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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
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VirMan : Almost Heaven Part 20 Note on Pg 6

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Hey All, 

Finally I'm back with another update after a long long time... Thanks for all your lovely comments and being so patience with me despite the super late updates. Writing this part have been a challenge for me, those who have known me will know how long I struggle to complete this. I hope you will enjoy it... Enough of my ramble, here is the update...

Part 20 

Virat didn't know whether to scream his lungs out or cry his heart out. There was turmoil of emotions within him, despite knowing the intentions behind her action; his heart refuses to accept the reality. He knows that her actions were justified from her viewpoint and nothing precedes her Di in this world but at the same time, nothing takes precedence over her when it comes to him. He knew that as days pass, he was becoming more vulnerable towards his fear of losing Manvi. He is unable to remain stoic and Manvi never fails to notice it. Virat followed the trails of his leg aimlessly, he was in verge of breaking and all attempts to get a grip of him were in vain. His eyes grew wider and his expression hardened as he saw the sight in front of his eyes. He couldn't believe that he trailed back to the very same spot that he was at earlier in the morning with Manvi; the mandir. Unlike earlier, now there was no more anger left in him; in fact there was nothing left in him. Neither anger nor despair, he felt as if there was only vacuity within him. He felt his legs weakening and he fell on his knees before Him. "I don't understand you or your game plan. Why do you have to prove your existence by making the possible to impossible and impossible to possible? But I must say that you are indeed the master of your game; because you have struck the very chord which instantly brought me to your feet helplessly. Something that you failed to achieve when you took my dad away, my passion away, my career away, my future away. All those only manage to dispirit me yet not my pride. Today you are staking my most valued possession, something that means more than my life, mera pyar, mera jaan, mera dhadkan, mera Manvi... I would gamble my life with you not hers and if my defeat is what makes you happy, then here I'm...The same Virat Vandhera who never bowed to you even at his worst time is now right in front of you begging for his love. I can withstand if you snatch everything that I own including my life but not my Manvi. I'm nothing without her...Please give me back my love" Virat finally broke down in front of Him.

Viren and Jeevika decided to inform the rest of the family on the news about Jeevika being Manvi's donor. Viren wanted to do it himself as he wasn't sure of the response of his family and he didn't want Jeevika to be troubled by their reaction but she was adamant to be with him. They slowly walked to the living room where the rest of the family was discussing about their day after dinner. Jeevika clutched Viren's hand as they neared. There was an unknown fear; the fear of rejection from the family twitching knots in her stomach. Despite the full support from her husband, she was worried of the acceptance of the rest of the family members especially Dadaji and Swamini bua. Viren understood his wife's predicament and assured her, "Everything will be fine Jeevika. Main hoon na". Swamini bua was delighted to see Viren and Jeevika joining them in their evening chat, something that was missing in the family off late. Dadaji inquired about Manvi after Viren and Jeevika settled on the couch; "Jeevika beta, Manvi ki tabiat ab kaise hai?" Dadaji's question finally gave them opening that both were waiting to break the news. "Well Dadaji, there has been vast progress in Manvi's health and we have another good news to share about it. Finally Dr Shashank has found the suitable bone marrow donor for Manvi and if everything turns out well, her bone marrow treatment will begin soon." Viren finally announced the news to the entire family. There was a sign of relieve in everyone's face, "Yeh to bahut ache baat hai. We have all been praying for Manvi's recovery and this is a positive sign beta." Dadaji replied in joy. "Haan babuji, I totally agree with you." Swamini bua added. "Viren beta, make sure all the necessary arrangement are made. Please ensure the donor is all comfortable and no inconvenience is caused to the donor and family" Dadaji instructed. Viren took a deep sigh and replied, "Usko koi zarurat nahi Dadaji. Woh donor aur koi nahi; woh donor Jeevika tah" Viren finally revealed the truth. Grimness overshadowed everyone's expression when they heard the truth as if it was almost impossible to churn the truth that they heard. The vestige of doubts slowly faded as Viren explained the procedure details to his family. Jeevika remained quiet yet she didn't fail to study everyone's expression including Swamini bua's. Everyone seemed to be almost convinced except for bua, her doubts and disagreement was evident in her eyes although she hasn't expressed them. Dadaji who seemed averse initially seem to see the rationale behind her husband's explanation. Neither did he object nor did he give his concern.


