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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
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ArHilicious Droolers #48:Naye Naina..Mai Pareshaan

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rHilicious Droolers #48: 
Naye Naina..Mai Pareshaan

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Khushi comforts and gives Courage to Arnav and encourages  him to face his sister and be the pillar of strength  in this hour of her need , Bolstered by Khushi's words, Arnav heads towards  Anjali's room unaware that Shyam has   come to offer his support and sympathies , Shyam  has Anjali and Dadi convinced with his fake  anguish acts ..Shyam  wins Dadi and Anjali  with his distraught father act so much so that Anjali ends up  consoling, Having succeeded in his mission, Shyam prepares to  go when door opens and Arnav enters..Arnav is shocked and angered to see Shyam, Arnav drags Shyam by his shirt and beats him up, Shyam plays the good husband , stricken father  who has lost his  baby very well impressing Dadi and Khushi ..Shyam goes away from the hospital vowing to come back to Shanti Van  using the miscarriage as his ticket... Arnav decides to  take Anjali home despite the protests of Dadi ..

At home all are worried about Anjali when to their shock Arnav brings  Anjali home.. Dadi takes this opportunity to taunt Arnav   which Arnav ignores... Arnav takes Anjali to her room, tells the accompanying nurse to take good care of her..

HP comes and removes the cradle  sending Anjali into hysterics as the loss of the baby sinks into her mind ... Arnav hugs  her tight n calms her... Dadi again has a fight with Arnav demanding Shyam's right to stay in RM.. She refuses to believe anything against Shyam and demands proof  for all his activities .. A furious Arnav colds states that Shyam will not be entering RM again and  tells Dadi to be quiet  ...He even decides to get  a restraining order against Shyam...

Meanwhile unknown to the whole family Shyam has  come to meet Anjali sneakily and  has manipulated  her in such a ways as to  get  him entry into  RM ...   Under the effects of Shyam's poisoned love ,  Anjali goes to  Arnav's room and requests Arnav to get Shyam back to her..and promptly faints ..

Arnav refuses to even consider  bringing back Shyam to Shanti Van , Dadi blames everything on  Khushi and brings up the past where she compares Khushi to the other woman who was instrumental in breaking up the domestic bliss of the Malik's and caused the death of  Arnav's parents ..Nani gets angry and  rebukes Dadi for her baseless allegation's against Khushi ...

 Next morning comes and Dadi still continues to discriminate against Khushi ..Khushi is unhappy and her sadness is noticed by Arnav who  gently showers his love on her...

Shyam once again manages to sneak in  and feeds Anjali from his  own hand while downstairs  the family are preparing   Anjali's favorite food .. The family come to Anjali's room, Shyam hides himself while Anjali skilfully leads the family down and manages to give a reprieve to Shyam ...Dadi realizes that Shyam  has come to see Anjali... Arnav is happy to see Anjali smiling .. While Khushi  begins to wonder at the mood swings of Anjali.. Khushi catches sight of Shyam going away from Shanti Van and understands that Anjali's sudden happiness and sadness is related to Shyam.. 

Arnav is going to consult another Doctor for Anjali's mood swings and leaves before Khushi can even inform him about Shyam's visits..

Not really an Achari scene at all, but I found it very achari because you could see through this scene that Arnav and Khushi are strong and nothing can tear them apart. Arnav is walking by and sees that Khushi is standing there looking all upset and sad, so he asks what had happened, Khushi doesn't tell him anything but he still understands what her silence means and kisses her forehead. Well-acted and amazing scene. We, the ArHi-ians definitely needed this. Clap

After Shyaam's entry back in the show...I thought that this would go to Shyaam every time but this time around, I was wrong. Quite literally a joota worthy scene when Dadi takes the glass of juice away from Khushi and later tells Khushi off by saying that she will prepare the Kheer. What was that Dadi? Does Dadi forget that Khushi is the daughter-in-law of the house no matter how much she hates her and denies it? SleepyOuch

