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The prince and the pauper: completed! :)

Suchi- IF-Sizzlerz

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One upon a time in a land far far away there lived a handsome prince with his beautiful wife and family

It was a perfect world for the prince. He got what ever he desired without ever needing to lift a finger. 
The prince loved his life. 

One day while sitting on this throne the prince thought to himself

'Hmm... I have everything I need but I wonder if there is more that I can need?'

He then looked for his wife who was busy preparing a beautiful robe for him. 

'Wife..' he said 
'Do you think I should seek the lands beyond?' he asked 
'Why sure darling' replied the princes with the most kindest of eyes
' I would want you to reach the zenith of success!' she said happily

THe prince was happy. 
He then went to the king
'Father, I would like to explore the world and conquer the lands that are beyond' he said boldly 

The king was a kind man
'My son, Go out to the world to gain the wisdom not conquer lands. For a man's desire is like the well, with out a bottom' he said
The king knew that the prince was eager but not experienced and lacked wisdom, but as any good father would have done, he gave the prince permission. 

The prince thought to himself 'I can gain wisdom and lands. Then father would see how worthy I am' 

"Wife , await my return! For I shall return with glory' Said the prince as he waved goodbye

The kind wife waved as she saw her prince gallop away into the beyond


Days turned into Months, Months turned into years.

The Princess waited and waited ...until one day she saw the prince return.

She jumped up with JOY and ran through the palace announcing her beloved's return. 
As she reached the palace doors she saw the first glimpse of her handsome prince. But Alas! something was missing.

The kind eyes of prince had taken the color of anger!
'You have returned my beloved, yet I do not feel you' said the princess with teary eyes
'Is my heart deceiving or my eyes? 

The prince looked at her angrily 
'Move away from my path. I no longer need you' he said

The princess was shocked. As she turned she saw a figure approaching. 

'Who are you' asked the princess

'Come love! ' said the prince to the lady 

'My kingdom awaits you, for you are the one who is truly worthy of being my Queen' said the prince

The princess looked at him shocked. She did not know what had possessed the prince to utter such words. 

'Be Gone! ' he said 
'For I do not seek you any more nor do I desire you' said the prince

'my Prince, why do you forsake me. Have I not been a good and faithful wife?' she asked 

'You are a hurdle in my path. My quest of conquering the beyond cannot be fulfilled by you. For you know nothing of the world beyond' said the prince haughtily

He then pushed the princess away...

...The rest is below...:) read on

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Suchi- IF-Sizzlerz

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'Halt!' said the king. 
'How dare you come to my kingdom with such disgrace. Have you no shame! he asked the prince angrily
'Father , I have come with this fair maiden who will help me in my endeavor' replied the prince
'Speak no more. You have have succumbed by greed and desire. Get out! Get out now from my kingdom. For my land has no place for men of your nature who know not of truth and love' said the King.

'Do not worry my child. For you are my heir now. I shall see that a new sun arises which brings joy and happiness in your life' The king said to the princess sadly. 

The Prince and the maiden left the kingdom.
'Where shall we go now, oh my prince. You have indeed drowned my hopes!' she said with tears in her eyes
'Do not worry oh maiden. For I am still a prince. We will together create a new kingdom, a kingdom that is worthy for you' said the prince.

The maiden and the prince left to the beyonds. On the way they met the maiden's parents who joined them.

That night!

'Oh my dear, dear daughter. Have you accomplished what you sought? asked the maiden's father
'No father. For the king did the unexpected. He exiled his own son!' said the maiden in a dark manner

'This is not what I had in my mind. The princess remains untouched, sitting on my rightful place and the king in yours, but never you mind father, things will surely turn around.' She said in a deep voice

'How are you sure my daughter? The prince is not easily swayed. He still remains loyal to the King' Said the father 

'A man is only strong as his heart father and his heart belongs with me now' said the maiden slyly 

'Oh my dear prince. What state have you come to now! Once a prince now a man with no identity.' Said the maiden with tears of lies

'This is the work of the King-your father and the princess. They must be punished for bringing you to this state' She continued

'What say you, my dear. The princess is not capable of such evil and my father is a man of honor' Said the prince

'oh my poor love. How easily you are betrayed. They sit on the throne that is rightfully yours and enjoy the life while you, who seek the beyond for their glory get nothing but despair' she said

'What do I do my maiden?the prince asked

'Go back , my prince. Go to the king and ask for your rightful throne' 

The prince agreed! 

