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A Different Take on Khushi's Behaviour... (Page 7)

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 9:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by arshicritic

A biting analysis Tia. 

Yes, very very frustrating behaviour from Khushi.

Anji has become so clingy and needy

Why isn't anybody asking the golden question - you both are married, why don't you go live in your own house? 

Why didn't Anji walk out with shamu when he was slapped?

Why does everyone have to soft foot around Anji but blatantly humiliate the bahus?

Because that is Indian tradition barring some exceptions. The daughter can do no wrong, the bahus can do nothing right.

But this was partly fostered by Arnav. Since you have started watching the show, did you see even one instance where Anjali was scolded for something she did? Arnav made sure no one says anything to Anjali or he won't be pleased.

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Tia.0 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 9:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tvpal007

Originally posted by tia.o

Originally posted by tvpal007

Your analysis is spot on.Clap
Just one nagging concern about Khushi.
Shyam tried to kill Arnav,so would she be comfortable getting the killer back under the same roof??

The answer to your question is abso-freaking-lutely not. Not only Shyam tried to kill Arnav, but he also sexually harassed her for months. But with Anjali's constant melodrama and the entire households slobbering behavior, is she comfortable now?
Surely the discomfort of having Snakewa under the same roof is more life threatening.
You see,these are the bits that annoy us.No clarity.
Wish Khushi does not have to be a hide and seek playmate with Creepwa and Poojali.Stern Smile

Oh but she has to be a hide and seek playmate. Otherwise, how would the family conveniently forget what Dadi did and heap blames on Khushi? If Khushi was not there, then they will have to blame Dadi which won't do. So Khushi needs to join the game. After all every game has an IT, in this blame game of RM, Khushi is IT everytime.

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Tia.0 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 9:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by boreddamsel

First of all, I'm upset you posted this after I went to sleep.. how could you, Tia.. how could you.. now I'm on the fourth page Cry - SORRY... Big smile

But great analysis.. yup, I agree to everything you said.. 
But how can she forget that initially Arnav wil be angry at her.. 
Then again that's ok too.
I am alright with her thinking about getting Shyam back and letting Arnav know that the first time.. that's fine..  that I agree to what you said.. she wants to make Arnav happy by making Anjali happy! - The only key to this problem is in Arnav's hands. You stop reacting to Anjali's whims like a puppet, Khushi will stop reacting to her as one as well.

But if she goes behind his back and tries to get him.. and also yesterday when she didn't tell him she saw Shyam in the house.. see its things like this that make me mad! - Actually it's a good idea. Either this problem will get fixed once and for all... Or Khushi will walk out permanently out of RM and have a life.

How can she forget that he will be mad.. and esp if she goes behind his back and does something.. he already has his Di lying and doing stuff behind his back.. no Khushi.. I don't want you to do the same.. - He can't be mad at Khushi. He has to be mad at himself for trying to bubble wrap Anjali when she is clearly a grown up woman. Send her to Shyam and all these problem will be stopped.

see this is my problem with the female.. why is she hiding that she saw Shyam in the house.. why did she not say that.. maybe she was scared how Arnav would react.. that's why she hesitated.. he wants you to tell him the truth.. why would he be mad at you.. he will be mad at Anjali? why? it's Shyam.. ok he hurts Shyam.. he hurts Anjali.. he hurt himself again.. ok.. now Khushi is in a spot, I agree! - He won't ever be mad at Anjali. Because even then he will think Shyam was brainwashing his sweet, innocent Di. He will be mad at Shyam and thrash him and in turn make Anjali and Dadi mad at Khushi and make her life a living hell.

I dont know.. why does she have to be an emotional fool.. why cant she be shown to use her brain.. where did the girl who saved Arnav from the kidnapping disappear .. the one who followed all the clues.. and saved him twice! - You can save a man from outside enemy. But you can't save him from inside ones unless he is willing to see them himself and builds his own armors.

All I want her to say is 
Arnavji, Di was happy yesterday.. and she came down and ate food.. but guess what you fool, that was not coz of you begging her to eat.. buts it coz her moron husband was in her room encouraging her to eat! So maybe you should get that son of a b back to this house! Yes, I hate the thought of him being in this house given that he used to touch me and stare at me lusciously even when I was married to you! But then again i am happy when you are happy and you are happy when Di is happy.. and I would do anything to see you happy, my love..  <flutter eyelashes> OR <kiss him> - Of course Arnav will never get it. For him, his Di can do no wrong. She is innocent babe in the woods at 30 plus age. Well guess what Arnav, it's time now to cut the umbilical cord and move with your life - preferably away from Mentalvan. And don't forget to cut the money tree when you leave.

There you go! LOL Is that too much to ask??? - Yes, because this is CVs' game. 

I dont know why... but suddenly I'm upset! - Awww... Hug
Tia.0 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 9:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aaliyahassan

I am really upset about the incosiderate behaviour of rizada people toward khushi.. There is a limit of thanklessness and ungrateful behaviour.. Angry
they are treating anjali like a 5 year old kid.. I can understand she has lost her baby but no one is trying to show her reality.. 
budhi dadi is adding to the nuisance going on..  Censored
  amazing analysis .. I wish cv's could read it.. Confused
thanks for the pm Big smile

Originally posted by SaraPhoenix

Thank you for this much needed post. Your analysis is completely realistic and I agreed wholeheartedly Hug I don't think the makers of the show really know where they are going with this nonsense concepDeadt . The true identity of the character Khushi is lost for me; and for a clever, rich, and shrewd businessman, the character of ASR has long lost its credibilityConfused.
 Moreover, the way these Raizada people are behaving towards Khushi, is getting on my nerves Angry.