The whole living room was enveloped in silence, nobody dared to express their opinion before Dadaji. The silence was torturing for Jeevika and somehow bothered her slightly. "How can one expect a stranger to volunteer to be a donor when her own family doesn't support it" she thought to herself. Unable to endure it any longer, she finally broke the silence startling everyone including Viren. "Dadaji, Buaji I can understand your concerns regarding my decision to be Manvi's donor but I just need your empathy; to understand my decision" Jeevika spoke. "But Jeevika, don't you think that you are being too compulsive in your actions and decisions whenever it revolves around Manvi? Don't you think that your love for your sister is overshadowing your responsibilities as the bahu of this house? " Swamini questioned Jeevika. "I can't deny the fact that I have neglected my responsibilities as a wife and bahu yet no one showed any resentment towards me and I know that a mere apology will not do justice for it. When Dadaji asked me whether my decisions in life will be based on love or responsibility back in Mussoorie, I assured him that my responsibility will precede love in my life. Even today, my decision still abides to my assurance that I gave; responsibility. My responsibility as a sister over her dying sister; a responsibility that was bestowed by God the day Manvi was born as my sister. I'm fulfilling my promise that I made to my parents on their deathbed, my vouch to protect Mannu when I accepted her Rakhi. I don't mean to be rude but even if the procedure was dangerous, I would have still insisted on being a donor because if I didn't die while saving Mannu; I would definitely die out of the guilt of not trying to save her when I had a chance." tears choked her as she spoke. Viren held Jeevika's shoulders in support; his family was dumbstruck as they witnessed the other side of Jeevika that only he and Virat have seen.

"Badi Ma, for once I have to disagree with you about Jeevika neglecting her duties as a wife. Even in the midst of Manvi's illness, she never once failed to attend to my needs.  Even if she did, I wouldn't complaint as I never expected Jeevika to sever all her responsibilities at her maternal and devote herself to me just because she is married to me. In fact, I really wonder whether I would be able juggle my responsibilities if I was in her shoes. If it was Virat or myself in Manvi's place, will we still be having this conversation?" Viren stepped in for Jeevika which took Swamini off guard. "Viren, my concern is not about impartiality between Manvi and the rest but a major decision is taken without even consulting us. This is not the norm in Vandhera house and you should have known this better than anyone else." Swamini retorted. "Badi Ma, we don't have the luxury of time to debate as this is a matter of life and death. With her recent health complication, every minute counts. If ever anything happens to Manvi, we will be losing more than mere life in our family" Viren explained with tinge of irritation in his voice. "Swamini beta, the urgency of the issue precedes the family norm. Furthermore, if Viren has no objection against Jeevika being a donor; I don't see any reason for any of us to object it. The procedure deemed safe and the Manvi's recovery is what matters the most." Dadaji tried to assure Swamini but she was still not swayed and left in annoyance. "Jeevika beta, Swamini koh bura mat sochana. She has been a woman of principle and never bends it for anyone. Give her time and she will understand you" Dadaji comforted Jeevika. "Dadaji, I totally understand Buaji's feelings and reaction. She has always wanted the best for the family and especially for Virenji, and we all know that she will not tolerate anything that may jeopardize it. She is in the same shoes as me, I will go any extend to ensure Manvi is fine and I believe Buaji will also go to the same extend for Virenji's happiness." Jeevika replied. Swamini's anger vanished when she overheard Jeevika's reply. Tears escaped from her eyes after years as she slowly walked into her room, she realized that she could have never found a better bahu for the family besides Jeevika.

Virat found himself breaking down, pouring his heart out and confessing his deepest fear at place that he least expected; in front of Him in his Mandir. Virat felt calmed and light; although this didn't change his perception on Him but it definitely made a positive step towards rebuilding his trust.  His love has brought twists that he least expected in his life, he wondered what else will he being doing for his Bandariya. The word Bandariya struck him that he walked out of Manvi in anger, he immediately rushed back to her room. He cursed himself for losing his temper at her despite knowing her condition. Virat slowly opened her room door, not wanting to wake her as it way past her bedtime. Her room lights were still on, he guessed that she must have fallen asleep while surfing since the notebook was still on next to her. He slowly moved the notebook away and was about to shut it down when he realized that the slideshow of their photos were playing. His lips curved into smile as he saw their photos, his priceless collection of their most precious moments together. He has managed to capture so many candid shots of her and it always irked her whenever he clicked her pictures without her concern; she has always wanted to look good while he always wanted the moments behind it. He was about to tuck her to bed properly when he realize that she was clutching something close to her heart. He slowly removed her grip on the metal frame expecting to see picture of her with Bhabhi but was surprised to find a portrait of both of them taken during bhabi & bhai's engagement.  

