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A Different Take on Khushi's Behaviour... (Page 14)

ASADsweetZOYA IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 10:00am | IP Logged
Clapwonderful analysis dear
loved reading it

i am too busy man..otherwise i would spam ur thread with lengthy commentsWink...sorry 4 tat...
but lov u 4 this post...Embarrassed

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Fleur_de_Lis IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 10:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tia.o

Originally posted by nina5

Originally posted by tia.o

[QUOTE=nina5]What a wonderful analysis Tia! You have preciously summarized our opinions and feelings. Agree with you

I have pretty much said quite a lot on this topic already and on the recent events that are shown lately. I have one thing to say, though. I can not seem to understand Arnav-Anjali's relationship. I can relate to the fact that if your sibling is upset or is going through a rough patch, then you as their family will try to make them feel better, to care for them and help sort things out for them to the best of your ability and even feel bad for them, right? But, its unrealistic to show that just because one person is sad or a little upset (the miscarriage track aside) their brother(s) or sister(s) will experience the exact same emotion - that does not happen - you can certainly feel sad, or even cry at times - but to show that it Anjali is unhappy then Arnav is unhappy and same goes for happiness and other emotions. Even twins do not have this connection. If this is how things ought to be, then how come the family did not feel the pain and sadness for all the mental and physical torture Arnav went through during his captivation for weeks? Confused - BINGO... I was saying it from the very start. But now what I was saying is making sense. It's almost as if everyone's life is secondary to Anjali's life. That is creepy and weird.

I am not speaking about Miscarriage as it's a hugely upsetting circumstance and your family are bound to feel sad and might even be alright to cry for you but at other times your emotions can not be in perfect sync. - However, where the hell those glass pieces go? How come she can walk just fine now? Why does not the doctor discuss that with the patient's family?

Please correct me if I am wrong here. I am trying to understand but with no success. To me it seems such a silly cycle of happiness and sadness between the 4 characters: Khushi - Arnav - Anjali - Shyaam

I want to mention this quote to mostly Dadi and Anjali with regards to the Shyaam 's past behaviour:

"Everything will line up perfectly when knowing and living the truth becomes more important than looking good" - Alan Cohen

Originally posted by tia.o

BINGO... I was saying it from the very start. But now what I was saying is making sense. It's almost as if everyone's life is secondary to Anjali's life. That is creepy and weird.

my reply: Hmmm, it indeed is creepy and weird. Personally, I have never had a concern with Anjali because I liked her as Arnav's sister but now its just...I am afraid to say this but I am not liking what they have turned her into these days (of course i am saying nothing against Daljeet (or any other actors here)

Originally posted by tia.o

However, where the hell those glass pieces go? How come she can walk just fine now? Why does not the doctor discuss that with the patient's family?

my reply: The glass pieces part just slipped my mind. You are absolutely correct. The doctors most certainly should have said something about her feet bleeding. And this would have been another pointer about Shyaam. This was not an slip-and-fall-off-stairs kind of bleeding wound and not just her feet but also all the areas of the house that were stained due to her walking around with the glasses stuck to her feet. How come no one found the glass pieces as well as the blood stains? Guess it just magically disappeared in thin air.

I would have loved to see Arnav solve this part of the mystery as well as the credit card bill, the will, the wire and camera and other electrical equipments installed in the house besides just suspecting Dadi and Shyaam's meetings and their talks.

Moving forward, I hope Arnav better puts all the pieces together and solves this mystery of Shyaam once and for all and present solid evidence to both Dadi and Anjali along with all the cast (including the Guptas) -
Did not you know that mysteries does not get solved in RM? 

1. Does anyone know that who was the girl who fell in Arnav's arms during fashion shoot?

2. Does anyone know why or how Payal's first marriage broke?

3. Does anyone know why Khushi's family came to Delhi?

4. Does anyone know that the original "Phatti Saree" is mamiji because she tore Khushi's clothes?

5. Does anyone know Khushi sold her mother's bangles and bought the plants for Arnav when he broke up initially with Lavanya?

