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ArHi SS:The Life-Changing Pact #2 [Link Pg 145] (Page 79)

tash10 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 September 2012 at 2:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Fan_ipkknd1

Originally posted by tash10

Originally posted by Fan_ipkknd1

Originally posted by tash10

Originally posted by Fan_ipkknd1

Tashu, will edit this in a whileee

^shreya and nayu, you guys took my fav spot on tashu's thread 






TASHUUU!!!!! This chapter was brilliiiannntt!!!! You have no idea how many times i GLST-ed while reading this i swear!!! 


Okay, arnav was holding onto khushi's dupatta so they manage to stay together? CAN I KISS THIS GUY PLEASE?? I MEAN HOW CUTE CAN ONE GET?!?!? 
Its like the rasam in indian wedding where the woman holds the dupatta thing of the man and takes the pheras! It totallyy symbolised that!! LOVED IT! Heart

Out for shopping for pari's birthdaaayyy, AWWWEEE!!! A BIG HUG TO PARII FIRSTLY! Hug 
She is always the cupid knowingly or unknowingly! Muah to her!! Big smile

it was sooo AWESOME how the shop owner mistaked them as a couple in search for a gift for their kid! GLST x 1bn!! LOL and they didnt even DENY that!! OMGGG IM ONNA FALL OFF MY BEDDD WITH EXCITEMENT NOW!!! HEHAHAHOHOHAYHAY!!!! THIS WAS SOOO PYARAAA!! Hug

Amazimg how khushi opened about her little Childhood memories to Arnav! I mean the kinda woman khushi is, she would never! But she opened up to Arnav!! Thats soo sweet!! Big smile

totally loved the eomotional moment they shared hearing arnav's story! And tashu! The story is moving so amazingly you got no idea! I mean who would've thought that would be the reaason arnav so badly wanted his book to be published!!

You know what? I think id say kuddos to dadi! Had she not been against him, arnav would never have challeneged, and had he not, he would never have flown to dehli, met khushi, came to lucknow with her!! THIS IS AWESOME!

Oh how i hope when arnav goes to meet his family, he takes khushi along! The future raizada bahu! *GLST*! Day Dreaming

loved how khushi deespite being so tired read arnav's work and loveed it!! Tashu u and arnav have this in common, you both write AWESOME! Wink

AWEEE PARIII SWEETIEEE I LOVE YOU!! How cutteee that she told khushi how he kissed her and how she went and KISSED him and he wasnt even sleeping!!!! I THINK IL LITERALLY FALL OFF MY BED WITH THE EXCITEMENT! YAYAYAAYAYYY!!! VERY ADORABLE! Heart Heart

loveddd the precappp!!! Ohhh myy!! Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed 
Very shareef haan? ROFL ROFL we're the shareef besharams bahahahahahaha!! ROFL ROFL

I am here to remind you na, so you would not have missed it!!!LOL When I checked the comments, I was like "Faiza hasn't unreserved yes! I need to shake her up!"ROFL Shreya and Rima haven't unreserved too...I need to chase them now ROFL
Faiza not GLSTing would be a calamity ROFL Awwee, thank you so much hun!! This chapter was important to develop their bond and show the change in their relationship!!
NO YOU CAN'T KISS HIM!!! ROFLROFL He is mine!! MINE ONLY!!! ROFLROFL Wait a minute, he is Khushi's Cry ROFLROFL OMG you are a genius, even decoding symbolisms in the update Hug
Fuj, one question: your jaws don't pain?? I mean you GLST so much na ROFLROFLROFL
You found it emotional?Embarrassed I can't tell you how glad I am, I wanted Arnav's past to be touching!!!
Hmm complimenting Dadi huh?ROFL It's true thoughBig smile
I am still clueless how I will introduce Arnav's family but it will be in the next update or the one after!!
OMG I love you for saying this!! OMG me and Arnav we have something in common!!!Shocked GLST * infinity ROFLROFLROFL
Was the precap besharam type? *Tashu acting ignorant*ROFL
Thank you Faiza for the comment Hug

Hahaha i have no idea how i missed it! But trueee, i have you to keep me on track !! ROFL

exactly!!! THEY DO PAIN! You write soo cute i cant help myself from GLST-ing !! But i love GLST-ing! Not otherwsie, never otherwise, but here on your SS i LAAUUU!! ROFL

HAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAH TASHUU!! ROFL ROFL well im glad that if i cant kiss him, you cant either ! buahahahah!! Evil Smile khushi would kill you! Or me! Remember how she said yesterday 'Hum uss churail ko jaan se mardenge aur uske baal nochlenge!'

EEKS! I love my hair!! ROFL

veryy emotional and nice! Loved it!!

