight into my eyes.

"Yes…I liked you…and at that time I felt you were attracted toward me too…I found it better to stay as away from you as I could…remember that rainy day…when I saw you after long gap, I wished to talk to you, to spend some time with you, but soon I realized that it was same situation, same you, same me and same institute, I still remember the way you were looking at me, I can't bear it and that's why I asked someone to close the door and I said it aloud so you could hear it clear, know It must hurt you, but that was all I could do for you. I said It clearly in management that I would not take rejoinders' class anymore , that 's the way I found a way to stay away from you, while having you around" all I could do was to listen to him and wonder "but again that day I had to take your class because your trainer was absent, I failed to stay away from you, I choose to sit next to you, and was literally lost in you, your innocence, you were lost in your thoughts…it was only when you clapped I realized that others were gazing at me. That day I decided to go away from you…that was the best thing I could do for you."

His coffee was over and so was his confession. I don't know what was going on my mind…but His confession, yes confession…gave me kind of pleasure, satisfaction. I smiled on my own thought and he smiled at his own.

"That was all I wanted to tell…I know year have been passed and its quite late to say all this…but Yes I Do(I looked up at him)…but don't worry…nothing will be changed…for you am your colleague now…I  don't expect anything from you, just allow me to stay around you and this matter is closed now…I just needed to say it that is all…am not expecting anything from you...(He left the chair and took his keys while I had coffee in my cup) enjoy your coffee am waiting out side…will drop you at your home..hope you will allow me for it."

He just passed me and I held his wrist…

"Leaving again…! Its so convenient for you naa…but not this time…" I stood up and looked straight into his eyes…

"You were asking naa if it is too late? No its not too late…" now he seemed puzzled I slipped my hand in his palm… "Yes…Me too…"

"What! Really…you still do so?" he exclaimed with joy and same well known cute smile

"Yes I Love You…but what about your girl friend…once you told about her in front of whole class "

"That was pic of my collage friend…I just wanted to see your reaction." He smiled kissed my hand softly.


And that's the way my silly  crush turned out as my first and last love…I found myself quite lucky that He too liked me, loved me, and after all these years he came back without any hope…just to tell it to me….


Hope you liked it...

waiting for your views...Embarrassed


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