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KTLKMiniFF:Comin Together..Pt-11/Pg-45(Romance) (Page 4)

..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 1:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Libra

Originally posted by cool_SK

Originally posted by Libra

Ana, that was a lovely beginning.  I am dying to read more. Plz post next chap soon.
Also I didn't know u had written other FFs.
Can u pm me the link, or tell me where I can find them.
By the way, good place to stop. U knew exactly where to leave us hangingWink
But also hope u are prepared to be pestered, for further updates.
Also, just a request, but would you mind making the parts longer.
You see I read very fast, so I need more.
ThanxBig smile

thanku so much anu...
i don't write on perticular KTLK track...my fictions are my own imagination...just the characters i take from here...


only first FF of mine is a KTLK fic but that too had a different topic, i discussed upon...

and about making he parts longer...uhhh...don't ask or you all will get an update once in two weeks...i m too much lazy with long updates as they are going on in my other SS's...even OS take a week to write...LOLLOL

Thanks for the link. I will read them ASAP.

hehehe...koi jaldi nahin yaar...take your timeSmile

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..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 1:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by karajekar

it was nice start

you always give us something different ,jiski kaaran curosity badhjate hai

psl do continue soon

will wait for next chap


thanku sooo much sonali for always being so supportive...luv you dearHug

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..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 2:30am | IP Logged
Part Two

Ashutosh thought about Nidhi for a minute and the current events got played in his mind...He remember how yesterday she tried to provoke him by hiding her Mangalsutra in her shirt...For a moment, he went back down the memory lane of the valentine day...their first valentine when he had gifted her that Heart-Shaped pendent and how she requested him, to put that around her neck by secretly calling him into her room...

That feeling was beyond dreams...the blush on her cheeks that day can still warmed his heart...and that smile, that serene smile she passed his way when she carefully hide that pendent inside her Red top, make him feel so proud and filled his chest with immense love for her just with the mere action of hers that she want to keep that pendent as close to her heart as she could as that was a mark of their blossom love...then how can she put the magalsutra away from herself when it represent the sacred relation of their togetherness...They were away but not apart from each other...

Dr.Ranganath saw ashutosh lost in his thoughts and cleared his throat to bring him back to the real world...

A baffled Ashutosh shook his head and realise his surroundings and again started putting the pile of files away from his table...

"Ok Dr.Ranganath...Please Inform them...Humain us gaon pohanchne main kitna time lag sakta hai?" He inquired

"Sir, Gaon tau yahan se dhai (2 and a half) ghante ki drive pe hai...Likin rasta kacha hai...tau may be thora zyada time lag jaye" Ashutosh thought for a moment...

"Ok Dr.Ranganath...Please sub ko inform kar dain k hum kal subah 4 bajay niklain gay ta k hum early morning he treatment shuru kar sakain...abhi nikalne ka koi faida nahin as k its already 7pm...or pohanchte pohnachte humain 11 baj jayein gay... " Ashutosh said as he put his wallet in his back pocket and tuck his pen in the coat's one...and get hold of his stethoscope to have a last round for the day before he can leave to his house...

Ranganath just nodded and with twitched lips Ashutosh bid him bye...

"have a good day Dr.Ranganath"

"You too Sir" and Ashutosh left his cabin...

He took rounds and made sure every patient was having correct medication...He came out in the hallway and bid bye to his staff...when right then a nurse came rushing towards the reception...

"miss.Divya...Please call Dr.Nidhi...Unke patient Amar ki halat kharab ho rahi hai"

Ashutosh's steps stopped moving ahead as his head snap up...He still remember how shamelessly he was flirting with Nidhi 2 days before when he came to pick her up...Though Nidhi shooed him away and tell him to behave, he didn't bug to control his extra cheerful nature and tell her how cute she looked in an angry mood too...

God knows...If this time he is also just pretending like last time, ashutosh wouldn't bug to break his teeth which just seem to be coming out just even with a glimpse of his wife...

He turned and stopped Divya right away...

"no need Divya...Dr.Nidhi ko disturb mat karain...I will see him" and with nurse, he moved towards Amar's room...

As he entered, he found Amar's shooking body...his eyes were tightly close and he was constantly shouting... "mujhe maat maroo...please...plz...mujhe janay do" Two wardboys were holding his legs while a nurse was trying to keep his upper body on the bed...Ashutosh reached near him and read the monitors...Nothing unusual...

The curve's were perfectly fine else than his heart beat rate which was a slight over than normal but nothing to worry about...

Ashutosh's anger rose up...this guy is a complete fake...he is confirmed now...But he is not gonna give up so easily...

"Nurse" he looked up at the assistant nurse...

"Please get ready an anesthesia injection...and also called the OT to be prepared...I think, Inh ki kissi dimagh ki vein pe dabaoo par raha hai...we need to operate him" Ashutosh saide in such a professional way that it scared Amar and his body get still...

The nurse who was looking at Ashutosh with a confused expression before as that anesthia thing was Ok but OPERATION...isn't that too much but seeing Amar's reaction, she got Ashutosh point and looked at Amar with a killing look...This patient has scared her...

Amar didn't dare open his eyes but got still and kept his body in such a way that he is deep in sleep...

Ashutosh was in a mood to murder him and look daggers at him

"App log ja sakte hain" He said to the wardboys and nurses who were looking at Amar...but hearing Ashutosh, said yes and left...

Amar was feeling scared so open a lil of his one eye to look around...and didn't find anyone...closing that eyes, he opened the other eye and saw ashutosh standing there with his hands crossed over his chest...

