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SS | Time Hunt and Haunted Time -Ch16 Updtd- 4/12 (Page 6)

dorindakate Senior Member

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Posted: 11 September 2012 at 11:56pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the pm...

The use of flashbacks is fine with me..they're a great tool...

Relieved that Garima and Sashi showed up to meet Arnav...I had been concerned that they wouldn't...

Proud of Akash for keeping the secret for Payal...

So Arnav never was told what the big deal of Dadi's was about Khushi...

Anxious to find out what secrets the distant past holds...

shagun05 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 12:05am | IP Logged
really nice writing and intriguing story line.
thanks for the PM.
kriti_atharv IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 12:25am | IP Logged
oh wow just read all the parts and they are freaking awsuuum...loved it very much...what in cows world did dadi do and what happened to khushi...oh man arnav thought that khushi had died...he even has 2 twins...oh my god...simply brillaint n thnx 4da pm dear...

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Dynamix215 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 8:09am | IP Logged
Credit for Cover: arshy4ever
Thanks yaar!

Anjali regretted ever having trusted that man! He had showered nothing but destruction to her family... her Chhotey! Khushiji, who was as good as her sister...even better... She wiped her tear, as Khushi came running towards her, holding a phone in her hand. "Maaa!!! Nani calling from Lucknow! She wants to talk to you!" Anjali took the phone eagerly! 
"Hello? I am fine, how are you? No, no. Chhotey has gone to Mumbai...he said it was for some meeting...his number...? Ok, here.." She gave the number "And call him in the night. He had said he would be busy in the meeting...Okay. Take care, bye!... I love you too." She cut the phone smiling... "Yeh bhi na! Kitna pareshan ho jaati hain!" ({Amusedly} she gets so worried for everything!)
Anjali watched her daughter playing outside. Khushi had become her life now... After THAT DAY, no one else mattered other than Khushi and Chhotey and his Khushiji... her sister... Anjali felt tears coming again, as she recalled what had happened on the day of her Godhbharai... It was her fault...

-Nearly Six Years Back, on Anjali's Godhbharai-
Anjali saw her husband's shadow on the curtain of their from the poolside. Anxious that no one should see him, she limped her way across to the room connecting the poolside and the room. (During this scene in IPK, many of us wondered why she just did not use that As she walked across, she noticed that the floor was too slippery. Worried about her baby's condition, she decided not to take chances (Again, we were disgusted at Anjali's indifference to the baby) She decided to got the other way round, through the RM. Just as she reached her room. she saw Khushijii staggering onto outside bumping into Anjali.Her face was flushed, and her lip was bleeding from biting it too hard. Anjali got worried and confused, and then she saw trails of blood. Horrified, "Khushiji, stop! What happened?!" she asked, trying to balance Khushi's staggering form. She sat down, taking Khushi's head in her lap.
When she felt Khushi go limp in her arms, she screamed. "CHHOTEYYY!!! PAYALJIII!!! NANI!!" She looked around desperately. "MAMI AUR MAMAJI!!! DADIII????AKASHHH?"
Soon, everybody had rushed upstairs. Payal looked at Khushi and rushed. "Khushi? Khushi?" Then she saw Khushi's feet. "Hey Bhagwaan! What happened to her leg?!" Anjali looked at her leg, and was  greeted with cuts and blood. Everyone was shocked. NK said, "Di, we have to take her to Hospital NOW! Where is Nannav?" He looked around. 
Mamiji looked on stunned. "Oh Godj! Phati Sadi se Khoon Bhari Taang Pharat 2?!" No one scolded her, because inspite of what she had said, her words contained an anxious tone. "Bher eej Arnav Bituwa?"
"I-I don't know Mamiji. I-I-I will do one thing! I will call him...Yes."
She used the mobile she had, and called Arnav. "Pick up the phone Chhotey!" she begged.
 "Hello? Di...?" He sounded angry, but she did not care.
"Hello, Chhotey. " She had begun to cry now.
"Hello? Di, what happened? Are you alright?" His anger had changed to anxiety.
"Come home... I will tell you..."
Then NK yelled to her, "No, not home Di. City Hospital," as he and Akash, with Mamaji's help carried Khushi slowly down stairs. 
Arnav spoke again. "Di-?" She cut him off mid-sentence.
"No, not home Chhotey. Come straight to City Hospital..." She said amidst tears.
"Di, are you okay?" He asked her, his voice drowning in concern.
"No, Chhotey. I am's not me...Come quickly... Its Khushiji!" Anjali's voice broke. She cut the phone and was about to leave to the hospital, when she saw a glint of light coming off her doormat, which had stains of blood. Anjali frowned, and carefully, with her left arm over her belly, she bent down and very very gently, brushed her hand against the doormat. She felt something prickly. Frowning even more deeply, she picked up one edge of the doormat, and slowly shook it. What she saw shocked her; there were tiny pieces of glass. They had caught light and reflected it, causing reflection and catching Anjali's attention. It dawned on Anjali, if Khushi had not come out first, fully hurt, she would have entered and would have hurt her leg in the process. But who would sprinkle the pieces of glass on HER doormat... she did not have to think much because the minute the question had formed, she already knew the answer. In fact, she had always known the truth deep down... she had been nurturing hope that she was wrong... But she knew... She would deal with him later... She pursed her lips, and hurried to catch up with the others.

Well, now that she thought about it, she had dealt with him later, and dealt very well. She smiled, feeling satisfied. But the smile was a dark smile... of the darkness that had haunted their time since then...

