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KTLKMiniFF:Comin Together..Pt-11/Pg-45(Romance) (Page 40)

hilarious44 Goldie

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 6:12am | IP Logged
will be eagerly waiting...plzzz do postDay Dreaming

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..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 4:42pm | IP Logged
in 2 minutesEmbarrassed

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..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 4:44pm | IP Logged
Part 10

Ashutosh and Nidhi's head turn to find a shocked Ahana. Her facial expression truly showing how hurt she was. But on getting interrupted in this moment, when he was trying to resolve the issues with his wife, Ashutosh was feeling angry.

"Dr.Ahana...kia appko patah nahin hai k kissi k room main knock kar k atay hain?" Ashutosh said in a stern voice that bring her out fro this trance. Nidhi heard the harshness in his voice and tried to get away when his hold around her waist only get tighter to keep her in place.

"I...I...am...sorry Sir" Ahana replied on finding her voice while her gaze was totally shifting between Ashutosh and Nidhi. She did notice the little moment of Nidhi backing up and Ashutosh not letting her move but stayed quite.

"Dr.Ashutosh...please..." Nidhi said putting her hand on his chest softly, trying to say to be soft with Ahana. Somewhere, Nidhi was feeling guilty to play with the emotions of this girl but she wanted her husband to take an action.

Ashutosh look back at Nidhi and holding his anger back, he closed his eyes momentarily and look back at Ahana

"Aapko koi kaam tha.." This time his tone was a lil calmer.

"Y..ye..Yes Sir...Woh appko aj k din ki report dayni thi..." Ahana said extending the red file, she actually snatched from Priyanka while returning from the village cause today, she just don't wanna miss the chance to have some time alone with Dr.Ashutosh. Even if its for the reason of giving him a detail report of there work.

"Dr.Ahana...I think k hum ye sub dinner pe discuss karte hain...Right...And after our day is finished on the camp, I am no longer on duty...So please if you don't mind, Main apni wife k saath kuch waqt akele main guzarna chahta hoon" Ashutosh said in the as calm tone as he can, trying his best to keep aggression out from it but he was least succeeded in his task. Nidhi hissed at his tone while for Ahana, it was hard to digest the fact that Nidhi is Dr.Ashutosh's wife. Her eyes quickly turn to NIdhi who was biting her lips and looked at her with accusation for keeping her in dark. For lying to her that Dr.Ashutosh is not married. Nidhi got what that look means but Ashutosh was too immune to saw this and again said.

"Dr.Ahana...Please kia app..." But before he can complete, Ahana rushed out closing the door with a bang.

"Wo bohut gussa hai..." Nidhi said still looking at the close door...Ashutosh' one hand moved up and cupped her face, making her look at him

"I don't care...Abhi, tum or sirf tum mere liye important hoo..." Ashutosh said with softness in his voice that melted her heart

"Waise Tumhain usay barhawa nahin deyna chahiye tha..." He added a moment later and those eyes, which just turn soft on his words, narrowed.

"Maine barhawa diya...??" She said pushing her hands against his chest, trying to get out from it but he didn't bug...Once again, he was up to put all the blame on her

"I trusted you Dr.Ashutosh...maine socha app khud usko hamare rishte k bare main batayin gay" She said feeling hurt once again...

"And I trusted you Nidhi..." This time, he didn't let calmness rushed away from his tone. I know he hurted her once again and he is gonna make up for that..."Main chahta thak tum usko hamare bare main batao...Main chahta tha k tum mujh pe apna haq jatao" Ashutosh words bring back an old memory for Nidhi and she looked away in dismay

"Aik bar koshish ki thi app pe apna haq jatanay ki...Likin badle main apne mujhe he galat samjha" She said in a mere whisper. Her voice was hurtful and it wasn't hard for Ashutosh to know what she was referring too.