On being caught, he bite his tongue between his teeths and look at Ashutosh with an apologetic face...

"Ye kia harkat hai app ki?? Is tarhan scene create karna...doctors and nurses ko pareshan karne ka kia matlab hai" His tone was harsh and his eyes blazing...If only looks could kill, Amar would never have survived this one...

"Umm...am sorry but wo tau maine just Dr.Nidhi ko..." he tried to explain but ashu cut him in between...

"Dr.Nidhi aik Dr hain...apki personal assistance yaan KGH ki nurse nahin k app k agay peeche ghoomti rahain...she has others patients to deal with and plus, unki apni personal life bhi hai...she also has a family or agar app bhool rahay hain tau wo aik insaan bhi hai...unhain bhi aram ki zaroorat hai" Ashutosh tried to explain but curtness was hard to remove from his tone

"I know Dr.Ashutosh...but main just unhain dekhna chahta tha" Amar blurt out not caring what he is saying and surly not knowing to whom...and that's when ashutosh decided to make it clear to him

"This is the last warning Amar...I have already seen k kaise 2 din pehle bhi apne yehi drama kar k hospital main scene create kia tha...and as a senior doc and a member of board of director, I am not gonna tolerate this non-sense in my hospital" He cleared it...

"But..." Amar tried to inturrupt but Ashutosh stopped him showing his hand...

"Let me complete...Neither as a doctor, nor as the HUSBAND of DR.Nidhi Mathur..." and that was enough to send Amar to a shocked world...

He keep looking at Ashutosh with an alien look...trying to interpret his words in his mind

"Dr.Nidhi apki..."

"Meri wife hai wo...and I would really appreciate if you just behave like a patient..." ashutosh gave him a last look and left his room the next instant...

He took long strides towards the exit of the hospital and after reaching his car, took fumbling steps not able to bearing the agony he felt seeing someone looking at his wife in a way more than needed. He banged the hood of his car with his fist.

"Nidhi meri hai...sirf meri" he told himself again and again till he control his anger and get into his car...

Holding the steering in a tight grip, he leaned his stiff back on the seat and looked ahead with a stright face...

"Or nahin...abh or nahin...Chahy jo bhi baat ho, Nidhi ko abhi mere saath ghar chalna hoga...I can't let her go away from me" and just with the thought of her getting back into there house, he felt a large weight has been put off from his chest and he started the car to go to Verma house...

Part Three...Page 7
(OK this is a scene...I really really wana see in coming episode so sharing with you guys...Next:Ashu in Verma house and face-to-face with Nidhi)...muwah muwah...my BTOOMH readers, I am gonna start writting its next part which hopefully will be up till this tuesday with after confession scenesDay Dreaming...OK OK i know i m lazy...hehee...but hope this Mini is enough to keep u guys happy...

luv ya all

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karajekar IF-Dazzler

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aap bahot kharab ho , (just kiding ) you are best ana

aapne kya time per stop kar diya ana ,

but koi baat nahi ,mein phir bhi wait karungi , intezaar ka bhi apna ek maza hote hai

absolutely superb part ana ,bechara amar kitna feel ho reha hogana use i hope woh jaldi he sambhal jaye


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..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 2:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by karajekar

aap bahot kharab ho , (just kiding ) you are best ana

aapne kya time per stop kar diya ana ,

but koi baat nahi ,mein phir bhi wait karungi , intezaar ka bhi apna ek maza hote hai

absolutely superb part ana ,bechara amar kitna feel ho reha hogana use i hope woh jaldi he sambhal jaye


hehe sonali yaar excitement bhi tau barhanai hoti hai na yaar...Wink
hehe/////i will not let you guys wait too much...ho sakta hai next part aj raat ho hi mill jaye yaan kalBig smile
chote part deyna mujhe tension nahin lagta...Embarrassed

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niniborn2rule IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 3:13am | IP Logged
this is soo bad ana,...yahan pe koi story chodta hai kya??...

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ttrocks IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 3:46am | IP Logged
Its a fabulous chapter Anaji... But, u left us at a cliff hanger... Ouch Do't like this wait-time for the next part Ouch
Absolutely loved the concept of Ashu himself handling Amar this time Clap Bhgwan bhala kare uss nurse Divya ka... jo Ashu ke samne hi Nidhi ko Amar ke liye bulane aayee thi...Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile How Ashu caught him faking by 'operation' drama was too good!!! Thank God, Nidhi didnt turn up there for Amar's rescue!!LOLAnd loved to read  the way Ashu scolded him, while he was getting so irritating...ClapClap I thought -- Now, Ashu will tell him: she is a married woman & he is her husband, but, u r a wonderful writer. You very well know, how to build curiosity in ur readers: U left the conversation at "And she is human-being also; she too needs to rest..." At this point, I was literally like: Alas!!! In FF also, I  won't get to see Ashu clarifying to Amar about his and Nidhi's relationshipConfused But, in just next few lines, Ashu was super-annoyed and he blurted out the truth... I could visualize Amar's fallen face at that time!!! Big smileBig smileBig smileSo much loved it!!
Throughout the chapter, Ashu was at his best as a Dr.,Dean and Hubby!!! ClapClapClap And his anger thereafter --u described it so perfectly that I could actually visualize SK enacting that scene!!! Dr. Rangnath is an amazing fellow as always!!!
Now what's next... Ashu will come to Nidhi's maayaka and bid her to come back home?? When are to giving next chapter then???? SmileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

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vidyasabde Goldie

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iss  boring wkend ko aur interesting bana sakte the na ap.ye to cheating hai.LOLLOLLOLLOL plz plz.

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