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KTLKMiniFF:Comin Together..Pt-11/Pg-45(Romance) (Page 10)

Aazeen02 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 3:18pm | IP Logged
Oh! I was expecting that Ashu would clarify things n manaofy nidhi... But aisa laga jaise nidhi majboori mein unke sath jaane ko raazi hui hai... Well if its gonna b a li'l hard time for Ashu to manaofy his begum sahiba, toh I'll b waiting 4 the moment... Thank u 4 the update... Will b waiting 4 the next one...

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karajekar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 1:19am | IP Logged

superb ana ab ashu ne start kardiya hope nidhi will also start from her side Smile

by the waiting for next chap


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parmarA IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 1:22am | IP Logged
fantastic chap Ana,loved all,and their family get together,and ashu's entry too.unme sulah kab karwaoge?please update next chapter soon...waise aap bolenge,intejaar ka ful meetha hota hai,but can't wait.

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..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 3:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aazeen02

Oh! I was expecting that Ashu would clarify things n manaofy nidhi... But aisa laga jaise nidhi majboori mein unke sath jaane ko raazi hui hai... Well if its gonna b a li'l hard time for Ashu to manaofy his begum sahiba, toh I'll b waiting 4 the moment... Thank u 4 the update... Will b waiting 4 the next one...

yup aazeen...abhi tau majboori main Nidhi gaye hai...
but that's atleast is a good start for ashu naWinkEmbarrassed
ashu need to learn a lesson or two to behave before his begam gonna give him a chanceLOLLOL

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..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 3:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by karajekar

superb ana ab ashu ne start kardiya hope nidhi will also start from her side Smile

by the waiting for next chap


thanku so much sonali...
ashu ne start tauu kia hai but lets c wo kahan tak kamyab hota haiWinkWinkWink

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..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 3:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by alkaparmart

fantastic chap Ana,loved all,and their family get together,and ashu's entry too.unme sulah kab karwaoge?please update next chapter soon...waise aap bolenge,intejaar ka ful meetha hota hai,but can't wait.

thanku alka...
glad that you liked this...
sulah ho jaye yaar...but a lil hard time for ashu...he deserve that for being a lil thick headedWinkWink
intezar thori dair main khatam ho jaye ga janabWink

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..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 6:25am | IP Logged

Part 4

The whole ride back home was a silent one...No matter how much Ashutosh want to say right that moment, he couldn't utter a word seeing that forlorn look on Nidhi's face. He stole glances at her from the corner of his eyes as she was looking out completely engrossed in the whirlpool of her thoughts.

Ashutosh twitched his lips and sigh and put forward his hand to switch on the Radio...and soon, the music replaced the silence in the car

"Tere Bina...Jiya jaye na..
Tere Bina...Jiya jaye na
Bin Tere...Tere Bin Saajhna...
Saanson Main Saans..."

But Nidhi couldn't take that anymore and switched off the radio and again averted her gaze to look out in the darkness of the road...

Ashutosh sigh once again...This is gonna be so hard but he was satisfied that atleast she is coming back with him to there home...

Soon, he parked the car in the small garage of the house and get out. Before he can go at the back to pull out Nidhi's bag, Nidhi was already taking that out, and without looking at her went inside the house before him. His head fell down seeing the aloof behaviour of her but he couldn't do anything, so playing with his keys a lil to cheer himself up...he went inside...

BB was so glad seeing Nidhi coming back and welcomed here

"Nidhi beta...aoo aoo..." He stood there with oopen arms. Nidhi passed a forced smile at his way and leaving the handle of the bag, bend down to take his blessings. BB blessed her and then as she stand up, pulled her in a bear warm hug.

Nidhi's hands went around his waist and she controlled herself hard to not cry...

"Beta, tum ghar main nahin thi...tau ghar kitna soona soona lagta tha...tumhare anay se lag raha hai k ghar ki raunaq wapis aa gaye hoo" BB said and Nidhi grip got tighter around him...Only if he know the real reason of her comeback...