At Mumbai
Arnav took the photo, wondering what was the relation between this 'Pari' and 'Khushi'. The minute he saw the photo, memories flooded in. He dropped that photo as if electrocuted. "That is not Khushi...!!! That is...That is..." Arnav remembered her now. Very clearly. "That is PARI!" He still remembered that little girl... how her happy smile had slowly turned into blank expression. Those fear-filled eyes and helpless innocence she had radiated... he remembered very well... 

- Eighteen Years Back-
Ten-year-old Arnav and sixteen-year-old Anjali were sitting on the porch and chatting about school. They heard a familiar noise; a Ferrari pulled up into the driveway of Sheesh Mahal. Their father was here. The brother-sister duo exchanged an understanding, and quietly left to their rooms. Neither of them wanted to talk to their Dad. They hurried upstairs, and just as Arnav had reached the last step, his father entered. Arnav looked over his shoulder, surprised to find a little girl with him; she must have been about seven or eight; he could not tell. She looked very happy. Then he saw Ma coming out of her room and looking down at his father and the little girl. His mother's eyes widened. He knew Ma had recognised the girl...Who was she? Then shrugging it off as none of his business, he went to his room. As he closed the door behind him, he heard his Mom say, "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?! SHE IS YOUR FRIEND'S DAUGHTER!" 
Arnav closed his ears, disgusted. They were fighting again. Worse than kindergartners! He did not like his Dad, neither did Di. Both knew he put Ma through tortures. Their father, the great Madan Rathod Mallik, had many dark secrets, which he did not know, but was aware of their existence. Di had told him that he was still too young to understand such things. Pah! 'young'! He knew that his Dad came home drunk and beat his Mom, but she kept quiet. He had once complained to Anjali, who had said very sadly, "She is doing it for us Chhotey..." Arnav did not understand. From then on, his Mom would always be a little worried, scared, anxious and desperate. He did not see that girl for nearly two weeks, until one day...
It was midnight, and Arnav was thirsty. He tiptoed down to the kitchen and drained a bottle of water. As he was about to go upstairs, he heard a noise. A small one. Puzzled he tilted his head. He felt as if it was coming from right under his feet. He heard it once more, so he went down the few steps he had climbed. This time, the noise was coming from infront of him. Soon enough, he realized that the noise was coming from the broom closet under the stairs. When he went to it, he found it locked. Thats surprising! He thought. But he heard the noise again, and was sure there was something behind those doors. Arnav tiptoed to the key stand, and pulled out an old key. Quietly, he opened the broom-closet... He was shocked to see what he saw. Huddled in one corner, was a small girl... the same girl... She was gagged, and shabby. 
He immediately rushed upto her and untied her gag. She began coughing almost immediately. He calmed her and asked, "What are you doing in HERE?"
She replied sniffling. "Bad Uncle! He bring Pari here! Say nice things, and give her nice room. Night he come and take Pari away and tie her mouth..."
Arnav stared at her, shocked. "Which bad uncle?" 
"Tall man, with glasses... big black paint around chin, YUCK!" Arnav froze. Tall, glasses and beard (big black paint)His dad had done this to her... He felt more disgusted than ever...
"Are you sure?" Pari nodded in response.
Arnav sighed. "Have you eaten anything?"
"No. Meera Kaki come give Pari food." Meera Kaki was the cook. Pari frowned. "I think today she forget!" 
Arnav tugged at her arm. "Come. I will give you food."
Pari hesitated. "Mamma says no food from strangers."
Arnav would have been amused, if it was not for the situation. "I am Arnav. Arnav Mallik. Now you know me."
"Yeah I do. I am Pari. Pari Kapoor" She said imitating his style.
She had her dinner, and as Arnav watched her, he decided to help her. That night, he took her out along with him and with her directions, he took her to her house. He just left her at the gate of a large house and ran back as fast as he could to Sheesh Mahal, not wanting to confront her parents. He had never given her much thought later after that... But chaos surely had been created.
"And that is all I know about Pari, Aunty. I have never seen her again after that." Arnav finished. 
Garima looked at him, and simply said, "That is not true. Pari was my sister Purnima's daughter. You HAVE seen her, and quite amazingly, you were married to her six years ago...
Arnav's head began to reel. That girl he had save was HER? His Khushi? But he still had so many questions!!! Why was DADI upset about this? Why was Khushi taken away from him? 
Garima saw several questions in Arnav's eyes. She told him, "What your father did that day, caused our family to shatter..."

PRECAP- "Why are you asking me this Aunty?" Arnav asked puzzled. Did they know what he had accused her of?
 "Yes Mr Raizada. I am asking you this because... you remember that day at the hospital, the Doctor had called me aside?"
"Yes..." Arnav said warily.
"He had asked me the same thing... because before Khushi bitiya had stepped on those glass shards, she had consumed poison. The doctor found traces of poison in her blood. In short, Mr Raizada, my daughter had attempted suicide that day..."

IMPORTANT:- Don't forget those important pre-prologue Green Points!

And PLEASE keep in mind that this is DRAMACry and not SCIENCEDead... I am being DRAMATICEmbarrassed, not SCIENTIFICOuch... facts may not tally with this amnesia thingOuch, so don't screw Angry me for that... Tongue

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kaira101 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 8:22am | IP Logged
love how the past is coming out
so intense and interesting
thanx for the pm
continue soon
Dynamix215 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 8:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by arhi101

love how the past is coming out
so intense and interesting
thanx for the pm
continue soon

Thank you :) there is alot more yet to be unveiled!
shagun05 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 9:50am | IP Logged
oh my god... 
this story is getting better and better with each chapter.
do update soon please.

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sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
Why Did Khushi Take Poison ?! ; O Broken Heart

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