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:: AarYan Express #3 : Ishq Wala Love ::

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AarYan Express #3 : Ishq WalLove

http://dl5.glitter-graphics.net/pub/638/638145bltz6zqhdo.gif Credits: http://dl5.glitter-graphics.net/pub/638/638145bltz6zqhdo.gif

Summary of the Week : Visha_Dhami
Scene of the week :  Jyothi06
Awww Moment of the week : Predator
Funny Scene of the week : KinSanj
Best Dressed Character of the week : Jyothi06
Romantic Scene of the week : Amanda_18
Best Performance of the week : Amanda_18
Dialogue of the week : Visha_Dhami
OMG! What were they thinking? Moment of the week: Amanda_18
Picture of the week : KinSanj
Prediction of the week : -Predator-
Most Irritating Character/Scene Of The Week : abhiya_crazyluv
Hottie of the week : Saraa
Blooper of the Week : Amanda_18
Siggy of the week : burningdesire88
Avi of the week : burningdesire88
Icon of the week : Aanchal
Shocker of the week : PriyaxBassi
VM of the Week : Aanchal
FF/OS of the week : *Piku*


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Its Saturday Big smile and you should know what it means right? 
Yeah but there is another thing.
Saturday Night Party? Monkey Icon
Hmmm, yeaaah. But something related to Punar Vivah?
I got it! Our weekly Newsletter? Monkey Emoticons
OMG, thank god you found out as i was running out of clues to give LOL 

Welcome everyone to our 3rd edition of the Newsletter. The encouragement we have received is really good and we wish to continue giving you hot and spicy edition every weekend Wink


And not to forget, my dearest AarYan News Letter TeamThanks for all the time and contribution given to make this NL a sparkling one and here you go, a siggy/name card LOL to show that you are part of the NL Team Hug

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3 September 2012

Pankaj informs Vidhi that he has found a way to make Yash say what has happened while Vidhi is still firm that Aarti had not done anything wrong and Pankaj is upset with the way Vidhi is treating him. Yash is missing the kids by looking at their photos and as he leaves, Vidhi accidentally drops Yash's camera and to Vidhi's shock, she finds photos of Aarti and Aman together and wonders who is this being so close to Aarti. Vidhi then gets a phone call from Bhavri who works in the Mumbai guesthouse and says something to Vidhi which Vidhi is shocked and angry with Aarti for hiding such big truth from her.

Aman is talking to Aarti saying that Yash might be angry because of them getting stuck in the rain and Aarti says Yash is not such person to suspect while Aman and Shoba convince Aarti to clear this with Yash and on their way, Buaaji sees Aman holding Aarti's hands when the cars are passing by. Prateek and Pankaj tries to make Yash drink liquor so that he will say what happened and slowly Yash drinks a glass and he breaks it saying they want to know what happened and both Pankaj and Prateek are curious to know what happened.


4 September 2012

As Yash is about to say what happened, Yash gets angry seeing Aarti and Aman and asks Aarti to leave and Pankaj scolds Aarti asking who asked her to come and Aman tries talking to Yash but Yash doesn't listens and leave. Vidhi comes and drags Aarti saying she has been lying and betraying them and shows Aarti the photos captured in the camera of her and Aman together. Aarti has a flashback when they were in Mumbai where Aman comes to grab Aarti from the back and Yash hits him and Aarti stops Yash saying that its Aman her college friend. Aman starts talking to Aarti which Yash is jealous and leaves to make phone call.

Aarti tells that this is her second marriage and he is still trying to win Yash's heart and Aman says that Yash is already in love with her as he is keep looking at them which means he is jealous and he challenge with Aarti that he will prove it. Aman continues trying to make Yash jealous while Aarti is shocked.


5 September 2012

Still in flashback where Aman tries to make Yash jealous by showing that he knows more about Aarti like her favorite color and Yash defends saying that Aarti likes Yellow and Aarti is happy. They then decide to play table tennis where Aarti plays opposite Aman which Yash watches and when Aman tries to cheat by winning, Yash says that Aarti is right and Aman challenges Yash to play instead and Yash wins. In the joy, Aarti runs to Yash and grabs his hands and they both exhange the look. Back to present, Buaji says then what else happened? Aarti continues that after she called Gayatri to inform that Yash is now changed, she decided to go to a mandir while Yash and the kids wanted to go to a party.

