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KTLKMiniFF:Comin Together..Pt-11/Pg-45(Romance) (Page 26)

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 3:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by alkaparmart

ClapAna,really i missed this type of emergency,camps and accidents emergencies in the serial,and that's i found in your ff.so i am very happy.and i liked this part very much.and i think this type of emergency is the heart of any serial.ClapStarStarthis 5 star for your  medical camp

thanku alka...
ya me too...all we see is that ashu is going out to attend an emergency just to bring a turn over in the story...
1st he left for delhi, n got into an accident...then now he went to perform a surgery n met mallika...i loved how DMG used to deal with these emergencies keeping love track in view too...
thanku soo much for those 5 stars...means alotEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 3:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jyothi_cool

awesome part cont soon:)

thanku sooo much jyothi dear...great to see you hereHug

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 3:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shee_xaan

just i read all chapt. love it.

thanku so much shee...
i am glad that you enjoyed that dearEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 4:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by karajekar

superb chap

love the way you showed caring friend (anji),she tuely care for nidhi

i hope every 1 could get such type of friend


thanku sonali...
yep...anji is a true friend and i too wish to have a friend like herEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 4:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by hilarious44

Sorry dear i just saw that my comment after reading ur chapter wasnt posted due to some error in net...
posting it again
I really enjoyed it sweetyTongue...
All details about medical activity were just fabulousClap...
Loved ashu dealing with nidhi with full right...
Great professionalism shown...
Would love to read what happens now when ashu is waiting fro nidhi in hotelEmbarrassed

no worries fatima...
i am happy that you liked this part dear
ya, i wanna include medical aspect too...ashu is a true professionalEmbarrassed

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Part 8

Nidhi get back to hotel and bidding bye to Janki Bai and Raghu, turn towards her room pushing her hairs back. She turn the knob of the door to find it close. Sighing, she stand out of the room.

Not now...Definitely not now...She know that right now, Dr. Ashutosh would want to have a chat with her, discuss with her the current situation of there married life...But she was too tired to argue right now...Her limbs were aching and all she just can think of right now was a nice shower and a peaceful sleep.

She was still in her thoughts when the door knob turned again and in a split of the second, the door open with a freshly bathed Ashutosh welcoming her in with a warm smile.

She gave a hesitant smile back. Though she wish to lay down a bit, to give some relief to her back but right now, that seems seriously not good as Dr.Ashutosh was alone there and she was sure, he will take that chance to start a conversation...Nidhi went straigth to her bag, took out her nighty and went to washroom.

Ashutosh though wanna stop her but couldn't find the courage and words. Seeing her going in to take a bath, he knew that she was tired and the way she took her nighty, she was probably deciding on to skip the dinner...he got an idea and with a smile, he left the room.

Nidhi took a hot shower, relaxing her body...She take as much time as possible to stay inside and avoid Ashutosh but for how long she can stay. In sometime, she have to get out so changing into her nighty, she get out to not found Ashutosh in the room. She took a sigh of relief.

And then laugh at her thought. "Kabhi socha nahin tha k unhain na dekhne pe kabhi sakoon ka saans loon gi...well times change" She throw her wet towel carelessly on one of the two single chairs placed in the room and went to her cold bed after closing the lights and snuggle deep into her quilt. She was thinking about the events of the day and was drifting to sleep when the opening sound of door make her alarmed.

Ashutosh entered with a tray full of food only to find the room dark. The little light peeking in from the window was the only thing to guide him. He took small careful steps and placed the tray on the bed. He switched on the lights and come to Nidhi's side to find her sleeping. his eyes move up to look at the time. It was just 8:30. His gaze turn back to her.

"Bohut thak gaye ho gi aj..." He thought.

He keep looking at her. Her eyes closed. Her one hand was under her pillow and other resting beside it in a position as if waiting to hold a hand. Ashutosh smiled sadly. How she used to go to sleep laying on his chest or holding one of his hands. She is still waiting for that hand to hold it even in her sleep. Just cause of his one big mistake, she had to suffer so much...

