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KTLKMiniFF:Comin Together..Pt-11/Pg-45(Romance) (Page 45)

niniborn2rule IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 October 2012 at 5:12am | IP Logged
ana updtae karo fast fast...

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Sagi. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 October 2012 at 7:47am | IP Logged
Jaldi Update please...waiting...

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harsha6 Groupbie

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Posted: 04 October 2012 at 1:06pm | IP Logged
Mind Bogling Ana di...u knw i read dis Fiction in a one go..hehe
me FF addictd...thnkiezzz for PM...and *hugs* for dis awesume blossom update :) ;)

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shreya98 Goldie

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Posted: 06 October 2012 at 5:19am | IP Logged
pls update soon

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..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 October 2012 at 4:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by harsha6

Mind Bogling Ana di...u knw i read dis Fiction in a one go..hehe
me FF addictd...thnkiezzz for PM...and *hugs* for dis awesume blossom update :) ;)

thanku so much harsha dear
so happy to see u on this post...
I m truly glad that u liked this story dear...

luv ya

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..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 October 2012 at 4:20pm | IP Logged
Part 11.

Ashutosh and Nidhi enjoyed there time together. They shared there fears, there loneliness and the problems that they had to face without eachother in these last two weeks.

Nidhi told him about the reason of her returning back home and Ashutosh felt bad on making CV going through all that torture from his friends just because of his stupidness and ego...He vowed himself to say sorry to CV in person after returning back home.

No matter how much they wanted to stay in there room, they had to go out and have this dinner with the group. Nidhi took a shower and changed into a sweet white churidar having multicolor embroidery on the bottom and neck with shiffon churidar sleeves. Ashutosh adored this beauty of his and was still standing in daze as Nidhi applied sindoor in her maang and turn her gaze to look at him while putting her mangalsutra around her neck who was having a dreamy look on his face. Her cheeks flushed with redness seeing his precise gaze but controlling herself, she applied little gloss on her lips and after putting back the gloss on the small dressing, turn to look at him with narrow eyes.

"Aap aise kia dekh rahay hain" she asked with a frown "Nahanay nahin jana kia??" She added later

Ashutosh raised his one brow like usual and a mischievous smile placed on his lips...

"Jana tau hai..." he replied playfully...

"tau jaldi jayeie na...warna hum dinner k liye late ho jayein gay..." She said as her frown deepened.

Ashutosh take small slow steps towards her and put his arms around her shoulders, cagging her in between them...

"Late tau ho jayein gay abhi bhi...likin nahin hotay...agar tumne mujhe pehle invite kia hota tau..." And just hearing his seductive voice, burned her body...Blood rushed into her cheeks as she got what he meant by Pehle...OMG...he was asking for there shower together...

"Tau kaisa idea tha..." He asked with a smile as he enjoyed seeing that shyness and blush running on her face and she was avoiding looking at him

"Please aap jayeiye na...mujhe bohut bhook lagi hai" Nidhi tried to divert the topic while figeting in his arms... still looking away...

Ashutosh moved one hand up to lifted up her face to make her look at himself.

"Waise idea bura nahin tha...Don't you think, humain kabhi try karna chahiye" and he just wanna laugh out loud seeing the horror on her face...He chuckled taking a step back and Nidhi got that he was just teasing her.

"Dr.Ashutosh...Don't play with me...OK...chalain jayeien" She said with fake anger and practically pushed him into the bathroom and closed the door, locking it from outside

Ashutosh banged the door from inside. "Nidhi...Not fair haan..." he whined as Nidhi just wanted to hide her face somewhere...

"Dekho tumne tau poocha bhi nahi...I am humble enough to send this invitation" He said with a grin, perfectly knowing how his words effecting her and laughed imagining her face...Nidhi heard his laugh as she run her fingers through her hairs, trying to calm herself. After a moment, the running sound of the water ensured that this bunter is off so she went to the cupboard to take out his clothes.

"Waise, idea itna bhi bura nahin tha...Kissi din try kar sakte hain" she thought as she put his t-shirt on the bed. "OMG Nidhi...tum din-ba-din kitni besharm hoti ja rahi hoo" she was surprised herself at those thoughts. Her husband's romantic side has started to effect her too..

