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SS | Time Hunt and Haunted Time -Ch16 Updtd- 4/12 (Page 9)

udaymanyata07 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 September 2012 at 8:08pm | IP Logged
ClapClapthanks.amazing.beautifull..please update sooon.and pm me when ou do udpate...ClapClap

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shagun05 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 September 2012 at 12:43am | IP Logged
OMG so many interesting folds into the story... fab chapter... looking forward to the next update... thanks for the PM

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Sim96 Goldie

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 10:53am | IP Logged
Eee. :D Amazinggg. :D
Dynamix215 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 2:46pm | IP Logged
Credit for Cover: arshy4ever
Thanks yaar!

-Nearly Six Years Back-
"It's done Di. But I am doing this for Khushi and only Khushi. But promise me that you will keep yourself safe Di, and please come back soon." She heard Chhotey plead.
"Yes Chhotey." She assured him. Then she turned around to see Garima standing infront of Dadi, her face full of fire. "Chhotey? I-I will call you back later."
She cut the phone. "YOU?!" Garima asked Dadi.
"I-I actually... Khushi grandson's wife... I-"
Garima's stare stopped her cold. "Arnav Bitua is HIS son?! YOU are his GRANDMOTHER?!" She saw Anjali apporaching.
Dadi turned to Anjali. "Anjali bitiya, this is-"
"I know... She is Khushiji's amma." Anjali said, confused.
Dadi grew pale. "She is YOUR daughter?"
Garima gave her a cold look. "She is Purnima's daughter." At this, Dadi collapsed into a chair, her head in her hands. "H-How is she now?"
"That is none of your business." Garima said. "Where she is today, it is because of YOU and your SON" Garima spat.
Buaji just walked in. "Hai re Nandkisore! What happened Garima?"
"Jiji... this is Subhadra MALLIK... Arnav bitua's grandmother..."
"Subhadra Mallik?..." realization dawned on her. Anjali was still confused. "Dadi, why are they-?"
Dadi said nothing.Garima spoke up. "I will tell you Anjali bitiya." Soon, everybody had gathered around; NK, Payal, Akash and Nani.
"Amma, What are you-" Payal began.
Garima ignored her. "Anjali bitiya, before I got married to Shashiji, I was Garima Mehta... Purnima Raina Kapoor's sister... And that girl, in the ward right now? That is her daughter... Before Khushi Kumari Gupta, she was Khushi Naina Kapoor." Anjali's face paled. Nani stared at them in shock. Akash was stunned and Payal was confused...
"Anjali bitiya, I am sorry. I cannot let my Pari stay under your roof for another minute."
"But Aunty-" Anjali tried to plead... Chhotey would break again. "No Bitiya. Letting her stay would be an insult to my sister." Meanwhile, Akash explained the scenario to Payal, who was staring at Dadi in disbelief. Garima turned to Payal and told her gently, "Payaliya, if you wish, you can stay here. I don't want Khushi to stay here for another minute. It would be an insult to all the Kapoors... The Guptas and Malliks history is clean, but not The Malliks aand Kapoors... But I---- I hope you are understanding Payaliya?"
Buaji watched in silence. Payal collapsed into a chair, indecision on her face. Akash sat by her anxiously. "Payal, Don't leave me?" He whispered. Payal did not react. Then Garima saw a doctor coming out of Khushi's room. "Doctor? I want to take Khushi out RIGHT NOW."
"Garimaji, they are married already." Nani tried to plead. "Aunty please-" Anjali began, but Buaji cut them off, shaking her head. Buaji knew how much hatred Garima nurtured towards the the Malliks had scattered and broken her family...Not all MALLIKS, but that MADAN RATHOD MALLIK and SUBHADRA MALLIK. She knew all about it, because Garima had told them before marrying Shashi.
Garima ignored all the drama behind her, and argued with the doctor, till he finally gave in. He handed her some papers. "Give these papers to them in Lucknow...It is her reports. And one more thing..." He said in a low voice, grasping the situation. "Madam, she is pregnant."
Garima looked shocked. A pregnant woman without husband? Was she taking the right decision? Then all those memories from that time came back, and her decision was made. Khushi was taken away. She made a phone call. "Hello? Beta? It's me...Garima Mausi...yes. Please make the required arrangements... Yes, to Lucknow."
The Raizadas watched, utterly speechless as they saw Khushi being wheeled out of thr hospital. Dadi was now completely bewildered. Nani was crying, and Anjali was telling her it would be okay. Nani said in a strangled voice. "Bitiya, what will we tell Chhotey..." Anjali was silent...
Just then, Arnav stormed in. He took in all their faces..."What is wrong with all of you! And where is Khushi? Shouldn't she be back at RM? And-"
"Chhotey, they took her away." Nani told him emotionlessly.
"What! WHO?" Anjali could hear the panic in his voice... How would he recieve the much more terrible news to come?
"The Guptas."
"WHY?" He asked, still not understanding. 
"Ask your Dadi..." Nani told him, a hint of disgust, grief and hurt in her voice.He turned to Dadi. "Dadi, what did you do!"
"Its not what I DID Arnav. It's what I HAD DONE!" Dadi told him.
"WHAT! Stop speaking in riddles."
"Ok Arnav. Do you know who Khushi Bitiya's parents are?"
"Yes," he said incredulously. "Shashi Uncle and Garima Aunty! What kind of question is that!"
"No, I mean her biological parents..." Hearing Dadi's sadness, Arnav was taken aback. "THAT is what this is all about! That you don't know her parents?" He asked furiously.
"No. The problem Arnav, is that we DO know her parents." Dadi told him, sadly. Chhotey said nothing, obviously waiting.  
"Arnav...bitua she is Purnima and Raghav Kapoor's daughter..." 
Arnav stared at Dadi. "So?" Nobody said anything. "Answer me DAMMIT!"
Anjali slowly walked to him. "I am sorry Chhotey!"
Arnav was furious now. "I need to find Khushi!"
Dadi looked up. "They took her Arnav... You need to move on... Besides, she is a cultureless girl." Anajli was shocked. How could Dadi STILL talk like that? She could see that Dadi's words had snapped something inside him.
"Dadi, you were wrong before, and you are wrong now..." Arnav said through gritted teeth. Then Anjali noticed Garima Aunty standing right behind Dadi, looking with disgust at Dadi. There was more storm coming, and Anjali knew it. 
Dadi rolled her eyes. "Arnav she stayed under the same roof as you without even getting married properly! And-"
Dadi had crossed the line... Anjali expected an outburst from Arnav but not what he said next. 
"Because I had married her for SIX MONTHS DAMMIT!!! Why did you even care to comeback?!" he screamed. Everybody stared at him in shock. Garima muttered,
 "I can see your father in you ..." She walked out, leaving Arnav behind.
Arnav saw her, and Khushi flooded his mind again. "Aunty! Wait! Please..."
Garima turned around slowly. "Is there anything else left to say? You married my daughter for six months... Was this some kind of a deal for you? And-"
Suddenly, a doctor came and asked Garima. "Ma'am, you are Ms. Khushi's mother?"
Garima nodded. "I need to talk to you" Arnav watched Garima walk away, and talking to the doctor. At something the doctor said, Garima's hand flew to her mouth, and her face turned red. She looked at Arnav, with fire in her eyes, and then back at the doctor. Garima nodded twice and then folded ger hands in a namaste. She turned to leave, but as Arnav tried following her, he felt a firm hand on his shoulder. He turned around to face Nani. "What did you mean by six months Chhotey?"
For the first time, ASR was at a loss of words. "I-I blackmailed and put up a contract..." 
As the mute Raizadas watched, he told them everything... From the terrace scene and blackmailing her,  and everything...
Akash was the first to speak. "You threatened Khushiji? Using mine and PAYAL's marriage? Bhai, how COULD YOU?"
"I told you That I did it for Di..." Arnav said, guilt building up again.
Anjali remembered what Chhotey had said about marrying Khushi for her... "For me, you chose to destroy another life? Did you even think what would have happened after thise six months? Chhotey, were you so blind that you did not see how much Khushiji loved you?"
Arnav turned to Anjali and said very coldly. " I could ask you the samething Di... How come you trusted your Shyamji more when you could see the love in my eyes? And also Dadi... Who came just to help you and that too when requested by a stranger... Trusting the words of a stranger but not HER OWN GRANDSON!" With that, he walked away... Leaving Anjali and a shaken Dadi to questioning gazes...