'Alas! Iam near to goal. I will crush you , oh Fair Princess for I am the rightful Queen not thee' she exclaimed


In the kingdom, the princess after months of struggle decided to work for the people. Soon she became very popular. Everyone loved the princess. People started coming to her with problems and she started helping everyone at need. 
THe king was very pleased with her work and he decided to make her the head council of the court. 

Soon the day came when the prince returned with the maiden to ask for his rightful throne. 

'How dare you defame my palace by your footsteps' thundered the King.

'I come here father, to ask you of my rightful throne' Said the prince with courage. He then looked at the maiden and continued

'If you do not agree..

'DO NOT AGREE! What will you do' Shouted the king

'If you do not agree then i will be forced to overthrow you by force' Said the prince 

Just then the head council, the princess entered the court

'Have you no shame prince. Once you were a man with kind heart now its filled with nothing but greed. But know this, I will not stand by and watch you threaten our king as such. Be gone or be forced to fight me. Surely you will stand or I shall ' said the princess valiantly 

'You dare defy me!' said the prince

'You have to face my wrath now' he thundered angrily

'wrath! you have gone beyond shame Prince! Now be gone or be ready to fight' challenged the Princess.

The prince remembered how the princess was always better at him at sword fighting. He knew he had no chance against her without a proper plan.

' I shall go now, but I will return ..' he said and left the kingdom with the maiden

'oh my dear child. I cannot see you fight with yourselves anymore. is there No one who can walk besides my daughter and grant her the happiness she deserves?' said the king to himself sadly


Days passed by. The princess became more and more popular. THe king was very pleased with her that he threw a grand ball in her honor. People from all over the land had come to see this young princess who had won the hearts of so many! 
That very day, as the princess was getting ready to come to the grand ball, her horse got loose. She could not control the beast no matter how hard she tried.

Just then when all hopes were lost, 

Strong hands pulled her to safety. 

'She looked in the eyes of the man standing in front of her' 

'My fair princess. Are you hurt?' asked the deep voice

'How do you know I am the princess' she asked surprised

'I am aware of the lands my dear lady. Perhaps you need a hand to get back to your kingdom' he asked

' No I am fine. ' said the princess

'Fine. Then we shall meet again' He said and galloped away

THe princess looked at the direction and then got on her horse to head towards the grand ball 

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Suchi- IF-Sizzlerz

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The grand ball had started. Everyone awaited the princess. As soon as she entered there was a round of applause. 

'This is my daughter. I welcome her with honors and give her the title 'Duchess of Kingdom Far'  said the king.

'And to help her in her duties I have appointed for her a man, who will help her make our Kingdom reach the zenith of greatness' 

'Ladies and Gentlemen welcome the Duke of Fair land'  

Everyone started clapping including the princess but then she stopped suddenly. As she noticed the man who had started to walk towards her was none other than the mystery man who had saved her earlier.

'Welcome Sir, to our Land.' Said the King

"Thank you kind King. I will say only few words
'Long Live the King' said the Duke as the crowd roared and clapped 


The Princess was sitting at one corner putting her fingers through the sword'

'My dear Princess, what does the beautiful lady like yourselves have to do with a sword!? Can your gentle fingers carry the weight of such horror' said the Duke


"the sword is life , sir, for it inflicts pain yet protects one from it' said the Princess


"I do not see you as someone who would be wanting to carry such burden. Or shall I dare say, not be able to carry such burden' said the Duke mockingly


'You saved my life sir, and that is why you still stand after uttering such words' Said the princess angrily and she started to move.


The duke then took out his sword and clangs it against her

'you challenge me sir? asked the princess



and before he could move the princess moved swiftly attacking his hand sleeves. The duke counter blocked it

'not bad my fair lady' said the Duke as he pushed her back


The room now started seeing the duel

The princess and the Duke were moving around each other with eyes on each other. The Duke who was mesmerized by the blue deep eyes could not see the slash that had just come towards him


'Oops, almost got me there' he said blocking it once again

The princess continued to attack and the Duke continued to block until she started to get tired

'Aren't you going to attack me sir' said the princess


'How can I launch an offence at someone who holds something dear to me' said the Duke blocking yet another attack


'And what might that be' said the Princess


'If I harm you dear, then the harm befalls me as you hold my life in your hand for I have given my heart to you' said the Duke


The princess upon hearing this looked around and noticed the entire world staring at her and staring at the Duke with admiration


She then left from the palace hall leaving the Duke wondering what might have gone wrong.



