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Your Love Broke Me ~ Thread 2 (Page 11)


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Posted: 01 October 2012 at 10:09am | IP Logged
wow very nice dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sana11 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 October 2012 at 8:12am | IP Logged
wow..the story is all the parts..from mystery to love to care to pain to was a fabulous mixture.ClapClapClapClapClapClap..can u pls pm me with the next update n accpet my buddy requestSmile

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Blondiexzy Goldie

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Posted: 02 October 2012 at 6:40pm | IP Logged
I hope Khushi accept his love now they both went through so much 

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 11:30pm | IP Logged
Congrads on your 2nd thread!!
CHAPTER 39: aww she called him nannav as a child! I'm guessing trauma caused the memory loss. Its such a relief to know that Anjali know about them.

chapter41: she know how he feels,so y the hesitancy?As for her sister...screw it,hes not in love with her! y ruin 3 life's.

Chapter 42:
OMG i was sooo angery at the end of the chapter ahhh i was soo ready to ventCensored, but then i though; She's the author, whatever happens is happening for the best! There has to be a plan! and then i read ur AN!!!and the precap ahhh i can not wait to see what happenes next.LOLDay Dreaming

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ShikhaKhushi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 October 2012 at 8:53am | IP Logged
Chapter 43 - Running Away

"Di? Chalein?" (Di? Shall we go?)

"Haan, tumhaare jijaji humaare saath nahin ayenge. Unhein pehle Pune jaana padega, voh baad mein aayenge." (Yeah, your brother-in-law won't come with us. He has to go to Pune first, he'' come later.)

Arnav nodded and got in the car silently. Anjali followed suit and waited for him to start the engine.

"Chhote? Kya hua? Chalo, ghar nahin jaana kya?" (Chhote? What happened? Don't we have to go home?)

He frowned at her. "Di, aap kuchh bhool rahin hain." (Di, you're forgetting something.)

Her eyes widened and she looked about frantically. "Hum? Kya?" Then she closed her eyes and smacked her forehead as if she had just remembered. "Achha! Khushi? Voh to chali gayi!" (I? What? Oh! Khushi? She has gone already?)

"Chali gayi?" he asked, shocked. "Kahaan?" (Gone? Where?)

Anjali smiled indulgently. "Payalji ke yahaan. Akaash ki patni? Voh Khushi ki mausi ki beti hai, na? Khushi keh rahi thi, Payal yahin rehti hai, to usse milkar hi jaayegi." (At Payal's place. Akaash's wife? She's Khushi's maternal cousin, right? Khushi was saying, Payal lives here, so she'll meet her before returning home.)

Arnav sighed and started the car. He knew what Khushi was trying to do.

Run away from him...


"Khushi!" Payal smiled broadly at her little cousin who hugged her tight.

"Jiji!" Khushi teared up. More than five years since she had seen her jiji. "Bacche kahaan hain?" (Where are the kids?)

Payal led Khushi to the living room where two toddlers were playing. Khushi beamed at them, then at Payal. "Kushal aur Kushaali?" she asked. Her cousin nodded as she grinned at her twin babies.

Khushi hugged Payal again. She needed a change. She needed to stay away from Arnav, especially after last night. Maybe a weekend at her jiji's would help.


It had been a week since Akaash's wedding. And also a week since he had last seen her. Arnav was constantly in a bad mood. He spoke lesser and lesser. He hardly left his room. He was standing at the window, frowning at the view of the Raizada Mansion's garden below when Ritika burst in his room.


He turned to her to see panic on her face and tears flowing from her eyes.

"Ritika? What happened?" he took a few steps towards the girl, apprehension taking over his mind.

"Voh... Chachu..." her finger pointed outside the room.

Arnav looked at his cousin for a minute before he ran out. What he saw in the living room below made his throat constrict painfully. He was rooted at the foot of the staircase. Ritika followed him and hugged his arm as she cried. His father was sprawled on the floor, his fists tight on his chest. His mother was holding his head while his uncle was on the phone. From what he heard, he understood they were calling for an ambulance. Anjali stood there, weeping and rubbing Anant Singh Raizada's hands.

Ritika's mother sat limp on the couch, her eyes devoid. And there was someone else in the room, standing helplessly. Arnav's eyes focused on the lawyer who stood just a few feet from his father, too shocked to react. A second later, he heard the helicopter in the garden and it was only a matter of minutes before his father was taken away with his uncle.

Aradhna staggered to her son, her face wet with the tears she was pouring.

"Humein unke paas le chalo beta..." he heard her whisper. (Take me to him, son...)

He stared at her for some time, her words refused to sink in his mind. But gradually, he was understanding what had happened, what was happening. His eyes widened in disbelief and then he was running to the largest car in the Raizada's yard.


"Chachu?" Arnav stood beside his uncle.

Girish Singh Raizada cocked his head towards the young man but did not look at him. Arnav sighed. He had just seen his father. Anant was out of danger but he had slipped into a coma. The women were in all their states, either weeping silently or wailing as loudly as the nurses would allow.

"Chachu, ghar par..." he gulped nervously. "Ghar par... vakeel kyun aaya tha?" (Why had the lawyer come home?)

His uncle's head snapped up immediately.

"Tumhein kaise pata..." (How do you know...)

"I saw him. When dad was having the attack."

Girish shook his head in the most unconvincing way. "Kuchh nahin, beta. Chinta mat karo." (Nothing, son. Don't worry.)

But it was enough for Arnav. He knew something was wrong. His uncle had never failed to impress him when he had been a child. He was always in control. But today was different. He was too unsettled.

"Chachu, please, tell me."

The man closed his eyes and turned away from his nephew. He sighed deeply and Arnav thought he should let drop the matter. But right then, his uncle decided to speak.

