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ArHi SS:The Life-Changing Pact #2 [Link Pg 145] (Page 39)

Omoraboti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
Amazing update! Loved it! :)

I wonder if she is gonna fake not remebering!!!

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Apples94 Goldie

Joined: 20 December 2011
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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 3:36pm | IP Logged
I loved the update
Can't wait to read more

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Xaffi Goldie

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 5:41pm | IP Logged

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Crazy_1001 Goldie

Joined: 09 April 2012
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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 6:10pm | IP Logged
Just read chapter 12-14 and wow Arnav already head over heels huh! Those chapters were really good, lmfao for some reason for the life of me I cant imagine khushi saying swearing ahah !

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kriti_atharv IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 7:31am | IP Logged
oh my la is really a bit*h...hate her soo much and oh my goodness khushi drunk is soo she was swearing at her for that...she is really vulnerable just putting up a tough exterior for everyone else and oh y sooo she indirectly confessed that she is in love with arnav is all set to woo her...simply brilliant n thnx 4da pm dear...

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chandana.s IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 10:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tash10

Originally posted by chandana.s

Originally posted by tash10

Originally posted by chandana.s

Wonderfull update sweety... Clap

Loved this Khushi,She Called Lavanya as Kutti n Kamini... ROFL ROFL thats sooo funny LOL
Lavanya tried to make Arnav get annoyed at Khushi but her plan back fire on her only...Not only from Khushi she has to lisn from Arnav also... D'oh Poor She Ouch LOL
Loved how Lav tried to act innocent n how Khushi asked her 'Do u need to touch Arnav to talk...' Tongue N Arnav is sooo much concerned about Khushi that he warned Lav to stay away from him n Khushi's personal life,he dont like if anyone tried to harm Khushi ...Soo sweet Day Dreaming
And the most beautifull moment... Embarrassed
Khushi let her heart out in front of Arnav n told him how she felt when she saw lavanya with him...Aww..She also told him that his eyes r very beautifull n her herat beat increases when he come close to him... Embarrassed Heart Heart
 They shared a cute hug... Hug If this is the effect of the alcohol then i want her get drunk offenly Wink LOL
Pari was waiting for them...She is such a sweet heart... Embarrassed Love her a lot Hug Heart
Now Arnav is confident about his love n he promised himself he will make Khushi realise her feelings towards him...
Beautifully written...Very Cute n Romantic part Embarrassed
Wonderfull precap...
Is she acting or is she really dont remember anything???? Confused
Arnav want to play along with her...Intresting Wink
Cant  wait to see what will Arnav do to make Khushi realise her feelings...
Eagerly waiting for Saturday Day Dreaming
Thanks for the Lovely update...
Love U... Heart  *Lots of Hugs n Kisses*  Hug
Hey Chandana!!!Hug By the length of your comment, I already know I will be having a blast reading it!!!Big smile You analyse each part so well Embarrassed
Haha that's what I call the special package of a Talli Khushi LOL Other words wouldn't have had the same imact as "Kutti kamini"ROFL
Poor Lavanya?Shocked She totally deserves it LOL
Haha yes Khushi is becoming possessive na, and Arnav so protective!!!Embarrassed
It was a half-confession if it can be said!!! Big smile
Aww, you liked the hug?Embarrassed LOL yeah, being drunk helps a lotLOL
Hmm about the precap, my lips are sealed!!! Not a single word!!!ROFL
Thank you hun for your always sweet and motivating comments!!!Hug Love you too Heart


Well Loved this Possessive Khushi n Proctective Arnav... Day Dreaming

Dont think i had forgotten about the heart beat  Evil Smile ,Y she told Dhak Dhak??? Tongue  ROFL
That sooo Evil of u Shocked ...Anyways i think i can manage upto saturday... LOL
U r always welcome sweets!!! Hug
Haila :O Would I dare?ROFL See I changed it to Dhak Dhak!! LOL Now is Khushi having a normal heartbeat?ROFL
Me evil?Shocked You just broke my little heart!!!Cry But I love being evil!!!ROFL
ROFL Glad to know her heart beat become normal... Tongue
Little heart *biscuit*!!! Oh i just love Little hearts Wink LOL ...
Aww...U love being Evil,Thats Y I Love U... Hug  ROFL