Ahahahahahahah weee bit besharam but i like naa! I mean we all did watch yesterdays episodee!! ROFL ROFL ROFL
Believe me, I will always make sure you will unreserve, else you know the punishment right? ROFLROFL
Evil you!! ROFL We both can' one can't..and this is the silver lining ROFLROFL Buahahaha I loved how she said that!! I love my hair too ROFLROFL Imagine a sherni Khushi out on a rampage to pull all IF chicks' hair!! ROFLROFL EPIC ROFLROFL
Seriously, when I wrote the precap, I had no idea, it would lokk becharam! Now expectations are higher and I will make it even more besharam ROFLROFL

Haahahahahhaa yes i do and you dnt have to remind me that everytime, HMPH!!! ROFL

baahahahaha!!! Omg that would be so epic!! Women all around the world will go bald that way tashu! Rehem karoo! [ROFL

OMGG EEE! Now thatsss smart!! ROFL people who are shareef besharam like me have surely expected more than that precap, so dont hesitate in beeing more shareef besharam! ROFL ROFL im so excited noww! ROFL
Buahahaha I'll stop traumatising you now ROFLROFL You know I was meant to spam your scrapbook with Dadi's pics said you were going for 30 minutes and you were never backUnhappy But then I was feeling too sleepy to go and collect the pics, that's why you have been spared ROFL
OMG imagine that really happening!! The wig industry will have rocketing profits ROFLROFL
This SS started so innocently, and now because of corrupt minds, it is slowly turning out to be besharam ROFLROFL

LoveArnavKhushi Senior Member

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Posted: 23 September 2012 at 3:19am | IP Logged
Reserved Embarrassed Will edit soon..

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Bewakoof IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 September 2012 at 8:40am | IP Logged
That was so sweeettt.

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magss24 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 September 2012 at 9:08am | IP Logged
awesome update.. excited about the precap...

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cocoatree IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 September 2012 at 9:09am | IP Logged
Wonderful chaper dear TashuHug
what a beautiful way of writing !!!Clap
loved khushi's jealous over lavanyaLOL
Each cute things were so beautifulEmbarrassed

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shane1 Goldie

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Posted: 23 September 2012 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Just starting reading this FF, please pm me


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cocoatree IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 September 2012 at 2:51am | IP Logged
Aww what a brilliant update !!Hug
specially table scene !!Wink
loved it !!! Tashu darling !!Embarrassed

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tash10 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 September 2012 at 10:06am | IP Logged

Arnav woke up earlier than usual and two reasons could be attributed to that: firstly, it was Pari's birthday and he had loads of preparations to make, and secondly, the most important one, he hardly could sleep thinking of the goodnight kiss that Khushi had given him last night. Arnav was lost in thoughts of him and Khushi being together forever….thoughts that he wished more like anything to concretise. He just needed a verbal confirmation from Khushi that she loves him as much as he does, although he was dead sure that both shared the same feelings.


Arnav could feel the excitement building up within himself, just like a small boy would be feeling. He was tasting happiness once more, not that he had ever been sad but circumstances had gloomed his life. And now he could proudly confirm that the entry of Khushi into his life and especially the pact that he had signed with her were the best things that could ever have happened to him. Within seconds, he rushed to Khushi's room to wake her up and kick-start the birthday preparations. He opened her bedroom door which was unlocked, as if he owned the rights to step freely in her room, and he stood mesmerised.


Dressed in a burgundy kurta and skinny jeans, Khushi came out of the bathroom, busy towel drying her wet locks that she kept fidgeting from one side to another, causing the water droplets to splash on Arnav's face. Despite being prickled by them, not for a second did Arnav blink his eyes. It definitely was his morning treat, staring at her love in her most natural and beautiful form. The cool sensation of the water emanating from her locks yielded a soothing effect that neutralised the generated heat, until he was brought to reality by Khushi's voice.


"Arnav, you? Don't you know you should knock before entering any girl's room?" Khushi asked, startled to find Arnav in his room and slightly embarrassed to find him staring at her.


What if I wasn't properly dressed up, what if I was in my bathrobe, what if I was …


"Are you ANY girl?" Arnav asked with a smile that sent shivers down Khushi's spine, before adding "As if you knocked and asked for my permission when entering my room yesterday night!!"


Khushi felt her cheeks reddening, and the awkwardness of having been caught did not help either. How did he know, what did he know, how far did he know,…all these questions were reverberating in her mind.


"I…me…I didn't come to your room yesterday!" Khushi attempted to explain, nervousness causing her to fumble with words, "Why would I?" This sounding more like a rhetorical question.


"Why would you? You tell me!" Arnav let out, slowly moving towards Khushi who was stepping backwards until she realised her back faced the wall. There was no means of escaping from Arnav's questions, from his perfectly structured body that was obstructing her way and from his bewitching gaze.


"So I was dreaming that you were in my room, right?" Arnav asked, with a teasing glint in his tone and his eyes drowning in Khushi's looking for an answer that he deemed he had found. It wasn't a dream, and he was aware of Khushi's awkwardness, a cute and innocent awkwardness that he relished to observe.


