Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka


Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka
Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka

Spoofed FF-Parichay action replay ka(Updated Pg 2) (Page 2)

norzar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 3:26pm | IP Logged

hilarious chitts. hahhaha. 

The bg scores were apt. really rather than watch the episodes we should spend our times writing such mazadaar FF's, atleast we will keep all of us entertained. hahahha

waiting for the next part


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DeepShadow Goldie

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 7:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by chitsss

Hardworking,industrious Gaurav Chopra follows him into the house panting like a worn puppyDeadOuch ( koi isse humdard ka tonic Cinkara kyon nahi pilata)  while the self proclaimed lion Clapof the Chopra jungle poses near the teapoy hands on his second hand jawani's badti kamar.LOL ( BG Score-main hoon mard tangewala ,main hoon mard tangewala, mujhe dushman kya marega mera dost upar wala..LOL 


BAHAHAHAHA...LMAO...Second hand jawani's badti kamar is just pure GENIUS Chits...ROFLROFLROFLROFL...And that "main mard taangewala" song is just awesome..ROFLROFLROFL
My God, saalon se vele ex-gold medalist and now gold letter holder Kunal bhaiyya ko sab kitna bhaav dete hai...ROFL...Poore ghar ka kharcha akela sambhalne walon ki toh aisi ki taisi, apne Kunal bhaiyaa ko green tea, lemon tea, ice tea sab barabar pesh hoti hai..Wah! ROFL
And ROFLMAO..." 'Accha hua so gaya,nahin toh mujhe iske OTT baatein sunna padtaConfused, har jagah jaake bolta hain papa mera hero hain "  ...ROFLROFLROFL..Baap duniya ka sabse bada kaamchor hai, aur chichoro wale kaam (e.g. drinking, gambling, boxing) karta hain phir bhi bache ki aankhon mein hero bana rehta hai. Sach mein, this show has no connect with reality..LOL
I cannot wait for the next part Chits..LOL
Oh and can you also find place for Abhay's awesome dialogue in yesterdays episode "Tumhe aisa nahi lagta ki jab woh baat kar raha ho, tumhe LAW sikha raha ho"...ROFL..Sach mein, W*F did that mean..ConfusedLOL

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rainbowgirl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 12:59am | IP Logged
Girl your FF is cracking me up big time Tongue wish there was a show for spoofs, your FF would have been a hit LOL

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-Hima- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 1:39am | IP Logged
Nice one Chitra!! StarThumbs Up

Gaurav being neglected and thinking of LollyLOLLOL
Gold embossed appointment letter will be framed for pujaLOLLOL
Abhay thinking these two will ward off all evil and legal troublesLOLLOL
And the moon bit was the highlight!! ROFL 

Ramya, the BG scores were awesome!! Thumbs Up
Waiting for the next!!

Drivemecracy Goldie

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 8:38am | IP Logged
it was so hilarious as usual...really v.impressed by the bg score and ur story cracked me up...and much relieving to read right after watching the current episodes...but not only us but also the cvs are impressed by ur they are following ur ways...

waiting for the next part...Day Dreaming...
chitsss IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 1:00pm | IP Logged

Big smileWinkPart 2 : Kunal meets Siddhi at work!

Abhay Diwan's office:

A white Mercedes pulls up and Abhay steps outStar, looks around to see if all the arrangements are in order and opens the back seat door .Siddhi steps out smiling at the array of employees waiting with their tongues hanging out to catch a glimpse of their new 'BOSS'ShockedClap (BG Score-patli kamar matkake, nagin se balkhake,main aayi hoon UP, Bihar lootne) . Amongst the multitude of people in starched and crisp  greys ,blacks and whites Siddhi dazzlesStar, not unlike the eye catching shine of an artificial gem who hopes that she shines enough to blind anyone thus saving herself from further scrutinyEmbarrassed!(Afterall, if anyone was inquisitive enough to read her resume , it would raise a lot of eyebrows right , only 3 cases fought out of which 1 she lost , next one she won because of a judge who was her muh bole dadaji and a witness who wanted to teach his Di a lesson and the next  one saw herself being convicted!ClapLOL ).Well she needn't have worried much, her color deprived subordinates were only too glad to see the 'inyour face' bright BOSS (well the halter neck, skimpy FORMAL blouse which happens to have been a highlight at Tihar Fashion Week did help a lotEmbarrassed), in fact so glad that when she appeared to trip, a hundred hands came to her rescue and my weren't they rewarded with a coy smile and fluttering eyelidsEmbarrassed!Wink (BG Score- jawaani jaan-e man haseen dilruba…..shikar khud yaha shikar ho gaya)After the initial round of exhibition... Winkoops I mean introduction Abhay led Siddhi to her office!

