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A Different Take on Khushi's Behaviour... (Page 6)

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 8:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by arshi21

Originally posted by tia.o

Originally posted by arshi21

Bang on.

I'd love to chuck out Anjali with Dadi AND Shyam. - First of all, Arnav should have sent his sister to her husband's home long ago. Anjali is so used to being pampered, cosseted and treated like a queen, she now thinks her family owes her husband a home. She is not demanding to leave with her husband, she is asking to bring her husband back into her comfortable and expensive nest.

Why is it like this Tia? WHY? Why can't everyone f*cking USE their brain? Why are the Raizadas so ...I don't know...weird? The only member of the Raizada clan I like is,Nani. In spite of all, she at least had the balls to defend Khushi and she has been defending her since the very beginning. - Yes, but how long? When Dadi brings out Garima's secret will she still defend Khushi? Again, let me mention, Dadi is also going after Garima because of Anjali not having Shyam.

Why cannot the focus, once shift to Arshi? - As long as Anjali is there, the focus will never shift to Arnav and Khushi. Look at the episodes from the beginning. Everything happened in Arnav and Khushi's life because of Anjali. Khushi came to Raizada House because of Anjali, she came back to train LA but at the manipulation of Anjali, her silence to Shyam's truth because of Anjali, hence eventual misunderstanding because of Anjali... I can cite many instances of this. 

Its like, the CVs are okay with showing all the hatred/fights of Arnav and Khushi but not their love. Its too much. 

I am sure, no other serial would have had such a bad timing.
The lead pair of many shows enjoy their honeymoon/bliss/happy state for at least a week or so.

Why can't they? - They can't because how can they make a scene romantic when every scene revolves around Anjali?

Why is it that everything good they do has to have SOME bad element? It gets so frustrating.

Now, what about the marriage? 

I really need to know whether its happening or not. - If Anjali gets Shyam, it's happening. Otherwise, it is not going to happen.

I need to know whether that clingy, stubborn, petulant and nonsensical child of Raizada mansion becomes as happy as to grant two poor longing soul SOME freaking amount of happiness. - She won't. But then, as long as Arnav continues to pander to her whims and dance to her tunes, Arnav himself will not grant them any moment of happiness.

I really need to know. - I'd like to know too. When you find out, let me know.

Yeah. If Anjali gets her Shyam back, Dadi most probably won't care about who is Khushi's mother. She just needs a f*cked up reason to NOT let Khushi into the house because her old brain cells refuse to work and lead her to believe that Khushi is the cause of all the bad things happening in the house.

If Nani finds out about Khushi's mother and her past and all, I still think she would support Khushi. She seems like the ONLY person who would actually think that even Khushi has had lost her parents and she doesn't play a SINGLE role in all the dramas of the past! 

I at least hope so.

Why aren't there any spoilers?! WHYYY?? And I cannot take this Anjali-Shyam drama anymore. 
I'd rather read the written updates for the next 2-3 episodes at least. It would spare me those annoying women's (dadi and Anjali) faces at least. 

I hope so too. Let's keep our fingers crossed. I'm also doing the LU/WU until they have something I want to watch.

Tia.0 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 8:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rima

Originally posted by tia.o

Muah, muah, muah back. I'm a big fan of your posts too and always peep in to read refreshing change from ASR mania. 

You have picked the perfect quote to describe Khushi's life. Everything in her life is a tip. She has to beg, work, earn every crumb of her life.

Having love is a tip she has to work hard for at the cost of her life; having that said love in her life is a tip she has to work for at the cost of her dignity; having a wedding where she is the center of attention is a tip, she has to beg, plead and work to achieve at the cost of everyone's glare at her own happiness.

For once I want to see her to be the underdog who shakes off the tag. I want her to scream and shout and let loose all frustration on the people of RM and walk out. She can do it. We have seen it before with ASR. Remember the push at the crumbling building? I want that happening with every member of RM family. I just want her to be a human, not a freaking saint.

Originally posted by rima

take a bow a standing ovation for this write up
how well u analyzed this 
everything in this girl's life has come like ASR's famous dialogue 'gift nahi to tip samajh kar rakhlo'
she gets casraways of others like an orphan does
her marriage
her happiness
her very existence is a bheek...
or that is what she thinks
people ask why I  fuss over Khushi
Why I love her character so much
Why I act like her lawyer
Why because it is just fictional...
Because in her I see an underdog
whose very existence is for others
and she gets nothing worthy of her
and asr everyone says is a wonderful husband
but to me he is a good husband when he MAKES HER FEEL WORTHY AS WORTHY AS HIS SISTER IF NOT MORE
oh yes i know u do come to my posts
we have a MAS going then (mutual admiration societySmile)
tia right now the thing stopping her is her boudless love for her arnavji
he rules her heart
khushi by nature can never complain or hold grudges
more so for her arnavji
but some day I want her to stand up for her rights
ask him where she stands
and walk out at least fro some time to make him realize this

One thing I'd really love to see here is that the CVs to show her love as a strength and not a weakness. So far Khushi love for Arnav has been shown as his strength and his love for her as her weakness. I want to see this time Arnav's love as Khushi's strength. Love should empower you, not make you weak and hopeless.