The car Aarti went in broke down and Aman who called her came to her help and while they were coming back, it was heavy rain and both of them had to take shelter at Aman's house and only returned 3am and even Yash and kids were not back as they had stayed up at the party due to the rain. Aman comes in saying Aarti is right and Aman sent back the clothes the next day and Yash ws already angry then and Gayatri asks Aman to leave while Buaaji questions Aarti if nothing really happened between Aman and Aarti that night.


6 August 2012

Gayatri brings Aarti to the mandir and asks her to tell the truth if anything really happened as a women, she knows that Aarti longs for the love of her husband and that is why she might have been linked with Aman and Yash comes to Aarti's defence saying that it has nothing to do about Aarti's character as Aman is only her friend and he is not so low to think bad about their friendship. Aarti asks if Yash really care for her, please tell what mistake she had done and Yash refuse to say and leave while Aarti says she swears upon her kids as she don't know what went wrong and Vidhi believes her.

Aarti is praying that if she doesn't knows what may have caused Yash's anger in another day, she is going to leave the house. Aarti tells a story of a king and queen to the kids and thinks about Yash and both Aarti and Yash is shown sad and crying thinking of each another.


7 August 2012

Gayatri sprains her leg and Pankaj decides for Gayatri to have her health checked in Delhi as she doesn't wants to leave Yash but Yash insists on her going and goes to gets the tickets and Vidhi assures that she will take care. Vidhi gets call for her night shoot and she decides to leave while Prateek is angry and Paridhi manage to convince Prateek and Prateek allows her while Vidhi enters saying its not good to lie. Paridhi answers back to Vidhi which Prateek gets angry and Paridhi still leaves for her shoot and Preteek seeks forgiveness from Vidhi.

Next day, Aarti gets the kids ready and Dubey informs that he received a call from Prasant and while discussing with Shoba, Ansh immediately responds saying that he knows who prashant is and its his dad.Everbody is shocked.When a stunned arti asks him as to where did he know about this,he responds that he knew when sunita aunty had aproached them in essel world during their stay in mumba Yash is missing his kids and Aman comes to Yash and tries putting in some sense about Aarti but Yash denies that and states that he hates her. Aarti confirms that Yash's anger is that he has found out about Prashant during the visit to Essel world. Flashback of their visit to Essel world is shown. Aarti is scared to go on big rides though the kids are enjoying. Aarti is scared and in her fear she instinctively wraps her palm around Yash's arm with her eyes.

Best scene of the week goes to the climax moment when everyone was doubting Aarti's character and Bua even went to the extent of asking for an Agni-Pariksha from Aarti but Yash comes to her rescue and tells everyone that not only Aarti's character is pure but also that he can never have such small thinking about Aarti since he knows well that Aarti and Aman are good friends which he really respects ClapClapClap
Bua thought all will go against Aarti and then she will b kicked out of the house but hats off to Gayatri in the same scene for her maturity the way she questions Aarti and tells her that she fully understands her loneliness ,so even if she went wrong anywhere with Aman , tell it and she will support him fully ClapClapClap... I loved the fact that she was not shown like a typical Saas here throwing abuses on her bahu but rather a matured women ... Clap
And Yash rocked the scene with his entry for a simple reason that he shuts Bua's mouth completely by saying that he does not hv such a small thinking where he will accuse her character ClapClapClap...I loved how he said that he respects Aman-Aarti's friendship and can never doubt it Embarrassed...So for once I m happy that the truth is not any cliched infedility track and Yash has no doubt on her character ClapClapClap
Yash then of course throws another googly by accusing Aarti for  her "Mann ka paap"  which is reason of his anger and this opens new gates for this mystry track as one is made to wonder whether its related to Prashant truth or whether Yash read Aarti's diary where she confessed her love for Yash or whether its a combo of both events  ... Ermm...
So overall the scene was dramatic with lots of twist and turns and also opens new gates for next week ...

