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KTLKMiniFF:Comin Together..Pt-11/Pg-45(Romance) (Page 15)

..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 3:48pm | IP Logged
Part 5

(OK in last part, i forget to mention that two nurses and two wardboys too joinned them in this camp...and one from the nurses was Janki Bai.)

Nidhi was trying her level best to control the anger, she was feeling due to Ahana's constant chat in which each line have to include "DR.ASHUTOSH'S" name...

"Dr. Ashutosh...apne is new medical magazine parha...kitna informative hai?" "WOW...Dr.Ashutosh...kia scenes hain bahir..." "OMG...ye color app pe kitna suit kar raha hai Dr.Ashutosh...apko patah hai, ye mera favorite color hai" Nidhi bang her fist lightly on the side of the bus.

"Thank you Dr.Ahana...ye suit kissi or ko bhi mujh pe bohut accha lagta hai" Ashutosh smiled dreamingly, and a smile also formed on Nidhi's lips...Surly, he look superb in that light grey fitted suit. A small flash back played in the minds of both of them


Nidhi was correcting Ashutosh tie while he was standing with his arms stretched out as if giving measurements to a tailor. Finished with her work on his tie, she corrected his collar and ease the crease of the coat.

"Nidhi, Nidhi, Nidhi...Aik tau tum aurton ka humain waise he kuch patah nahin lagta k kab kaun se mood main ho...aur abh upper se mujhe aik naye baat patah chal rahi hai k abh tum meri personal fashion designer bhi ho" Ashutosh said with a chuckle as his hands come around her slender waist and pulled her closer.

"Abh aik fashion designer ki friend hoon...kuch tau asar aye ga na" She giggled and said with a mischievous voice.

"Aur waise bhi Dr.Ashutosh...hum aurton ki ye bhi aik duty hoti hai k hum apne pati-dev ka khayal rakhain...aur apki dressing ka khayal rakhna bhi us duty main shamil hai" Nidhi added as Ashutosh grin.

"Then I don't know Dr.Ranganath ka kia khaal hota hoga...wo tau abh professional fashion designer k pati ban chuke hain..." They both laughed together and hit there head lightly with each other.

"Unh ka tau mujhe patah nahin likin haan, agar Dadi bua ne ye dekha k main apka khayal nahin rakhti tau mujhe jo baatain sun-na hoongi, ye un sub se bhi bachne ka aik tareeqa hai...waise tau mujhe itna karne ki zaroorat nahin, kyun ke meri pati tau kissi bhi suit main, kissi bhi dress main bohut he handsome lagte hain" Her eyes were filled with love as her hands moved up and took there place around his neck.

"Ye pati jaisa bhi hai...sirf tumhara hai...duniya mujhe kaise dekhti hai, kaise dekhna chahti hai...mujhe is sub se koi matlab nahin Nidhi...Mujhe faraq parta tau tau bus iss se...k tum mujhe kaisa dekhna chahti hoo" He said in a deep voice, expressing his love for her...

"Phir tau app saste main choot gaye Dr.Ashutosh...kyun k mujhe app har rang roop main bohut pasand hain..." She said pulling him an inch closer to herself

"App ko tau bhagwan ka shukar ada karna chahiye k apko itni acchi pati milli hai" She said with a small mischievous proud look and ashutosh just admired her.

"You know Nidhi...maine logon ko kehte suna hai k aisi larki chirag lay k dhoondne se bhi nahin milay gi...likin main aj ye daway se keh sakta hoon k mujhe tum jaisi larki, kabhi bhi chirag le k bhi doondne se na milti agar humari gariyon ka us din takrana na hota ot tum intern ban k hospital main na ati" Nidhi felt herself lost in his deep shinning eyes...

"Or iss baat k liye main bhagwan ka jitna bhi shukar ada karoon...bohut kam hai" he added

(OK just imagine here in the BG, the song was going on beautiful in low voice...