"Virat'. " she murmured in her sleep the moment she felt the frame slipping away from her hands . "Shhh'. I'm here Manvi. Ab soh jao" Virat whispered as he caressed her hair, coaxing her to sleep. His voice immediately woke Manvi from her sleep and she held his hand tightly. "Kya hua Manvi? Koi bura sapna dheeka?" Virat was alarmed by her reaction. "Kaha ho tum? You know how long I waited for you to return. You know that I don't sleep without seeing you and yet you left me alone!" Manvi sobbed like a child between her anger. Virat pulled her into his arms, wrapping her into his hug. "I'm sorry Manvi.  I didn't mean too' Sorry partner, I'm really sorry" Virat apologized. They were cozy in each other's arms for a long time; comforting each other in silence. "Virat' " Manvi finally broke the silence between them. "Hmm Manvi' Bolo" Virat replied. "I'm sorry Virat' I also need you to promise me something?" Manvi asked. "Sorry kyu aur kaisa promise Manvi?" he asked hesitantly. "No matter how much we fight or argue, no matter how angry we are at each other, we should resolve it by end of the day. Don't deprive me of seeing the love in your eyes when you kiss me good night and the smile in face when you wish me good morning. I never thought that I will be saying this to anyone else besides Di but I can't live without you Virat. Can you promise me that Virat? Please'." Manvi asked him. 

Manvi's words pierced him, instead of being with her at the moment she needed his support; he let his anger and emotions overrule him again. He was responsible for her tears today, yet she was apologizing to him. His guilt, rolled out as tears from him and Virat held her closer for support. Manvi sensed Virat's repentance so she hugged him back, stroked his back to comfort him, to relieve him from his guilt instead of urging him for answer. He finally got a grip of himself, took a deep breath and slowly broke away from her hug, met her gaze and gave her the assurance that he is ok before he spoke. "Manvi, I owe you a few apologies" he started. She tried to shush him but he stopped her. "Manvi, please don't stop me" he insisted. "Manvi, Sorry for losing my temper on several occasions today. The fear of losing you has grown so much that even the slightest indication of it just agitates me. Whenever our priorities cross, my possessiveness over you precedes my logical mind to think. I promised you that I will be with you throughout this battle and today I will reassure that I will stand by your decision whatever it is. Bhabhi and I can force the treatment on you but I know that the whole procedure will go futile if your mind is not in it. I'm sorry Manvi, I'm really sorry yaar" he apologized.

Manvi cupped his face in her palms, "Virat, you don't need to be sorry or guilty of your actions. We were both impulsive in our actions and blinded by our love. It is alright to be angry and shout our lungs out at each other and get over it once and for all. What I can't stand is when it prolongs.  I didn't mean to hurt you or make you guilty but I just want you to know that I love you as much as I love Di. Just like how I can't withstand Di being sad or angry, I also can't stand your pain or anger Virat "she explained to Virat. "I love you too Manvi. I promise you that no matter what happens between us, no matter how much we fight and argue; before the stroke of midnight, we will make up in each other's arms just like this. Mere kasam Manvi" Virat promised her and kissed her forehead. She finally saw a genuine smile on his face and that was enough to bring back her smile.  "Listen Manvi, it has been a long day for both of us, now be a good girl and get back to sleep." Virat instructed Manvi. "Virat, I want to be in your arms tonight'. Please don't say NO partner" she made puppy face and begged him.  It was almost impossible for Virat to deny her request; even he didn't feel like letting her off as well. "Your wish is my command Madam'" he smirked while making her comfortable on the bed as she rested her head on his chest and he settled next to her.


"Virat, you haven't told me where were you all this while? " she asked him as he tried to make her sleep. "Make a wild guess" he challenged her. "Hmmm let me see, our favorite spot in the garden?" she guessed. "I anticipated that from you but unfortunately you are wrong." He replied her. "But you always go there whenever you are angry or sad!" she argued. "Yes Manvi, that's where I always end up but not today. Somehow I ended up at the place that I least expected to be." He replied building the suspense. "Virat, stop the puzzle, tell me where were you?" she demanded unable to tolerate the suspense. "The very same place we were together in the morning, in the Mandir. I had a long session with your Bhagawanji. Not the friendly wala like yours, but it was more matured and serious discussion" he revealed. Manvi was elated as she heard Virat narrate his story.  "See I told you nah, Bhagawanji will always listen to me "she exclaimed happily.  Virat silently hoped that He will fulfill his one and only request.


