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Congats on new thread waiting for next update :-)

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Wen r u updating???
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Updateee pleasseeerrr
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Loved it...
another nice story..please update soon Smile
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So they still not yet started their date...let us know when they start from RM.may be in a week or two.

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Author's note:
"I condemn indirect bashing in the name of constructive critisism, if u really feel like being constructive... pm me, i wont eat u".
If you have any problem with the story you are free to express your thoughts with me on the thread. but if you have anything else to discus other than the story such as grammar, spelling mistakes, tense problems, structure PLEASE PM ME.

Chapter 14: Making Love (Part A)

They were driving back from the restaurant. Their uneasiness clearly showing on their faces. Especially khushi's


Was she really ready to put their friendship on stake? But why was she thinking in a negetive way anyway? Arnav has told her many times that this is not going to affect their friendship. Then why was she so afraid?


Series of incidents clouding her mind.


The way she was excited today while getting all decked up standing in front of the mirror for god knows how much time unlike her original self.


Spending hours banging her head on the cupboard just thinking what to wear on their date.


Finally she caught hold of her favourite pink dress which Arnav has presented to her when she topped her university.

Her thoughts was broken by the scratch halt of the car. She jerked and looked at him. He looked at her and smiled.

He raised his eyebrows and thinned his lips "so, lets go"

Khushi could only manage a smile. She turned to open the door and finally got down. She walked across the car and stood in front of Arnav who was waiting for her to join him and then go inside the hotel.


after getting the keys both of them boarded the lift to move towards their room.

Arnav steer a glace at khushi and watch her.

She was nervous

She was not looking at him

She was avoiding him probably

She was nervous

That's what he could make out from her expression.

In few more seconds the lift door opened. Khushi immediately straightered herself nervously and was about to go out when arnav held her hand to stop.

Khushi turned to look at him questioningly.

"this isnot our floor"

She check the floor display and sighed.

He pulled her to him immediately after the door closed infront of them.

He back crashed on his chest. He slipped his arms around her waist and whispered. "Khushi, why aren't you talking to me?"

"No, nothing like that Arnav" she managed to stay trying to breadth normally.

"Khushi, we are dating today. Remember?" he said

"Ya, I know, but still I don't know I am feeling a little weird" she replied.

He made her turn toward him and looked at her "may I have the pleasure of kissing the most beautiful person of my life?"

Khushi immediately shifted her gaze from the floor to his eyes. "Arrrnav? Why are you talking like this?"

"What do you expect me to say moti?" He pulled her more on him and kissed her cheeks.

Khushi closed her eyes.

"Man, now that was something. That kiss, well it did not feel same. It was not at all similar to how they previously kissed each other.

She gripped his shirt and he lingered his lips on her already heated cheeks. Both feeling their first physical encounter.

The lift stopped on the topmost floor of the hotel. Arnav picked her up in his arms and headed towards their room.

Khushi wrapped around her arms around his neck and looked at him.

She has never seen this side of him with her. They have been friends since childhood. There was nothing hidden between them. She has hugged him, he is hugged her innumerous times. He has even seen her just in towel. She has may times took out his underwear and given it to him from the cupboard. They have discussed what not. Even they have touched their private parts unconsciously and of course unintentionally. But today the whole thing is feeling so different.

She is dating him today.

She is dating her best friend.

She is very well aware off why they are here.

Are the things going to remain same between them?


He placed her on the ground and opened the room. He moved back and held her shoulder. She turned her head to look at him.

"Come, lets go" he barely whispered brushing his warm breadth against her ear lobs.

Both of them walked into the room and khushi was speechless.

For a moment she was blank.

It was the presidential suit of the hotel. The largest and the most beautiful room. She always wanted to spend one night in that room.

"you have booked this room arnav?" she said excitedly

arnav just loved her expression. He hoped that she will be happy to see that room and to his satisfaction she is happy. Infact very happy.

Khushi immediately turned towards him and hugged him.

"You remembered?" she whispered

Arnav tightened his grip sinking her more into his chest. "yes I do. I remember each and everything that is related to you khushi. I remember each and every expression of yours when you first entered his room after payal and akash's wedding. I still remember your words to payel. "if I ever get a chance to stay in this room then I will make sure it would be with the person who will be my baby's father, my beloved husband"

Khushi broked the hug and looked at him.

"I know I am not your husband but I am going to be your baby's father. I couldn't have chosen a better place than this to gift you our baby.

A single drop trailed down her flushed cheeks.

Arnav instantly kissed her tears and hugged her. He knew she hated to cry, but he also knew she couldnot hold back her emotions when it came to arnav. She did not know but arnav always saw her wet eyes which she always tried to hide from him after he did anything for her no matter how small it is.

"How you always take care of my wants anrav? How you always fulfill my dreams? Meri choti si choti iccha to tumne pura kiya hai."

"And look at me arnav meine tumhare liye kuch bhi nahi kiya hai".

"Kiya hai na"



she looked at him blankly.

What does he mean?


he cupped her face "staying with me all the time, without complaining. Understanding me without questioning. Believing me no matter how wrong I was, supporting me during my hard times. Being my strength whenever I fell weak and most importantly loving me unconditionally.

Khushi did not register anything after he said "loving me unconditionally"

She looked at him, his lips were moving, he was saying something but why isnot she able to register anything after that line?

She looked at his eyes, his expressive eyes which were pouring just love'love'and love.

She looked at his eyebrows frowning and relaxing.

She looked at his expression which was trying to tell her something. But she was blank. Totally blank. The only thing which registered last was "loving me unconditionally"


Khushi! Khushi!

Arnav looked at her bewielved state. He was confused. Did he say too much? What is she thinking? Why is she so blank? Is she offened?