"Nidhi..." He just don't know how to remove insecurities from her mind...She was in pain and it will take time to heal her wounds and now, Ashutosh was up to look after that

"Main janta hoon meri galtiyon ki wajha se tumhain bohut kuch sehna para...Main ye bhi janta hoon k tumhain kaisa laga hoo ga jab mujhe tum mallika k saath dekhti thi kyun k main wo sub khud ehsoos kar chuka hoon...tumhain Amar k saath dekh ke..." Nidhi head snap back and she look at him with confuse eye which later turn wider with horror.

Again wrong choice of words. Ashutosh kicked himself mentally that she must be thinking that he thought that she was after some other Man...there relationship was standing on such a loose end that one misunderstanding can break that up easily

"nahin nahi...mera wo matlab nahin tha...jaisa tum soch rai ho..." Ashutosh tried to explain. But when the expressions on her face didn't change, he sigh. He need to explain his feelings in detail...

"Main janta hoon k tumhare dil main Amar k liye koi feelings nahin theen...Likin jiss tarhan se wo tumhain dekhta, tumhare bare main bolta...mera khoon khol uthta tha Nidhi...or tab mujhe ehsaas howa k Mallika ka mere saath rehna tumhain kitna dukh pohanchata hoga..." And that's when Nidhi knew, how his husband found his way back to her and it sting her even badly.

But before she can fall more into her wrong thoughts, Ashutosh continued

"Main janta hoon k tum aik doctor honay k natay apna farz nibha rahi thi...or as a doctor, i know k hum har tarhan se apne patients to relax rakhne ki koshish karte hain...likin main sirf aik doctor nahin, aik pati bhi hoon...Or main ye baat bhi khoob janta tha k wo sb natak kar raha hai...tabhi maine usay 2 din pehle confront kia, or usay hamare baray main bataya" Ashutosh though was saying this in a serious tone, but right now, to Nidhi, he sound like a child who is confessing his mistake for stealing a candy...And she couldn't help but smile.

"Tau amar bhi apke gusay k agay har gaya...I think apne apne Dr.Hardstone title ko kuch zyada he seriously lay iya hai" Nidhi said running her fingers on his shoulders.

"Matlab?" Ashutosh was dumb-struck with the sudden change in atmostphere

"Matlab ye Dr.Ashutosh...k apka patni-varta gussa dekh k usne bhi raaton raat bhagne main apni khair jani hogi...warna kia patah, gussay main ap waqai uska operation kar dalte" She bit the corner of her lip in order to control her smile...that made ashutosh smile too...Life with this amazing woman, will never be boring

"Agar koi meri wife pe nazar rakhay ga...tau iss doctor se usay pehle nimat-na hoga..." Nidhi chuckled with his line...

"Nidhi...tumhare liye maine apni puri zindagi intezar kia hai...tumhain kissi or k saath soch bhi nahin sakta" He said with love, dripping from his words

"Dr.Ashutosh...appke bina meri zindagi bhi be-maqsad thi...apse hi mujhe zindagi k asal mayeini maloom howay hain...Dr.Ahana ko maine iss liye hamare bare main nahin bataya kyun k main chahti thi k appko ehsas ho, k jab aik shaks app pe khud ko impose karne chahay tau kaisa lagta hai...Dr.Mallika k bartao ko apne casually aik friendly gesture dekh k nazar-andaaz kar diya...Likin main appko bus yeh batana chahti thi k mere liye ye mayine nahin rakhta k main appke saath apki aik 12 saal purani dost dekhoon yaan 12 din purani intern, aik biwi k liye bus ye matter karta hai k koi uske pati pe us-se zyada haq samjhta hai or mujhe ye bilkul bardhasat nahin" Nidhi's word truly depict how much she was hurt. He surly has covered all Mallika's action under the veil of there friendship, but on feeling Ahana practically throwing herself on him, really irritate him to the level he can't bear. And now, her confession, make him look at the new angle. Surly he would have behaved the same way when Rohan was in her life even after perfectly knowing that he was just a friend for her.