This week was filled with high voltage drama in every house, from Aarti's ex house to her current one. During the entire time we witnessed Yash's anger and distance from Aarti. But admist all this, when Bua pointed a finger at Aarti's character regarding her illegitimate relationship with Aman, Yash couldn't bear it, and yes! He spoke for his wife Embarrassed Although he still hadn't forgiven her for whatever, he said, he trusts Aarti Ji and he 'knows' she is of pure character. Hence no one should point any fingers at her! Clap
So this explained that Yash is still fulfilling his duty as Aarti's husband and her protector on whom she can always rely for support. Loved the scene!


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Aman Meets AarYa in Mumbai (Highlight of the week)

This week Best Dressed characters jointly goes to Yash and Aarti as both complimented each other superbly in Mumbai flashback scene where Aarti was wearing a lovely suit of pink and yellow combo which made her look beautiful with open hair and Yash's blue printed t-shirt along with blue jeans made him look young and vibrant  ...Both AarYa looked like a made for each other couple here EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

The Most Romantic Moment of this week Punar Vivah, actually only Aarti's flashback, so sweetEmbarrassed Yash noticing Aarti looks good in Yellow..,LOLand not in pink..., Yash playing tennis against Aman, and he won  (OMG) Aarti was so happy and held on to him arm like 2 teenage loverLOL( Aman was right Yashu won the big award_his wife heart)Wink
Aarti going  at Essel World going on the rollcoaster but making excuse about the kids, then she grabs on to Yash's hand..So sweet she is scared & there is her hero.EmbarrassedLOL.

The Best Performance was by the newly entered Adesh Chaundary (Aman), Obviously our leads Yash Scindia & Aarti Scindia, and Gayatri.
Adesh Chaundary entry as Aman in Punar Vivah was awesome, He seem like a postive, fun loving guy. Being Aarti old friend, he is making Yashu jealous.LOL , He & Aarti have a wonderful friendship bond, love how they make jokes with each other. He did make Yash closer to Aarti, but yet we need to see more of him. Adesh was awesome as Aman.
Our leads did an awesome job as always Aarti showing her emotions,which were like so real, pleading & begging & yet so brave. Who could have done that better? if not Kratika. Yash anger is getting over the limit, the reason is still yet to be unfolded. Gurmeet Choundary_tumbs up to you!! for keeping with those serious expression without a single move...,Only & Only Anger...,Burning with pain but yet can't express it.
Gayatri, Yeah she did well this week..Only in one episode, when she told aarti she will stand at her side no matter what the truth is..Shocked(shockingly she did said that, I am wondering did she reaaly meant it)

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Where do i start from for this week's favorite dialogue?
I shall go by the characters instead :

Aarti : They way she keep pleading that she is innocent till she said 'I am even wiling to go through the Agni Pariksha' shows the extend of her purity that she is willing to accept the challenge and when she said she promise upon her child proved that she is totally not aware of what went wrong. Loved the way how she questioned Yash on what mistake has she done Cry

Yash :  Any guess? After seeing the anger in Yash for the past weeks, we got to see the possessive Yash who said that Aarti's favorite color is Yellow to which Aman latter imitate was funny. And the happiest moment came when Yash defended Aarti saying that there is no need to suspect her character and his mind is not shallow to suspect her. Glad to hear that Yash! At least you still have this much trust in her Confused

Aman : His dialogues to make Yash jealous were really funny like saying why didn't she said that she was getting re-married or he would have married her and being serious in advising Yash that he really loves her and that Aman himself saw it in Mumbai was Clap

Despite being the eldest( oops the second eldest) member of the family & is respected by all, chanting the lords name 24*7, always trying to get the truth out even by telling lies, I actually excepted this from her, but at the same time she is a devotee, always read Ramaya, chanting , praying and always use the phrase Meri Bhaghaw Ki Kasam, yet Maya Bua stoop so low, and doubt aarti of having an affair despite Aarti pleading and swearing yet she thinks otherwise, her character is so religious yet her mind is so dirty. "OMG! What were they thinking" when they wrote about this character!Confused  Godly but at the same time pure demon...,
Another OMG Moment! was the Scindia household is in so much tension, and now Gayatri Ji needs to go to the hospital, Mr Scindia is probably away, Yash is fuming in anger, Aarti is away trying to figure out why Yash is angry and yet the Scindia's Choti Bahu is least bother about them. OMG, how can she be so carefree, i guess someone need to give her a reality check she is married and have a family, leaving in the night to shoot because the producer say so, is not a very good thing, she is a modern girl, she should know the ways of this century. But Paridhi is least bother about her husband family when they are in crisis..,Confusedit all about work.