"I…yesterday…me…I "Khushi started to say before being interrupted by Arnav's "Sshhh".


Only one foot away from each other, Arnav gently brought his finger to her lips in an attempt to prevent her from speaking, rather stammering further. Khushi's eyes moved to his finger that was pressing against her lips and she inadvertently pouted, creating a kissing sensation that triggered Arnav's smirk and raising eyebrows. Silence prevailed… or at least no words were being pronounced since it wasn't utter silence due to the music of Dhak Dhaks. 


Arnav suddenly pulled her towards him, and she nearly crashed against his chest. He placed one hand on her waist and he brought the other to her back, resulting in Khushi breathing heavily with her heartbeats speeding like anything. Closing her eyes, Khushi felt Arnav's hand moving from the bottom of her back to the top and soon realised that he was zipping her Kurta which she had accidentally left unzipped.


"Thank you!" Khushi whispered.


Letting Khushi out of his grip, Arnav was about to reply when his eyes posed on the dressing table where his folder was lying. An immediate sparkle could be read in his eyes, and he was overwhelmed by a feeling of accomplishment.


"You read it?" Arnav asked, with glittering eyes and happiness clearly expressed in his voice.


"Hmm…no…not yet! Actually I had so much office work to do and then Pari's birthday!" Khushi said.


Disappointment was evident on Arnav's face, despite his efforts at looking unaffected. Khushi felt bad for bursting his bubble, and she knew that her words would directly or indirectly hurt Arnav but she wanted to keep it a surprise…a surprise she knew would exceed the joy which he would have felt at the moment. She was just waiting for the right time when she would give him the best gift of his life. Only some more time, she thought.


"Okay, shall we go downstairs now?" Arnav said.


After an hour of joint efforts, the living room was beaming with banners, streamers and balloons, all in shades of pink and purple as per Pari's favourite colours. Each member of the Gupta family was engrossed in some work or the other, ensuring all would look perfect.


Khushi was mid-way in the preparation of jalebis in the kitchen when Arnav came in and asked whether she needed help. Khushi politely turned down his offer, stating she could manage. Her hands were smeared with drops of the jalebi mixture, and she was trying to get rid of the small lock of hair that fell on her eye. Arnav immediately did the needful by tucking her hair behind the ear, and insisted on staying with her in the kitchen in case she would need something, to which Khushi nodded positively.


Soon intrigued by how Khushi was making such perfect jalebis, Arnav asked her to show him the gesture. Initially amused by Arnav's sudden interest in jalebis, Khushi let him take the lead in shaping the jalebis but seeing the disastrous, distorted shapes, she spontaneously held his hand and together they formed well-shaped jalebis. Throughout the teaching process, Arnav would glance at Khushi, and sometimes Khushi would, never realising both were looking at each other.


Once all preparations were finalised, the birthday gathering began, with Pari jumping with excitement and hugging each and every one. She clutched Khushi and Arnav, and brought them next to her while blowing out her candles and cutting the cake. It was the first birthday that she got to spend in such a joyous atmosphere and it largely had to do with her new best friend Arnie's presence. After first feeding her parents who were right behind her with a piece of birthday cake, she fed Khushi and then Arnav, with whom she couln't refrain from playing mischief.


Khushi pointed her finger towards Arnav's face, and noticing that he was oblivious that he had chocolate ganache next to his lips, she slowly approached him. Wiping it off, she could feel herself breathing short, shallow breaths, her chest rising and falling quickly. Even after the chocolate stains had been removed, her hand was still gently rubbing his face. Arnav looked at her with such loving and tender expressions that she didn't feel like moving her hand away. But the whole family was present, and she immediately retracted her hand.


The whole day after the birthday party had ended, Khushi had isolated herself in her room. She needed to think, think about the whole journey that had started from Delhi to Lucknow; her journey with Arnav. Flashbacks of all the moments spent with him ran through her mind and she finally let out all smiling "I love him! I love Arnav!". Bringing her hands to her cheeks, she swirled around her room out of happiness of finding love…true love.


Mustering courage to go and pour her heart out, she moved towards Arnav's room and opened his room, only to find Arnav standing with his luggage packed.


"I am going Khushi"




Khushi had been pacing in her room for the last ten minutes, glancing at her phone each second, eagerly waiting for the name "Arnav" to appear on the screen.


"He forgot me…he doesn't care for me!" Khushi murmured to herself, with tears threatening to flow.


She suddenly felt the phone vibrating and frantically pressed the answer button to hear his voice…

Cliffhanger, right? LOL Anyway, pretty please press the 'LIKE' button and leave your comments please!!Embarrassed 
(1) For readers of the FF:The One Meant for Me, I will most probably, hopefully, update tomorrow :)
(2) You must have noticed that I am updating less frequently!! All blame on university LOL That's why I decided to make it to only one update of the SS and one of the FF per week !! It will all depend on my load of work, whether I can make it to 2 updates per week!!Big smile
Thank you for understanding Hug

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