"Kuchh nahin raha humaare paas." (We've lost everything.)

"What?" Arnav stared at him incredulously. "Kya matlab?" (What do you mean?)

Girish rubbed his forehead. "Humaari saari property, Raizada khaandaan ke naam pe jo saari property thi, sab kuchh kissi aur ke naam ho chukka hai." (All our property, whatever belonged to the Raizadas, everything is now on another person's name.)

Arnav scowled at the ground in disbelief. "But how?"

"Yahi to meri samajh mein nahin aata. Lawyer yeh keh rah atha ke maine sign karke saari jayedaat kissi aur ke naam kar diya. Magar mujhe to aisa kuchh bhi yaad nahin... shaayad dhokhe se..." he dropped his gaze to the tip of his shoes. "Vakeel saab ne kaha ke voh insaan mujhse milna chaahata hai, aaj," he glanced at his watch. "In fact, ek ghante mein. Mujhe lagta hai mujhe ab chalna chaahiye." (That's what I don't understand. The lawyer is saying that I signed everything away to somebody else. But I don't remember anything like that... maybe by trickery... The lawyer said that person wants to meet me, today. In fact, in an hour. I should go now.)

Girish started walking away but he came back to pat his nephew's shoulder. "Sabka khayaal rakhna." (Take care of everyone.)

Arnav watched his uncle disappear round the corner before he sat down on the plastic bench in the clinic's corridor. He didn't know this was the last time he would ever see Girish Singh Raizada again...


Monday morning was slightly colder when Khushi got down from the train, as she had reached her village. She expected no one to come fetch her as she had forbidden her parents to send anyone. She wanted to walk back home, sort out her feelings before she met Arnav again.

She tightened the dupatta she had wrapped like a shawl around her, reaching the exit. She had not packed anything else because it was warmer earlier and Lucknow was still as hot as in summer. Suddenly, as she was walking down the steps to the road, warmth enveloped her.

Khushi stopped and looked up in dark grey eyes. They were somehow filled with anger but he secured  his jacket firmly around her shoulders.

"It's winter," he muttered to her under his breath while she looked at him with her eyes miles wide. "Tumhein pata hai you need to have something to keep you warm?"

Her jaw fell open. Arnav, the last person she wanted to see, was standing in front of her tall and irresistibly handsome than ever in a baby blue shirt – first two buttons undone, no tie – and a jet black suit – whose jacket was now around her shoulders and he had omitted the vest that particular day.

"Ab chalogi, ke yahin rehne ka iraada hai?" he said. He was angry. Tears filled her eyes. At her? (Now, will you come or do you intend to stay here?)


He sighed and bent to take the duffel bag from her hand. "Chalo." (Come.)

When they were already in the car and driving back home, she glanced at him briefly. His brow was furrowed and his teeth clenched together.

"Kuchh hua hai kya?" she dared to ask, her voice barely a whisper. (Did something happen?)

"Mere dil tutne ke alaava?" he growled back. She remained silent, her tears threatening to fall. He pinched his eyes close for a second. "Sorry," his tone was softer just for that word, it hardened almost instantly as he continued. "Ghar chalo, pata chal chaaega..." (Apart from my heart breaking, you mean? Sorry. We'll reach home, then you'll know.)

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preet_21Rain_dropanonymous1906baby2012B2DB75naturallaanisa...neeshahaidersuganya91shreelakshanmalinimkaris2395nivi21sunshaeyblacklady1neena2000mdm2013ipkforfunmattshiamages1866zunaishacutiedyutiNammrataDEEWANI94VioletFlowercutyanushkaManasvychewywonbinnaj84Gr8tymsmrigncuty_sweety_piemerry777anusha_nehaminnie me5armadsweatmango9290860623AUMMbaishalimanjusha_92zoyadarkrosekanthi_chksSilvergirlhari93saj111ssaaaaprabha75DiaphanousLilaUKmz.brarKeenaraasmaali0987pri3lovebansaldiya55gnainahasheyswarnakolasanibea_romkamtokdinshona136Dimz13ammullu1Ashgarshifan91jg12Arilipship13mit0905Huleygirlloves_aishuAsvatisrija.singh04ifsaal044Sonaparam29Reader_Hobbyamri123aeyshaalimshasru26pantrossyBlondiexzyMyAnastasia18dproversessyfatima2603shils28blue-eyeArshi1195meem17blah_blah3anarshismiley13saavan_loverakshadNikhi.INGCIVHonkytonkvidya.sanjaymsmarplecaskermoonlight2630hira2050seshatreemirka88abivicky86HopeShamz94LeenaRocksN0306swtsamRhysennRishita.SIholicSamyxxarshiadvayswatim318jen_xlakraj80binimotiLooneyLunaIronButterflyluvbugsarozzpenny25KtotheMshagun05saga_twilightKurupneasyabellarosaMDTharunISensedYousana11Crazy_souljahnvi.luvs.ASRPrani08frenzyyHot.Pink.HeelsHaRul-loverkriti_atharvjakhushimandy15..Anita..lavalinalaksh65NewbiesoapfanChitraFLOLWAsAaluPr1yankafffan123jas0308crazyyfankbtr..SunnYaara..pup03cheesemadMeenuCrazyPandaRasgulla_spmishti_17Fazila~

LeenaRocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 October 2012 at 10:53am | IP Logged
Good One Sweetie!!

but i thit the precap in the last update was supposed to be that of Radhika's exposure?!

anyways bring it on the way u want!! 

will wait for the next update!! 


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shagun05 IF-Dazzler

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nice update!!!!

Waiting for the suspense to unveil about the property fiasco!!

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luv u jaan and thanks for yhr pm

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