They soon join the staff in a nearby small dhaba that was there usual dinning place right now. All smiled looking at this made for each other couple who were complimenting eachother perfectly. Ashutosh was wearing a white lining t-shirt with black jeans. His specs were as usual placed on his nose and his wet hair adding more charms to his persona. The smiles on there faces which, after a long time, reaching up to there eyes ensured Priyanka that everything was back to normal between them.

Ahana first ogled while looking at Ashutosh's magical personality. But then on remembering that he is married to his very lovely wife, averted her gaze and looked down in her thali as she started eating her food.

Ashutosh and Nidhi take place and ordered there food. The chatted with everyone, took bites from eachother thali's during the dinner but seeing Ahana non-interested, felt bad. They had to apologize to her

After dinner, Ashutosh went to pay the bill while all started leaving back towards the hotel. Nidhi caught hold of Ahana's hand ad pulled her in a corner.

"Dr.Ahana...I am really sorry..." Nidhi said with a remorseful look

"Its ok Dr.Nidhi" Ahana said quickly as she didn't wanna stay here long in the presence of Ashutosh and Nidhi. She understood the depth of there love, but still...she felt a little heart-broken

"Nahin Ahana..." Nidhi hesitantly hold Ahana's one hand in hers...

"I know, k hamari wajha se tumhain bohut dukh pohancha hai...Humain tumhain pehle hi, apne bare main...hamare bare main bata dena chahiye tha...Likin kia hota hai na, k kabhi kabhi, kissi ko kissi cheez ka ehsaas dilwane k liye kissi teesre ki madad layni parti hai... Janay anjanay main, tumne meri jitni madad ki...main usay kabhi bhi bhool nahin paoon gi" Nidhi said truthfully looking into her eyes. Ahana looked deep into them and sigh.

There is nothing to hold grudges against her. She thought and twitching her lips, put her free hand on Nidhi's one.

"Dr.Nidhi...Main is baat se inkar nahi karoon gi k i didn't feel bad...Likin app logon k bare main jitna suna, meri nazar main apki aur Dr.Ashutosh ki izzat utni hi bhar gaye...Sach poochye tau appne mera pyar pe yaqeen, trust or bharha diya hai"

Nidhi gives a small smile on her confession "Likin tumne mujhe maaf kia, iss baat ka yaqeen main aik promise se karoon gi" She had a side smile as she said that

"Kaisa Promise??" Ahana asked with a confused look

"Promise ye k tum mujhe apni bari behen ki tarhan treat karo gi..." Ahana looked with a shock at her

"Maine jab kaha tha k tumhain dekh k mere ander aik bari behen jaag jati hai jo tumhain protect karna chahti hai, wo galat nahin tha...Beshaq meri wajha se hi tumhain thori takleeq pohanchi hai likin..." Nidhi was about to say something when Ahana spoke up...

"Stop it DI" she said with a smile and on hearing Di, Nidhi too got a bright smile on her face

"Aap kitna bolti hain...mujhe tau laga app mera bhi record break kar dain gi" Ahana said with a grin that made Nidhi laugh...

"Baaton ka tau poocho maat..." Ashutosh's voice made them both turn as he approached them and slip his hand around Nidhi's waist. "Aik bechara main hoon jinhain har waqt ye FM radio sun-na parta hai" He said with a side looped smile that made Nidhi mouth open in an 'O'

Ahana was shocked seeing this funny and teasing side of Ashutosh and admired both of them

"Aapka kia matlab hai Dr.Ashutosh...Main poora din bolti rehti hoon" Nidhi argued with a frown.

But seeing him grin, she knew that he was just teasing...

And God, how he missed her chirpy voice in last two weeks...Now he knew that how boring and dull life he lead just getting her before in his life with this experience of two weeks separation. His life seemed like a silence movie...and God!! he never wanna experience that silence again. They were having a sweet eye lock when Ahana looked at them dreamingly for somtime, but both didn't bug to end it, she smiled and make a fake cough sound

Ashutosh and Nidhi both abruptly look away shying and looked back at Ahana who was giving them meaningful smiles

"I am...sorry" Nidhi said stammering a little with flushed cheeks..

"Koi baat nahin Di..." Ahana replied sweetly and now, ashutosh got a shock look...

"Di...??" He asked with raise brows...

