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SS: His Smiling Girl Thread 2: Part 21 Updt Pg 115 (Page 35)

sana11 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 7:13am | IP Logged adorably cute..they both prayed the sameSmileSmileam sssooo happy after reading this update...totally in love with itSmileeagerly waiting for the next  oneSmile

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smitar IF-Rockerz

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Part 14

Akash walked into the house through the door left open for guests to enter, without letting anyone know that he was there. He stopped short, his eyes falling on a Payal sitting in the centre of a circle of girls getting their mehendi done. She was in a deep pink lehenga. He had never seen her wear such a bright dress. The pink of her lehenga seemed to turn her skin rosy, the light streaming in through the open windows adding a glow to her flawless complexion.

Payal felt Akash's eyes on her, and looked up, her shy eyes meeting his lost ones. She blushed, her cheeks pinker than her dress.

Arnav parked the car, had a word with the guards at the gate, and strode silently in to the house, hoping for a glimpse of Khushi. His eyes panned the living room. It was full of girls & ladies in colourful clothes and jewels, laughter and noise... He saw Payal getting her mehendi done. NK was having fun flirting with the girls, flitting among them like Lord Krishna among the gopis. Nand Kisore indeed! A small smile curved his stern lips at the thought.

Di was instructing HP to distribute the jalebis among the guests. Mami was showing off her new Benares sari to her friends. Nani was laughing at something a friend of hers whispered in her ear. Mamaji was getting the caterers to settle down in the space provided for them. Khushi...Khushi alone was nowhere to be seen.

Arnav crossed the hall to peek into the kitchen.

"Nannav! What are you doing in the kitchen? Searching for HP, eh?", NK teased.

Arnav glared at him, his eyes looking around the kitchen.

"Oh, you want Laxmi, eh?"

Arnav's eyes could kill lesser men, but not NK.

"Searching for my Khushi Bhabi, eh?"

Arnav crossed his arms and waited.

"Why don't you change your clothes?", Nk encouraged him, pushing him up the stairs.

"NK!", Arnav growled.

"Chotey!" Di came hurrying. "The Mehtas want to..."

"Di, let the Mehtas wait. Nannav has to change his clothes. Let him get out of his black suit into his black sherwani, please!" NK pushed Arnav up to his room, opened the door, pushed him in, and closed the door, shouting "You can thank me for this later, Nannav, mere bhai!", before leaving.

Arnav frowned. What was wrong with this boy? Had his mom dropped him on his head in childhood?

Arnav flung his coat off, and attacked his tie & waistcoat. He threw them carelessly on the bed, and started unbuttoning his blue shirt. Half way down, he sensed a slight movement by the poolside. He strode out of the room, flinging the curtains aside, to see Khushi sitting by the pool on the bench that he had placed among his plants, hoping to relax there some evening.

Dressed in a blue-green lehenga, she looked as beautiful as a peacock spreading its brilliant plumes to the sky. Her arms were held outstretched, mehendi covering her arms up to her elbows. She was squirming, trying to rub her face against her arm, and failing to do so to her satisfaction.

He stood at the entrance to his garden, his arms crossed, his shirt half undone, his eyebrow slightly cocked, watching her, his love, his life, and soon to be his wife... Soon she would be with him all the time, and NK wouldn't have to sneak her into his room for him to spend some quality time with her alone.

Khushi lifted her eyes and saw him.

"Arnavji!" Her face lit up, brighter than his house on Diwali night. She jumped up from her perch on the bench, and ran towards him, almost tripping on the lehenga skirt, the dupatta trailing after her...

"Careful, Khushi!" Arnav caught hold of her shoulders and brought her to a stop. "You will fall down."

"Arnavji! Is this your garden? It is so beautiful!"

Arnav nodded, shy, never having shared his private life and retreat with anyone before.

"Nanheji said that I should sit here and let the mehendi dry. He said that if I walked around, I would smudge it." She smiled happily.

Arnav sent a silent thanks to NK.

"But...", she tried to look at the tip of her nose. "...a mosquito bit me on the tip of my nose. It itches. I can't..." She tried to rub her nose against her arm.