Just after they left in fact in a matter of some nano seconds an auto chugged in and out stepped Kunal , looking dashing as ever in his red shirt ,blue tie and a pink tiffin carrierStar to matchLOL! (BG Score-main hoon main hoon hero heeralaal)One of the employees broke away from the group of hormonally charged lusty lafangeys and approached Kunal and led him back to the pack and introduced him as their new manager!(Now don't check his resume either guys, you people are going to want to bang your head against the wall and flush it down the toilet for having  toiled for 12 hours at work for all these yearsLOL).The guys started babbling about the new item in office , Kunal smirked to himself ,tugged his collar and ran his fingers through his hair and said 'Well I know that but thank youShocked'. (BG Score-bachana yeh hasino lo main aa gaya )The guys turned to him embarrassed and said 'Sir aap toh good hoDead sir par aapka naya BOSS ekdum 'chikni  item'Wink hain, dekte hi hosh udd jayenge'(Hosh tha hi kab ki udjayenge).Kunal to cover up for his disappointmentOuch at someone else having stolen the 'office ki chikini item' titleLOL from him, feigns anger and claims that he has come to office only to work and not ogle(Work ?seriously Kunal you know what that means and besides don't jump the gun?LOL).


Siddhi's cabin:

Siddhi is in her cabin , she has just removed her halo and placed it on a plump cushion made of pure red velvetWink !Next she retrieves her sacrificial saree and drapes it around the back of her chair for ease of access, something tells her she will be needing it quite often nowLOL! Abhay walks in and asks her if she loves the office, she replies with a customary nod! Just then the doors swing open by themselves (Thandi hawa ka jhoka- Aila kahi yeh sameer toh nahiWinkBig smile )Siddhi wonders if the office is haunted and suddenly she sees 'The MAN'Shocked , 'The MAN' who has been ruling her dreams, her thoughts for the past 10 years of her lifeEmbarrassed (BG Score-woh a gaya, dekho who a gaya, piya tu ab toh aaja,now I know why she  was plain stupid and also now I know she is going to remain stupid), 'The MAN'Embarrassed who she thought was her soul mate(oh that's is why she sold her soul to the devil) ,the man who made her wear the sacrificial saree often(dekha, one should always trust one's gut , she knew it in the morning that she would be needing that saree at work), he still looked so handsome , maybe a bit heavier and bit puffy around the eyes but then a heart madly in love never dwells on these flaws does itEmbarrassed? She unknowingly smiles to herself and her eyes lit up with love (BG Score- baharo phool barsavo mera mehboob aya hai ,Suddenly FB of richa wiping kunal's face comes into siddhi's mind and she thinks he's not my memboob now )for 'The MAN'Embarrassed who was so principled that he let her serve out her punishment for dumping him (Well she did not kill Rohit right , so those 9 years had to be for dumping him), for 'The MAN'Embarrassed who truly loved her that in 9 years he never asked if she was alive because he knew, he knew deep inside that she wouldn't die that fast(courtesy Moon Sahib who used to sneak into his bedroom and plant that thought in his head every single night for 9 long yearsWink) , she loved this man who respected her so much that she asked him to never meet her again and he honoured  her wish for 9 years , never did he come and trouble her again !(Thank goodness he did not , otherwise that Richa would have given supari in jail and she would have been found dead in her cell one fine morningDead)How can she not be in love with this man?EmbarrassedBig smile