The King who was noticing all of this ordered the Duke to come to his private chambers


'My dear sir, the princess is really my son's wife. He betrayed her for another woman. I feel ashamed to be called his father' said the King

'So please do not mind her manners' he continued


The Duke who was surprised at first then said

'My dear king. If you permit I will marry your daughter'


'You shall?! asked the king


"Never! I shall never marry again Father' came the voice of the princess

'I cannot let any man toy with my feelings again. My heart cannot take any more deceit' she cried


'But my dear child, Duke is a good man not like my son. He is kind hearted. He thinks about the poor. You have heard of the good name he had earned through out the lands. Why do you fear of despair' said the King


'No father, the Duke is a kind man but no man can ever reside in my heart again' she said crying


'Then daughter you leave me with no choice but to order you to marry him. You will do this as you are my citizen and I am your king' commanded the king


The Princess looked at the king and then understood that she had to commit and could not turn back


'Dear king, I do not want a marriage without love. Please do not force your daughter' said the Duke


'Dear sir, if you would be kind enough to help me obey my king. Kindly marry me' said the Princess


The Duke looked at her and then finally agreed

*********************Duke meets the Princess**************

A few days passed by. The whole kingdom was raving about the Duke and Duchess. 

The princess felt overwhelmed and ran to the nearby forest and stared to cry out. 

Soon the Duke arrives and asks her

'Oh my dear lady why do you cry?'

'Sir, you are a man of kind heart. I do not wish to cause you pain as I have seen, but no matter how hard I try I am unable to love you as a husband' said the Princess

'That is because we are not married yet my dear lady' joked the Duke



'Do not cry my Princess. I cannot see you in tears' He said softly
'Sir, I cry not for marrying you but rather for not allowing my heart to get closer to you' said the Princess sadly 
'Do not worry my dear. I understand. You do not have to give me your heart as mine is with you. As long as you keep that safe I will be fine' he said smiling

'you are too kind Duke' said Princess
'Let us just be friends for now. Your smile is everything for me so promise me my dear lady that you will always keep smiling. No matter how tough the times get' he said kindly

The princess looked at the Duke and smiled
'Only if you promise to remind my friend for ever' She said 
'You can count on that' said the duke 

**********************Declaration of War*****************

A few weeks later a news bearer came to the Kings court

' I come here as a messenger from Prince of Kingdom to the King of Kingdom' said the messenger

'What message have you 'O bearer ' said the King

'Your majesty, the prince has said to give the Throne to him or be witness to the worst war that Kingdom has ever seen, filled with countless rivers of blood'

'That worthless man DARES to defy me. Oh I am so ashamed to be called his father' said the King angrily

'Tell him that the kingdom had started preparing for the war the day he left. I had expected such cowardly act from him. Him and his maiden who has aided him in this treachery will be punished. I will see to that' Thundered the King


'Who goes there! Call the Princess and the Duke right away' said the King

'Oh Father! Is this true! has Prince truly declared war on us?!' exclaimed the Princess sadly

'Yes! I need you now daughter to be strong, and as strong as you can be.' Said the King

'Sire, do not worry. I am by your side and by your daughter's side. I will see that no harm befalls her!' Come my lady, let us prepare for the war' said Duke

Both Duke and Princess started preparing for the war. They built fortresses and planned the battle font. The princess was amazed at the knowledge 

Finally the day arrived when the castle gates could hear the hooves of the enemy horses.

'They are here sire, they are here' said the man who was put for the look out

'Here, I come, I come for my land and my throne. No one can betray me from my right. I will do what is needed! I will get back my birthright' said the Prince as he marched forward towards the castle with his soldiers. 

There was a fierce battle.. and as the first day ended, the Prince soldiers had died in great numbers.

The prince had not expected this. He rushed towards the camp to meet with his Maiden and her father. They had helped him to gather the army and had put him as lead general. 

As he entered into the tent he heard the voices...