Seeing him lost, Nidhi hold his chin between her fingers and shook him.

"Kahan khoo gaye app?" She asked a little irritated now...

"Kahin nahi" Ashutosh give her a smile. "Nidhi, chalo aj aik promise karain k hum kabhi aik dosre se koi baat nahin chupayein gay...Chahay humain maan main kitna bhi dar ho k hamari aik baat se hum aik dosre ko hurt kar sakte hain" Ashutosh didn't want any more mis-understandings between them

"hmmm...ok...I promise...likin kuch baatain hain jo main appse nahin keh sakti" Nidhi replied after thinking for a minute in a teasing tone

"May i know...Kaisi baatain?" Ashutosh asked with a smirk..

"Girls talk...gossip...jo k sirf mere or anji k beech main rahay ga...you know...Private" She said with a challenging look...while playing with his buttons

"Ohh...tau matlab saali ji se koi deal karni paray gi..." Ashutosh said with a thoughful expression

"App try kar sakte hain...but i know...Anji kabhi nahin aye gi apki baaton main" Nidhi said with a twinkle in her eyes...Her moments on his chest were playing hovacs on his sanity. God!! did he actually survived His eyes turn deep black as he pulled her more close that now, just an inch was left between there lips.

"Saali ji ko kaisi manana hai...ye baad main sochain gay...filhaal abhi mere pass karne ko aik or bohut zaroori kaam hai" And that look in his eyes, and his husky tone...just took her breath away as he crossed that one inch distance too...

On the other hand. Ahana was laying on her stomach on the bed in her room...This feeling was like unbearable to her. She was being played by the people, she respected. Tears were rolling down her eyes and making stains in the pillow placed under her head while one hand was clutching it. The room was filled with her hiccups.

That's how Priyanka found her when she entered the room...and hearing her muffed cries, rushed to her.

"Dr.Ahana...kia...kia howa appko?" Priyanka said taking place beside her as she moved Ahana's hairs away from her face which were now little damp too due to tears.

"App chalin jayein yahan se" Ahana said pushing her away..."App sub jhotay hain" Ahana said as she turned her face to another side and exhale a deep breath along with a cry..

"Ahana...Dr.Ahana..." Priyanka hold her shoulder, trying to make her turn but she just shrugged them in a way to put Priyanka's hand away...while Priyanka looks at her helplessly

"Ahana...agar app mujhe kuch bataoo gay nahin...tau main kaise appko koi jawab day paoon gi?" Priyanka asked next that made Ahana sit in the bed with anger.

"App sub jantay thay k Dr.Ashutosh married hain...or ye bhi k Dr.Nidhi unh ki wife hain...tau app logon nay mujhe pehle kyun nahin bataya..." She said in a hurtful tone

"App ye bhi janti theen k main unh k liye kuch feel karti hoon...phir bhi app ne mujhe inform kar k rokne ki zaroorat nahin samjhi" She was looking cute while complaining and that bring a small smile on Priyanka's lips as she pulled her into a side hug...

"Ahana...haan hum sub jantay hain k Dr.Ashutosh or Dr.Nidhi married hain...aray bhai hum sub shamil thay unh ki khushiyon main...or kaise na hotay...itni mushkilon se unhoon nay apna pyar jo paya tha..." Priyanka said as she wiped the tears of Ahana who was now listening to this story...

"You know Ahana...Dr.Ashutosh aise nahin hain jaisa tumne unhain dekha hai...you must know k wo Dr.Heartstone k naam se janay jatay thay...Likin us pathar dil ko koi aise dharakna sikha paye ga...ye kissi nay kabhi nahin socha tha" Priyanka said with fascination

"Nidhi hamare batch main hi internship k liye KGH main aye thi...wo jitni chulbuli si larki thi, utni ki pyari bhi...yeh galat nahin hoga agar main tumhain bataon k hamare batch main sub se zyada Dr.Ashutosh se dantt bhi Nidhi ko hi pari thi" Priyanka said remembering a few incidents...