6. Does anyone know Arnav put silver coins in the detergent package for Khushi?

7. Does anyone know why Arnav and LA broke up?

8. Does anyone know what conversation Arnav had with Shyam before the contract marriage?

9. Does anyone know the reason of Arnav and Khushi's marriage or the fact that it was a contract?

10. Does anyone know that the contract ended or what has Khushi gone through since her marriage?

Like I said. Secrets remain secret in this family. They never come out.

they must be waiting for ARJUN to solve the no one in RM understands anything until they are made understand...(samjhe ya samjhau)...and both are aired in the same time though different days...detective ARJUN must take all these questions in his hand...or at least C.I.D. must take the case because every criminal in C.I.D. is sent to lifetime imprisonment or death sentence...
our snakewa shyam must get any of the two punishments...

tia.o i can't send you pm...sorry...i am blocked to send pms...don't know why.Cry
so giving you the link here only.

please read and comment...please tell your other buddies too.

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Tia.0 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by aaliyahassan

Originally posted by tia.o

Originally posted by aaliyahassan

I am really upset about the incosiderate behaviour of rizada people toward khushi.. There is a limit of thanklessness and ungrateful behaviour.. Angry
they are treating anjali like a 5 year old kid.. I can understand she has lost her baby but no one is trying to show her reality.. 
budhi dadi is adding to the nuisance going on..  Censored
  amazing analysis .. I wish cv's could read it.. Confused
thanks for the pm Big smile

Originally posted by SaraPhoenix

Thank you for this much needed post. Your analysis is completely realistic and I agreed wholeheartedly Hug I don't think the makers of the show really know where they are going with this nonsense concepDeadt . The true identity of the character Khushi is lost for me; and for a clever, rich, and shrewd businessman, the character of ASR has long lost its credibilityConfused.
 Moreover, the way these Raizada people are behaving towards Khushi, is getting on my nerves Angry.

Aaliya, Sara... Give me one reason why Khushi will get respect from Raizadas? Respect needs to be earned first. She did earn respect. But does anyone knows that? Did she demand to Arnav to clear her name? Did she clear her name? She is happy not revealing the truth. She does not even mind the abuse being heaped on her head. She hides the fact that she is being abused and insulted just like an abused woman terms her bruises as her clumsiness.

Remember what she said when Arnav asked what's wrong? "Something went in my eyes"

Do you know what abused woman says about their visible bruises? "I walked into a door" Or "I fell down the stairs"...

Tell me the difference between the two examples mentioned above.

hi Tia this is Shreya Smile 
U know the problem is this only khushi will never show that she is hurt or she also owes respect from the family.. and the family will not give her by themselves Ouch

I just want now arnav to stand for her against all the accusations that she has to face..
when will he tell the whole family about their forced marriage?? 

My prediction: By Khushi's 75th Birthday for sure.
Tia.0 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by rupalgala178

Agree to u  dear khushi is khushi after all who first thinks of her loved ones may it b at the stake of herself she is indeed a loving caring n selfless soul born to bring happiness for others
but she has always messed her life by hiding truths frm others specially Arnav n has landed herself in big trouble .imagine if she would hav told the big truth about Shyam the day she came to knw itself then she would not risk anjali  n arnavs life n today also she is continuing the same mistake of hiding the truth that Shyam meets anjali frm Arnav it's high time Cvs show sum sensibility in her character n not only sacrifices which eventually lands every one in trouble

Originally posted by mzeesana

veyr good post Tia

i am glad you all see why khushi behaved that way...

My POV is that first of all Khushi should not even be in that house... she should tell Arnav i love you lots but Dadiji does not want me here... and we are not married yet so let me go and you can spend that much time with Di... that way she does not have to be guilty of bring shyam... people would say she is running away but its time she looked after herself...

But as much as i like KKG... she is one of those characters who just does not get it through her head that not everyone wants help... who actually made her god to want to look after everyone an solve everyones problems ... ok ok she is in love with Arnav... but truly  CV should give her dignity

Give Anjali all the screen time you want but don't belittle Khushi... 