"Baba, main bohut thak gaye hoon...or kal subah medical camp k liye bhi nikalna hai..."Nidhi explained...just to get away from there...she was on the edge to break down

BB could feel the tension in her body and dullness of her voice

"Haan haan beta, ja tu ja k aram kar..." And without looking up at baba for once, Nidhi took a step back and holding her bag, rushed inside her room.

Ashutosh put forward his hand to call her while standing in the door but stopped as she disappered into the room

"Ashu...ye sab kia ho raha hai beta...Nidhi khush kyun nahi lag rahi" BB asked...he thought that ashu must have realized his mistake n that's why he took her back home...but if that would have happen, nidhi atleast would smiling, but here, BB was sure she was trying hard to stop herself to breakdown...

"Baba...wo..." before ashu could say anything, baba spoke up perfectly knowing now that everything is not as simple as he thought it was

"Dekh ashu...Nidhi meri bahu honay se pehle meri naathin hai...or main ye hargiz bardhast nahi karoon ga k uski ankh main aik ansoo bhi aye abh...pehle he tum mallika or apni dosti ki wajha se usay kafi dukh pohancha chuke ho...abh or nahi...or main tumse aj aik baat keh doon ashutosh, agar nidhi ki ankh main abh aik ansoo bhi aya yaan wo phir se ghar chor k gaye...tau yaad rakhna k iss bar uska nana bhi uske saath jaye ga...kyun jo bhi howa, mujhe itna yaqeen hai abh k us main Nidhi ka koi dosh nahi tha...ye jo kuch bhi howa wo sirf tumhari or tumhari ego ki wajha se howa..." Baba warned him in clear manner

"Likin baba is me..." Again baba cut him in between

"Is me tumhari hi galti hai ashutosh...Or ye behtar hoga k tum apne rawaiye pe khud nazar dalo or zara socho k Nidhi ko kaisa lagta hoga jab tum Mallika k saath utna waqt bitatay ho, jitna uske saath bhi nahi betatay...maine dekha hai usay k jab wo raat ko uth uth k tumhain dekhnay ati thi jab tum mallika k kamre main so jati thi...kia tumhain accha lagay ga k Nidhi apne kisi dost k saath itna waqt guzare jitna k wo tumhare saath bhi na bitaye...aik aurat k sabar ka imtehan maat lo ashutosh...kahin aisa na ho k aik din wo paimana toot jaye or aisa toofan aye, jo is ghar ki khusiyon ko tehes nehes kar day" Baba glared at ashutosh and left for his room...while ashu kept standing there with spell-bound expression...

Baba was indeed right and Ashutosh now know how Nidhi must have felt as he himself experienced a lil of that emotion when Amar tried to make a move to her...Hell, that was indeed a burning sensation he felt...And Nidhi, his Nidhi has beard all that for a month and now later too...

Oh how will he is gonna ask for forgiveness from her...He stood there for sometime...

With heavy heart, he moved towards his room but Nidhi was no where in sight. Her bag was placed beside the bed...but she wasn't there...

Soon he heard muffed crying voice coming from washroom and the voice of running tap following it. He was sure that Nidhi is crying inside and he was the reason for that...For how long she was crying, he didn't know...He took steps to moved towards the door to call her when the knob turned and she came out in her night attire. Her face was fresh after cleaning it with towel but her puffed eyes could clearly state her emotions...Ashutosh heart cried itself seeing her in such manner...

She placed her bag in a corner and went away to settle herself down on the sofa...pulling her legs up on the small table, she put her face on her hand, resting on the sofa and closed her eyes...

"Nidhi...tum wahan kyun...bed pe aa k aram se sou jao" Ashutosh said with a lump in his throat

"Don't worry Sir...Main aik raat yahan guzar chuki hoon...agay bhi guzar sakti hoon...main apke ghar pe koi haq nahin jatana chahti...app fikar mat kijeye...main theek hoon" She didn't dare open her eyes and said in a curt voice that made ashu heart bleed...