He sit down on his knees no matter how much his knee still hurt him. She was sleeping so he had the chance to wish her good night in a way they used to wish. In a way, he was dying to hear and feel from her. In a way, he love to say her.

Nidhi could feel his gaze on himself but she didn't open her eyes. She knew if she did, she would forget all her arguments against him as he was too suffering for her closeness as much as she was. But she need to make him realize a few things before she will fall into those arms once again. She agree. In the morning, when he saved her once again from falling of that hill, she felt secure in his arms. But how she wanted to feel that security at that time when he was more concentrating to protect his friend rather than protecting her feelings.

Soon she felt his fingers caressing her face. It took last ounce of her control to not react to his loving gesture. His finger tips were moving with a feather like touch but stop when they reached her lips. His thumb moved and traced her lower lip in a sensuous way that almost made her moan before he stop and took back his hand. A moment later, his lips were kissing her forehead. She opened her eyes for a friction of a second just to register his face so close to her's. His soft velvety lips were caressing her forehead as off easing down all the stress of the day and when he backed off, she just act like moving and taking turn in sleep as it was really hard for her to keep her face as plain as ever and pulled her quilt up, covering her face now.

Ashutosh cursed himself. He probably had disturbed her with his touch and back off three steps before turning to switch off the lights for her ease. He placed the food tray on the chair and lay down in his own bed. His hunger was gone too so he turned and pulled off his glasses to place them on side table and closed his eyes.

Nidhi on the other hand open her eyes and her hand moved up to caress the place where her husband just left a soulful kiss. She smiled as there old memories of sharing these small kisses run down in her mind. She look up to found Dr.Ashutosh sleeping in his bed now and softly mumbled "Good Night Dr.Ashutosh" and laying back, she was off to sleep in few seconds.

On the other hand, after freshen up Ahana came out from the bathroom and was about to leave the room, when priyanka called her back

"Dr.Ahana...app iss waqt kahan ja rahi hain?" She asked as she was just about to lay in her bed

"Woh...Maine socha Dr.Ashutosh ko aj k din ke bare main brief kar k aoon' Ahana made an excuse. She just want to have a look of Ashutosh but Priyanka stop her

"Don't worry...Main unhain brief kar chuki hoon...abhi main jab khana layne gaye thi tau wo bhi apne and Dr.Nidhi k liye khana lay k room main ja rahay thay...so i informed him about our day..." Priyanka said as she lay down

"likin phir bhi..." she was about to say something when Priyanka cut her

"I think yaan tau wo khana kha rahay hoon gay, yaan abhi tak sou chuke hoon gay...abhi unhain ja k disturb na karo...tumhare liye bhi khana laye thi...wo side table pe para hai...kha k sou jao...kal phir bohut lamba din hai" And Ahana took the warning. She really bugged Ashutosh alot but she can't help that. He was angry with her. So she quietly came to her bed and started eating

"Likin Dr.ashutosh dr.Nidhi k liye itna sub kyun kar rahay hain...aj subah bhi unhain breakfast laa k diya...aur abh bhi unke liye khana lay k gaye...Kaheen" and her bite stopped in the mid way with the thought

"OMG...Kahin Dr.Ashutosh Dr.Nidhi ko pasand..." She mumbled to herself

"Par Dr.Nidhi tau hamesha unh se door bhagti hain...wohi tau theen jo mujhe Dr.Ashutosh k pass bhej rahi theen..." she asked herself and as if she got some answer, she smiled

"Tau iska matlab hai k Dr.Nidhi unh main interested nahin hain...tab he tau wo mujhe support karti hain...mujhe unh ka saath deyna chahiye" she promised herself and had a happy meal...