This week witnessed Yash keeping himself away from Aarti. Aarti is very much displeased at this thought and the end of this week marked that indeed Prashant, the man we feared, is the reason of Yash's anger. The flash back of Essel World was left half way, and creatives have left us hanging for the weekend to think about what exactly happened? Was Prashant in Mumbai? At Essel World? Did he do something with Aarti? Yes! So many thoughts crossing our minds at the same time, which is exactly what the creatives want. In order to see what's exactly in store for us, keep yourselves tuned in on Monday! Big smile

Mmm the most Irritating scene of the week was once Gaytri asked Aarti to tell each n every truth whch she is hiding ..n she wont say anythng to her after knwing the truth of the scene of  tht nyt where aarti n aman were together in aman's house..bt whn aarti told the truth Gaytri was lik " Kesy vishwas kr lon n all tht"..i mean always she istly ask aarti n make her sure tht she won't say her anythng bt whnever aarti tells the truth Gaytri stick to her thoughts n neva changed her opinion towards aarti after knwing the truth...Confusedif she wana do the same too after knwing the reason then Gaytri u just dont need to ask anythng  to aarti by saying lik tht i wont harm u or won't say u anythngConfused

another Irritating scene was Bua's presence..Angryi mean always she is there to interept b/w aarti n in-laws..she just can't leave aarti n nw she targetted aman  ToooConfused..tht was too irritating to watchAngry

Wednesday episode, Aarti was telling the woman of the family about Aman, In the flash back, She was heading to the temple, while the car break down at that time when she was standing by the car, Aman called her, the sun was quite very hot as one could have seem the brightest while she was speaking to Aman. Everything was then fine, aman took her to the temple, but when she comes out of the temple while coming back, there was a sudden high tide which cause heavy rain and heavy traffic all the roads were flooded.
What the hell??Confused How long did all of that take??So much Traffic,Rain,Tide,Flood??are we that stupid???? This part could have been more convincing...,but i guess it wasn't. , you recheck that epi,you will seeLOLLOLBIG BLooper!

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Siggy by JanakiRaghunath

Siggy by Visha_Dhami


Oh anyone can guess who is the  winner LOL Yes u all are right its  Allbut1

Large avi by Allbut1 wow again Congrats Clap

Luv the text Mere yash ji sab se handsome hai HeartDay Dreaming

Staked avi  Albut

And here is a gift for you Wink :

There were no icon of the week. Hope we shall get one next week ConfusedEmbarrassed

And here is your gift Party : 

What a brilliant week, eh? Started off with Aman Jiii. Blushing

Amazing smile. Amazing sense of dressing. Amazing face. BlushingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

I know I know. I'm not ever going to stop loving Gurmeet Choudhary for his looks but this guy has entered in the show to give some pretty good competition to GC. EmbarrassedLOL

So, this weeks Hottie has to be Aman aka Aadesh for entering just in time we need Yash to feel a little jealous maybe? LOLLOL

Not really. GC is GC but Aadesh is pretty good looking too. BlushingBlushingBlushing

Oh and atleast they are both Choudhary's. So, I guess we all just fall in love with the Choudhary's. Big smileWink

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By : shubhika124 

And here is your gift Party:

Naam gum jaayegaa, cheharaa ye badal jaayegaa
Meri aawaaj hi pahachaan hai, gar yaad rahe

Wakt ke sitam kam hasin nahi, aaj hain yahaa kal kahi nahi
Wakt ke pare agar mil gaye kahi, meri aawaaj hi.. ..

