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ArHi SS:The Life-Changing Pact #2 [Link Pg 145] (Page 23)

tash10 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 10:38am | IP Logged

Opening her eyes wide, Khushi was overwhelmed by a strange sensation of head spinning that was accentuated by the loud hustle and bustle of the party. Slowly, she felt the lights dimming and her eyes frantically searched for Arnav. Lavanya was surveying her each and every movement, and inwardly praised herself for having succeeded in making her drunk. It was the first step in ruling Khushi out of Arnav's life, she thought.


Khushi kept blinking her eyes and rubbing them in disbelief when she happened to see two persons who both looked like Arnav making their way towards her.


"One…two…two two Arnav!" Khushi let out pointing her finger at Arnav, smiling goofily.


"What the!" Arnav said, quickly rushing towards Khushi and he immediately noticed that Khushi was not in her normal state, "Khushi, are you drunk?" It sounded more like an affirmation than a question.


"Arnav, I was about to call you! I can't believe that this girl is your girlfriend! I mean just look at her…she is drunk! I just hope she doesn't create any scene that would bring you shame!" Lavanya said, showing repulse towards Khushi.


Lavanya's words were sending Khushi's blood pressure sky high. "Shut up, you bimbo!" Khushi said, her silly smile paving the way for anger. Arnav looked at this new version of a rebellious Khushi and could not help himself from wearing an amused look.


"Khushi, are you okay?" Arnav asked solicitously.


"Arnav, let me call the driver and he'll drop Khushi home! I think that she needs rest…she's uttering nonsense right now!" Lavanya said.


"No need for your bogus concern! I know very well that it is you who mixed my juice! You b****!" Khushi managed to say despite being under the influence of alcohol.


Arnav was dumfounded by what he just heard and was about to ask Lavanya whether it was true, when a series of foul words purely in Hindi escaped flowingly from Khushi's mouth, and thankfully Lavanya being London-born, could not decipher the proper meaning of "kutti" or "kamini", else a cat fight would have been the turning point of the party.


By now, the music has stopped and only the voices of Lavanya and Khushi could be heard. Lavanya feigned innocence and accused Khushi of playing games while resting her hand on Arnav's shoulder. Khushi spontaneously got hold of Lavanya's hand and threw it away from Arnav's shoulder.


"Hello, do you talk with your hand? Do you need to touch Arnav to talk?" Khushi asked exasperatedly. "Is he your property that you constantly have to get glued to him?"


"What if I say yes?" Lavanya said in a provocative manner.


"Enough!! I am not your property Lavanya, understood!" Arnav expressed angrily, "And I can't believe that you wanted Khushi to be drunk! I know Khushi much better than anyone and her parents have brought her up with the best values that any child would wish for! So, keep your dirty tricks to someone else, and don't interfere in my life or Khushi's, okay!"  


"But Arnav…" Lavanya tried to say, before being interrupted by Khushi.


"Didn't you understand what my boyfriend told you? He is not yours!" Khushi told Lavanya with a grinning smile coupled with a mocking gesture with the tongue. Lavanya's face was a treat to watch, Khushi thought.


Before leaving the party, Arnav approached Lavanya and whispered: "I love Khushi and I will never let anyone cause her any harm, do you understand?" Arnav excused himself to Aman for leaving like this, and for the scene that had been created, but Aman just patted his back:


"You did the right thing, bro! Khushi is very lucky to have you!"


"Why are we leaving so quickly? I will show her who Khushi Kumari Gupta is, … that b****" Khushi told Arnav, who was holding her shoulders and helping her to walk.


"Ssshhh, quiet Khushi!" Arnav let out, while Khushi immediately brought her finger to her lip, still walking in an unbalanced manner.


Staring at the childishness that the intoxication had awakened in her, Arnav gently lifted her up in his arms, and brought her to the car while Khushi clutched his collar tight, staring at his eyes.


"Arnav, can we go there for some time?" Khushi said, pointing towards the gazebo that was etched on the lake.


"Khushi, it's already late! We need to get back home!"


"Arnav, please! Only five minutes, pakka promise!" Khushi said in such a tone that Arnav eventually gave in.


Khushi held Arnav's hand and brought him to the gazebo which was exquisitely illuminated by the twinkling stars that beautified the inky midnight sky.


"Did I ever tell you that you are very nice?" Khushi asked, giggling and hiccupping, to which Arnav just shook his head from left to right.


"Then I must have told you that it is the first time I danced with a man!" Khushi added, with a child-like glint in her eyes.


"No, I haven't? Did I ever tell you that you have beautiful eyes and that I just feel like staring at them?" Khushi drowned her gaze in Arnav's eyes.


"Did I ever tell you that when you are near me, my heart goes Dhak Dhak?" Khushi placed Arnav's hand on her heart, and he felt the quick pace of her heartbeats.


"Why have I never told you these, Arnav?" Khushi asked Arnav and reduced the distance between them. "Why did I feel so bad today to see you with Lavanya? Why did I feel like crying? Why?" Khushi asked, cupping Arnav's face and a tear flowing down her cheek.