Next day, Ashutosh though woke up early but keep laying in his bed as Nidhi was in the shower and he didn't want to open his eyes without seeing her face the first thing in the morning. Nidhi came out wearing a simple blue chiffon sari having matching blouse. She wiped her hairs and get infront of the small mirror to apply a little make-up. Ashutosh opened his eyes and look at her who was now wearing her mangalsutra which was today totally visible due to the front U neck of the blouse. He get up to take the shower while Nidhi applying sindoor in her maang and kohl in her eyes. Wear small blue tops and apply a little skin gloss on her lips. She cleaned the room packing her clothes from last day and placed them back in the bag neatly in a separate area. Ashutosh was out till she was done and just after combing his hairs, he took hold of his coat and went to the door. Nidhi too followed him out as they have to join others for breakfast which they planned in a nearby dhaba.

They were the last one's to reach. After wishing morning to eachother, Nidhi joined the ladies while Ashutosh moved towards the other table occupied by wardboys.

Ahana was so excited on seeing Ashutosh but more than that, she was shocked to see Nidhi's mangalsutra.

"Dr.Nidhi...app married hain?" She asked her when she couldn't stop herself from asking

Nidhi and Ashutosh both look up at this question and share a stare when Nidhi turn her attention back to Ahana

"Pretty much Dr.Ahana..." She said with a small smile

"Likin kabse...I mean maine apka mangalsutra or sindoor pehle kabhi kaise nahin dekha" Ahana asked totally surprised

"Dr.Ahana, Nidhi ki shadi abhi teen mahinay pehle tau howi hai...Kia shadi thi yaar...Kitna maza aya tha, Haina janki bai" Priyanka asked excitedly as Nidhi and Ashutosh remember there wedding days and smiled.

Janki bai nodded happily on the topic when the waiter came with there order and serve them that divert there attention. They eat quickly as they were late from there timing today but as most of the work was done yesterday, they knew it will be relaxing today.

Soon, they all were back to there assigned areas. While Priyanka, Ahana, Ashutosh and Sister Malini were going from house to house to check on the children they treated yesterday, Nidhi and Janki bai were back welcomed by the older lady who welcomed them once again. The patients started coming on and the way went on like that.

There was a small child of 3 years who was sitting quietly in the veranda of the house and was constantly looking at Nidhi. Nidhi noticed that and went to him. She sit down on her toes and give her face a lil support on her hand.

"App yahan kia kar rahay ho?" she asked with a smile. The child was way to cute.

"Apko dekh raha hoon" He replied sweetly that made Nidhi laugh

"Accha...wo kyun?" She asked next

"Kyunke app bohut khoobsurat hoo..." Oh the flirty boy, Nidhi giggled at his answer and sitting down on the floor, she pulled him in her lap.

"App ka kia naam hai?" Nidhi asked pinching his nose

"Raghav" He replied

"Oh Raghav...bohut pyara naam hai...bilkul apki tarhan" She pulled his cheek that made him smile too.

"App hamesha se doctor banna chahti thi?" Raghav asked amusingly

"hmmm...shayad...app kia bare ho k ban-na chahte ho?" Nidhi asked him back

"Main bhi na...bare ho k app k jaisa doctor banoon ga..." Raghav said with proud

"Accha g...par mere jaisa kyun...app tau mujh se bhi better doctor ban-na hoga na"

Raghav shake his head in no. "Nahin...bus appke jaise...Kal na meri behen ko apne in..inj..." he forget the word

"Injection?" Nidhi completed for him

"Haan injection lagaya tha na...wo keh rahi thi k usay zara bhi dard nahin howa...tau main bhi app jaisa doctor banoon ga k kissi ko mere injection se dard na ho" He said that so cutely that made Nidhi look at him in awee and pulling him close, she kissed his cheek...after that he jumped out from her lap.

"Chi...larkiyan larkon kissi nahin kartin" He said and run away that made Nidhi laugh out loud.

He boy was back later on and Nidhi kept him in her lap the whole time she was there. He was so cute that Nidhi felt attracted to him. Sometimes his words ring in her mind and automatically a smile will came on her lips. He just think that she is a good doctor as her injections don't hurt people much.

