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SS : Tere Ishq Mein updt 20.9.12 pg-6 last part (Page 4)

uwith Goldie

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Posted: 11 September 2012 at 11:15am | IP Logged
hi rose
awesome ss ...thanxs for been back for us ...ud soon regards uviSmile

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tahera57 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 September 2012 at 11:18am | IP Logged
rose enjoyed the ss immensely  when is the next ud Smile just asking is it weekly  or soonerBig smile

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 September 2012 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
No wonder dutta is screaming dhoka all the time..Big smile   naku failing to reveal the true facts to him.  Call it whatever, but the truth is naku once again in a catch 22 situation,.. result in concealing...Ermm      Hmm, will seema,s two timing show its ill effects on naku dutta later or will naku,s dedication n patience lead him towards light is to be seen.  Sethji n bhau bonding brings a smile to an otherwise gloomy scenario.  
A very interesting start to tasha story Rose,  three cheers to your comeback Thumbs Up        Looking forward for more..

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dilse14 Goldie

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 10:17am | IP Logged
hi rose
another gem from u ..Smilepls ud soon

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stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 2:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tahera57

rose enjoyed the ss immensely  when is the next ud Smile just asking is it weekly  or soonerBig smile
thanks for the appreciation update on friday i.e. tomorrow Smile

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stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 3:07am | IP Logged
@ daya ...thanks so much for liking the first chapter agree with you dutta's reaction on knowing that she is responsible for his accident shall be the crucuial point of the story
@ tamanna ..glad you found the update super..thanks
@ emily ..yup nakku's entry in his life and his in hers has brought a big change in both their lives they deal with these changes is the crux of this story hope you enjoy reading that. thanks for the appreciation
@ afzal ..thank u so much ..will update soon
@ mirage feels great to share one more story with all of u
@ nakusha ..see your emotional blackmailing always works am happy to know that you are liking this story ..thanks a lot
@ fassben ..he needs both physical and emotional support ..lets see where this support leads them ..thanks for enjoying the first part..hope you like the next one too.
@ tahera ..omg u girls hate seema so much that she will not be around anymore and you are right he should appreciate the fact that nakku entered his life but he had to pay a very price for that
@ mimi are absolutely right n sonee should not show your faces in my SS / FF threads nevertheless  i still love u both a lot welcome dear ..glad u r enjoying dutta - sethji bond and sethji used to call him bhau in the show as well ..yes yes someone should be proud of gannu the artist
@ sona and your gang to know that you liked nakku playing his saviour ..thanks for your comments as always
@ uwith ...thanks for finding the SS awesome and like you all even i enjoy being here so no need for thanks
@ bharti ..poor dutta screaming dhokha is sad but what to do he always gets cheated by the girls around him ..i think he deserves us not them will dutta's reaction be that you shall have to wait n watch till then hope you continue enjoying this SS ..thanks for the appreciation
@ dilse ...its really very sweet of u to call this a gem ..thanks

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stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 3:37am | IP Logged

Part 2

Lowering my head I gazed at the rangoli design and filled in a spot that was left, it had come out fine, nothing great , it was simple and colorful. Just then an excited sethji came running towards me, I raised my hand in time to stop him from stepping on to the design," aye seth ji , neeche toh dekh ..abhi meri rangoli kharaab ho jaati." He bit his tongue and looked down," wah taayi kya mast banayi hai." I smiled and stood up, he was carefully walking behind sethji then stopped next to him.

" taayi..ab tu yeh dekh bhau mere liye mele sa kya laaye hain." Seth ji lifted his hands carrying a bag in each of them and I glanced at him in confusion.

