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***ABHIYA SS : FROM DARK TO LIGHT***Chp-5;pg-16*25/02/13 (Page 4)

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Thnx guys 4 such a huge response on my 1st OS. @ love piya abhay,Koli97,meerubzara,Rosamale,Luckdiya,Loverabhiya,Barki,Rumki

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****** CHAPTER : TWO ******

Dobriyal Mansion:
The silence of d mansion was disturbed by ringing of d phone which was picked up by a plump woman after 4th ring.The Caller without any preamble,"Do u think u can run away with this?" Woman confused,"H...h..hello? Who is there?".Caller,"How can u 4get Mrs.Madhu dobriyal?We d killers cud nt 4get n u 4got!!".
Madhu was petrified after listening d word Killers b now it all came to her.Madhu stood there unable to speak anything,just then a man who seemed like going somewhere came n saw d condition of Madhu.He asked,"Madhu...Madhu..Who is...?"Madhu who was standing there petrified a moment ago finally uttered,"Pr...praveen they..they r back".Praveen who was unable to understand anything took d phone from her n said,"Hello?".Caller in a mocking tone,"Pehchana ya...".Praveen now fully understood who is d caller gulped n said,"Y..yes H..How can i forget?".Caller,"Good u remember,otherwise u know what i can do.I think u know why i hav called?.It has been 2 yrs since i have completed my part of contract by killing Arnab n his wife Sugandh dat too with such a precision dat it is still seen as an accident not at all a murder bt urs part is still pending.U promised me a share of 20% in ur Dobriyal groups worth billions.U seem to forget it?".Praveen,"No no I m nt running away.Pls try 2 understand.I know...i know u have successfully completed d contract bt still there is one problem."clearly showing his restlessness.Caller irritated,"what prob now?".Praveen,"U know dat Dobriyal Groups was owned by my younger bro Arnab coz my father had totally disowned me from any of his belongings.Now as my father,my bro n bhabhi r no more,things would have been easier bt still there is a major prob.(pause) My bro had an only daughter named Piya.U know dat she was also in d car at d time u killed them n threw d car down d cliff.Later on we found d dead bodies of Arnab n Sugandh bt cud nt find any trace of Piya.It means it is possible dat she is alive somewhere.With Piya being d legal heir of Arnab dobriyal i can own d Dobriyal groups only after her consent on papers n after dat only i can fullfill my promise...Coz if i somehow take over d company by creating some fake papers,what if she turned out alive some day,demanded her rights n exposed us?"he said in one go n finally waited 4 d reply from d other side after taking a long breath.
Caller,"so this Piya is d prob.I will send my detectives 2 find out something abt her.U just send me her photograph bt if i found out anything wrong from urs side U WILL SEE D REAL ME" n he cut d call.Praveen who was literally sweating after listening 2 d warning just kept d receiver n glanced 2wards Madhu who was till now just staring her husband with a worried expression.Bt he told her,"Madhu i m going 2 dehradoon 4 a business meeting" n left.

A black mercedes stopped in front of d St. Mary orphanage.Abhay came out of d car,went 2wards d other side,opened d door n asked 4 her permission 2 carry her inside.She just nodded.He 1st opened her seat belt,while opening d seat belt he got a chance 2 watch her closely."She is beautiful n soo innocent" he thought n a strange feeling engulfed him,he just stared at her innocent eyes which reminded him of her harsh truth n he snapped out of his thoughts.He picked her up in his arms n inhaled her heavenly scent again.
Did he see her blush?.Piya who could sense his continuous gaze blushed unknowingly.
Sister Martha saw a stranger carrying Piya n coming 2wards d orphanage,she immediately came out 2 inquire about d person n d matter.Sister Martha,"Piya...Piya what happened my child?".Piya was about 2 answer bt Abhay answered 4 her,"she was knocked out by someone n she fell on d road,twisted her ankle n also her belongings got ruined in d process".Sister Martha felt pity 4 d poor girl n said,"How many times i have told u 2 take someone with u when u go out bt no u r hell bent on becoming independent!.Thank u so much son 4 helping her.People have no sentiments 4 disabled these days".
She guided Abhay 2 Piya's room.
Abhay smiled n carried her 2 her room.
As soon as Abhay placed Piya on her bed,she shyly said"Thanks" 2 him.Abhay was about 2 answer when his mobile rang.He saw d no. of one of his employee n then remembered dat he was late 4 a meeting n was hurrying 4 it before he found Piya.He picked up d phone n before d caller could say anything he said,"Cancel d meeting.I have a more imp work 2 do".Caller,"bt Sir d meeting s very imp.".Abhay,"When i said cancel d meeting then i mean it.If it s so imp. then tell them 2 meet me tomorrow" n cut d call.Caller was hell surprised n did as he was told.
Piya who was listening 2 all this till now said,"plz sir don't...".Abhay," I m Abhay...Abhay Raichand n u don't need 2 thank ur friend.Don't call me sir it makes me feel like i m a bhuddha!".Piya was pleasantly surprised at this n smiled widely.