The work load was less today so by 3pm, every group was on its way back to the hotel. Ashutosh was the first one to arrive back once again but today, he had planned a small surprise for Nidhi so he went straight to his room to make some arrangements.

Around 3:30, when he was done, he came out to see if anyone came back when he saw Janki bai coming inside the hotel holding Nidhi's things. Ashutosh approached her with a smile as she smiled back

"Janki Bai...Kaisa raha appka din?"

"Sir, Aj ka din tau bohut accha raha...patients kam thay and sub se acchi baat, kal ki medicines ka asar nazar aa raha tha" Ashutosh give a relief smile

"That's a great news" He was talking to her but his eyes were stuck to the main entrence of the hotel, waiting for Nidhi to come in.

Janki Bai, who observed this said. "Sir, Dr.Nidhi bahir hain...aik bacha tha jo k unh se bohut attached ho gaya aj...sara din unh ki godh main he beitha raha or abhi, zid kar k unhain chorne bhi aaya hai...tau woh bus usay bye bol rahi hain...Ye unki cheezain" Janki bai informed him and give Nidhi's coat and stethoscope and a bag to Ashutosh. Ashutosh said thanks to her and moved towards the entrence door when janki bai called him again

"Ji Janki Bai"

"Sir, Main agar aik baat kahoon...app bura tau nahin maanain gay?" Janki bai said with an apologetic way

"Ji kahiye?" Ashutosh looked at her with a confused expression

"Sir, Dr.Nidhi aik bohut acchi Mom banain geen...Jis tarhan se aj unhoon nay poora din Raghav ko sambhala...I am sure about this" Ashutosh felt proud of his wife. He know himself that she would be a great mother. He had witnessed her interaction with the kids in children ward. Janki bai bid him bye and left. Ashutosh too moved towards the door to be left spell bound.

Nidhi was holding Raghav up in her arms and pulling his chubby cheeks in one hand and kissing the other as he was feeling irritated.

"Chi...maine appko kaha tha na...larkiyan..." And Nidhi laughed out loud on this and to annoy him, kiss him once more before making him stand back up on the tonga. He waved bye and Nidhi too waved in the back. She run her fingers in her hairs and smiled. He was indeed a very cute kid. She was still smiling as she reached the hotel entrence where no one was standing now.

Ashutosh hide himself befind the door so that Nidhi couldn't see him.

She turn and moved towards her room. She turn the knob and enter only to get a great surprise.

The room was filled with burning candles, the curtains were dropped. A small hand made bunch of roses that was tied with thread was placed on her single bed along with a cute teddy. She get in taking small steps. Her mouth was left hanging seeing the make over of the room. She reached the bed and hold the teddy up in her arms which was having a slash drapping from his shoulder to the other side of its waist and on that, beautifully handcrafted SORRY was written.

Nidhi's eyes filled with tears as she hug that and bend down to pick up the flowers and smelled them. They were more precious, more beautiful than they bouquets she ever saw on the flower shops.

She was still engrossed in those things when a voice came from the back

"Agar tumhara pati tum se maafi mangay...tau kia tum usay maaf kar do gi Nidhi?" She turn around instantly to find him standing in the door, holding his ears. He was looking funny as right now Nidhi's stethiscope was wrapped around his neck, her coat was placed on his one shoulder while her hand bag was hanging on the other one.

Part 9-------Page 32

(HEY guys...i have re-write this part almost three times and i m still not sure how this is...but am updating as i don't think i can write this one more time...i first thought to get ashu-nidhi in a fight but that's already we saw much in the show so here is the next part...
Do give your honest comments on it...)

luv ya

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it was hillarious ana,and now don't fight and baby please,please givesome relief and enjoyable romantic movement to them.and strong emotional bondage which they missed these days.

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The update was good. Aahana sacchai bas jaante-jaante hi reh gayi. Waiting for Ashni reunion

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