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye
Kismat Pe Aye Na Yaqeen
Utar Aye Jheel Main
Jaisa Chand Utarta Hai Kabhi
Haule Haule, Dheere se...

Ghumguni Dhoop Ki Tarhan se Taranum Main Tum
Choo Ke Mujhe Guzri Ho Youn
Dekhon Tumhain, Yaan Main Sochoon
Tum Ho Sakoon, Tum Ho Janoon
Kyun Pehle Na Aye Tum??

Main Tau Ye Sochta Tha, Ke Aj Kal
Upper Walay Ko Fursat Nahin
Phir Bhi Tumhain Bana K Woh
Meri Nazar Main Charh Gaya
Rutbe Main Wo Aur Bhar Gaya

Zindagi Sitar Ho Gaye, Rimjhim Malhar Ho Gaye
Mujhe Ata Nahin, Kismat Pe Apni Yaqeen
Kaise Mujhko Milli Tum

and both ashu and Nidhi are deep engrossed in each other eyes)

~FlashBack Ends with the horn of the bus~

And after getting back to reality, that smile get dim as she remember his words from that night. "Tumhain yahan rehna hai tau raho...jana hai tau jao...main tumhain nahi rokon ga" his words echoed in her mind and she look out sadly. Those words hold a lot of meaning for her. Where on one side, they mean that her husband trust and care for the feelings of his friend more-over hers, it also means that her existence around him don't matter much that's why he wasn't willing to stop her.

She knew she was making baseless excuses, but that's what all she can think off. How can she forget about those nights, she suffered alone in the coldness of her bed, wishing for him. How can she forget, how much her baba has to listen to the throned words of people that stop him to go out. She know, people still say his father that he made a wrong decision by giving in to her wish to marry Dr.Ashutosh.  She was excused by those hideous words saying that she is childish, immature, unpractical of whom she is now so used up hearing even from her husband, but her baba was constantly blamed by a certain group of friends as why he agreed with her demands to marry a man who was 18 years older to her. Hell, she wasn't a bit regretting this marriage. That's all she wished for and she truly, deeply, madly love this man, but this ego of there gonna cost them so much.

The sun was rising up and Ashutosh turned to see Ahana leaning her head over his shoulder as she was off to sleep. He was certainly so uncomfortable with this position so called Dr.Priyanka in slow voice.

"Yes Sir" She turned to reply and looked at the solemn expression on his face..

"Kia app meri jagha aa sakti hain?" He asked in a whisper...

Priyanka could hardly hold her laugh back. Awww...this man is so cute...she turn to look at Nidhi who was looking out from the window but she can felt her body relaxing, hearing Dr.Ashutosh's request. Priyanka twitched her lips and smiled in acceptance. Ashutosh smiled back giving a silent thank you and carefully put off Ahana's head from his shoulder as he get up. Priyanka quickly took his seat and make Ahana sleep on her shoulder. After being assured that everything is OK, Ashutosh took place where Priyanka was sitting last. He turn to look at Nidhi, who just ignored him and keep looking out.He sigh and leaned his head with close window, closed his eyes.

Nidhi turn her face moments later to see him sleeping but due to the jerks of the bus, his head was constantly getting lightly hit with the window.

"Apna khayal bhi nahi rakh sakte..." Nidhi mumbled and turn her gaze but after several minutes, when still he didn't dare change his position, she got up with a huff and take seat beside him. Carefully she turned his neck position a little and put a small cushion under it which was placed on the seat, she just took place. She was about to make him put his head on that, when he turned a bit irritating and make himself comfortable on her shoulder, snuggling himself a little down on the seat. Nidhi sigh

"Karne kuch jao...ho kuch or jata hai" She cursed her luck but didn't had the heart to pull him away from herself. His face so close to her, his breath caressing her hairs...was soothing her beating heart, so leaning back into the seat, she too closed her eyes, keeping her head on his...

