Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

GS(Gutter Shot)-Need(18+)

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It's the extension of Innocence Personified-
Read this too for the full impactBlushing

                    When you feel everything surprisingly calm don't sit quietly.Because it could be the silence before storm.The storm to shake you inside out.Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada was experiencing something exactly like this.Everything seem too silent that she could have heard sound of a dropping pin.Her sixth sense was alerting her but she couldn't figure out what was the exact matter.On the other side,the storm,THE Arnav Singh Raizada had planned,how to strike his target.He was all set to drive his wife insane with his wildness.

                  Breakfast was being served by Prakash Brothers.Khushi was helping them with it.Arnav came to the table all the while looking & smirking at his wife.She was too engrossed to notice his gaze.He coughed to let her know his presence.She snapped her head to him but immediatly downcasted her eyes to the fruits in the bowl.He sat on the chaire where she was standing & serving breakfast.He brushed his leg intentionally with her's.She looked at him angrily.He gave her an 'I don't know' look.She decided to ignore him & busied herself in cutting fruits.He leaned on her & whispered in a low,husky tone that nobody could hear anything.

"I want IT Khushi.''

"KYA..."She screamed & the Raizada family took their heads out of their breakfasts & looked at her allarmed.

"What? I want that orange juice Khushi.Could you pass me that?''He said innocently looking at her & the family.

"Khushi bitiya,aap thik toh hain na?''Nani inquired in an concerned tone.

"Hu...hum...haan Naniji hum bilkul thik hain.''

She assured Nani.Everyone finished breakfast & Raizada Brothers stood to leave for office.Arnav was waiting in lounge area for Aakash to bring the file which he forgot in his room in hurry.He overheard Nani & Khushi's conversation.

"Khusi bitiya,I & Anjali bitiya are going for the satsang in afternoon.If you want then you can go to your Buaji's house for some hours till we return.Akele aap ka mann nahi lagega ghar ma.''Nani said affectionatly.

"Nahi Naniji.Hum thik hain.You don't worry about me.Aur phir Lakshmiji hain na humare saath.''She flashed an 1000 watt smile at Nani.

Arnav's face now had ever lasting smirk.He calculated everything & strode out to his SUV.Aakash came & they left for AR.

                   Khushi was in their bedroom talking with Lakshmi & stacking neatly folded clothes in closet.Her chatter was beyond Lakshmi's tiny brain still she was listening her sitting on the mat perking her ears upward.Suddenly Khushi felt his presence.Gust of wind informed his arrival.But how could that possible?It was afternoon.He was supposed to be in office barking orders at poor AR employees.Nevertheless she turned & piles of cloths slipped from her cluch.He stood right at the middle of door with his killer smirk & hands stuffed in pant pockets.She stood statued on the spot with open mouth & wide eyes.Lakshmi left the room after seeing him.They had an strong tuning.He came in & bolted the door securely.He locked his eyes into her's & started taking measured strides at her.Her frozen state melted with his burning gaze & she started reciprocating him with each backward step untill she hit her back to the wall.She was too numb to even blink her eyelids.He could hear heartbeats of her frantically beating heart.Her feminine frangrance started enveloping him.He bent to her ear & whispered in his husky voice to send tingling sensations down her spine.

"I can't wait Khushi.''

She closed her eyes in anticipation.He looked at her quivering lips & brushed his own on them to see the effect on her.Her cheeks turned a dark red & he again bent to her ears.He wanted to play along for sometime.

"Remember the packet you showed me in morning?That condo...''

"Arnavji!!"She exclaimed to interrupt him from uttering that word.More red contributed in her already scarlet cheeks.Her shyness was testing his patience.She was looking everywhere but at him & thinking constantly on ways to escape his hungry gazes.He pressed his bady some more into her to let her know his state.She gasped in utter shock due to the contact & tried pushing him off her.He held her both hands tightly in his one & whispered in a dangerously low voice.

"Don't even try Khushi.Cause I won't leave you today at any cost.''

"Arnavji...''She tried reasoning him but he hushed her by keeping his finger on her lips.Her gaze averted from his face to his finger on her lips.Innocence.Her innocence was driving him insane.He felt her lips quiver under his touch.His eyes lowered to her lips from her eyes.She also needed it.He could feel her trembling lips getting hot by each passing second.He removed his finger on her lips & cupped her cheeks.She again closed her eyes & waited for the full kiss.He claimed her lips into an passionate kiss to leave her trembling with pleasure in his arms.She responded him with equal passion by cluching on to his coat,pulling his hair & digging nails on his neck.How long could she resist this devil of her husband.The fire ignited to burn all the desires & temptations within them.He started tending her neck with soft feathery kisses occasionaly biting & soothening her.She continued cluching his coat & let him do his way.He took out the packet from his right pocket & after showing it to her reached her earlobe & whispered in a ragged still husky voice.

"Would you allow me to use this con*o* packet Khushi?''He was trying hard to control his wild desires.She blushed an extreme tint of red & hided her face into his chest.That's it.He lost the last string of sanity & scooped her in his strong arms & strode towards the bed.She cluched onto his coller.He laid her carefully on bed.She refused to open her eyes & continued her blushing & hyperventilating.He looked mesmerised at her once & bent all over her to claim her his for eternity.At the same instance both heard a distant ringing bell which increased gradually & brought both of them to current time.She pushed him aside & sat on bed to straighten her saree & messed up hair.

"Lagta hai wo log aa gaye.''She said looking at door.

"Who?''He asked her trying to gain his calm back.

"Di & Naniji.I have to go Arnavji.Naniji will need me.''

"What about me Khushi?What about my NEEDS.''He said helplessly.

"Not now Arnavji.Try to understand.''

She said in pleading tone & made her way out of bedroom towards Raizada living room leaving an hot & restless Arnav.What an afternoon.What he had planned & what he was getting?A cold shower?Little did he knew,with his crazy family & craziest wife arround,he would often need the much needed cold showers.


Part 3-Sweet Torture

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Cold showers!!! LOL Wink

Continue soon, my guttery neighbor!! Big smile

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Omg u are updating then waiting for next part and this part was too hot, landed in gutterland , cold shower too guttery

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hot hot hot Embarrassed Embarrassed

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can't wait...continue plz...

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Another cold shower? Nooo!! Lol .. LOL

That was a great read dear .. Hope you would continue these guttershots & finally will let him have a warm bath. Wink

Thanks for the PM :)

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hehe Arnav will have to have more cold showers i guess, everytime interruption.
poor guy

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