Anjali smiled in her sleep... glad she had her Khushi. Nobody asked her anything... They were all too concenred with Khushi...  After Dadi's truth, even Nani was not talking to Dadi; unable to bear the guilt of harming a family twice, she had left to her ashram in two days. Nobody even bothered to visit her...But it took Anjali time till Khushi was born to become a part of the family again... Chhotey though, had gone back to being ASR, caring more for he Khushi than Anjali herself... But thankfully, he was not as hateful...he had forgiven her to some extent... A small tear escaped, as Anjali fell asleep, hugging Khushi closer to her. 

PRECAP- "Are you sure Chhotey?" Anjali asked Arnav anxiously. "Yes Di... Before I get Khushi back, we need to deal with THAT MAN. We need to get him out of the way." Arnav said. Anjali could hear the venom in his voice. She cupped Arnav's face, and kissed his forehead, thanking God inwardly that he did not pull away. "It will be alright Chhotey. They are in Lucknow...We can get them back. While I am doing MY work, you do YOUR work and search for her, okay? And Chhotey? I'm sorry." Anjali said. Arnav said nothing... he was not sure whether he could still forgive her... he wouldn't be able to till he found Khushi. "Di? WHo were Purnima and Raghav Gupta? Wh-What does that have anything to do with why they took Khushi away?" Anjali knew this was coming, but she was not yet ready to tell him. "Uh, Chhotey, I-I need to talk to Nani..." She said, and she left him there. Arnav stared at her... They were all hiding something... Something big and he HAD to find out...

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bhadraprasad IF-Dazzler

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Awesome  update.The secrets are getting revealed...Thanks for the PM
udaymanyata07 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 3:23pm | IP Logged
Usma55 Goldie

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Update soon
What happened
Did arnav dad and dadi kill them or took their property from them
Update soon
dorindakate Senior Member

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 3:46pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the pm...

Love your take on the past lots better than the show's...

Poor Khushi the victim of MUs, other peoples mistakes and circumstances...

Poor Arnav..they need to tell him all and let him make an informed decision...

Waiting for it all to become clearer...

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