"Really...tau agar Dr.Ashutosh itnay hi kharoos thay tau Dr.Nidhi se pyar kaise howa?" Ahana asked truly not believing what she is hearing about Ashutosh now. He was totally different than tthe image, Priyanka is portraying

"Kharoos...hahaha...that's the exact word jo k Nidhi unhain keh k bulati thi shuru shuru main" Priyanka now laughed... "But haan...Pyar kaise howa, ye tau hamare liye bhi aik mystery hai...Dr.Ashutosh Nidhi ko dantay thay or usay hospital se bhi nikal diya...likin phir bhi, pyar se na bach sakay...Oroon ki tarhan humain bhi yehi lagta tha k aik din, Dr.Ashutosh Dr.Mallika se shadi kar lain gay" Ahana looked at her with a thoughful expression

"Dr.Mallika...wohi jo hamare hospital main as a patient theen?" She asked being surprise.

"Haan...Dr.Ashutosh ki bohut purani friend hain or hospital main sub jantay thay k wo Dr.Ashutosh ko dost se zyada chahti theen...Likin Dr.Ashutosh kabhi bhi unh ki feelings ko reciprocate nahin kar paye"

"Agar Dr.Ashutosh itne he sakht thay tau phir Dr.Nidhi kaise?" Ahana asked leaving her question half in the way as she knew Priyanka understand what she wanna ask...

"Yehi tau kudrat ka khel hai Ahana...k aik biyalis(42) saal k admi ko aik chaubis(24) saal ki larki se pyar ho or woh larki bhi unh se pyar karti ho" She turn to look at Ahana with a raise brow and Ahana nod

"Unh ki families ko koi problem nahin howi?" Now Ahana was understanding the depth of there love

"Howi na...Dr.Ashutosh ki tau family main koi nahin tha...Likin Nidhi ki family iss rishte k bohut against thi...but when they say, LOVE WILL FIND ITS WAY...aise hi unh k pyar ne bhi apna rasta talash kia or akhir kar Nidhi k ghar waloon ko man-na para" Priyanka sigh as the story end

"How romantic..." Ahana said in a dreamy tone...She totally loved the way she heard there story of fighting with eachother to fighting for eachother...

"Haan...or just like normal couple's...inh k beech main bhi aik jhagra jari hai...Hum sub dekh rahay thay k kaise Nidhi tumhain support kar rahi thi Dr.Ashutosh ki taraf bharne k liye...likin hum ye bhi jantay thay k Nidhi just Dr.Ashutosh ka test lay rahi thi...aur badle main Dr.Ashutosh tumhain support kar k usay jealous karne ki koshish kar rahay thay...or hum ye chahtay thay, k wo dono khud tumhain apni shadi ki baat batain...hum inh dono pati-patni k beech nahi parna chahte thay...or waise bhi jab aik hamare boss hoon...tau job ka risk rehta hai..." Priyanka said trying to make her understand

"Oh..." Ahana said in a low voice. Now although she was hurt but she loved there love story. The went through so much yet they come together again...

Back in the room, Nidhi and Ashutosh were settled on the single bed. Ashutosh one hand was around Nidhi's pulling her into a hug while other was playing with the skin of her hand that was holding his from his waist. Nidhi head was placed on his shoulder as they were enjoying the comfort of eachother's precense.

"Appko candles kahan se milin??" Nidhi asked as she remembered the scenario hile looking at a candle which was about to end...

"Gaoon main aik choti si shop thi...usi say laya" Ashutosh replied

"Aur yeh bear?? Gaon main abh koi kids shop bhi hai" Nidhi said with a teasing grin that made Ashutosh smile too as he looked down at her.

