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Who is killing the show?

LadyLaLa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 6:06pm | IP Logged
I have seen some posts on the forum which claim  that our criticism is  killing the serial.  I have nothing against those Topic Makers. It is their opinion and like me, they too are entitled to their views. 

Is it truly our criticism that is killing the serial? When the serial itself shows nothing but negativity how could one expect the viewers to be positive? True, every story has a villain and every story has second leads.. . if the PH wants to  give prominence to Shyam and Anjali in all episodes week after week.. I would say fine, go ahead, and make your day ... but don't expect us to watch it...  .. If CVs  want their villain to be the victor  throughout, I will say good for them...  Keep it that way...  but, they should also be happy with the declining viewer-ship...

How could  voicing displeasure over the story line be construed as  negative criticism?  how are we spreading negativity? no one, absolutely no one (that includes even the ambassadors of PH and the channel) could  compel or coerce the audience to view their content.. wasn't it they who said "Dekhna Hai Tho Dekho" ... so why get upset when  fans  said fine, we have made our choice...  didn't they ask for it..?.

Lately we see a spate of posts complaining about the negativity on the forum.. their worry is that all the "negativity" could potentially  kill the show..  I have a question for all who think so,  what kills a show? Do you think a successful show could be killed purely by negative criticism alone.?   Perhaps we should commence our analysis to see what is killing the show ? Why are we being told that our "negative" criticism is a show killer when the show itself is killing itself?  the PH is making a harakiri out of what was once a top class serial... 

Most viewers watch Tele for entertainment.. they do not want to come home from a hard days study/Work to get more depressed or stressed.. The current plot may not be everyone's cup of tea.. Perhaps those fans who have dropped out may return to the serial when the tides change and perhaps not. What's wrong if disgruntled fans voice their opinion? What's wrong if we say that the actors are not looking their best or say they are giving lack lustre performances.? 

In the beginning, there were some who did not like the way the heroine behaved or danced... that too was criticism ... Did it kill the show? No. There were many who did not like Buaji getting prominence, did we fear of a premature death of the show then? No.  We were not in favour of the abuse shown in the show... did  our criticism kill the show? No.  So why do we now think otherwise ? We do so because the show itself has nothing to offer... we fear that our criticism coupled with the drab storyline could make the channel re-consider its run...

The PH has taken the gamble to change gears midway.. They wanted to give prominence to the second leads which is perfectly fine with me.. They could be over the moon over the current track but, that does not necessarily mean that we too should react the same way.

Any supplier must be ready to receive criticism and feedback. If they don't, their supply will not match the customer demand. In the end they will be producing a product which is not in favour by the customer. A disgruntled customer will stop using the supplier's product and opt to choose the product of another supplier. In the end who is the loser? ... Today I read that Deepali who was playing the role of Payal has decided to call it quits.. is this the tip of the iceberg?

This forum is not the only place where fans gather to discuss a serial. There are many such mediums out there where people discuss the progress or digress of this show.   Therefore,  we are not the only one's  criticising the serial. What we tend to forget is that there are also millions who don't visit any forum or social network  ... 
if  these people decide to change channels because of the illogical content are we to be blamed for it?  forum members are not solely responsible for the decline in  TRPs...  Claiming so is  as ridiculous as the logic and intelligence in the story... As with the serial, it has become a habit  to make someone else a scapegoat for the failure of the show ... .

We are not here to tell the CVs how they should go about doing their jobs... However,  if I was a CV the first thing I would do is to convene a meeting with my writers to discuss the lack of progress.. I would check for the logic in the script, check if the content is appropriate for the prime time slot and start paying attention to feedback rather than muting them.. I would see if the plot is sleek  and gripping to keep the audience engrossed... I would make sure actors look their best and are giving their best .

Some moons back a character artist of this show pointed out in  one of her interview that actors come to sets on time yet, they are made to wait because the crew is  not ready to shoot.. despite being on air for over 1 1/2 years, the PH still does not have a bank of episodes ..all this has resulted in actors spending 12 hour days on the sets and suffering burn out... this is a clear indicator how organised the PH is..   rather than shifting the blame on the viewers and forum members, wouldn't it be good if the PH take a look at their work ethics and content  .?..

With reference to the show nearing an end all I would say is  I believe in quality rather than quantity.. we all loved this show in it's  heydays because it was out of the ordinary.. the presentation and acting were tres perfect..Lately there is nothing novel or unique about this story.. in fact there is absolutely no logic in it.. even a kindergarten kid would find the plot illogical and nonsensical... the story has not moved an inch for the past two weeks... the story has become predictable and is an utter drab... so rather than dragging this show to its death, I would prefer too see it have a decent end.. at least lets end the show when the TRPs are decent ...don't wait for the channel to pull the plug on it... Actors have done a fabulous job and they deserve a decent farewell..

I would like to know your opinion, who or what according to you is actually killing the show?