Continued below...

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Abhay was mesmerised by her cute smile.
Sister Martha who was observing them till now smiled at Abhay n again expressed her gratitude 2wards him.
Then she took out her moblie n called someone,"Armaan r u free son?".
"Yes,kind of,nothing imp 2 do.Any imp work?",Armaan replied."Then plss come here asap,Piya has twisted her ankle".
Armaan,"OMG Miss Independent oops Piya!wait sister i m coming in a minute". N cut d call.
She smiled n told Abhay dat she had called Dr.Armaan from d nearby hospital.He is an intern there n often provides his services 2 d children in orphanage.Abhay was listening 2 her smiling n glanced 2wards Piya who was also smiling.
Just then a handsome boy clad in white coat came charging inside.Without looking at anyone he straight away questioned Piya,"How many times i hav told u to take anyone's no preferably my help when u go outside? Bt no Miss independent doesn't listen 2 anyone.See what u have done".He came near her n sat near her feet n examined them.Abhay was hell surprised by his bombardment.Just then Sister Martha gestured Armaan towards Abhay.Armaan,"Oh i m really sorry.I didn't notice.BTW i m Dr. Armaan Malik".
Abhay,"I m Abhay Raichand,Nice 2 meet u".
Armaan surprised,"U mean u r Abhay Raichand d CEO of Raichand industries.Dad was talking abt u yesterday itself.I thought u would be an experienced n older bt u r hardly...".Abhay smiled showing his dimples n said,"24 n so u r d son of Dhanraj Malik.we hav very cordial business relationship with Maliks".
Sister Martha n Piya were hell shocked at this revelation.Now d respect 4 Abhay increased manifold in Piya's heart.She thought,"he is so young n such a big achiever.He is such a nice person" n smiled 2 herself.Later Abhay n Armaan talked abt d incident.Armaan thanked him n told him dat he n Piya r frens,he is an intern at Sanjeevani Hospital which is just at a 5minutes distance from here.Abhay was glad 2 know dat at least Piya had someone who cares abt her bt why did he feel uneasy abt Armaan's frenship with Piya?.Armaan joked with Piya n she giggled loudly.They talked n talked until Abhay took their leave not before giving her a quick glance.Piya said him goodbye shyly.

Next Day,Abhay was strangely in a very good mood bt he himself didn't know why.He thought about Piya d whole night.Her smile,laughter,her innocence,her cheeks dat faintly turned a shade of Red whenever he talked 2 her n finally her big dark brown baby like innocent eyes bt devoid of any colour of life!!.His car stopped before d Orphanage,he came out carrying some articles.He met Sister Martha n told her dat he had come here 2 meet Piya.She was glad 2 know dat.He knocked at d Piya's room n saw dat door was opened n she was sitting on her bed.Piya knew who it could be.Afterall she can recognize his majestic footsteps among hundreds of people as blind have their other senses well developed as an compensation.She welcomed him n offered him a seat.Abhay was surprised as 2 how she cud recognize him.He just came near her sat near her feet on her bed.He 1st gave her a bouquet of Blue Roses.She gladly accepted it n smelled the flowers.She asked abt their colour n when she came 2 know abt Blue she smiled widely n said,"Oh Abhay these r my fav.!thnk u soo much bt How did u know?".
Abhay just told her it was just a co incidence bt he himself was surprised as 2 how did he know dat?.He hadn't read her mind or anything.How can he know her so much after just one meeting?.Had he been thinking abt her too much? Or she has become an imp part of his life after just one meeting!.
Then he gave her a new white stick n goggles.Piya protested with tears in her eyes bt Abhay wiped them n said in an intense voice,"Shhh Piya don't cry.I told u na no formalities with ur frens.Tears don't suit ur beautiful eyes".Piya cried more loudly at this by hiding her face in her Palms.Abhay felt his heart wrench at d thought of any Pain 2 her.He just consoled her n was about 2 ask her something when Armaan entered d room.He saw Abhay n greeted him n Piya too.They talked n joked when Piya dozed off.Armaan put a blanket on her n came out wid Abhay.Abhay asked him abt Piya.Armaan told him dat she never talks abt her past.She perhaps lost her eyes in an accident 2 yrs ago.Someone admitted her in our hospital as it d nearest 2 d site of accident n then only i came 2 know abt her.Strangely she hadn't any external injury at dat time so we thought dat she must be fine.Bt after abt 20 days when she opened her eyes SUDDENLY EVERYTHING WAS DARK 4 HER.DARKNESS HAD ENGULFED AN ANGEL's LIFE!.Also we found out dat her parents had died in d same accident.She remained in shock 4 sometime bt wid d support n love of hospital staff n orphanage she slowly recovered from dat trauma.Perhaps those incidents have made her more strong.Dat s why she decided 2 do a vocational course 4 economical support 2 d orphanage after learning dat d Orphanage was being short of funds.

Continued below...

