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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 1:33pm | IP Logged
update soon :)

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Originally posted by RTlicious

Searing Hot Appy! Wow...m sweating here! lolEmbarrassed
Loved the update...glad you finally wrote about their night together and I'm so glad that it was pleasurable for both of them and not awkward!Big smile
Looking forward to the next one!Smile

wow,what is it that whenever am freely drooling over my favorite fictions,i come across my favorite 3 writers on my favorite fictions!
yes,am talkin bout you with RTlicious di.Appy_Indy and Madhu di and you of course are my favorite. . .
i completely agree that it was a hot update. .Blushing
i already read it 4 times fully,and have so much to share,but waiting to type it using laptop,i can't risk typing all on my mobile,coz in between it gets stuck. . .
waiting to comment. . .
and ya,i too am glad to read a happy mud making session instead of a shy and embarrassing one. .Appy_Indy Di is the best. . .and you and Madhu di too. .
Heart u 3 with full heart,
i May be late,but i never miss any of your updates. .never,ever. . .
keep writing Appy_Indy Di. .
love Shraddha. .Hug

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Author's note:
"I condemn indirect bashing in the name of constructive critisism, if u really feel like being constructive... pm me, i wont eat u".
If you have any problem with the story you are free to express your thoughts with me on the thread. but if you have anything else to discus other than the story such as grammar, spelling mistakes, tense problems, structure PLEASE PM ME.

Chapter 15: Some Promises and Some Truths

She was tossing and turning on the white bed spread. Her petite nude body covered with a thin sheet. No wonder why their comforter was lying down on the floor. After the hot night and so much hotness around them who would be comfortable sleeping inside the comforter?


After their love making session both of them tired to sleep but they couldnot as lots of things started arising in their mind. Sometimes he kissed her forehead thinking about something and sometimes she kissed him on his chest hugging him tightly. But both of them did not share their thoughts with each other.

It was almost 5 am in the morning when khushi saw her watch last time and after that she dozed off. Arnav fell asleep much before khushi.

She rested her head on his tummy and slept peacefully.

She stretched her arms to feel him but to her surprise she fond it empty. Opening her eyes adjusting her vision she saw his hazy form standing near the window.

He had a bath and was standing wrapping a big towel around his waist. His chest was bare. She could sense that he was in deep thoughts.

Khushi checked herself once and felt a little shy finding herself wearing nothing at all.

She wrapped the white sheet around her and walked towards Arnav.

He knew she was up but he did not look back.

He sensed him coming towards him but still he remained in the same position.

Khushi could see waters rolling down his long spine. She gulped immediately to swallow her deries.

She gradually came and stood beside him and that's when arnav saw her and gave her a smile "good morning" he said in a husky ton.

She walked a bit more close to him and stood in front of him.

He held her hand which was holding the sheet and moved it to embrace her.

She removed his hand which was clutching the bed sheet to let arnav smuggle in.

He slid his arms around her waist while she wrapped her arms around him still holding the sheet.

Both of them gasped in pleasure when their body flushed again with each other. He could feel her warm breast against him and she could feel his wet chest on her.

He tucked her lose strands of hair behind her ears and leaned to kiss her when his phone rang.

Khushi saw the caller id "Di calling"

She was about to move when arnav held her and took the call while holding her.

Resting her head on his chest caressing his chest muscles she waited him to finish his call.

"ya di, no we are still out, I told you di, I know I told you that we will be home by 8, no di we are not done yet, we will take some more time.

He abruptly cut the call and threw the phone on the sofe beside them.

"what happened Arnav? Di kya bol rahi thi?" she asked him.

"Nothing khushi, you know di na, she was asking that why are we still not home" he said in a little frustrated tone.

"and you wanted to stay back?" she asked shyly.

He cupped her face and replied "we need to talk"

Khushi was really very happy to hear that. Even she wanted to talk to him and she knew this was the right time.

She hugged him back murmured near his chest.

"Arnav I am very scared"

"kyun khushi? He asked caressing her hair.

"Arnav I hope nothing changes between us after last night you know what I mean. You are the only person I have in my life with whom I can do whatever I want to and can share each and everything without any hesitation. I really cherish our relationship and I really don't want to get this spoiled at any cost. Arnav there is nothing which I cant discuss with you and if any day I am unable to do the same I am sure I am going to suffocate to death"

"khushi, trust me nothing is going to change between us. I can assure you. You mean a lot to me. No matter how upset I am with you I still cant think of a day without you. You are my best friend and you will remain my best friend forever. But I am hurt khushi."

Khushi immediately broke the hug and looked at him in confusion.

"why are you hurt arnav?"

"Because you hid something from me. I still don't know something about you. I am hurt that you did not discuss that with me.

Khushi was now hell confused and scared. Confused because she racked her brain to find out aisa kya hai jo usne arnav ki nahi bataya. And scared because no matter how easy she was but she was always afraid when arnav became angry. Arnav hardly loses his temper but when he loses it no one can pacify him for sure. That was the last thing khushi wanted to face. Koi bhi kuch bhi bol de but when it came to arnav she was literally scared to be scolded by him.

"What did I hide from you arnav? I am really not getting it."

Arnav pulled her in enbrace sensing her nervousness and calm her down a bit. His intension was not to scare her.