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 8:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by vandana.sagar

I agree to, ESP the point where she knows that arnavs happiness is unfortunately linked to Di and Di's to Shyam...

But all I want her to do is not go against to him... Tell him that she saw him and tell him that each time he is here Di is happy..till Di is shown some proof she will not believe while he is under their nose collect evidence ...keep the enemy close to you..I mean clearly the security that was meant to have been increased or the restraining order he was going to get against Shaym not effective so long as anjali and dadi are around so get him back and expose him...but don't get him back thinking he has changed...don't trust him..he wanted your husband dead and wanted you not very long back...whilst his wife was pregnant...

I just don't want any action taken by her that gives arnav any pain...currently she is the only one who he shares his tears and pain with...and his weakness and what he thinks is his failure..and for Arnav Singh Raizada to even say such a thing given his ego is a big big she should talk to him...she has in the past got him to listen and agree to a lot of things...and now too. 

Don't lie to him or go behind his back! His beloved didi is already deceiving him...don't add your name to that his strength !

Actually Vandana. The key to Arnav's happiness is in his own hands. When he stops reacting to every whim of Anjali, Khushi will devote her time solely to him. But at this moment, the only way Khushi seems to make him happy is through Anjali. Think from her point of view. They can's have a normal life, a normal marriage, unless Anjali is happy. How tiring and frustrating it must be for her. So the day Arnav just lets Anjali have her own life and lives his life completely independent of Anjali's, is the day all these defiance and attempt to go against him to make Anjali happy will stop. I can assure you, if Arnav does not hold himself responsible for Anjali's life, Khushi won't either.

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AmazingAmy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 9:00am | IP Logged
I updated my post, sorry for the delay...lovely thread!

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 9:06am | IP Logged
Actually, that's exactly what my thoughts were at first. But then I thought about it again. 

Let me paint a scenario for you.

1. The man you love the most is extremely emotionally dependent on another woman - be it his mother or sister or whoever. So much so that when that woman sneezes, your man runs to her with a tissue even if you suffering from Typhoid at that time.

2. That woman takes precedent in everything in your life. You can't have a birthday because that woman is not feeling like having a party, you can't have a wedding because the woman is sad, you can't spend time with your husband because the woman wants your husband to cater to her whims at that time.

3. The moment your husband wants to dedicate exclusively to you, the woman does something to make sure his attention again goes back to her.

What would you do?

You'll do one of two things.

a. You'll walk out of the man's life stating that you are tired playing second fiddle everytime.


b. You'll ensure the woman have someone else to play with and leave your husband alone for you to get on your life as a couple.

That does not mean you trust that person you brought to distract her. But it means that finally, you have had enough of leaving a secondary life to that woman. Now you just want all these whining, crying melodrama to stop, so your husband gets his life back and so do you. Because until that woman gets what she wants, she won't let anyone have anything.

Originally posted by freya2

Great post. But I don't agree with it fully.

Khushi might want to see Arnav happy, and therefore she needs to make Anjali happy.. But by getting Shyam back into the house, Khushi should know that she won't see Arnav happy or sad, she will find him dead!LOL

Come on if we wanted to see our husband happy we wouldn't bring a man into the house who is a threat to his life and everyone else's, regardless of the situation.

I understand Khushi's plight, but unfortunately I can't agree with her actions, no matter what the reasons are. This man sexually harassed her, tried to kill her and she knows he didn't care about Anjali or the baby's safety one bit, he tried to force himself on her, then he kidnapped her husband, got her husband beaten up, tried to burn her husband to death, tied her up and left her for dead on a road, insulted her in front of everyone, tried to ruin her marriage, and even then we're meant to think, oh how sweet Khushi is for bringing back Shyam into the house because she wants to see Arnav happy??Confused More like dead.

She knows he is a threat to everyone, yet we're meant to believe she is bringing him into the house for everyone's happiness?
I'm sorry but to me it just seems stupid. No woman in her right mind, having the knowledge Khushi does, would want such a man in her house. All the reasons behind it are invalid in relation to how much she knows.

I don't hate Khushi, but I hate the writers. All this time I've been watching IPKKND, I thought Khushi was different to all the heroines I see in other shows. She was intelligent, and not shown to be stupid like most female leads are shown to be in other shows. Women are always shown to be the ones who need rescuing, who lack brains and mental strength, but Khushi was different. She's the one who had the mental strength to fight Shyam and had the brains to find out Shyam's plans, and she rescued Arnav, and I absolutely loved it! I know I sound so emotional about it, but it felt good seeing a woman who was capable of actually being the heroine, rather than a damsel in distress. Finally a woman was shown to be independent and capable of doing things by herself, but at the same time she had all the traditional traits of a woman, someone who is loving and caring.