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tash10 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 11:23am | IP Logged
Thank you all Hug
tash10 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 28 May 2012
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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 11:23am | IP Logged
Yes, I am early this week!!! LOL Actually, since Faiza is an avid reader of this SS and it is her birthday today, I thought of updating today instead of tomorrowEmbarrassed And I have become Rockerz, so double celebrations for me Big smile

The warmth of the morning sunrays diffused throughout Khushi's bedroom where she was still peacefully sleeping with the eve's smile still etched on her face. In fact, she had not stopped smiling unknowingly since yesterday and it was clearly not the influence of alcohol but rather the sweet memories of a beautiful evening. She suddenly woke up with a jolt and the name 'Arnav' escaped from her mouth.


The whole sequence of events that happened in the party ran as flashbacks through her mind: Arnav advising Khushi to appreciate the pleasures of life, the dance, her heartbeats, his molten eyes, her anger, her tear at the sight of Lavanya getting cozy with Arnav. While these scenes replayed vividly, she felt the same feelings being aroused yet again, and brought her hand to her heart. It was still beating at an extraordinarily fast speed. Closing her eyes, she struggled hard to reminisce the after effects of her drunken state, and heard voices echo in her head.


"I am not your property Lavanya"


"don't interfere in my life or Khushi's"


"Ssshhh, quiet Khushi!"


"Why have I never told you these, Arnav?"


"What all I told him yesterday!!! I told him how I was feeling!!! Khushi, you are the biggest stupid ever! What must he be thinking of me right now? And what happened afterwards? What was his reaction?" Khushi thought.


She touched her head that was terribly paining, and suddenly heard a voice "Were you dreaming of me?", a voice that sounded very much like Arnav's.


"Gosh, I really need painkillers!! I am hearing his voice now! As if dreaming of him at night was not enough!" Khushi murmured to herself.


She lifted her bedsheet and was on the verge on getting up when her eyes popped out:


"Stop it Khushi! Now you are having hallucinations! Why would Arnav be in your room early morning?"


"Khushi, where are you lost?" Arnav waved his hand at her, before adding with a smirk "Are you are done dreaming of me?"  


Khushi pinched herself and her 'Ouch' made her realise that it was indeed Arnav standing in front of her in her room. She moved backwards surprised at his presence, and spontaneously felt the return of the heartbeats.


"I was not dreaming of you!" Khushi said in a tone that looked more like she was trying to reassure herself, than Arnav.


"Yeah, and why did you utter my name in your sleep?" Arnav asked with an eyebrow raised.


"You must have heard it wrong! I said Amma, not Arnav!!" Khushi let out, while inwardly feeling her heartbeats speeding as Arnav approached her.


"Okay! Can you please have this coffee now? It will be of good use to get rid of your headache!" Arnav said out of concern and noticing that Khushi looked lost, he added "Don't worry, this time I will not throw coffee on you!"


A smile instantaneously crept on Khushi's face while reminding their disastrous coffee incident.


"So how are you now Khushi?" Arnav asked tenderly.


Why is he asking me how I am? I am not fine!! I need to know what happened after I asked him those questions! He must be thinking I am one crazy girl! I will just pretend that I don't remember anything at all to gauge how he reacts…


"Arnav, I don't know what happened yesterday, I just have a vague vision! After I had the drink, I don't remember anything! Everything is blurred! Did I say anything or…do anything?" Khushi asked.


Arnav thought: "So you want to play the 'Nothing happened yesterday' game? Let's see for how long you try to hide your feelings! I agree that you might have forgotten some things due to your drunken state but your feelings were right before having the drink!! And I won't buy it that you don't remember having loved the dance and having felt bad at seeing me with Lavanya!! If you are Laad governess, then I am Arnav Singh Raizada! I am ready to play this game!"


"Nothing that you should worry about Khushi…what did you think happened?" he asked smirking, making Khushi all the more awkward.


"Hmm nothing!" Khushi said.


So nothing happened, really? Why is he acting so normal? Why is he not bombarding me with questions? Maybe it just wasn't so important…


At the breakfast table, Khushi naturally got seated next to Arnav, who muttered "I fell in love with one stubborn girl!!!"