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Continued frm above...
Armaan n Abhay were sitting on d chairs in d backyard garden of d orphanage,talking about Piya's past.Armaan told everything he knew abt Piya 2 Abhay while Abhay was listening 2 him quietly with an expression mixed with astonishment,pain n something strange.Abhay still remembered dat day 2 yrs ago when he had come 2 dehradun 4 d 1st time.There was something strange abt dat night.He was feeling uneasy,uncomfortable n restless in d guest house.He was feeling as if someone his very own needs him badly n if he didnt help dat person he wud loose a part of him 4ever n his heart will bleed 4 his whole eternal life bt who?.He came out of d guest house n begin 2 walk 2wards d road 2 find some solace bt was strangely drawn 2wards d cliff near d highway.There he saw d roadside barriers broken n thought dat some accident might have happened.Then d fresh smell of blood hit his nostrils.It didn't take more 2 make him realize dat accident had occurred recently may be few hours or minutes ago.He was drawn 2wards d heavenly scent of d blood n he descended down d hill 2wards d deep gorge.There he spotted a body tangled in d thorny bushes very badly bruised n bleeding profusely.He came near her n saw dat it was a girl.Her clothes were torn n she was very badly injured esp her face was covered with blood may be she had recieved bad injuries on her head.His dead heart wrenched 2 see dat unknown girl.He checked her pulse n found out dat she was alive.He picked her up n began 2 ascend slowly 2wards d highway.He kept her on d road n was thinking 2 heal her bt strangely her blood was pulling him coz he had never felt like this before n he had full control over his bloodlust.He wanted 2 help her anyway so he started healing her external injuries slowly while keeping a grip on himself.Just then he listened some noise n found out dat some people along with police had reached d accident site.He told them dat he is going 2 admit d girl 2 d nearby hospital n they must also do d same with others if there r any more people injured n left.
He had kept d girl in d emergency ward,compelled d doctors 2 treat her n had left not knowing dat he would be meeting d same girl after 2 yrs dat too in such circumstances!
Armaan broke his deep thoughts as he was calling him from 5mins.Abhay snapped back 2 reality n apologised.Armaan told him dat after 5 days Piya's Bday is coming.I m planning 2 do something special 4 her.Would u join if u dont mind?.Abhay gladly accepted.He had decided dat if this dark life of his is able 2 spread some happiness n light in Piya's life,then he would do anything or everything 4 it!
Armaan was abt 2 leave when Abhay remembered something n called him back.He asked him abt his specialisation.Armaan said i m interested in Neurology.Abhay as if decided something,"Armaan can u do all d necessary checkups n tests of Piya coz i need 2 find out what exactly d prob is n if there r any chances of her getting her eyes back?".Armaan saw him jaw dropped n cud see d genuine concern 4 Piya in Abhay's eyes.Why didn't it occur 2 him?,thought Armaan.Before he could say something Abhay said dat he would bear all d expenses of any level treatment.
Armaan assured him dat he would consult d other surgeons of his hospital n would provide him report in afew days.Now Armaan's eyes lit up with a new hope.He thanked Abhay again n again n left.
Abhay wanted 2 see Piya smile,happy n now he had decided dat he would be her protector n guardian n she will not suffer any more.He went 2 sister Martha n handed over her a cheque worth 10 crore rupees as a donation 4 d orphanage.She was overwhelmed n stood astounded from her seat.Bt Abhay calmed her down n told her not 2 mention his name as donator 2 anyone nt even Piya coz 1stly he didnt want any publicity n 2ndly as much as he knew Piya he didnt want her think abt this as his pity on her n will hurt her self respect.

Piya in her room had now woken up after a good sleep of 3 hrs.Her beautiful soft pink lips broke into a breathtaking smile as soon as she remembered Abhay's name which was d 1st thing dat came into her mind when she got up.She thought how much imp he has become 2 her after just 2 meetings.Oh! I just love his calm,serious n husky voice.He is such a nice person n a perfect gentleman.She felt lucky 2 have a fren like him.Though she was not able 2 say much in his presence n felt tongue tied bt d feeling of comfort along with a strange belongingness soothed her.His touch on her was so gentle as if he were carrying a flower n his musky smell evokes something else in her.She was feeling happy after so much time bt suddenly she remembered her truth n snapped out of her thoughts."Shut up Piya!,u r taking his help n pity as something more.U r just a bad news a blind n unlucky girl who can only give darkness 2 others.Just enjoy his frenship 4 d time being n keep ur silly thoughts away from any stupidity".She closed her eyes n a tear escaped her eyes.

Chap 2 updated.   

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plz continu soon

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Plz continue soon nd pm me

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wow great update pia's past is really sad but y abhay attract toward her is some soulmate thing is their dat may be she is his soulmate and

if i got chance dan i am gonna kill dat praveen and madhu d _ _ _ _ _ _ _ they r real monster and dat moron killer... abhay definately teach them gud lesson...

thanks 4 dis beautifull update u knw wat mujhe ye dono chaps ache lage dat i read them 3-4 times... really nice

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please continued soon

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