" aaj diwali par bhau mere liye itne saare pathake (crackers) laaye hain." Seth ji couldn't contain his happiness, crossing my arms in front of my chest, I gave sethji an appreciative look," kya baat hai seth ji aaj toh teri aish hai." Sethji nodded his head and pulled his hand saying," chalo bhau hum pathake phodte (burst) hain." He smiled and replied," haan tu chal main abhi aaya paani pee kar." Sethji ran out at once and I went in to fetch him a glass of water, he too came in and when I was about to leave after giving him water he called out," nakku…ek minute." I turned and looked at him, he took out a pair of anklets from his pocket," yeh tere liye." I walked up to him in surprise and asked," mere liye? Par iski kya zaroorat thi?" he shook his head slightly and replied," zaroorat toh us sabki bhi nahin jo tune mere liye kiya..phir bhi kiya nah?" biting my lower lip in guilt I felt,' I had my reasons of helping him out but I couldn't share those reasons with him.' He tinkled the anklets bringing me out of my thoughts and asked," kya hua ..tujhe pasand nahin aayi." I nodded my head in negation and held them after saying," aisi baat nahin hai ..paayal bahut sundar hain." He was still holding on to them with one hand and pulling out a chair with his other hand suggested," main pehna doon?" I glanced at him in surprise, his eyes were warm and innocent, a smile spread across my face and I sat on the chair quietly. Moving his fingers on the chair he went down on his knees, his hand touched my leg and he lifted it to keep it on his knee. It felt really strange and different to place my foot on his knee, I lifted my salwar a bit, his fingers moved around my ankle as he tried to make me wear that anklet, a sudden chill ran down my spine as soon as he touched my skin and my toes curled in reaction. I looked down at him as he concentrated hard on hooking the anklet but was finding it difficult, I offered help," main karti hoon." He instantly replied," nahin" and my lips curled in a smile to see him doing something for me and that too completely on his own. A nice and sweet feeling filled my heart when he managed to fix both the anklets and brushed his fore finger on one of them making it tinkle, a blissful smile appeared on his lips. There was silence between us and I glanced into his eyes which always conveyed what his lips failed to, his dark pool of eyes reflected different emotions and I always wondered, whether I read them correctly or not? The quiet moment didn't last long as sethji came running inside and pulled his arm," bhau chalo nah ..bahar kitna mazaa aa raha hai." He went out with seth ji and I touched those anklets which he'd bought out of his hard earned money for me, for me? I still couldn't believe that he thought of me and then the way he made me wear those anklets was nothing less than a beautiful dream. This was indeed my best diwali.

I went out placing the diyas all around the house, my eyes which had by now become habitual of looking at him from time to time searched for him. He was standing besides sethji who was bursting crackers, I lowered my eyes then suddenly my eyes shot up, he was trying to burst a cracker when his hand got burnt. I ran to him and held his palm worriedly, his face was creased with pain, by then baba had also come who was clearly annoyed seeing him act carelessly and said," kya zaroorat thi ye sab karne ki jab tumhe pata hai ki  tumhe dikhaaye…" I glared at baba to stop him from speaking further, he paused then said softly controlling his tone," dhyaan rakhna chaiye nah tumhe.. kuch laga lo is par." I gazed at baba and said," main abhi aayi." Then got a bottle of cold water and ointment for him, holding his palm I poured water on the burnt area and applied ointment, thankfully he wasn't hurt much and blew on his wound then looked up, I was wrong he was hurt, deeply hurt his eyes showed that, what baba had said didn't go down well with him and he said," main andhar jaata hoon." I held his arm to take him in but he  raised his other hand and said," chala jaaunga." I left his arm and he walked back slowly, it was better if he spent some time alone but his sadness crushed my heart.

It was more than a hour since he'd gone back and hadn't come out, I thought of checking on him. When I entered it was really dark with all the lights off, only moonlight came in from the small window. He was sitting in a corner on the floor, his head moved as I came in, the sound of the anklets brought him too out of his thoughts. I switched on the light and sat next to him while asking," aap yahan andhere mein kyun baithe the?" he didn't reply and rested his on the wall behind.

" baba ne jo kaha ..nahin kehna chaiye tha." I said softly.

" sach tha ..kadva tha ..par tha toh sach."

 I pressed his arm lightly, I couldn't see him going weak hence said," aap pareshan kyun hote hain? Jab operation ho jayega aap sab dekh paayenge." His sighed deeply and said," hmm.. usi din ka toh intezar hai." That moment I felt how difficult it must be for him to spend every second, minute and hour in this darkness and how eagerly he must be waiting for the day when he would see everything. By bringing him to this house, by getting him engaged in some work and by making him independent to some extent, I'd thought that I had done my bit but I was so very wrong, my responsibility wouldn't be over till he got his visibility back. His life had fallen into this deep darkness because of me and what was I doing? Waiting for him to earn enough so that he could undergo that expensive operation? even if it took him months or years to earn that much? NO, this was not done, why should he spend even a day more like this when he is not at all at fault? Why should he suffer for saving my life?