The whole week was full of drama with anjali's miscarriage and shyam's evil drama but we did nt missed to get a flavour of  strong brother-sister relation.After the sad tragedy that happened with Anjali we saw Arnav's emotional breakdown.His possessiveness towards his Di,his protection towards his Di was seen throughout the week.On monday we saw Arnav crying and sharing his feeling for Di with Khushi.Arnav blaming himself for all the misfortunes that struck Anjali's life.For thinking he is the reason for all the sorrows in his Di's life.Thinking he was unsuccessful in bringing happiness back in his Di's life.These all show how much he cared for his Di, how much he is attached to his di.
An another scene to be mentioned is friday's scene where he was so much concerned abt his Di's health and was so worried about her.He is ready to do anything for her.Hope we get many more good Anjali-Arnav scenes but less of Poojali Drama.We beg please.And we would surely miss sanaya and deepali's bonding nd acting as Khushi-Payal.Best of luck to Deepali for her future.Thats all for this week.

The entire week was such a tummy filler! Who even thought that they would have wanted the miscarriage drama to last..and entire week. Every episode was dragged. Every scene was dragged to make it a 30 minute long episode. Really disappointed with this week in itself. Thumbs DownOuchOuch

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I guess its party tym for me cz i got another character apart from Arhi in the BC list! Arnav- wow loved the way he gave points against the Snake-wa nd thought abt di's condition if he again comes in her life. kudos to u Arnav but there's someone who have raised her voice against Dadi after a long time! Well im really glad cz this week's BC is none other than Nani...Clap Im happy cz after settling Arnav-Dadi WW3, she managed to support Arnav. She is supporting Arnav cz she knows he is right in whatever he is doing, she clearly tells Dadi that Arnav cares alot for his Di nd loves her. When that crazy witch started insulting Khushi, Nani said that Khushi cannot be like that, she cares for everyone. Wonderful progress Nani- ur so bold. keep going like that. 


The most irritating character of the week is one who annoys the hell out of whenever he/she comes onscreen. This week it is again, none other than Anjali Jha.

I am surprised at how her mind works.  The fact that she chose to forgive and forget his actions is something so shocking and now she wants Shyam back in the house!Confused It's obvious that Shyam is a psycho killer who can even kill his child for his own affairs and it seems really unbelievable that Anjali's brain cells have stopped working to such an extent!

The saddest fact about the woman was how she didn't believe her brother but hesitated to investigate the facts before believing her psychotic husband in a minute!

Hope she soon realizes what type of a man Shyam is before it is too late

Anyways, this ends here. See you later! Embarrassed

Arnav: Khushi, tum kuch kehnay aayi thi?
Khushi: Haan woh, hum keh rahay thay key...hum ghar jaa rahay hain.
Arnav: Mat jao!
Khushi: Arnav Ji..
Arnav: I know, main jaanta hoon key tum nahiin ruk sakti.
Khushi: Lekin, aik minute key liye baith toh saktay hain.
*Rabba Ve starts playing*


The main focus of this dialogue has to be on Arnav's "mat jao." It shows exactly how badly Arnav wanted Khushi's support to get through this whole fiasco.

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Khushi Kumari Gupta

Even through all the tragic events, she managed to maintain her mehndi look throughout the week, until the very end of Thursday's episode Wink

Friday Friday Friday..what an amazing day for bloopers! ClapClap
3 bloopers in one episode. One after the other.

Let's start with the first blooper.

Notice in picture 1 where Shyaam babua is sitting with Anjali and she is wearing a bandage on her forehead. See it?
Now look at picture 2 where she is sitting with the family who came in what 3 minutes after Shyaam's scene happened and Anjali's bandage has vanished?! What happened there?

BTW, the bandage was there when the Raizada's had initially entered Anjali's room, it just vanished when she was sitting at the dining table.

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Blooper number 2!

Phone Badla.