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malose Goldie

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 6:29pm | IP Logged
i defetley agre with you the ph are kiling the show and we as the wivers hase the right to say what we think and feel 

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vijji12 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 June 2012
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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 6:32pm | IP Logged
very well written post.
as u said this show is very unique and attracted  so many people for it's quality writing and execution.i should say it created a histoy in Indian Telivision by introducing  Arnav and khsuhi to telly world.
now majority are not satisfied with the current track and it's execution.
what is killing the show?
1.PH 's lack of commitment to the show's inconsistency in writing the tracks
3. actor's personal demands over the script
4. lack of proper execution
5. neglecting the lead actors
6. not writing the script basing on lead actors

the script is not based on Arnav and khushi now.they took sudden U turn and messed up the whole show.
i feel all these factors are killing the show .not we who are jus venting out on public giving my opinion about the show   itslef i am  killing the show then by praising the show i should increase the trps .that is not happening so far.

  PH is very lucky to have fans like us who are supporting the show in each and every meaning less tarck since they have crossed all possible limits.when ever  we send them any requsets they say jus chill it is a show then why are they making statements like'dekhna hai thi dekho'.who is killing the show here ?CV's and PH or  the viewers.

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sonapari IF-Dazzler

Joined: 10 June 2012
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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 6:41pm | IP Logged
what is killing the show???

overexposure of poojali...
less exposure of arshi...Embarrassed
over the top bro-sis scenes ..looks fake & filmy to me...Wink
not so gripping storyline...
an intense love story suddenly turned into a so called "beautiful bro-sis bond story"
very predictable track...
not so polite cvs ,writers who doubt our intelligence...
taking your viewers & their love granted...
imagine a jodi who has won international jodi award beating maneet...
a jodi whose onscreen chemistry is sizzling hot & cute at the same time...
is replaced by two pathetic characters...& their onscreen romance...Dead...
.a side character who suddenly has started getting  more importance than lead actress...
 cvs,the perticular  actress,makers telling us this was needed as if what we watched for first year of the show didn't move storyline...LOL
basically rude & overconfident people who think they will show any crap & it's our  job to clap & say 
wow ,wow,awesome...ekdaam hatke serial hai...Dead

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PSharada IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 October 2007
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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 6:41pm | IP Logged
I think you should post this on the 4Lions facebook. They should understand that Anjali and Shyam are side leads and not the main leads. Good that Deepali has quit he serial. The PH should wake up or this serial is going to close shop by this year end. They have no right to send their agents to say that the actors are getting hurt due to the negative criticism. Didn't GH went on twitter and say "Dekhna hai to Dekho". Wasn't he arrogant at that time. Didn't DB roll her eyes and say "Chill guys it is show" and then why is she so feeling bad if the fans are against her. DB played her trump card during negotiations and everyone is aware of it. She can't now come back and say the fans should love her. If she didn't like her role then she should have quit like Deepali did, not kill the show. Let's see what the TRPs say for this week. 

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premparbat IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 September 2011
Posts: 6302

Posted: 07 September 2012 at 6:42pm | IP Logged
Hi ,

I absolutely agree with you. How can you and me kill a show. We are the audience who loved it when sense was shown and now do not when nonsense is churned out. Other than a remote or words we have no influence on the product whatsoever.

Acc to me the biggest problem that the PH is having is How do I  prolong the show ? If  ArHi get together then all is gone ...  Which is a logical question...there is a business decision and huge amount of money and payroles are involved.

Inthe quest to extend the show you need TRPS and for that you need to understand your audience.  The audience who watch IPK are not the regular TRP people but people across the globe and might I say smart and intelligent people who love a small town righteous girl and a good looking smart and arrogant guy.  We expect them to hold this character and not simply dumb them down whenever required.

I. Can guarantee you if they get a smart Khushi and the Shatir dimaag Arnav with even this rubbish kitchen politics in the background we will love it.  For heaven sake the leads are leads and this is a love story.  Stick to your original framework.  And like you I rather take quality than quantity.

Please please don't make Khushi look like a silly ill age bumpkin and Arnav the was just terrible I have to say...don't know how long with this dadi Shyam and Anjali drama is going to last ? 

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Zaya.Beintehaa Goldie

Joined: 24 January 2012
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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 6:45pm | IP Logged
i dont know what!!! but i need arshi back

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kkksr Senior Member

Joined: 06 June 2012
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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 7:18pm | IP Logged
Awesome post.. agree with you completely. ClapClapClap

The PH and CVs are killing the show by taking a complete  U turn and changing the show to something viewers cannot relate to or identify with. There  is a clear disconnect between CVs and viewers. Some delusional people  in the PH believe the new Anjali is going to bring them TRps.  But the viewers are not only "not able to identify with this  character " they are just "plain repulsed by this character"!  That should be good enough proof that something went wrong!

This show had the best TRPs during Payash engagement/wedding when it was all about romance and  fun!  Viewers don't want to see all this Rona Dhona and illogical melodrama! It is so clear what the viewers want!! Why don't they get it???  I am banging my head against the wall!!!!

The PH and CVs are fully responsible for killing this show. I also blame Daljeet Bhanot for negotiating something so stupid.

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