What he had and was going through I could never imagine, suddenly I felt disgusted of myself and asked him," us haadse mein jo ..ladki..thi.." I paused for a second then continued," uska ..chehra.." he didn't let me finish and said," hmm..yaad hai ..woh chehra main kaise bhool sakta hoon." Pain trickled from his words as they escaped from his lips, I didn't have the courage to look up and see that hatred in his eyes for myself.

" kya hua ? achanak tu itni chup kyun ho gayi?"

" nahin..bus."

He raised his hand and moved it in my direction, wanting to hold mine, I also raised my hand in response, he caught it and pressed it lightly then said," tune aaj tak mujhe itni himmat di hai ..agar tu hi kamzor pad jayegi toh..kaise chalega." My eyes welled up seeing the amount of faith he had in me and silent tears rolled down as I closed my eyes trying to push back the remaining tears. He was right, I had to be strong for him, I couldn't afford to go weak, rubbing the wet cheeks with the back of my hand I said," aapne sahi kaha ..hum kamzor nahin pad sakte ..aur kisne kahan apko dikhayi nahin deta? Main dikhaungi apko apni nazron se." saying so I stood up and pulled his hand making him stand as well, then looked out of the window and started describing him everything," pura ghar diyon se saja hua hai..bahar baba humesha ki tarah apne doston ke saath baatein kar rahe hain..kya baatein ? woh toh apko bhi pata hai ..mehangayi (price rise) ki." He smiled and nodded his head in agreement, I continued further," aur seth ji  apne naye kapde, hari shirt aur kali knickers  main mast lag raha hai..muh laddoo se aur haath pathakon se bhare hue hain ..lagta hai aaj pura ka pura dabba khatam kar ke hi dum lega." His smile widened on hearing about seth ji and the way I was describing all this in one breath. I glanced at him from top to bottom," bache aap ..aap bhi laal kurte aur safed (white) pyjame mein  bahut acche dikh rahe ho ..bus ye baal ..thode lambe ho gaye hain ..agar kat wa lete toh aur bhi badiya lagte."

" aur tu ?"

" main kya?"

" sabka bata diya..apna toh kuch kaha hi nahin."

I looked at myself in the mirror, there was nothing worth telling him about myself still for his sake I replied," main ..maine goatte wala peela suit pehna hai..aur.."

" nakku ..main tujhe dekhna chahta hoon." I went blank hearing him say that and didn't know how to react. He took two steps toward me, raised his unhurt hand in the air, as out of habit I held his hand to guide him and his fingers slowly touched my face. They brushed my eyes and I closed them tightly after taking a sharp intake of breath which I held on to as his cold fingers moved down feeling my right cheek which was getting warm. Color rushed to my face and my heart thudded loudly inside my chest as I savored this sweet moment. Opening my dilated eyes I found his scattering the floor with a calm and serious expression on his face as if he was making an image of mine in his mind based on what his fingers were feeling. He moved to the left side and pushed the loose strand softly tucking it behind my ear making me clutch my dupatta firmly in a fist as I my breathing became hard. I was in a daze when he touched my scar, his face wrinkled in confusion on feeling something rough and I immediately moved back and ran out of the house with fresh set of tears threatening to come out.

After spending the whole night on a wet pillow I finally decided to make baba agree to what was in my mind. Baba was having a walk in the lawn when I joined him and told him that I wished to get his eyes operated out of the money that I had been saving for years for my marriage, as expected he refused to give me permission and told me that instead I should use that money on getting my scar removed so that I could marry later on, with a face like this no one would ever marry me and I'd already done a lot for him. As a father he was absolutely right but my conscious would never allow me to do so hence I told him," baba mere liye bahut asaan hai ki main is daag ko mita kar, shaadi kar ke apni zindagi mein aage bad jaaoon..par unka kya ..unhone toh us haadse mein meri jaane bachaate hue apna sab kuch kho diya..aaj unke paas kuch bhi nahin paise ..naa koi pyaar karne wala ..naa koi saath dene wala..unhein andhere mein chod kar main khudh roshni ka haath thaam loon ..kaise?" how could I even think of a brighter future for  myself with he being trapped in the clutches of darkness?