"Khushi!" Arnav said tenderly while wiping her tear with his thumb. It was indeed the first time Arnav saw such a vulnerable Khushi. But he couldn't stop rejoicing at the fact that a big barrier had fallen down between the two and that the foundation stone of a new relationship was being laid. 


The blurry dream of the mystery girl in a saree cupping his face suddenly became more vivid in front of Arnav, and he emotionally said: "Khushi, you are the one!"  


Arnav brought his hands to her face and the distance was further bridged with their lips only a gap apart. Khushi closed her eyes and Arnav traced her lips with his finger, sending shivers down her spine. She wasn't at all sure her legs were still holding her up. If Arnav hadn't been holding her, she would surely have been in a heap.


Arnav was about to seal a kiss when he realised that Khushi was not in her senses and that it would be a wrong move on his part. Instead, he just hugged Khushi in a tight embrace that was as passionate as would have been the kiss. The hug lasted for a few minutes which were purely bliss to Arnav and when he broke the hug, he noticed that Khushi had closed her eyes, the intoxication paving the way to sleepiness.


I love you Khushi, but I want to be sure of your feelings first. And tonight though indirectly, I believe that you harbour the same feelings for me, else you would have never felt so bad about Lavanya.


Half an hour later, they had reached home, with Arnav lifting a sleeping Khushi in his arms and making sure to be silent enough not to wake anyone. What answers would he have given if her family found out that Khushi had been drunk in a party where he was supposed to shield her? He climbed up the stairs on the tip of his toes, and made his way towards Khushi's room when he suddenly felt a shadow behind him. Out of panic, he just closed his eyes and mentally prepared himself to be bombarded with questions. He turned around and heaved a big sigh of relief:


"Little angel, it's you!"


"Arnie, what happened to Khushi maasi? I was waiting for her to come back…she was supposed to read me a princess story today!" Pari exclaimed.


"Pari, your Khushi maasi is very tired! Can you help me put her to sleep?" Arnav said while tucking Khushi in bed, and covering her with the bed sheet.


"Thank you angel, and please not a single word about what just happened now! It will be our little secret, okay?" Arnav expressed, lifting his hand which soon got clapped by Pari's high five.


"Good night Khushi Maasi" Pari whispered while placing a peck on her cheek. "Your turn now Arnie! Give her your goodnight kiss!"


Arnav bent towards Khushi's face, gently caressed her cheek before planting a warm kiss on her face and murmuring in her ears "Good night Khushi! I love you!" A smile appeared on Khushi's face, as if she had heard the conversation and Arnav went back to his room.


"Did I ever tell you that when you are near me, my heart goes Dhak Dhak?"


"Why did I feel so bad today to see you with Lavanya?


Why did I feel like crying?


Khushi's questions kept echoing in his mind, and Arnav promised that Khushi herself would get the answers to her questions, and that too very soon. And this was the promise of a lover!!!





"Arnav, I don't know what happened yesterday, I just have a vague vision! After I had the drink, I don't remember anything! Everything is blurred! Did I say anything or…do anything?" Khushi asked.


Arnav thought : "So you want to play the 'Nothing happened yesterday' game? Let's see for how long you try to hide your feelings! If you are Laad governess, then I am Arnav Singh Raizada! I am ready to play this game!"

Next update on SaturdayBig smile Likes and comments please Embarrassed 

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-ElmoFuj- IF-Sizzlerz

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ME FIRST!!!! [:D/]
And even before you pm-ed or scrapped me! I FEEL LIKE I ACED MY EXAM ! ROFL

okay now coming to the update! Tashu you updateddd!! Big smile you know i'm so sleepy right now that u can hardly keep my eyes open but i was still up and on IF just cuz i was waiting for your update! Big smile
and it was SO worth the wait! Aaahhh amazibggg update!!! THE BESTTT EVER!!

Khushi called Lavanya kutti and kamini?!? ROFL ROFL ROFL YOU GO GIRL! Tell her you're his girl ! \m/ LOVED IT!!!!! Lavanya is such a *tooty* *toot*, i swear!! But loved how Arnav disses her xD
Loved how he said he's not hers! BUAHAHAHAHA! XD

OMG TASHUUU Hug i can see you did what i asked for!! You made Arnav tell that *tooty* *toot* that he loves Khushi and only khushi! YAYAYAY!!!! In your face Lavanya! HAH!!
The drunk khushi is so differenttt! Not a stuck up arrogant business woman but a carefree young woman Big smile bootifuulyy written Big smile

the scene in the gazebo was awesommme! Loved how khushi confessed so muchhh! Aaahhh this is heaven!! FINALLY! Arnav admits his love for her to himself and Lavanya, Khushi confessed though in a drunk state! Lovelyyy! Big smile I loved Arnav! He was such a gentleman! He couldve kissed her but he disnt cz she was drunk and it wouldve been taking advantage of her! AWWW <3

I was GLST-ing away throughout the wholeee updatteee todayy Tashu! Make it GLST x 10000! ROFL
loveddd it!! You're awesome TashuuuHug
This is the veryyy bootifuuul, my fraaand! I the LAAAUUU this!! LOL
(I'm still high on chocos, you guessed it right)!

