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ArHi SS:The Life-Changing Pact #2 [Link Pg 145] (Page 61)

.Melody. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 September 2012 at 9:23am | IP Logged
No need to be sorry tashu! Bt 'm waitn for our cute arhi n cutest pari:)

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tash10 IF-Stunnerz

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The shopping mall was filled with people, despite it being a weekday, but then, it was the most popular shopping mall in Lucknow and the hustle and bustle was bound to be prevalent. Arnav and Khushi were making their way through the crowd, with Khushi glancing at Arnav from time to time to make sure that they would not be lost. And without Khushi realising, Arnav had slyly clutched a piece of her dupatta, to ensure that they would always be together…at least here.


Holding her written list of gifts to buy for Pari's birthday in the hand, Khushi hopped from one shop to another for the search of perfection. With Arnav by her side giving little advice here and there about potential gifts, Khushi found her work much easier and was confident that this year Pari would have the best birthday ever. Pari was her little bundle of happiness; although they had been far from each other for long, she never failed to talk to Pari every single day, and wanted the very best to celebrate her birthday tomorrow.


Gifts were slowly accumulating, and they both finally reached the last shop on their list: a Teddy Bear shop. While they scrutinised what would be the most perfect teddy bear to buy, the shop vendor approached them.


"Are you looking for a gift for your kid?" the shop vendor asked, with a broad grin.


"Excuse me?" both Arnav and Khushi let out simultaneously, with shocked expressions.


"Shall I help you look for a gift for your kid? Your child must be sweet just like parents sweet like you! I've noticed how you both have been looking at each and every teddy, arguing about which one would be better!" he added.


Arnav and Khushi looked at each other, Arnav slightly amused and Khushi shying away. Indeed for the last few minutes, they had been arguing just like a married couple would have been doing. Instead of clearing the shop vendor's misunderstanding which both waited for the other to do, they stood silent and soon unanimously agreed upon a gigantic plush teddy.


Why didn't I feel bad? If this had happened one week before, then I would have blasted both the shop vendor and Arnav also.


Once the shopping completed, Khushi proposed to take a break in the coffee shop before heading home for the final preparations.


"Pari will be so happy na tomorrow!" Khushi let out.


"Of course she will, with a Maasi like you!" Arnav replied, sensing a zest of anxiety in Khushi's voice.


"You know when I was a child, Payal Jiji, Amma, Babuji and Buaji would always hide my gifts in a secret place and I used to sneak in there before hand to see what gifts they had bought! I couldn't wait for surprises, so on the eve I would always open all my gifts and then wrap them again. Then on my birthday, I would have to pretend to be surprised!!" Khushi expressed with smiles turning into giggles reminiscing those sweet memories which she had spontaneously narrated to Arnav.


She had never confessed such little nothings before to anyone but her heart guided her to pour them out to the man sitting in front of her, that man who unknowingly had become an integral part of her life. Arnav looked at her bubbliness in sharing her hidden secrets, and placed his elbow on the table and hand on his cheek contemplating her natural beauty. It was the first time she had willingly on her own opened up to him, and it was no less than a victory for Arnav. He was brought back to reality when Khushi asked him to share his childhood birthday memories.


"I always got whatever I wanted for my birthday….Papa was rich, so in a minute all my wishes were fulfilled! But the one thing I always looked forward to on my birthday was the time I would spend with the whole family! Papa was always busy, so it was the one day he took holidays so that we could all go camping. Di would pamper me all day long, Nani would sing and dance and Maa would prepare my favourite food and make me eat from her fingers!" Arnav related, his eyes turning moist and trying hard not to let a tear escape.


Khushi had noticed how Arnav had suddenly become silent and his eyes reflected deep melancholy. Only she knew how she refrained herself from getting up and enclosing Arnav into one tight hug. Instead, she stretched her hand on the table and rested it on Arnav's, as a sign of support when she asked him:


"Arnav, where is your family? I mean I know about your mum and dad, but…."


"In Lucknow" Arnav let out, leaving Khushi shocked.


"Your family is in Lucknow? But why didn't you say it before? Why don't you go and meet them?" Khushi asked inquisitively.


With Khushi's grip on his hand tightening, Arnav had found the ideal confidant and decided to tell her more about himself.


"Before going back to Delhi, I will certainly go to meet them…at least I hope so…Khushi, do you really want to know why?"