'The Prince is a fool..' said the maiden's father 

'I know dear father, but be patient. Soon he will loose the battle and we wil capture him and ask ransom from his old father, the king, in return for his precious son's life' said the maiden 

'Do you think the prince will remain in our captivity?' asked the maiden's father

'I do not even need a rope to tie him father, he is already tangled the poison of love, Ha ha ' said the maiden devilishly

'You Wrecked WITCH' shouted the prince

'How could you do this to me! when I so loved you. You made me turn against my own father!' cried the Prince

The maiden and her father were shocked to see him. 

'I turned you against your father? asked the maiden

 'There is a devil assigned to every man. He whispers bad and man is left with a choice to follow him or leave him. You, prince chose to follow your own devilish whispers and now that you see a loosing font , are blaming me for your lack of competency' Said the maiden.

' do you deny the plot you were planning with your father moments ago' asked the Prince angrily 

'No, yet I remain loyal to my kin and blood' said the maiden

'I remain better than you even at the worst stage prince and you will suffer until the end of times for the betrayal' said the Maiden

'Father, I could not get you the king , but I brought him endless pain. I have fulfilled my vow dear father' said the Maiden

The prince looked shocked

'Yes my dear. The Kings tears are more dearer to me than his throne. His heir at our feet is the sweetest revenge you have gotten my dear daughter. Now its time for us to part' said the Father

POOF within a second the Maiden and the Father were gone leaving the prince tangled in his own misery.

=========================the Marriage==================

'Who goes there. On Gaurd' came the voice of the princess
'You have been defeated prince and now are our prisoner' said the princess looking cold and distant

'My dear princess do you not remember me. I am your husband and your love' cried the Prince

'SILENCE!' Gaurds take this prince to the court and throw him at my Kings feet' shouted the Princess

At the court

'So we meet. Your birth and your blood gives you the right to be called prince but I the King denounce you as my son and rip you off your title. I the King, declare that you are NOT of my blood.' said the King angrily at the prince who was now lying pitifully on the floor of the court

'Father , please, have mercy on me. Forgive me for the wrongs I have done' pleaded the prince

'Will your pleading turn back the tears of my daughter? will your pleading bring back the lives you have taken moments ago trying to get the throne? NO.

Just then the Duke arrived

'My Dear King. I have come to congratulate you on the victory and on this occasion I ask you the hand of your daughter' said the Duke

The prince looked at the Duke angrily

'You dare take my wife' 

'your wife? ' said the Duke angrily his hands ready on the sword 

'Wait sir, this is my battle' said the Princess

'Prince, I am not your wife nor am I your property to be claimed after being abandoned. I am a person, a person with feelings.' said the Princess

'Forgive me my fair princess' said the prince

'Stop, do not call me yours. For I am in love with the Duke and i am going to marry him' said the Princess

'I cannot let you do that' said the Prince

then he turned to the Duke 

'I challenge you , who ever lives takes the princess' said the Prince arrogantly 

The Duke approached with full anger  

Just then , a blazing sword swift past the prince and cut his sleeves in two.

'You dare treat me as a thing , once again. I am not a prize to be earned. If you want me, then fight!

IF I win you live and live you shall, but if you win you will get my death as prize' said the princess

The prince was shocked

"You prefer death over me' said the Prince

'my heart belongs to the duke. If you get me , you get a heartless body without life thus you get death' said the Princess

'Then I do not want you my dear lady. I seek your forgiveness and my fathers and that is all' said the Prince throwing down the sword

The King looked at his son and said, You lost everything because of your greed and arrogance. 
'Once a Prince now a Pauper' . '

The Duke then approached the princess and they got married grandly and lived happily ever after!


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vamita Goldie

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Only two words I could say for this...Simply Awesome...!

Enjoyed it throughly...Clap 
Can add this to the collection of fairy tales for sure... ! Thumbs Up
Day Dreaming

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Piyuu_SRK IF-Rockerz

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OMG ! Suchi Clap Clap Awesum ! Marvellous ! Fantabulous ! Fabulous ! Mind Blowing ! Clap
love you loads suchi Hug you have written so well ! Just loved it ! Embarrassed

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WOW - Suchi...Is it the Prince and the Pauper...or Prince to PauperTongue

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AnjaliAnjum Groupbie

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Why stopped in the middle?  Please continue...Waiting here... Day Dreaming

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VerboseG IF-Stunnerz

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How poetic... and I would love to read how poetic justice will be carried through soon!

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