"Nahi...aik bacha tha bohut hi cute sa...maine uski choti behen ka kal ilaj kia...aj jab main gaya tau wo kehne laga k wo aur uski behen aksar iss teddy bear pe lartay thay jo k uske baba sheher se unh k liye laye thay...tau wo or uski behen aur na larain, is liye usne ye mujhe day diya ta k main isay gaon se dour lay jaoon...or waheen pe kuch aurtain theen jo k ye embroidery karna janti theen...maine unh se request ki or unhoon nay mujhe yeh sorry embroidery se likh k diya"

"How sweet" Nidhi said on hearing that her husband planned this for her and pulled his cheeks with a wide smile...Ashutosh rubbed his cheek with a free hand later on as she left them and that's when Nidhi noticed the redness of his palms

"Ye apke haathon pe kia howa?" She staightened herself and took hold of one of his hand and then other one. His both hand palm's and fingers were slightly red while having few tiny marks on them...

"Wo bouqet banatay howay...kuch kantay chubh gaye" Nidhi looked up at him as her eyes filled with tears seeing the immense love in his eyes. She pulled his hands up and placed soft kisses on his palm's that made him hissed but the little wetness he felt out there was the turning point for him as he pulled his hands away and hold her face in them, only to see tears staining her beautiful cheek..

"Nidhi...kia howa...?" Ashutosh asked worriedly...

"Mujhe koi bhi khushi, apko dukh pohancha nahin chahiye Dr.Ashutosh" Nidhi said in a teary tone and Ashutosh just wiped her tears and pulled this jhali larki in his arms where she fit perfectly.

Next: RomanceWink

do give ur honest comments...may be next chapter will be the last one of this FF...Smile

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Veni-Vidi-Vici IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 5:45pm | IP Logged
Loved the way priyanka talked about Ashni...nice to read about an outsider's view...Ashni scenes were way too cute .

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vidyasabde Goldie

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Ana loved from beginning to end. aap bahot acha likhti ho.
when is the next part? waiting for the next part  starts today.

Edited by vidyasabde - 26 September 2012 at 7:04pm

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Libra IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 8:17pm | IP Logged
Ana, just rread the new chap
I had a smile on my face from the beginning till the end.
It was so sweet.  But I still think that u let Ashutosh get off too easy.LOL

But I loved the way he was scared to do, or say anything that
would make Nidhi sad, or get angey at him again.
his explanations were very very adorable.
I loved the way he handled Ahana.
Dr. Priyank, was amazing.  Such a nice person.Embarrassed
And the ending...Embarrassed
Romance factor was beautiful
I cant wait for ur next update.EmbarrassedBig smile

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oaz30 Goldie

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 8:53pm | IP Logged
Now that's what you call a good start to the day... I woke up and find that you have posted...loved the way you have depicted it all for me this FF shows the depth of your growth as a writer, here  I fully agree with libra you have given Priyanka her rightful due as a character... Hmmm romance eh... Bring it on I say...

And please don't send so fast


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Aazeen02 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 8:58pm | IP Logged
''Jiska mujhe tha intezaar, jiske liye dil tha bekaraar, wo ghadi aa gayi, aa gayi, aa gayi...''
Wow! Ultimately puchhi ho hi gayi... Saare giley-shikwey sab door kar liye... Haaye dr. Saahab ne sab cheezon ki kya setting maari hai, kya candles, kya teddy, kya sorry, n kya bouquet... Kaatein chubha liye madam k liye... How romantic!!!
            Bechari Aahna, dil tod ditta inni soni kudi da... Par ye toh hona hi tha... Par priyanka ne achha sambhala... Ashni ki prem gaatha ki short summary padh ke achha laga...
          So finally, romance is up in the air... Wooohooo!!! Likho-likho, jaldi-jaldi likho, we are all waiting...
        To sum up, it was a very cute, lovely, nice chapter... I kinda totally loved it...

PS: Aaha! I forgot to remind u again, BTOOMH, yaad hai na? Aaj Thursday ho gaya h, 3 more days left for the week to end... Jaldi kijiye...!

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