" operation ke baad mere chehre ka daag toh hatt jayega ..par jo daag mere dil par laga hai woh kaise hatega?" seeing him suffer every passing moment because of me would shatter me completely, moreover I really didn't wish to move ahead in life.

" nakku ..tu chahti kya hai?" baba asked me helplessly, I sighed deeply and gazed at his affection filled eyes and replied," baba , aap bus mera saath do ..aur jo main karne ka socha hai ..woh mujhe karne do."

Baba didn't say or ask anything further, just shook his head in defeat.


In the evening, coming back from the hospital a smile of contentment flashed across my face, everything was done, the doctors had agreed to operate him within a week and were willing to accept as much I was offering them, being a staff member the surgery could be done at a concessional rate so everything was set except for one and for that I had a plan in mind. Done with my cooking I came to the backyard with the hot sweet dish in the tray , he was busy making pots, stopped hearing me come and asked after smelling something," khushboo toh bahut acchi aa rahi hai ..kya banaya hai?"

" yeh kya aapne kaam shuru kar diya ..haath theekh toh hone dete?"

" thoda sa hi toh jala tha ..ab kuch nahin hai." He said washing his hands after which I handed him the plate, he smelt the dish and smiled before saying," arey wah ..halwa ..kis khushi mein?" I gulped and replied," hmm khushi ki baat toh hai ..kal aap mere saath hospital jaa rahe hain."

" kyun?" he asked taking a spoonful of halwa.

" maine doctors se apke operation ki baat kar li hai ..apko check up ke liye chalna hoga."

" par paise kahan se aayenge?" he asked seriously keeping the plate down.

" paise main de dungi." I said licking my lips and expecting him to get annoyed. He clenched his jaws and said firmly," nakku ..tu jaanti hai ..aisa nahin ho sakta." I got up and sat next to him," kyun aap nahin chahte ki aap phir se dekh paao?" he nodded his head and replied," chahta hoon ..par is tarah nahin..tere waise hi mujh par bahut ehsaan hain..bus ab aur nahin."

" ismein ehsaan wali kaunsi baat hai?" I asked handing him the plate again.

" jab aap theekh ho jaaoge toh is se bhi zyaada kaam aur kamaa paoge ..phir lauta dena mujhe paise."  He was silent, I knew no self respecting man would wish to take help like this but he really didn't have any choice.

" yeh kya ..maine apko itni acchi khabar suanyi aur aapne aisi chakal bana li?" and brought a spoon of halwa near his mouth, he opened it reluctantly and had it then asked softly," nakku tu mere liye itna sab kuch kyun kar rahi hai?" I wish I could answer him but I didn't have the guts to tell him the truth instead stopped the discussion by saying," apko pata nahin ..khaate waqt baat nahin karte" he gave out a weak smile while having another bite.

Later in the night I was counting the money that I had saved till date when I heard a knock at the door, lifting my head I found him standing there.

" kuch chaiye apko"

" haan ..main chahta hoon ki jab meri aankhon ki roshni wapis aaye toh meri nazron ke saamne ..sabse pehle ..tera chehra ho."

A tear trickled down my eye, I didn't know whether I could do that for him or not.

Thanks for reading 


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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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oops!! sincere apologies Rose for taking so long editing my  Hmm, tumhe pata haina mein kitni busy hoon GOTW par aajkal..Big smile  chal no more bahana.

So naku n dutta ke beech mein kuch kuch hota hain..LOL aur andha gadha anklets bhi karidliya? ankhe hoti toh kya kya hosakta thaLOL..Rose, even in LTL1 blind dutta realisedl his mistakes n did some blindfolding stunts,  so here too blindnes has not hampered his abilities one bit atleast not on the romantic sideWink   ishq ki deewangi sar chadkar bol raha hain.  But naku squirming, unable to reciprocate his feelings due to her guilt...
So dutta clearly remembers the face of the person responsible for the accident.  But im not sure if he blames her.  Ganpat's taunt has turned things in the right direction. 
It wil be interesting to see his reaction  once the operation is finally over.  Hope naku's sincere repentance doesnt go waste. 
Thank you Rose,   

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