Khushi's gentle nod made him continue the conversation:


"I always loved writing since I was a child… what started as scribbles soon turned into poems, essays and stories. Maa and Papa always encouraged me to pursue my passion for writing but nothing was the same after they left me. After Maa and Papa's car accident, Nani brought me and Di up…she never let us feel their absence. Although Nani and Di supported me, Dadi was against my aspirations to become a writer, and she wanted me to look after Papa's empire. Di and Jeejaji were both handling Papa's business perfectly and it wasn't my cup of tea to do the same. After a heated argument, I challenged Dadi that in one year I would have my book published on my own merits…so I went to Delhi to make my own identity! That's it… the story of my life!!"


By the end of the conversation, Arnav's other hand had gripped Khushi's and both awkwardly removed their hands from one another. There was a newfound respect that was growing in Khushi's eyes towards Arnav and she felt guilty for having totally ignored the draft that he so wanted her to read and approve for publication. She made a mental note to read it first thing at night and help him accomplish his and his parents' dreams, so that he could move along in life.


Once home, they hid all the gifts in Khushi's room and decided to wake up early to start preparing for the birthday. Despite being tired, Khushi settled down in bed, removed Arnav's CONFIDENTIAL AND PERSONAL folder from her laptop bag and set out to read it.


"He is a genius!!" Khushi murmured, reaching the end of the draft with a mixed feeling of happiness and tears, emotions that Arnav's writing had managed to arouse in her. She quickly made a phone call to the office.


Few minutes later, she heard a knock on the door and Pari entered her room asking her to put her to bed. Khushi fondly pushed Pari towards her room and cuddled her to sleep.


"Good night Pari" Khushi said, pecking her on the forehead "Sleep tight"


"Khushi Maasi, give me a goodnight kiss like Arnie did!" Pari said with glistening eyes.


"And how does Arnav give you your goodnight kiss?" Khushi asked with a smile.


"Maasi, not to me!! Like how he gave you one! Like this!" Pari said, while showing Khushi the exact gesture that Arnav did.


"How do you know he gave me a goodnight kiss?" Khushi asked.


"Sshhh it's a secret!" Pari whispered, "I saw it yesterday night!"


Holding her cheek where Arnav had apparently kissed her, Khushi smiled and walked towards her room, when she felt magnetised towards Arnav's room. On the tip of her toes, she silently entered his room and approached Arnav who was sleeping like a baby, Khushi thought. She bended close to him and kissed him on the cheek, murmuring "Good night Arnav!", before going back to her room. Totally unaware of the fact that Arnav was not sleeping!




Khushi pointed her finger towards Arnav's face, and noticing that he was oblivious that he had chocolate ganache next to his lips, she slowly approached him. Wiping it off, she could feel herself breathing short, shallow breaths, her chest rising and falling quickly. Even after the chocolate stains had been removed, her hand was still gently rubbing his face …


Likes and comments please Embarrassed

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noclapsplease IF-Sizzlerz

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Tashu firstly M really sorry for editing so late Tongue 
Arnav is so cute Embarrassed clutching her dupatta .. he doesn't wanna lose her .. 
"dil haara rey!!" LOL LOL 

aww they were shopping for my Pari .. Hug   Haha shopkeeper also knows they are a couple Embarrassed
Pari is so sweet again she blurted out everything to Khushi Embarrassed 
My angel Hug  

OMG!! Khushi is going to help him .. can't wait for that to happen Day Dreaming 


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NestleToulouse IF-Stunnerz

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reswa vey ooohhh ohhh res va vey LOL


Tashu !! Loved the update sweetie StarHug

Awwe so cute ! Loved the way he clutched the dupatta ! Heart Haha !! Loved the shopkeeper ! Iss kostin Ko Kya Naam Doon ??ROFL Loved Arshi's expressions ! LOL Awwe Khushi is warming up to him Heart
Loved their shopping spree ! LOL
Awwe loved the way she recounted her childhood experiences to Arnav ! Typical Khushi Embarrassed Awwe Poor Arnav,it really made me emotional the way he recapped how his Birthday experiences would used to be when he small ! Also loved the way he opened up to Khushi and started sharing his memories with her ! Heart Pari is such a sweetheart Heart 
OMG !!! She kissed him good night and he was awake !!! Aaahh ! So cant wait for the next part !! Embarrassed
Omg the precap was Hot !!! Blushing
Lovely update Tashu !! Hug Cant wait for the next part !! Big smile

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tina_1234 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 September 2012 at 10:14am | IP Logged
amazin part..!!..