"Ye kia keh rahi hoo Nidhi...Ye tumhara bhi tau ghar hai" Ashutosh said a bit later...

"nahin Sir...Mera ghar wo hai jahan mere pati hoon jo k meri bhawnaon, meri khawaison ki hifazat karain...woh pati nahin, jinhon ne mujhe pichli bar ye ehsaas dila diya tha k ye ghar sirf unka hai or main isay kabhi bhi chor k ja sakti hoon" She said again

"And please, agar app chahte hain k main iss kamre ki char dewari main rahoon tau aik lafz or na kahiye ga...main bohut thaki howi hoon...araam chahti hoon warna mujhe koi dikat nahin hai k main guest room main chali jaoon...kyun k iss ghar main main sirf aik meehman hi hoon...likin ye nahin chahti k meri is bachkana yaan immature harkat pe mujhe or tanay sunnay ko milain...tau please" and ashutosh knew, she is well capable of doing that...

Although it hurt him that Nidhi is bringing a distance between them, but he deserved that...he knew it pretty well now...so he just look at her and get into washroom to change himself...

Nidhi was off to sleep before, when he came out...Ashutosh took a step to go to her but stop...he didn't wanna disturb her sleep and give her a reason to leave this room...if this way he can have her in the same room as himself, he will bear that...but he will try his luck tomorrow...

Ashutosh lay on the bed, still keeping his gaze fixed at her...putting his glasses down, he put them on the side table and took hold of the frame that contain the picture of them from the wedding. He traced Nidhi's smiling face and placed a kissed on her forehead, bidding Good Night as he went to sleep. This was the way he was fulling his part of promise to go to sleep seeing her face, and would woke up seeing this pic once again...

Nidhi got up as her mobile's alarm rang. she rubbed her eyes. It was 3'O clock...She quickly get up. Her body was paining due to sleeping on the sofa...totally it wasn't a comfortable position to sit in but right now, she don't wanna be close to ashutosh in a physical way before they match themselves on mental and emotional level.

She came near the bed and saw him sleeping holding a frame and a look on her bedside table, and seeing the missing frame from her side, she knew he was hugging there wedding pic...

Her heart was filled with love once again for this Man, she was blessed to have, but she just can't get close to him now. She knew he missed her, just as much as she did...They both can't stay apart. But he need to forget about his ego before she will let him get close to herself.

She take out a dress from her bag and went to wash room to take a quick shower and get ready...

Ashutosh wake up a lil later and before opening his eyes, he lift up the frame and traced Nidhi's face with the tips of his fingers. He smiled seeing her glowing face in the pic and pulled the frame forward to give a kiss when the washroom door opened and Nidhi came out, rubbing her hairs with the towel. She looked at him and her hands stop seeing that he was holding the frame so close to himself.

Ashutosh too looked at her and put the frame away...He don't wanna embarss her so get up and after putting his glasses, turn to take out his suit and went into washroom

Nidhi get ready, putting her ear-rings, applying kohl, straightening her hairs...bangles...in last her magalsutra, sindoor and took out a bindi from the mirror...she was glad to see her bindi's still attached to the mirror...

Putting duppata around her neck, she get out to pack something quickly they can eat on the way as its already 3:25 and they need hald an hour to reach KGH...

Ashutosh came out fully ready holding a small back pack. A plate was placed on the table having a sandwich and Nidhi came out from the kitchen with a bag pack and rushed to her room...

She came out a minute later with her bag and quietly get out...Ashutosh too rushed, closing the door...Nidhi was already settling herself down in the car and ashutosh too put his bag in the back and came to take his seat in the front as they went towards KGH...