"Khushi, Arnav,…how was the party yesterday?" Garima asked.


Khushi gave a quick glance at Arnav, with a slight smile when Arnav answered:


"Very boring Aunty!! I've never gone to such a boring party…nothing interesting happened!! To tell you frankly, I just don't even want to think of it! I would have preferred staying here! Right Khushi?"


"Huh?" Khushi managed to let out.


Really, he didn't like the party? He didn't like me dancing with him? He didn't like what I told him?


Her thoughts were disrupted when she felt a gentle touch on her hand, a touch that had triggered thousands butterflies in her stomach


"Am so sorry! You take it first!" Arnav said after pointing at the toast that was sitting on the plate between them.


"What are you waiting for to disclose your feelings Khushi?" Arnav thought, sensing Khushi's cheeks reddening. "I will never be able to understand you girls!!!"


"So what have you thought of Khushi? What have you planned?" Arnav asked a few minutes later when they were both alone.


"About what?" Khushi asked inquisitively, taken aback by the sudden question.


Was he talking of me…was he talking of us…Is there even a 'US'?


"About Pari of course! It's her birthday tomorrow right?" Arnav said, hiding his amusement at the sudden change of expressions on Khushi's face.


"Oh Pari…Actually, I am planning to go shopping today!" Khushi told him.


"Great! I will come too!! I want little angel's birthday to be the most special ever! After all, I don't know whether I will be able to celebrate it next year because I will be gone, far from your family"


The words "I will be gone" made an indelible mark in her mind, and a lump paved its way down her throat. Both looked at each other, before Pari's arrival struck them back to reality.


"Arnie, Khushi Maasi I need your help!" Pari said, "There is one girl in my class whom I don't like at all! You know she always acts superior and arrogant, and boasts like anything!! I just can't tolerate her!"


"Princess, just ignore her! No need to pay attention to such artificial persons!" Khushi told Pari while taking her in her lap.


"And remember little angel, whatever be the situation, never call her 'Kutti' or 'Kamini'" Arnav said with a broadening grin.


Khushi gave him a "What the" look and brought her eyes downcast remembering her confrontation with Lavanya.  She felt the urge of finding a secret place to hide herself.


She got up and paced to her room, when she suddenly slipped on the surface which was covered with foamy soap. She slowly opened her eyes and the sight that offered in front of her was exceptionally magical. She was lying on top of Arnav whose back faced the floor and his hands had strongly got hold of Khushi's petite body. Her saviour…he had rushed at a supersonic speed to save her from falling.


Khushi made the mistake of drowning her eyes in Arnav's gaze, which resulted in an intense eyelock that provided her with a beautiful sensation. For the next few minutes that followed, they talked the language of the eyes with Arnav's eyes showing absolute love and Khushi's conveying peace. Their moment was soon amplified by the music of 'Teri meri' that sprang from nowhere, plunging them in the memories of the romantic dance that they had shared. It seemed each one was waiting for the other to speak, but silence prevailed.


"Oops I am so sorry!" Pari giggled "I was using soap to make bubbles and I must have dropped some!! And my earphone just got unplugged…and I was listening to Teri Meri!! What a beautiful song, isn't it?"


Khushi and Arnav slowly got up to take a seating position on the floor while listening to Pari. Once up, Arnav gave his hand to Khushi for her to get hold of, and Khushi slowly extended her hand to grab his.


"Your nose…"Arnav said, pointing at Khushi's nose.


"What happened to my nose?" Khushi asked, touching the tip of her nose.


"It has turned red!" Arnav said smilingly, before slowly approaching Khushi, and whispering in her ears "Teri Meri is a beautiful song, but I found it even more beautiful after yesterday!" His words had the direct effect of creating a cocktail of blushes and rapid heartbeats. And after Arnav left her, Khushi murmured "Me too".




"Good night Pari" Khushi said, pecking her on the forehead "Sleep tight"


"Khushi Maasi, give me a goodnight kiss like Arnie did!" Pari said with glistening eyes.


"And how does Arnav give you your goodnight kiss?" Khushi asked with a smile.


"Maasi, not to me!! Like how he gave you one! Like this!" Pari said, while showing Khushi the exact gesture that Arnav did.

Likes and comments please!!Embarrassed

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