Dr Shashank came earlier than usual to check on Manvi, he saw Virat and Manvi were engaged in serious discussion as he entered. "Sorry to interrupt both of you, but I decided to check on Manvi earlier today and also to discuss about her treatment as well" Dr Shashank explained. "Actually Dr Shashank, even I wanted to discuss with you about the treatment. In fact, I wanted to discuss about it without Di's presence as well" Manvi replied. Virat decided to leave so that Manvi can discuss her concerns freely with Dr Shashank , he didn't want her decision to be influenced by his reaction. Manvi held Virat's hand as she saw him moving away from her. "Virat, I wanted to discuss without Di's presence not yours. I want you to be here with me" she requested. Virat briefly nodded and sat next to her. Manvi took a deep breath, held his hand for support and finally spoke "Dr Shashank, I have read about the treatment and procedure yesterday. I may not understand the full details on it but it did give me some insides of the whole process. I'm ready for the treatment but I have a small request as well. I hope you could really consider it." Manvi explained. "What kind of request Manvi?" Dr Shashank asked her. "Well I know that there are two options to the treatment, either to perform the bone marrow transplant or PBSCT. Although Di will be under anesthesia but I have experienced the pain of bone marrow extraction. I definitely don't want anyone to go through such excruciating pain in their life and definitely not Di. Could we just opt for PBSCT instead Dr?" she finally explained her request. Dr Shashank smiled and replied her" Manvi, I have seen so many patients in my service but never once anyone close to you. Even at the most critical stage, your concern for others are greater than the pain that you are going thru. Now coming to your request, well even I have PBSCT in my mind. Firstly, your body is still weak and I don't think it will be able to withstand the bone marrow transplant operation. The PBSCT will be the best option in your case because we can actually monitor your body acceptance to the treatment."  Dr Shashank's explanation cleared all her doubts and she felt relieved. "Well in that case, I shall speak to Jeevika and Viren about her preparation for the treatment today. If everything turns well, we can start Jeevika's treatment tomorrow." Dr Shashank informed Manvi. She nodded in acknowledgement. "Manvi, don't worry. You have been a great fighter and this is the final round. Be positive and both of you and Jeevika will be fine. Very soon you will be walking out of this hospital in perfect health" he assured Manvi just before leaving.

Please feel free to leave your comments, criticism and your thoughts about it. Smile






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Congratulations for the second thread dear!
will read the update asap! <3
Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Revz...WELCOME BACK...HugHugHugHugHugHug...congo on ur 2nd thread for this BEST VIRMAN FF...ClapClapClapClapClapClap

comin to the update..this ws much needed for the disappointed frustrated souls like me...LOLLOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...since past few weeks theres LITERALLY NO VIRAT N VIRMAN..its all..u knw wht i mean...LOLLOLLOL...n i ws missin them tons...n there u came wid this update...this is d the virat...d manvi...d virman i am MISSING in d show rite nw...OuchOuchOuch...bt thnx to u i cud c them BACK for a while thru ur ff atleast...HugHugHugHugHug

for me d BEST part of this update HAS to be his convo wid God...i ws once again moved to tears...yaar u make me cry wid evry update coz of Virat...uff such DEEP LOVE...i envy manvi..truly...hw LUCKY is she to hv him...nywz truly tht ws XTREMELY SOULFUL & TOUCHING...ClapClapClap...n i totally loved d endin virman scene too...Big smileBig smileBig smile...

overall yet another update...n thnx soo soo much for updatin nw...HugHugHugHugHugHug

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Amazing update!! u updated after a long time...but a nic one..please continue soon!!
Kanwal_chohan IF-Rockerz

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Awesome update loved it especially the part where jeevikas
Words put tears in swaminis eyes
Another favorite part was were virman made up the one reason
I love them there fights and arguements and then the make ups
Continue soon and do pm

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edited my post above...Smile
anyacrazy Goldie

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res* will be bck with a dtailed comment laterSmile

finally got the tym to comment on ure update..first of all congratz for the second thread of ure myndblowing updateThumbs Up ab to ek party banti hi haiWink 
well just luved virats breakdown nd his convo with god..it was so emotional nd heart breaking..his begging to save maanvis lyf just made my eyes watery..kaash virat jaise aashiq duniya mein hoteyDay Dreaming 
virikas scene with the family was well written..the reaction of each charcater including swaminis was gd..swaminis first priotiy is virens happiness as viren is lyk her son so i didnt mynd her intitial refusal..but the most wonderful bit was swaminis tears hearing jeevikas reply..she may be strict from the outside but she too has a nyc heart..
cuming to the best part of the update virmans scene was just fabulous..the way they ended their fight or the way maanvi slept with virmans photo was soo cute..maanvi explaining to virat that she luved him just as much as she luved dii or even virats regret over getting angry at her at such a tym was just perfect..this is the kynd of scene i wanna see in the actual show..i really wish CVS read this ff..koi inko samjhaw key humein kya dekhna hai..anyways bck to ure update i really lyk dr shashanks charcater..he is such a nyc nd understanding doc..nd last but not the least an alternate treatment..wohooo..although i hve no clue what PBSCT is im happy if maanu is..Big smile
HugHugfor the PM nd fabulous update..

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Ahh i am so happy!! Finally u updated after a long time!!
I just enjoy reading your FF! 
As always this part was just too good! 
Loved the part where virat breaksdown!! It was really touching. 
Should i mention that i loved the virman moments!!
Continue soon
And congrats for your second thread!!
Big smile

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