In the back Dr.Priyanka, who was watching all this, smiled in aweee...It was truly a transformation that she had witnessed of Dr.Ashutosh who went from being Dr.Hardstone to Dr.SweetHeart. She was among the first one's who get to know about Nidhi and Ashutosh as a couple, and just like others, she also thought that they are really making a fool of themselves. Nidhi was one of the chirpiest intern in there group and from the start, she and Dr.Ashutosh were standing on a border line...One mistake, and they both will bombard eachother with tantrums. plus they had this huge age gap and were almost a generation apart. She tried to stop Nidhi but she was something else. Only she was the one, who was able to take a place in Dr.Ashutosh's life while all other's were suspenting and were almost sure that Dr.Ashutosh, one day or another, will get on with Dr.mallika who was surly in love with him from too long. But then, they both were so alike. How can a boring person enjoy the fun of life with another boring person. Dr.Ashutosh and Dr.Mallika were just like two trees, standing side by side...looking at the world from a same point, while Nidhi was a bird, who will enjoy and praise the beauty of nature by jumping around, taking and capturing each scene in her eyes and make other look at it through them.

Soon, The bus stop at a small dhaba which was situated on a small hilly area..making Ahana get up. She rubbed her eyes and look side way with a smile hoping to see Dr.Ashutosh but Dr.Priyanka was sitting beside her. She pout and look at her who was now looking relaxed and get up to take her bag. Ahana get up from her seat too while Priyanka moved towards the door following the wardboys who just get down but stop as she turn to see Nidhi and Ashutosh, sleeping peacefully. Nidhi's hand was encircling his arm and was snuggling close to him.

"How cute" Dr. Priyanka commented with a sweet smile and Janki Bai and other nurse also approved her comment with there smiles but Ahana was surly not happy.

She was already irritated on finding that Dr. Ashutosh switched place with Dr. Priyanka so moving ahead she shook Dr. Ashutosh just before Priyanka can stop her

"Sir...Plz uth jayeiye" She said in a loud voice.

Nidhi woke up startled with the voice as well as Ashutosh who looked at the front blinking his eyes. Looking at Dr. Ahana's face he felt irritated but right then, he felt the hands moving away from his hand and turn to look at Nidhi who was trying to get up now. He smiled a little with the thought that she went to sleep on his shoulder but felt sad as Nidhi rushed out the next moment.

"Sir Chaliye na...Yahan se kuch khatay hain..." Dr.Ahana asked in an excited tone.

Ashutosh took a deep breath and closed his eyes momentarily to hold back his anger and depression and get up.

They both get out and look around to admire the beauty of nature. Ashutosh moved towards the dhaba and first went to hand pump that was situated on a side to wash his face and hands. Water was cold and that surly help to sooth him. He cleaned his face taking out a hanky from his pocket and went to the tea-man to ask for a tea.

Tea...This one thing has connected them at so many places...he still remember how they shared this tea in so many places in so many weird situations...but all those were beautiful memories of there relation.

His eyes moved around to search for Nidhi as she was no where around and soon he spotted her, standing at the edge of the hill, having her back on him. His heart beat faster. A fear creep his heart as he remembered last time they were on the hill and Nidhi was almost about to fall off that slippery place if it was not him who went up from his wheelchair and hold her hand. He was so close to loose her that day.

His feet automatically moved towards her quickly and he started running in between. On the other hand, Nidhi was oblivious to her surroundings but was just feeling the pain of being away from her husband and moreover, another girl was trying to make a move over him. Her man.

"Kyun wo Dr.Ahana ko apne pass anay day rahay hain..." She thought bitterly with a pout on her lips.

Ashutosh's eyes catch a couple who were returning after taking pictures around and were talking to eachother, unaware of the fact that they are just about to hit Nidhi. And ashutosh know, a little push, and she can fall into ditch.

And that's what happened. the couple passed and the man's shoulder struck with Nidhi's back, giving her a push. Totally taken by the shock, a scream was about to get out from her mouth as her arms flung about for support when ashutosh hand caught her's and pulled her back as she landed into his arms and his arms came around her, taking her into a tight hug.