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-ElmoFuj- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 September 2012 at 10:17am | IP Logged
Tashu, will edit this in a whileee

^shreya and nayu, you guys took my fav spot on tashu's thread 






TASHUUU!!!!! This chapter was brilliiiannntt!!!! You have no idea how many times i GLST-ed while reading this i swear!!! 


Okay, arnav was holding onto khushi's dupatta so they manage to stay together? CAN I KISS THIS GUY PLEASE?? I MEAN HOW CUTE CAN ONE GET?!?!? 
Its like the rasam in indian wedding where the woman holds the dupatta thing of the man and takes the pheras! It totallyy symbolised that!! LOVED IT! Heart

Out for shopping for pari's birthdaaayyy, AWWWEEE!!! A BIG HUG TO PARII FIRSTLY! Hug 
She is always the cupid knowingly or unknowingly! Muah to her!! Big smile

it was sooo AWESOME how the shop owner mistaked them as a couple in search for a gift for their kid! GLST x 1bn!! LOL and they didnt even DENY that!! OMGGG IM ONNA FALL OFF MY BEDDD WITH EXCITEMENT NOW!!! HEHAHAHOHOHAYHAY!!!! THIS WAS SOOO PYARAAA!! Hug

Amazimg how khushi opened about her little Childhood memories to Arnav! I mean the kinda woman khushi is, she would never! But she opened up to Arnav!! Thats soo sweet!! Big smile

totally loved the eomotional moment they shared hearing arnav's story! And tashu! The story is moving so amazingly you got no idea! I mean who would've thought that would be the reaason arnav so badly wanted his book to be published!!

You know what? I think id say kuddos to dadi! Had she not been against him, arnav would never have challeneged, and had he not, he would never have flown to dehli, met khushi, came to lucknow with her!! THIS IS AWESOME!

Oh how i hope when arnav goes to meet his family, he takes khushi along! The future raizada bahu! *GLST*! Day Dreaming

loved how khushi deespite being so tired read arnav's work and loveed it!! Tashu u and arnav have this in common, you both write AWESOME! Wink

AWEEE PARIII SWEETIEEE I LOVE YOU!! How cutteee that she told khushi how he kissed her and how she went and KISSED him and he wasnt even sleeping!!!! I THINK IL LITERALLY FALL OFF MY BED WITH THE EXCITEMENT! YAYAYAAYAYYY!!! VERY ADORABLE! Heart Heart

loveddd the precappp!!! Ohhh myy!! Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed 
Very shareef haan? ROFL ROFL we're the shareef besharams bahahahahahaha!! ROFL ROFL


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bhadraprasad IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 September 2012 at 10:23am | IP Logged
Amazing...loved the way they are with each other revealing their secrets...Thanks for the PM

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chandana.s IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 September 2012 at 10:29am | IP Logged
Wonderfull update...Very sweet n cute part.. Embarrassed
Enjoyed reading...
Wow,they both had gone for shopping to buy gifts for Pari..The most cute part was Arnav had clutched Khushi's duppata without her Knowledge as the mall was very crowdy... Blushing
The shop owner thought they r married n was here to by gift for there kid by seeing there argument for selecting teddy bear LOL ...But none of them though of correcting him Embarrassed Wink...Khushi was surprised by her behavier as she dint felt bad n was comparing the old Khushi to the new one...
After shopping they went to coffee shop n They both shared there childhood memories...Loved there new bonding of sharing eachother thoughts n memeories.. Day Dreaming
Aww...khushi use to see the gift early n use to re-wrap it n she use to act as she was surprised when she open them in front of everyone...She was soo naughty n smart kid.. LOL
Arnav use to wait for his birthday as on that they he use to get  more time to spend with his family... Awww,he lost his parents in an accident Cry n now he had a argument with his nani regarding his carrier n came to delhi to fullfill his dreams... Embarrassed
Loved how Khushi tried to comfort him by putting her hand on his Day Dreaming
Now they r emotionally bonding with eachother... Heart
Khushi read his story n was impressed by his writting skills...I think she will publish it n surprise him...
Pari want Khushi to put her to sleep n Pari asked her to give her a good night kiss like her Arnie give to her Khushi maasi n she even showed her how...Loved how she told her that it was a secret LOL ..She is such a cutie pie Hug Embarrassed 
Omg!! Shocked Khushi while going to her room went to Arav room n gave him a good night kiss in his way Unware of the fact that he is awake... Blushing  Heart
Very romantic precap... Blushing  Heart
Cant wait...Continue sooon
Love U Hug

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