Dr.Ahana & Dr.Priyanka were already standing outside near the small bus they hired for the trip that was well equipped with medical instruments and medicines...

Ahana was all smiles seeing ashutosh car coming into drive way and took a step to went to it but she stopped seeing Nidhi coming out from the passenger side...

"Dr.Nidhi...Dr.Ashutosh k saath??" She mumbled...

"May b Dr.ashutosh nay unhain lift di hoo...He is such a sweet-heart" She quickly gave herself an answer to her question and again started smiling...

Dr.Priyanka and Dr.Ranganath were seriously happy seeing them coming out from a same car...that meant that Nidhi was back home...

After wishing eachother an early morning, Ashutosh inquired about his patients from ranganath...after knowing that everything is going on perfectly, Ashutosh turned to see Nidhi struggling to pust the bag up the two stairs of the bus...He moved forward to help her but she was already done with it.

"Main just aik minute apne patients ko check kar k atti hoon" Nidhi said to Dr.ranganath and Priyanka and rushed up the stairs of the hospital...Her first destination was Amar...but as she reached, she found the bed empty

"Abh ye kahan gaya" She confused came out, pushing her hairs back, when she found the nurse walking in the corridor...

"Sister, ye yahan pe jo patient thay...wo kahan gaye..." Nidhi inquired...

Gladly the nurse was the same as the one from last night duty...she sigh and said

"usko tau raat ko he discharge kar diya gaya" Nurse replied...

"Discharge kar diya gaya?? but...meri permission or report k begair kaise..." nidhi asked stunned with the news

"Accha howa dr.Nidhi wo gaya...apko patah hai kal raat ko usne kitna drama kia...aise react kia k usko shock laga howa phr dr. ashutosh ne usay attend kia...Hum apko phone karne walay thay likin Dr.ashutosh ne mana kia ye keh k k apko subah main jaldi nikalna hai tau apko disturb na kia jaye...uski halat dekh k mujhe laga k maine galat dosage day di hai, likin jaise he dr.ashutosh ne yahan aa k kaha k uska operation karna hoga as k ho sakta hai k uski kissi brain nerve pe pressure ho...wo ye sun k he sahi ho gaya...sara natak kar raha tha wo Dr.Nidhi...Or kal raat he uska bhai aur rishtedar aye or usay apne saath lay gaye" Nurse explained...

Nidhi was furious in the start to hear that cause of Dr.Ashutosh, the patient was discharged cwithout her consent but hearing that it was all a drama and perfectly knowing that it must be cause of the experience she had before, she was glad to see that finally, Amar's flirtness is no more an issue and she also realized ashu's care behind that...

Saying thanku to nurse, Nidhi quickly took a round in children ward and rushed out to found everyone settled in the bus except Priyanka who was standing with Dr.ranganath, just waiting for her...

Nidhi bid bye to Dr.ranganath and get inside only to get furious seeing Dr.Ahana holding the hand of her man, making him sit beside herself...while ashutosh looked at her with a helpless expression...

She looked daggers at them and sit in the front with a grump face

"Dr.Priyanka...apko patah hai na k apko kia karna hai" Outside Dr.ranganath asked

"For sure Dr.ranganath...app befikar rahiye..." Dr.Priyanka said with a smile and bidding bye, get inside to take a seat on the opposite side row where Nidhi was seated...

Driver closed the door of the bus and the trip started...

Dr.Ranganath wave bye at the back and pulled out his cell to call

"Anji...kaam ho gaya" He said with a smile and grinned...

Part 5------page 15

OK in this part...i wanna show a lil realuzation that was needed for ashu...but he surly need a lil better dosage which will come his way on this trip...LOLLOLLOL

comments here plz...

luv ya

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parmarA IF-Sizzlerz

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ana ji,khubsurat chap,maza aa gayaa,your writing style is owsom dear,aur yeh aahana holding hand,kuchh jyada nahi ho gayaLOL next update please give soon yaar.ClapClap

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