Her heart was beating faster and louder in her throat as well as his. There eyes were shut, trying to think what could have happened just in the matter of a second.

A small sob escaped from her lips as her body started trembling with fear and soon, her sobs turn into a cry. Ashutosh himself was so scared at that moment but he moved his hands up and down on her back, trying to calm her.

"Shhh...Nidhi...calm down...kuch nahin howa...Shhh...Main hoon na...kuch nahin howa" He said repeatedly again and again and placed soft kisses on her forehead.

No one actually noticed this scene much around them, other than that couple with whom she strike and now were looking up at them, with horror in there eyes.No matter how much angry he was right now on them for there non attentiveness, right now, his first duty was Nidhi. Ashutosh blinked his eyes gulping down his anger and raise up a hand as if saying, everything is fine...and taking a sigh of relief, that couple left leaving Nidhi in the safety of arms of this man who loved her more than his life.

Part 6------page 18

(OK guys...here comes the next part...do give me a review here along with like as how do you think this part was...)

take care

luv ya

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Ana this was one of the best chaps of this FF.
I loved it, right from the flash back, all the way to where Ashutosh saves Nidhi 
Just like the last time.
My favorite was the part where Nidhi goes to take care of a sleeping Ashutosh in the bus,
And they both end up sleeping together, with Nidhi's hand around his arm. That was so cute.
But I am getting really tired of this ahana, she is starting to get very annoying.
All in all two thumbs up.Clap
Waiting eagerly for the next update.Embarrassed

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Wow! I really mean a wow... This is called the art of writing... Inspite the fact that they didnt patch up yet, yet it was so filled with love... Hehe I loved it ''karne kuch jao... Ho kuch aur jata hai...'' aise hi karte jao, kuch na kuch zarur hoga... ;) ... I equally loved '' apna khayal bhi nahi rakh sakte...'' and '' ye suit kisi aur ko bhi mujh pe achha lagta tha'' and the following flashback... But, the last scene stole the show... Shandaar yaar... Bohot khoob... Dr. Sahab ne apni madam ko bacha liya... Aur kitne pyar se usey calm down karne ki koshish kar rahe thhey... Haaye!!! I tell u, agar aap aise hi updates deti rahin, toh mujhe delayed patch up se bhi koi pareshani nahin hai... U can go on...

Chaliye I am again going to drift back into my sleep... Thanx 4 the update...

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vidyasabde Goldie

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Ana nice chapter. when is the next?

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hilarious44 Goldie

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Very very nice chapter dear..Clap
I waited for ur chapter n slept when i had enjoyed it last night...couldnt comment from my mobby so sorry for a late like n reply...
I thoroughly enjoyed each n every moment of it...could imagine each scene infront of my eyes...indeed very sweet n romantic...
Will be waiting eagerly for nexty updateDay Dreaming
Thanx alot for PM

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Suvika. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 4:53am | IP Logged
ana...what an update!!! and what a hug!! and what a bus ride!! and overall what a chapter!!! Thumbs Up Clap Hug

ab jaldi jaldi thoda romance likho yaar...let AshNi make up...really want to know how you do that!! Day Dreaming

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parmarA IF-Sizzlerz

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ana,it was so beautiful,i really enjoyed each movment,but nidhi and ashni's scene most,really hope aahna will come to know ashni's relation soon,and bombard.but still she is much irritating,but your ff is fabulous.ClapClap

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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 6:45am | IP Logged
Wohooo... What a fantastic chapter Clap Enjoyed every bit of it Embarrassed
Ur FF always brings a smile on my face Embarrassed Great goingBig smile
Plzz update the next chapter fast naaa... I wana read it sooo badly...Smile
I want ashu to make it clear to ahana that nidhi is his wife and his lifeWink.
 I just cant stand that irritating pest nymore...

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