Saturday seems so less far away when you update on Weds! Big smile

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noclapsplease IF-Sizzlerz

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Loved the abusive Khushi..  LOL "kutti kamini" LOL
khushi feels for Arnav ... that is for sure.. 
now the things will get more and interesting Embarrassed   let's see how Arnav makes her realise Day Dreaming 

the Hug wala part was the BEST.. I love Arnav Hug Hug 

Thank u so much for the Pari addition.. aww she was waiting for her Princess story Embarrassed  
Fabulous update girl .. waiting for saturday Day Dreaming 
continue soon Big smile I love u Hug

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tash10 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 10:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Fan_ipkknd1

Wow, you are too good!!!ROFL

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NestleToulouse IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 10:43am | IP Logged
Tashu !! Omg what an update !! I loved it dammit !! Big smile *Beep*for undoing my Res so late Ouch

Coming to the update,
Khushi drunk was just too hilarious for words !! LOL
Haha I could actually imagine each scene in my head LOL
Lol she saw two Arnav's !! Haha ASR's what the was hilarious ROFL
Lvanya is such a bi*** !! Ooops sorry for swearing !!Tongue 
Wow !!! Khushi called her a bimbo,see I'm not the only one Tashu Wink !! Just too awesome !! Way to go Khushi LOL
Hahahahahah !! Kutti Kamini !! Omg awesome !! I want Khushi to tell this to Creepwa too,but the gender should be changed though !! ROFL
Haha Lavanya got chopped !! Loved the way ASR stood up for Khushi !! AwwweeeDay Dreaming
Wow !! She actually told that he is her boyfriend !! Haha imagining Lavanya's expression now LOL
Awwe Love Aman too !!! Big smile
Awwe he lifted her ?? Sooo cute !!!Day Dreaming
Awwe loved the way Khushi was confessing by one to him !! Loved it !!! 
Awwe she is jealous of Lavanya,awwe you poor thing ! Here's a hug from me to you Hug
Omg ASR has realised it !!! Yipppeee Dancing
Omg awwe he cares for her sooo much ! Hence he stopped the kiss ! But I was like Nahhhiiinn you go ahead ! LOLBesharam I know I am Tongue
Awwe Pari is back !! I love her Heart
Omg he gave her a good night kiss !!! Hayyyeee main marjwaaan Day Dreaming
Such a made for each other couple they are Heart
Omg he said I love you to her !!! Awwweee HeartHeart
Omg Precap was just too cute !!! Loved it sooo much !!!]

So cant wait for Saturday !!!! Loved it Tashu !!! Hug And Love you more HeartHeart

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debby_11 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 11:04am | IP Logged
superb part loved it
continue soon :)

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-ElmoFuj- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 11:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tash10

Originally posted by Fan_ipkknd1



<font color="#660033" size="2" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif">Wow, you are too good!!!ROFL</font>

Hahahahaha i feel so happy being the first on your thread you got no idea ROFL
And i rejoiced by leaving an extra long comment which to be honest i didnt realise it would be that long ! Poor you, i pitty you! You'l have to read it! Bear with me! [;
Bear with me Big smile

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chandana.s IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 11:08am | IP Logged

Wonderfull update sweety... Clap

Loved this Khushi,She Called Lavanya as Kutti n Kamini... ROFL ROFL thats sooo funny LOL
Lavanya tried to make Arnav get annoyed at Khushi but her plan back fire on her only...Not only from Khushi she has to lisn from Arnav also... D'oh Poor She Ouch LOL
Loved how Lav tried to act innocent n how Khushi asked her 'Do u need to touch Arnav to talk...' Tongue N Arnav is sooo much concerned about Khushi that he warned Lav to stay away from him n Khushi's personal life,he dont like if anyone tried to harm Khushi ...Soo sweet Day Dreaming
And the most beautifull moment... Embarrassed
Khushi let her heart out in front of Arnav n told him how she felt when she saw lavanya with him...Aww..She also told him that his eyes r very beautifull n her herat beat increases when he come close to him... Embarrassed Heart Heart
 They shared a cute hug... Hug If this is the effect of the alcohol then i want her get drunk offenly Wink LOL
Pari was waiting for them...She is such a sweet heart... Embarrassed Love her a lot Hug Heart
Now Arnav is confident about his love n he promised himself he will make Khushi realise her feelings towards him...
Beautifully written...Very Cute n Romantic part Embarrassed
Wonderfull precap...
Is she acting or is she really dont remember anything???? Confused
Arnav want to play along with her...Intresting Wink
Cant  wait to see what will Arnav do to make Khushi realise her feelings...
Eagerly waiting for Saturday Day Dreaming
Thanks for the Lovely update...
Love U... Heart  *Lots of Hugs n Kisses*  Hug

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