She just blinked at him and parted her lips. Her mind still blank.

Arnav took few steps infront of her and leaned to kiss her.

She moved her head back while looking at him.

He looked at her and held her nape. "let me kiss you khushi"

"No" was the reply from her.

She moved back few steps. "we cant do this arnav"

What? Khushi!

"Arnav I think we will ruin our friendship"

Arnav took few steps towards her and held her shoulders. "we will see"

He claimed her lips.

She gasped in ignition.

He froze for sometime and let the feeling sink in. he wanted her to respond before he proceed.

Their lips were locked

There body were flushed.

The time stood still.

Suddenly the room became silent

They could hear the sound of the clock ticking.

His noce touching her cheeks. Her breadth kissing his cheeks.

Her breadthing was becoming escentric

His control level was decreasing.

He waited

And waited

And waited

When finally he felt her lips responding. Her tiny arms slid along his back. Her lips pressed on his lips.

Arnav moved back and looked at her. "she was looking pretty, very pretty, just like a new bride who has never been kissed".

He tucked her hair strands behind her ear and whispered "Can I kiss the most wonderful lady of my life. Who has made my life so beautifu?"

Unable to bear anymore khushi smacked her lips on lips and smooched him hungrily. Before arnav could register anything they fell on the bed rolling on each other kissing madly. It was a war of kiss. Both dominating. Both reacting the why the partner wanted to react.

He pulled her hair and looked at her with hungry eyes

She claimed his lips with her entire mouth as if she will swallow the entire thing in no time.

He bit her lips making her moan. She immediately chuckled his lips.

He gripped her hair and deepen the kiss, she parted and he darted his tongue inside her. If there was any chance of getting pregnant just by kissing then she would have surely got pregnant tonight just by the way he was kissing her.

Khushi moaned his name in pleasure. He made sure to make her aware of what was coming to her in next few hours. The way he tasted her mouth, she wondered how it will feel if he tastes her there? His way of moving his tongue was unique. With each stoke their encounter reached in a different level.

Dont forget to hit like in this part

Part B: link

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Chapter 14: Making Love (Part B)

Finally they broke their kissing spell and laughed out load. They have never imagined each other like this. It was weird at the same time it felt different. Not really so sinful as they thought it would be at the back of their mind. Both really enjoyed kissing each other no matter what kind of relationship they were into. And today they broke that barrier. Kahin na Kahin they wanted to break it long back but they always held themselves back just at the cost of their pious bond.

But today the whole thing got a different dimension. They now cannot deny the fact that they have never experience such a passionate kiss in their past. May be their friendship added a little more spice. Maybe their so many years of togetherness made difference.

"Wow" he said against her face slipping beside her, resting his head on the pillow now.

"it made me dizzy" she accepted

"me too" he too accepted.

"did you drink something before we left for this?" he teased her

"yes your eyes" she giggled.

"hmm, so you check me out?" he said wiggling his eyebrows

"you are drool worthy arnav and you are forgetting arnav, we are on date today, I have every right to check you out today" she closed her eyes resting on his shoulders.

He held her hand and kissed her knucles "I have something for you"

She immediately opened her eyes and shot a glace at him.

"Please don't deny today khushi, I have every right to gift my date" he said

"very clever" she said angrily.

"that I am" he smirked.

He kissed his forehead and got up. "wait here I will be back"

"where are you going?" she asked him

"Surprise, and have patience, the night is still young. I will be back soon" he winked.


She waited for him sitting on the bed admiring the room. She felt good thinking that it was arnav with whom she came in this room to spend her most memorable night in her most favourite room.

He entered the room and handed over a packet.

"What is this?" she asked seeing the packet.

"Go and change" he said pointing at the bathroom door.

"Magar hai kya?"

"Something in which I want to see you to night"

"it is a lingerie?"

"go and find it out yourself"

Khushi opened the wrapper and was about to open the box when he held her hand.

"if you open it here khushi, then I will make sure you wear it in front of me and for that you know you have to open your clothes here only. Waise I don't mind coz eventually I will see you today. Wearing nothing at all"

Khushi gulped hearing that statement from him "Wearing nothing at all".

Without wasting much time she stormed inside the bathroom and opened the box. She took out the lingerie and absolutely admired it.

It was wine colour again a colour she always adored. Not very revealing yet exposing the right amount of her milky skin. She smiled looking at it and covered her face with it feeling a little shy about the whole incident.

She brushed off her shyness and wore it.


Arnav held his breadth hearing the click of the lock. He did not look at her. Before that he imagined her in that many times and now the very thought that she was actually wearing it was giving him some different feelings. He don't know what this night has held for them. How they are actually going to end up.

He finally turned his face to look at his khushi cladded in his dream lingerie.

Yes this was the first lingerie he had ever designed and he always kept that with him as it was very special and it held a lot of emotions. Today he saw his creation on her. No doubt she was looking much much eligent and beautiful as he thought. It was a perfect fit for her. Aur kyun na ho, it was designed keeping her in mind after all. But he never thought it will look so f***ing gorgeous on her that he himself will admire his creation so much.

Slowly they met their eyes. He took steps towards her and she nervously stood gluded to her place.

In no time he picked her up holding wrapping his arms just below her buttocks. She held his shoulder wrapping her arms around for support. She leaned further and chaptered his lips pushing her face down on his face, deepening the kiss.

PM me for the Blog Link to read the Matured Content.

Rest can continue reading below.

She screamed his name in pleasure.

She held him tightly all along her multiples.

He held her tight until she stopped moving against him and finally collapsed.

He hugged him back tightly supporting her and occasionally kissing her head.

Chapter 15
Some Promises and Some Truths

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