An intelligent writer would have control over the story... he would know howto get audience attention..

in this case its so easy... let Khushi get angry or let Arnav get mad at Khushi not cause she is at fault but he realizes she is being tortured and that way she would run away... this is just one exampe there are so many ways to do this

did you notice i didn't say anything about Shyam or anjali.

they are not worth a mention
every emotion and act and anger has been mentioned in this thread and post...

i would say the same thing but more vocally

I have to say that sadly this show does not have the same impact on me as it had earlier 
i can't understand how someone can ruin what was once such a golden show 
what a charmiing show ... i rather they had ended it abruptly like Navia was ended 

navia did not have silly antics they just finished it off in a week

ok enough :)

This show does not have any sense left in it anymore because now Fake-ta's (K queen) writer is writing the show... Now be prepared to watch Fake-ta track in IPK...

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Tia.0 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by FairyLiquidSoap

Tia what a superb analysis and insight into her character Kudos!Clap
After reading your brilliant and sensible post I am left with just one feeling no woman or for that matter any human being should ever feel this needy for love that she willingly sacrifices her own needs feelings and desires

Reading it left me restless and angry but also a lot relieved and accepting Thank you for this postSmile

Thanks hun. Smile I had to write this because the character I loved for so long was getting on my nerves. If I had not write this, I'd have to quit this forum which I did not want to do. My problem is that the CVs are playing Russian Roulette with the main characters. The only consistent character in this show is Shyam. He has been the same from the very start.
VasantiLad IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 3:56pm | IP Logged
I have a slightly different take on the reason that she "opens" the door to Shyam. I honestly think that if she had to sacrifice her "perfect" wedding she would still be prepared to do so if it meant that it would buy her sister's/Anjali or Arnav's happiness.
Khushi cannot stand the fact that Arnav is unhappy. Throughtout last week she saw the dilemma that he faced & the pain that he was in. She was with him every single time & at the same time she saw that Di was suffering & refusing to take medication & sustenance. It was a catch 22. Anjali wanted Shyam with her & Arnav was sticking to his ethics in refusing to let him back into the house despite presssure.
I admired him & the fact that he stuck to his stance. Yes he was cajoling his sister to get well & whilst everyone else was bending over backwards to pander to her every need, he refused the very request that was needed to get her to fighting fit. I honestly thought that he would keel under his peer pressure. Only Nani stuck up for him.
If you notice that right from the outset Khushi tried to persuade him to give Shyam another chance suggesting that he may well have changed. Arnav refused to budge an inch & stuck to his original decision. Khushi's weakness is that she is prepred to always see good in people...
Now Khushi knowing what Arnav is like- she has been with him through all these trying times now goes against him & defies him. She would be the last person that he would expect to have done this. She is prepared to take his wrath on (surely from experience she will know his re-action) & open that door. She is doing this to make sure that Anjali mends even if it means that she is letting her husband's kidnapper & attempted murderer & her seducer back in. She hinted to Arnav that he had surely changed. This is Khushi's good trait - she may believe that he has truely changed & that change happened when he lost the baby.
So knowing all this she is once again sacrificing her own happiness so that Anjali will be happy & through that healthy & she would hope that in a twisted way that then will have a knock-on effect on Arnav. Arnav who she has seen cannot stand to see his sister in pain!!
This is my POV & that came from all the events of last week when she was quite clearly the only person that had such a close proximity to both parties. I agree with you when you say that Shyam has kept his consistent character portrayal throughtout. I feel a morbid fascination in watching him unfold the nuances of his character. I honestly can say he gives a brilliant performance. In last week I just felt that Khushi should not have been so one-dimensional. She could have been "used" a lot more effectively.

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great job keep positive thinkingThumbs Up

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Originally posted by tia.o

Originally posted by tvpal007

Your analysis is spot on.Clap
Just one nagging concern about Khushi.
Shyam tried to kill Arnav,so would she be comfortable getting the killer back under the same roof??

The answer to your question is abso-freaking-lutely not. Not only Shyam tried to kill Arnav, but he also sexually harassed her for months. But with Anjali's constant melodrama and the entire households slobbering behavior, is she comfortable now?




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