We have heard of badla in the sense of Shyaam hating Arnav but here's the phone badla moment. Notice in the picture below that Anjali's phone that she had forgotten on the table was a  Touch phone, agreed? Welll, in picture 2 it's shown as a QWERTY phone! OuchConfusedConfused CVs CVs CVs.

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Blooper number 3!

Bandage vanishes AGAIN.

Well, here the bandage vanishes again. Notice how in the first picture, Shyaam and Anjali are talking and she has a bandage on her forehead. Yes? Picture 2 shows us that Khushi who had walked in a minute after we saw Anjali and Shyaam talking - the bandage is GONE! Haaaiiinnn?!

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Everyone keep your naak, kaam and aankhain open and catch the bloopers next time around too! Our IPKKND only has that humor left to it now. The other humor is lost.

Wait wait waittt!!!! We have more!! 

Heylooo sheyllooo phankhas !! gosh im back after what feels like eternity! Haha always feels great to resume your job! Okay nevertheless lets proceed towards our much awaiting bloopers! Well though the entire storyline itself looks like a big mistake by the CV's but yeah have to select some prominent ones goes:

Okay this is so weird there was supposed to be a see through glass on the ward door na?? how come Arnav doesn't spot shyam through it unless he opens the door?? Confusedand crap logic anjali doesn't realize her tummy is lighter than before that she has to resort to such melo drama to actually come to terms to reality??ufff time waste Dead


Lol this has to be soo lame these CV's spent so much of their rubbish time to divert our mind to mindless tracks ke Khushi the bride ke hathon pe se mehendi hi light hojati hai LOL..just the previous night the mehendi and arnav's initials remind her of him and the next day it almost vanishes..??? mehendi/henna doesn't disappear/lighten so


 '' that's all folks ! Enjoy ''

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Made by: Jyo.

Here is ur Gift

Made by: 

Here is ur Gift

Made by:

Here is ur Gift

Made by:  

Here is ur Gift

M made By: UltimateBarun

Here is ur Gift

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Pride and Beauty

'' Let me take away your pain within me''

Close your eyes and take my hand, let me
Take away the pain I see in your eyes,
The pain you try so hard to hide, that
Glides in your body upside and down

I'll do my best to protect you from harm, to keep you safe and well
And when you have a problem hidden, I'll be who you can tell,
I'll take your very darkest night and I'll make it bright for you
And even if we are far apart, my love will still be true

My heart tells me you'll always be true
I know this is something that will last
I can forget about all the bad things,
That have gone on in the past

I'll take the your reasons of fear within me,
I will protect you from life's many troubles
I will shield your soul, & give love that doubles
I will warm your soul, and mend your heart,
For I will give your life a brand new start

Let me hold you in my arms, let me make it easier to heal you.

OS: Your eyes and my nose by Prachi..

Here is ur gift

Runner Up
Destroyed by lazyleaves

Here is ur gift

Desert Rose by charlotte74

Here is ur Gift

IP REDUX ; Guha & Vinayaka !! by tanthya

Here is your Gift:


Here is ur Gift

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I dont know why I'm giving such a high rating... Mayve cuz a lot on the past was revealed? There were many frustrating things. But nevermind that. What counts is the story line, revelation and the understanding and love between ArHi. I saw it all and so a 4. 5 is not possible keeping frustrating things in mind. Even Shyam-Arnav came face to face.

Where do I start from this time? You've done beautifully on the ArHi parts of course. But Anjali, again, is not thinking at all. Dadi is interferring in places she shouldn't be. Acting like a control freak.. Really, where was she when her family needed her? Why is she here now to ruin things? Angry Shyam will never change of course. Just hoping a good plot comes out of his comeback. Keep the episodes coming and clearing things for us!  

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And there it goes! This week's NL. So so so close to 50th!! Eeeppp! Congratulations to winners and also to the team for such a success so far. Nothing much to say.. but look out for the activities that will come in a day or two Wink 


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