Kunal walks in and sees Siddhi across the room , man did she look ravishing(yeah men will be menWink ) , his eyes skimmed over her glittery yet flimsy saree, the 'is-it-really-there?'Embarrassed blouse ,the poodle hairdo, the heavy jewellery that adorned her neck ,her ears , her hands , her nose ! Man she is certainly one walking and talking loot! (BG-Score samundar main nahake aur bhi nameek ho gayi ho) How could he not'?(well Kunal is not exactly sure of what he is feeling right now I guess , love, hate or is it something more primeval , well I would say it's the last optionEmbarrassed)!Man if 9 years in jail did this to her he did be only more willing to pack her off there again(He should talk to Richa about this BG Score-chad gaya upar re atariya pe sola kaboor re ). But he just could not steal his eyes away from Siddhi, 'THIS WOMAN' taught him to live , to laugh(it was difficult not to when she went scampering around the room and acting like she was possessed by JKR's booth , dimmag toh nahin hain but she considered herself to be EinsteinLOL) , it was 'THIS WOMAN' who would run away in the night (yea he had be planning on getting her a leash but she ended up in jailConfused) to help Raveena or Vikram or the doodh wala out of trouble, it 'THIS WOMAN' who saved his mom's life yet rendered her with a back pain that was curable by a surgery(how can he ever forgive her for this, if not for that he could have happily continued being velaAngry), it was 'THIS WOMAN' who decided to dump him for the future of their kid yet later decided to do away with the kid (man this girl confuses me there is no logic in her actions), it was 'THIS WOMAN' because of whom he wasted 9 years of his life in spite of Richa (for whom he wasted only 5 years ,see he loved Siddhi more) ,his son and his family prodding him to move on!How can he not gape at herEmbarrassed , how can he forget this little ladyEmbarrassed?


Abhay smiles and turns to Kunal and says 'Kunal meet your new BOSS Siddhi Begum'Clap!! (BG Score-in aankhon ke masti ke ,plays for no reason).Poor Kunal he was hoping she would be under himWinkEmbarrassed and he could have his way but what the hellAngry ?? Siddhi is equally horrified as to how can she be Kunal's boss (the halo rolls its eyes upwards & resignedly drags itself to her head - "chal bhai, iss bande ne entry maari toh ab teri zaroorat toh padegi hi"), Abhay continues and informs Siddhi this is our new legal advisor' Kunal Chopra', suddenly the floor and walls trembles , Abhay continues with a proud gleam in his eyes 'Did I not tell you , he would shake you up!!' (BG Score-Mann bhanwar uthe,Tan Sihar uthe,Jab Khabar uthe,Ke aave singham).Kunal and Siddhi are oblivious to Abhay , his presence and his words , they keep staring at each otherEmbarrassed like there is no tomorrow ,Abhay notices this, huff and puffs but all in vain thoughLOL, with no choice left he picks up a pile of papers and tosses it at them along with the paperweight which lands itself on Kunal's feetOuch. Kunal yelps and SINAL trance is brokenOuch, Abhay heaves a sigh of relief and silently hopes that his Legal Head and Legal Advisor will hopefully indulge in activities that may prove beneficial for him and his company (Well Abhay if not monitored you may land up with more legal problems than before but there is also a good chance that you may get another SINAL child to foster while one of them land in jail and the other decides to waste life!Wink).

After a momentary pause Kunal and Siddhi get back to staring at each other, the memories of their happy times together flash before their lives (actually it flashes multiple times considering   there aren't many,BG Score- meri adhuri kahani).Abhay looks at the papers littering the floor and curses himself for doing something so stupid Dead, he looks at the duo who seem to be staring at each other and bends down to gather up the papers! But the duo is unfazed and just keeps staring at each other, finally Abhay cannot wait any longer and he steps in and holds them by their shoulders and shakes them out of their reverie! (kab se adhuri kahani sunake bore mar rahe haiAngry….ab toh kuch naya gana chalao,Bechara must be cursing himself for giving Siddhi the makeoverConfused, not just Anand, now Kunal seems to bowled over by it too, like son , like father I would sayLOL, now we know why Kunal finds it hard to let Richa goWink, it's because of her hardly there air tight dressesEmbarrassed, oh his heart flips and slips to make him the mard tange wala alwaysWinkEmbarrassed)

*The FF is purely intended to be fun!Wink So enjoy the read!Big smile

** Credit for BG Scores go to Ramya , Fari and Annie for your valuable inputs!


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annie_mckinnen Senior Member

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 1:13pm | IP Logged
Chitss let me be the first one to congratulate you on a job well doneClap Star You have truly outdone yourself. This is even better than the first part if that's possible Wink  
Your humor and pun is spot on. I suppose this is the type of story and these are the characters for which they say, "All that glitters is not gold." Wink

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Shehnaz.K Goldie

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
Awesome. With the current body burning track this FF seems like a tonic. Siddhi Begum
ROFL Thnks to all of u.

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