"Sshh... Let me..." Arnav softly scratched the length of her patrician nose, delighting in the feel of her silky skin under his fingertips.

When it was done, he led her back to the bench, his arm around her shoulders.

He sat close to her, letting his fingers play with the folds of her dupatta. He slowly pulled out the ends that were inserted into the edge of her lehenga skirt at the back, without her noticing. She was so busy telling him about everything that had happened in his house in his absence that she was totally oblivious to the wicked work of his fingers.

Arnav nodded in the right places, and asked appropriate questions to keep her talking while his molten eyes roamed over her green silk choli held together at the back by four threads, two at the neck and two at the lower end of her blouse. Threads that he could snap with a finger in a few seconds... He swallowed.

"Arnavji! I should go down now.", she said. "Jiji and the others must be wondering where I am."

"Uumm...", was all he could say. Words took too much effort.

She stood up, smiling goodbye to him. She suddenly frowned. What was wrong with the dupatta? It was falling away from her waist, leaving her chest uncovered. It hung from her left shoulder, one end free and the other end wrapped around her back and pinned in the front. She turned away from Arnav and lifted her hands to cover her chest with the dupatta, but the mehendi...

"Kya hua, Khushi?", his soft voice cut through her concerns.

"Woh, Arnavji", she stammered. "Will you please ask Amma to come here?"

"Do you need any help?", the devil asked, all solicitous.

"The ends of my dupatta have come loose, and I can't tuck them in. My hands are covered with mehendi."

"My hands are clean, Khushi!", he whispered.

She looked into his face, his eyes burning into hers. She swallowed.

"But you will have to thank me.", he demanded in a seductive whisper.

She nodded warily.

"And not in words."

She blushed at the look in his eyes.

"Arnavji!", she protested weakly.

He stood firm in his demand, his eyes roving over the area uncovered by the dupatta.

She flushed again, and tried to turn away from him, but he held her shoulder firmly.

She nodded, her bashful eyes lowered.

"Was that a 'Yes'? I couldn't hear it.', he teased.

"Yes.", she murmured, her face turning all shades of red.

"So let us start with you thanking me for taking care of the mosquito bite.", he challenged.

She looked up at his face, her breath coming fast and furious, her limbs trembling. Slowly she leaned forward and pressed her lips to his chin, the stubble pricking her soft, plump lips.

Arnav swallowed. How could such an innocent touch, lighter than the brush of a butterfly's wing bring him to his knees?

He slowly lifted his hand, took one end of the dupatta and inserted it into the fold of her skirt. She shook at the brush of his warm fingers against her waist.

"Thank me.", he growled.

She swallowed hard, and slowly leaned forward to kiss his left cheek, her eyes on his, both of them burning in the same fire.

He lifted his arm and taking the other end of her dupatta, pulled it gently across her heaving chest and pushed it into the edge of her skirt. A shudder went through her at his touch.

She looked up. He was waiting for her to thank him. Her eyes slid from his to his lips. They looked hungry. As she lingered on his lips, they parted. She dragged her eyes to his.

"Thank me.", he whispered, his smouldering eyes on her lips.

Caught in the web of his desire for her and her desire for him, she slowly moved closer and closer to him till their bodies touched. Resting against him, she lifted her head, searching for his lips with hers.

He found her. Standing in his favourite place in his house, in the midst of the plants and trees he had nurtured, he kissed his bride on the lips.

 Part 15:

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ThanuAditya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 7:43am | IP Logged
Awesome update yaar !! I am first ! Yayyy !!

Last part is soo passionate and awesome !

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melihoney IF-Dazzler

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Im so glad Smita. Awesome update dear

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Kareena1994 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 8:07am | IP Logged

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shraddhak Groupbie

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 8:10am | IP Logged
loved it.. please update soon.

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-Gan- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 8:12am | IP Logged
haiDay Dreaming this Arnav didn't wait forever...thank god!

nice update!

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Manitaa Senior Member

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What a sweet update! Beautiful! 

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