Jo gujar gayi, kal ki baat thi, umar to nahin yek raat thi
Raat kaa siraa agar fir mile kahi, meri aawaaj hi.. ..

Din dhale jahaa raat paas ho, Zindagi ki lau unchi kar chalo
Yaad aaye gar kabhi ji udaas ho, meri aawaaj hi.. ..

SS: Unexpected

Author: rasheedha

Genera: Family/Romance/Friendship

Link: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3165443


What will you do, if one day you found out you weren't an orphan? That your family was alive? What will your reaction be if you found that your elder sister was the first wife of your husband Yash? How will you feel? Will you  hate her? Will you feel sick of marrying your brother-in-law?

Unexpected is a story about orphan girl name Anu Prakash, who believes that her  parents are dead, has no blood relation and that she is an orphan.  At a young age two year old Anu is separated from her real parents and sister Arpita. Anu has not only been separated and lost from her family, but she has been given a new identity of Aarti Dubey. Read Unexpected, to find out if Anu alias Aarti is reunited with her family.

Review Reel  Old is Gold

Since this week there is only one entry. I am going to review one old story.  If you have any suggestions for  old story you want to review. You can pm me with link of the story.

Review Reel: Old  is Gold

FF: All Yours

Use hasna bhi hoga, Use rona bhi hoga
Use pa na bhi hoga, Use kohna bhi hoga
Suba,shaam tanayee mai aahay bharega

Har dil jo pyaar karega
Har dil jo pyaar karega, Har dil jo pyaar karega

Use hasna bhi hoga, Use rona bhi hoga
Use pa na bhi hoga, Use kohna bhi hoga
Suba,shaam tanayee mai aahay bharegaaa

Har dil jo pyaar karega
Har dil jo pyaar karega, Har dil jo pyaar karega

Ohhh Palko ke mahike gharr mai yehhh
sapna banke pal tha hai,is ke pagel dadkhan seee,zor koi yeh chalta hai

Author: Tellyme

Genra: Hurt/Comfort/Friendship/Romance

Link: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3029275

What will you do, if you fell in love with your best friends' boyfriend? Will you tell her? Will you break your friend's heart and her relationship? Will you be able to sacrfrice you love your friend?

Synopsis: All Yours, is a beautifully written story by tellyme. Tells the story of two friends Aarti and Arpita who are childhood best friends, since young age Aarti falls for Yash, but never tells him or Arpita. Since Arpita loves Yash and he reciprocates her love.  Arpita and Yash are both from wealthy family and close family friends. Many years have passed, on the day of Arpita and Yash marriage; somehow it is stopped because of Aarti for two months.  Like a magnet Yash is being drawn and intrigued by Aarti, but he marries Arpita since he felt like he was betraying her.  After one year  Yash and Arptia have a son name Ansh.

Read All Yours to find out what happens between Arpita and Yash, and Aarti and Yash, Arpita and Aarti. Will Aarti find her true love? Will she marry another person?  Do you think that Arpita and Yash will get a divorce?


And here is your gift Party:

Hey, Priya here! The shocker of the week is going to be short and simple because I am busy. But, I couldn't let the readers down, so here it is. The shocker of the week was that Ansh knows that Prashant is his dad and just like everyone else in the scene, I bet the viewers, including me, were stunned by the innocent little boy's knowledge. Also he said that sunita aunty told him in Mumbai?Hmmm something is fishy. Maybe Aarti and Shoba are right. Yash might have found out about that secret ;the secret that Aarti is not a widow, but divorcee. Let's get out our detective gear and look for clues!  

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My message to the CV's : Dear CV's, we have had a long ride of Yash's anger and we hope that the mystery would be finally solved in the coming weeks. Hope the entry of Kareena and Ranbir helps to boost the ratings and yeah, please ask Buaaji to speak less Wink

So with that guys, here you go. Your NL for the week. Hope you all loved reading it and Have a Great Weekend ahead Smile

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AAAHH! Amazingg NL, Vishaaa Ji and the entire team. Love the layout and each and every category - it all looks fantastic. ClapClapClap

Congrats to all the winners. ClapClapClap

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