Aaliya, Sara... Give me one reason why Khushi will get respect from Raizadas? Respect needs to be earned first. She did earn respect. But does anyone knows that? Did she demand to Arnav to clear her name? Did she clear her name? She is happy not revealing the truth. She does not even mind the abuse being heaped on her head. She hides the fact that she is being abused and insulted just like an abused woman terms her bruises as her clumsiness.

Remember what she said when Arnav asked what's wrong? "Something went in my eyes"

Do you know what abused woman says about their visible bruises? "I walked into a door" Or "I fell down the stairs"...

Tell me the difference between the two examples mentioned above.

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 9:31am | IP Logged
Perfect.  Clap  

That's exactly what I want Arnav to do. Clear Khushi's name and cut the free-flow money tree. If Shyam loves Anjali so much, then the "house" he was building for so long, let's go to check it out and move her there. Whatever is yet to be done can be done quickly. But I want Arnav to put his foot down and say, there is no way that man and I are going to live under a same roof.

Originally posted by blrgal

Totally agree with you Tia...on how everything revolves around a very selfish woman at heart... Anjali - she is really self centered and unless she is happy, she will ensure that she will make everyone;s life miserable!!!! right now I am so hating the way this character is shaping up... love is not saying it but in action and she is all talk... she is a nice person but totally self driven... and has not for a minute thought of " is there some truth to what they are telling me about shyam?"

I hope the scene goes like this

ASR - Shyam - can you please come home?

Shyam - Sure Sale saab!!!! Mentally - ha ha ha i finally have you on your knees, you are calling me back home!!!! i knew you would have no choice but to call me back... i have you exactly where i want you... "Khushi ji, I am coming back for you" i love you and i will make sure this time, i will succeed in killing my dumb wife RAni Sahiba , prevent your marriage from happening and marry you myself!!!

Anjali - aahhh  !!! my chotey is so good, he is giving me back my boy toy, now i can go back to being happy for everyone else, now i can live up to my name of poojali, now i can simper and whimper after my Boy toy... he is handsome after all!!

Naniji - I do not know what Arnav's plan is ... but i trust him completely

Dadiji - finally ... i am the fixer, see i came back and now i managed to bring my damadji who loves my anajali so much back into the house... i refuse to listen to my grandson who has taken care of her for so long!!!

Mamiji - all i want is to say bye bye to sorrow and hello hello to shyam ... to  see my anjali happy

Aakash - glad finally shyam is back... i do have short term memory loss so i have forgotten that he was also your kidnapper, oh yeah.. i would have remembered if i had at least asked once on how you were once you came back after the kidnapping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ASR ----- keep dreaming everyone of you... let Shyam come and then you will see ASR in action

Shyam walks in and is told

ASR - Shyam my dadi is vrey clear that my di your responsibility and not really mine and that you are the one who should be taking care of her since no one can love you more than her.

So, here is Di, ... HP - get Di's suitcases .. I am sure everything is packed...

Here... Di is ready with her bags, you should take care of her ... she is your responsibility and let me be clear that you continue to take care of her, the way you pretend to all the time and also remember that if anything happens to my di ... even accidentally ... you will be jailed for ever... i will make sure of that.

You are a lawyer and earn very well i am sure since you are an excellent actor and liar... so go ahead and support my di ... she is waiting to live with you, do your pooja etccc

Shyam - FAINTWA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for such a long post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edited by tia.o - 08 September 2012 at 9:44am

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Tia.0 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 9:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kooltoad

Khushi's plan... Hmmm... bas yahi bacha hai show me... After a stupid thought process, a manipulative, shrewd, planning, calculative and wicked khushi...
Where is my innocent, mad, mischievous, happy go lucky and smarty angel... I wonder...

She has been murdered by utter selfishness of this family...  Angry

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Roslyn1991 Goldie

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 9:33am | IP Logged
Loved ur analysis.

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Tia.0 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 9:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -sweetgal19-

Tia !! Wonderful analysis sweetieHugYes Anjali has always been treated with "Oooh she is such a darling ,she should be taken care of,she is our princess"that kind of attitude ! In short she has always been the Rani Sahiba of everybody and has lived life with a silver spoon in her mouth maybe gold too ! Hence because of this attitude,their lives have become interwined with hers ! That is why her being happy or sad matters to them so much,I'm not saying its a bad thing but there is a limit to it ! Thus taking full advantage of being the laadli beti in her family,Anjali knows she will get what she wants in the end which as you said is her boy toy LOL So the very sad fact which you well stated is that ASR wont get his life back without her being happy ! And Khushi too because of always placing others' happiness before her's (which is fine but not to this extent) has not thought about the consequences of bringing Shyam back to the family and will unfortunately have to suffer the consequences even though its not her fault directly Ouch

Yes, because Khushi is the scapegoat everytime. Angry

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