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SS: His Smiling Girl Thread 2: Part 21 Updt Pg 115

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The days till Akash & Payal's Roka were filled with work for both Arnav and Khushi. Arnav had to take on a lot of Akash's regular work in addition to his own work load to free him to attend the various poojas and visits that Mami had planned for him. Arnav found himself working through his lunch break, unable to sneak out of his office to meet Khushi. He called her many times to apologise. Though disappointed, she was understanding about it. Her own house was filled with guests, and her parents and Buaji were running around trying to do a thousand things at the same time, struggling to get all the arrangements in place on time. The demands of her course had to be met too.

Twice, Arnav dropped in. Once, to hand over a packet that Nani wanted the Guptas to have, and the second time, to see Khushi on his way to his office. Both times, Khushi was not at home. She was either at the temple, studying at Preetho's, at the library, writing assignments with the help of some classmate, at college, or shopping with her family for the numerous things they needed for the Roka and the wedding.

There were times when Khushi wanted to march into Arnavji's office and throw her arms around him and never let go of him. She wanted to kick the whole world into the nearest dustbin, bang the lid, and run away with her Arnavji to some place where no one knew them. But... He had to work and she had to study! She sighed as Buaji called out, "Titliyaa, make tea for the guests! And bring the ladoos you made yesterday."

There were times when Arnav wanted to walk into her college, drag her out of her classroom, hug her tight regardless of who was watching, and carry her off somewhere where there were no people to disturb them. But... She had to study and he had to work! He sighed as Akash called him, "Bhai, do you think I should wear the blue sherwani or the golden one for the Roka?"


Finally the day of Akash & Payal's Roka dawned. Arnav did not have to go to his office and Khushi did not have to go to her college that day. But both were busy till the time of the function, doing the numerous things that had to be done before such an event could take place at home. He had just enough time to crawl into a white kurta before the ceremony, and missed the arrival of the Guptas.

By the time he ran down, his Nani, Mami, Mamaji, Akash, Di, & NK had greeted and welcomed Amma, Babuji, Buaji, Khushi, & Payal into their home. His eyes searched for Khushi, but couldn't find her.

"Bhaiyya, the caterers...", HP called him.

He dealt with the issue, and returned to the hall, eager to see his smiling girl.

"Di, did you see Khushi anywhere?"

"Chotey, Khushiji..."

"Nannav, a Mr.Roy is asking for you!"

He greeted & seated Mr.Roy, and went looking for his Khushi.

"Nani, did you see Khushi?"

"Haan, Chotey. She..."

"Saasumaa, the ladieej from my club want to meets you." Mami dragged Nani away.

Arnav looked for his phone to call Khushi. Damn! He had left it in his room on the bed while trying to get into the kurta without suffocating to death. He ran up the steps to his room and pushed the door open.

He stood still, taking in the sight of a Khushi folding her sari into pleats, her head lowered, her focus on her hands deftly manipulating the lengths of the red silk. Her hair was piled up on her head, giving him a heart-stopping view of her almost backless choli.

"I am coming, Jiji. Just a moment.", she muttered.

Arnav closed the door soundlessly behind him and advanced into the room.


Khushi looked up at her image in the mirror to see Arnavji standing behind her, a hungry look in his chocolate brown eyes. The sari folds fell from her nerveless fingers. She was too starved of his sight to worry about her state of undress. She turned around and rushed towards him to hug him. She tripped on the flowing length of the sari and fell into his open arms, her hair falling free of its knot to cover his arms holding her close.

(Thanx, Sunshine99!)

She burst into tears, her chest heaving, her arms clutching him to her, her fingers digging into his back of his neck, mumbling her complaints in between. "Where you?... I... I searched for you... all over the Do you know long I... have been waiting. Ho...w could you?"

Arnav swallowed his tears, moved by the depth of her love for him, her need for him... He rubbed her back, trying to calm her, make her feel better.

"I... asked everybody... where you Nobody...", she hiccuped, "...nobody knew wh...ere you were."

Fresh tears poured out of her big, lovely eyes, now faintly red. Arnav took out his hanky and gently wiped her tears. "How cou...ld you? I called you... so many times." She swallowed. "You couldn't be... bothered to pick up... the You don't want to... talk to me?" Tears trailed down her cheeks. "OK. I won't... talk to you, either."