"khushi, why do you take contraceptive pills? Don't you use protection?"

Khushi sighed with relief after hearing his question.

"God you scared me arnav"

"I take them so that I am 200% safe. I don't believe in protection. Kya pata agar koi hole hua to? I cannot bear any ayerey gayerey ka baccha after all.

Arnav smiled at her and kissed her forehead.

"but khushi do you know that sometime over consuming these medicines can cause problems to conceive?"

"No arnav, I showed it to my gynocologist and she has only prescribed it".

"you have shown a gynie? why? Di knows about it? How come you went alone? Why did not you tell me? Khushi are you hiding anything else from me?"

wowowo! Relax yaar. Its nothing serious. No di doesnot no anything about it and I did not tell you because it was not a big deal.

Big ho ya small khushi I expect you to tell me each and everything. And you are showing it to a gynie is not a small thing khush.

"Oh arnav please stop this yaar. Ab meine bata diya hai na reason now stop fussing ok"

Arnav sighed and hugged her tightly squeezing her in his arms.

Khushi closed her eyes and thought "I am sorry arnav, I cannot tell you that my womb is weak and I need to get pregnant immediately, I was so glad that the offer was from your end at first coz I knew it if I tell you then you will suspect something. But I really want a baby, my baby, I want to be a mother. I know the doctor told me that I need to go to regular medication before I conceive to strengthen my womb but she also said that if it is late then there might be a conceiving issue."

"kahan kho gai?" he asked her bringing her back from her thoughts.

"in your embrace" she replied.

He picked her up in his arms and walked towards the bed.

Placing her on the bed he crawled on her and dropped himself in her. She removed his towel.

He could feel his hardness in between her legs pressing roughly on hers.

He looked at her and smile while she looked at him and pouted.

"what happened? Why are you pouting?" he asked.

"you know what, you guys are so lucky" she said pouting all the more.

"what made you say this madam?" he asked her muzzling his nose near her nape.

"imagin, I wont be able to have s*x during my pregnancy and you will be able to have it."

"oh that's why we are lucky? But khushi even you can have sex during your pregnancy, I mean after the 5th month till 8th month you can have it" he said seriously.

She immediately punched her on his chest saying "how could you arnav?"


"how can you even thing that I am going to allow anybody touch our baby like that?"

She immediately got up and started hitting arnav with the pillows quite seriously.

"how can you even allow me to do that arnav? I know you are quite chilled types but seriously arnav I can never think of doing it with other men during my pregnancy.

"I hate you"

He immediately spun her around and pinned her on the bed holding her wrist on the either side of her head.

He chuckled one of her bosoms and flicked her nippled.

"khus! I promise you that I am not going to touch any female during our pregnancy, infact till the time you are absolutely fine having s*x with others. I was just checking your thoughts. What you feel about the whole thing. And don't you dare have s*x with other men when you are carrying my baby.

He came on top of her and hugged her.

"Khushi today I want to promise you something. It is not necessary that even you follow this but I want to promise you.


"Khushi I am never going to have kid with any other woman."

Both became extremely silent after that. She was looking at the ceiling and he was resting his chin on her bare shoulder with his eyes closed.

"aaarnav! What are? (she gets cut)

"khushi, I don't wish to discuss about this. This is my final decision"

alone tear traveled down her cheeks and touch arnav's cheeks.

He immediately looked up and saw her eyes. He kissed her cheeks and hugged her back.

It's a promise from Arnav Singh Raizada that his soul fatherhood will only belong to our child. He will never have any kid with any other woman and only you will be the child's mom. No one will have any claim on our child other than us. And my entire property will be our child's and even you cannot deny his haq.



So guys just reminding you that the entire love making part was in flashback and from the next chapter the current time story will start. I hope you liked this part. i know it was a bit small but I had to finish it here only because in the next update we will be back to khushi's miscarriage phase.

Musu Musu Hasi

Chapter 16
God's Gift

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OMG  Me 1st *Faint* PartyDancing
Awesome.. Like always.. Clap
But I Can't Bealeve Im 1st To Comment... Yippie..Silly

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Haila wat an do u manage to write awesome updates everytime???

Just loved it, I feel for Khushi...but the last statement of Arnav was just Jhakasss

one question- why do ppl call u paro? LOLEmbarrassed


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MissNadia Goldie

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Hy loved the update loved the ending arnavs promise glad the story moving on now
Cant wait for more
Update soon

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Sweet-bird Senior Member

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I m surprised..this update is really first..Big smile

This part is so touching, emotional..

I just love this Arnav..hats off to this guy, when he said that his n khushi's baby will be thier only child..tears in my eyes when he promised her that during her pregnancy he is not going to do that with other woman..

Still now bonded for the womb 1 is the best..ur other works can't touch that.. sorryLOL...that was something different..The best FF i have ever read..

Plz dont make them weak, hopelss, wish BFTW2 will also be hit like BFTW 1..I m eager to know when khushi will be pregnant again..I want to see Arnav's care for his child..

Plz update ONS2..that is my fav ff now..

Update soon..I m a great stalker..1st page without PMLOL

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wonderful part
arnav ..he is a gem...god he loves her so much...
when will they realize that they love each other insanely..??

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