"Ji...Di...abh apki Anji k saath saath aik or saali hai" Nidhi said moving forward bringing Ahana into a side hug...and looked back at Ashutosh with a trimpth smile as if saying NOW-I-AM-HAVING-EVEN-ONE-MORE-SUPPORTER...while Ashutosh laugh

"Ok biwi ji...and welcome to the family saali g" Ashutosh looked at both the women

"Waise I do like this word 'Saali'...Akhir saali adhi ghar wali hoti hai" Ahana said with a teasy smile and laughing run out before Nidhi could react to her words...Nidhi looked at the running figure's back with a mouth-open face and when Ahana turned too show her grin, Nidhi and Ashutosh laughed out loud...

They look back at eachother as Nidhi move forward and hug him from his waist...

"Wapis hotel chalain?" Ashutosh asked caressing her back and on her nod, he lead them back to the hotel..

They were back into the room and Nidhi was about to go and change into her night attire when Ashutosh stopped her.

(Ok this is the part running in my mind from so long...I am sorry if you don't like this...i thought alot about it but didn't like to change this scene...n that's strictly CUTTED FROM THE SHOWWinkLOL)

"Nidhi" Ashutosh's call made her turn as she was just on the step to enter the bathroom


"Hmmm...Main kuch or bhi tumhare liye laya tha" He said hiding something behind his back...Nidhi got a sweet smile on her face and tilted her head a little to peak behind him.

"Kia?" she asked with a glint in her eyes...

Ashutosh took a step towards her and hesitantly took out the box, he was hiding...

Nidhi out from anticipation put her nightly on her shoulder and started opening the box just to find out a plain orange saari having a small blue border at its edges that he brought from the village

"Nidhi..." Ashutosh felt a lump in his throat as just on imaging what he is gonna say further. Nidhi noticed the hesitation and look  at him

"Kahiye na Dr.Ashutosh..."

"Kia tum abhi ye mere liye pehno gi??" He looked at her with hopeful eyes as she smiled sweetly at him

"kyun nahin Dr.Ashutosh..." She said and pulling her nighty off from her shoulder, throw it on bed. She took out the sari from the box just to see that there was no blouse and petticoat inside...Her eyes wide as she look back at Ashutosh who was looking at her with dreamy expression...

Now perfectly getting why he was stammering, a dark red color rushed through her cheeks and not taking in anymore, she run into the bathroom.

Ashutosh was putting the two beds together when he heard the opening side of door and looked up to see his sexy wife looking so ravishing in that orange sari that she had draped around herself so carefully, that most of her body was covered. He stood straight up as his feet took him to her on there own who was looking away, playing with her fingers. The nervousness of her could be felt by him as he smiled. The closeness still effect both of them in the same way as the first time.

Ashutosh reached near her but didn't dare touch her. She was looking so fragile, just like a precious statue. One push and she could be shattered. The orange color enhanced much more after striking with her smooth skin. Her hairs were open that were helping her covered her bare back. The kohl in her eyes was making her eyes so deep as she looked up at him. Her gaze was questioning as if why he stopped and not baring this torture anymore, he move forward and capture her lips in his after cupping her face with one hand. His other hand smoothly run around her soft skin and gripped her waist, pulling her closer. Her mouth responded to his passion in the same way back. Her fingers came up after tracing his abdominal towards his chest. The slight intake of his breath, make her smile against his lips. He kissed the corner of her lips and then nip her upper lip, sucking it in. She groaned and get a tight grip on his shirt above his chest to bear this movements. He broke the kiss and look down at her, who's eyes have turn dark and were matching his smouldering one's now. He bend down to pick her up in his arms and took her to the bed only to place her gently. He stood up to drink this scene with his eyes. The scattered hairs were resting against the pillow, her lips were puffed, her sari was a showing her waist and her smooth long legs till knees. Her eyes were looking up at him as she raised her hands asking him to come and take over her. He switched off the lights and after pulling of his shirt, joined her in just to show her how much he missed her, desired her and how much he love her

(There could be a next part of this story as i have another particular scene to write...but if i can't do that, consider it the end...)

thanku for liking this story and supporting me throughout it...

luv you guys

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ttrocks IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 October 2012 at 4:34pm | IP Logged
Thank u for the next chapter Ana... will read when time permits, but, ClapClapClapClapClapClapClap in advance!!!

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Veni-Vidi-Vici IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 October 2012 at 5:07pm | IP Logged
give us that scene Asap..hoping that it will have oodles of romanceEmbarrassed

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