She turned away, almost falling, her feet caught in the coils of cloth all around her. Arnav saved her from falling, his warm hands caressing her shoulders, gently holding her safe.

"Suna nahi... aapne! I am not... talking to you!"

"Don't talk to me.", whispered Arnav. "But wear the sari. Payal will come to take you downstairs now. It is time for the Roka." She hiccuped.

Arnav hid a smile.

He helped her to take the pleats, his hands on hers as she tried to fold the fabric. She tried to shake him off, but he held firm, forcing her to rest against him, his front to her back. Once the pleats were done, he pushed them inside, his naughty fingers tickling the sensitive skin of her lower waist.

She jerked and fell back, more firmly against him.

"Did I hurt you, Khushi?", he whispered in her ear, his voice full of pseudo concern.

She turned her head to look into his intent brown eyes with a hint of wickedness hidden in their depths.





He took a brush and started brushing her hair, enjoying running his fingers and the brush through her silky, black, long tresses.

She stood silent, like an obedient child. Then she went to the washroom, cleaned her face and came out. He watched her doing the last minute repairs to her face that required no cosmetics to look perfect, beautiful, & radiant. The bangles he had bought for her tinkled on her arms, their colour suiting her creamy skin.

Finally, she was ready. He held out his hand to lead her down, but she lifted her chin, and turned away in a huff. He smiled, and captured her arm, curling her fingers around his arm, leading her down the stairs to the living room. The minute she got there, she tried to free herself from him, but his hold was too firm. Many guests came to greet them, asking them when they were going to get married. Arnav pointed out that he wanted Khushi to complete at least one year/ 2 semesters of her BA before their marriage.

Then it was time for Akash & Payal's Roka. They stood on opposite sides, Arnav with the Raizadas and Khushi with the Guptas. As Payal & Akash exchanged rings, Khushi looked at the diamond on her finger. And slowly raised her eyes to see Arnavji looking at her with a world of love in his eyes. She scowled at him, braver now that they were separated by a few meters. She turned her head away to look at her Jiji & Akash Jiju who were receiving the blessings of the guests.

Suddenly a thought came to her mind. She would have 2 brothers now, Nanheji and Akash Jiju. She would enjoy tying rakhi on their arms this Rakshabandhan. A smile to rival all smiles spread across her face. Arnav closed his eyes for a moment, unable to take the effect of her smile on his heart, and opened them a second later, unable to stay without seeing her. She was chattering away to NK who had joined the Guptas, pointing to his right wrist. NK was smiling, delighted. Must be making plans for next Rakshabandhan, Arnav concluded, a smile playing on his lips.


The guests and family members were all dancing. Khushi didn't want to dance. For once, she was in no mood to dance. She finished the glass of water she had taken from the kitchen, and moved to stand at the fringes of the crowd, near the kitchen door.

She could feel him walking towards her, his eyes fixed on her. She turned her head away. His warm breath burnt the skin of her nape. She shivered, but did not acknowledge his presence. His hand rose and touched the curve of her waist, slowly sliding towards her navel. She shuddered and fell against him, her hands trying to pry his hand away from the sensitive expanse of her waist.

"Do you know how much I love you, Khushi?", he whispered in her ear.

She shook her head to mean 'no'.

"How much I want to see you? All the time?"

She shook her head again.

"How long I searched for you this evening?"

She shook her head.

"How much I missed you this week?"

A lone tear fell from her eye. He kissed it away.

"I am sorry.", she said softly, a while later.

"For what?"

"For fighting with you."

He smiled. Another tear slid down her cheek. He kissed it away.

"No more tears. I want to see only smiles on the face of my smiling girl.", he whispered.

She smiled at him through the tears.

Arnav felt as though the sun were shining from behind the dark clouds.


Part 12:

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wow first
sweet and cute update.
loved it.

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Fab update.

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Lovely update.congratulation on ur new thread...

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loved it!!!...akash & payal's roka was beautifully update soon...& congrats on the new thread...Smile

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I love this story!!!!

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