But now they are ruining it. They are making her typical, and instead of finding reasons behind Khushi's actions, we should be opposing it.. That's why I signed Rima's petition.Smile

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Originally posted by arshicritic

A biting analysis Tia. 

Yes, very very frustrating behaviour from Khushi.

Anji has become so clingy and needy

Why isn't anybody asking the golden question - you both are married, why don't you go live in your own house? 

Why didn't Anji walk out with shamu when he was slapped?

Why does everyone have to soft foot around Anji but blatantly humiliate the bahus?

Because that is Indian tradition barring some exceptions. The daughter can do no wrong, the bahus can do nothing right.

But this was partly fostered by Arnav. Since you have started watching the show, did you see even one instance where Anjali was scolded for something she did? Arnav made sure no one says anything to Anjali or he won't be pleased.

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Originally posted by tvpal007

Originally posted by tia.o

Originally posted by tvpal007

Your analysis is spot on.Clap
Just one nagging concern about Khushi.
Shyam tried to kill Arnav,so would she be comfortable getting the killer back under the same roof??

The answer to your question is abso-freaking-lutely not. Not only Shyam tried to kill Arnav, but he also sexually harassed her for months. But with Anjali's constant melodrama and the entire households slobbering behavior, is she comfortable now?
Surely the discomfort of having Snakewa under the same roof is more life threatening.
You see,these are the bits that annoy us.No clarity.
Wish Khushi does not have to be a hide and seek playmate with Creepwa and Poojali.Stern Smile

Oh but she has to be a hide and seek playmate. Otherwise, how would the family conveniently forget what Dadi did and heap blames on Khushi? If Khushi was not there, then they will have to blame Dadi which won't do. So Khushi needs to join the game. After all every game has an IT, in this blame game of RM, Khushi is IT everytime.

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Originally posted by boreddamsel

First of all, I'm upset you posted this after I went to sleep.. how could you, Tia.. how could you.. now I'm on the fourth page Cry - SORRY... Big smile

But great analysis.. yup, I agree to everything you said.. 
But how can she forget that initially Arnav wil be angry at her.. 
Then again that's ok too.
I am alright with her thinking about getting Shyam back and letting Arnav know that the first time.. that's fine..  that I agree to what you said.. she wants to make Arnav happy by making Anjali happy! - The only key to this problem is in Arnav's hands. You stop reacting to Anjali's whims like a puppet, Khushi will stop reacting to her as one as well.

But if she goes behind his back and tries to get him.. and also yesterday when she didn't tell him she saw Shyam in the house.. see its things like this that make me mad! - Actually it's a good idea. Either this problem will get fixed once and for all... Or Khushi will walk out permanently out of RM and have a life.

How can she forget that he will be mad.. and esp if she goes behind his back and does something.. he already has his Di lying and doing stuff behind his back.. no Khushi.. I don't want you to do the same.. - He can't be mad at Khushi. He has to be mad at himself for trying to bubble wrap Anjali when she is clearly a grown up woman. Send her to Shyam and all these problem will be stopped.

see this is my problem with the female.. why is she hiding that she saw Shyam in the house.. why did she not say that.. maybe she was scared how Arnav would react.. that's why she hesitated.. he wants you to tell him the truth.. why would he be mad at you.. he will be mad at Anjali? why? it's Shyam.. ok he hurts Shyam.. he hurts Anjali.. he hurt himself again.. ok.. now Khushi is in a spot, I agree! - He won't ever be mad at Anjali. Because even then he will think Shyam was brainwashing his sweet, innocent Di. He will be mad at Shyam and thrash him and in turn make Anjali and Dadi mad at Khushi and make her life a living hell.

I dont know.. why does she have to be an emotional fool.. why cant she be shown to use her brain.. where did the girl who saved Arnav from the kidnapping disappear .. the one who followed all the clues.. and saved him twice! - You can save a man from outside enemy. But you can't save him from inside ones unless he is willing to see them himself and builds his own armors.

All I want her to say is 
Arnavji, Di was happy yesterday.. and she came down and ate food.. but guess what you fool, that was not coz of you begging her to eat.. buts it coz her moron husband was in her room encouraging her to eat! So maybe you should get that son of a b back to this house! Yes, I hate the thought of him being in this house given that he used to touch me and stare at me lusciously even when I was married to you! But then again i am happy when you are happy and you are happy when Di is happy.. and I would do anything to see you happy, my love..  <flutter eyelashes> OR <kiss him> - Of course Arnav will never get it. For him, his Di can do no wrong. She is innocent babe in the woods at 30 plus age. Well guess what Arnav, it's time now to cut the umbilical cord and move with your life - preferably away from Mentalvan. And don't forget to cut the money tree when you leave.

There you go! LOL Is that too much to ask??? - Yes, because this is CVs' game. 

I dont know why... but suddenly I'm upset! - Awww... Hug

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