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Dabulls23 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 2:47pm | IP Logged
Archana proved today she is Narcissistic Mother...She has huge ego...She is in denial...She believes that what ever she thinks is truth...She is right all the time...She has never made mistake...She is Perfect...
Now what happens to the daughters of Narcissistic Mothers?????  Purvi the byproduct of Archana the mother a woman with Narcisstic disorder..

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m_masti Goldie

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 3:01pm | IP Logged
exactly, varsha di...i wrote the same in some other topic/post...archu is egocentric...she has her own interests, beleifs and attitude...never cares about society or people around her...and the reason for it is only sulo...sulo always made archu's parvarish like that...

and she thinks if she cannot do something so no-one can do...even in soham case she thought if archu couldn't make sachhu feel her own son, then varsha will also cannot do it for soham...

no mom can behave with her own blood like the way archu behaved today with Ovi...i didnot feel at all archu is ovi's mom...and stupid ovi i felt, your mom doesn't deserve your/teju/manav love...she always played with your emotions...ans she will not stop archu got to know ovi loves archu, so archu will never leave single chance to emotional blackmail ovi till she gives arjun back to purvi...

in today's episode, i felt sulo is silly...sulo was behind to break those FDs...why she is using them now to shoot the arrow...

really i hate it when i see the facts...8th passed archu always decked-up didn't face any financial hurdles with responsibility of sulo/mano/purvi...but so talented varsha is keep for a goon...i really want to know 18years story of archu, what did she do to run the family...

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LuvSSever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 3:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by m_masti


totally agree, today archu changed colors faster than chameleon

I really want teju to see other side...i want her to ask archu why did archu said they are her signatures...teju told archu that the twins miss their mom so much and it is like hatered...

today whole POV of Teju was archu is a good person it was devloped because teju stayed with archu for some the same way why Teju is not seeing that archu knows that twins felt mom's abandanment...why teju is not standing on her view...why she faced the abandonment for 18 years...

teju truely knows archu supporteed all the evil plans...why teju cannot see or say it...

as kools said...i really want purvi to be preggo...

Yes masti, wanted Teju to analyse the situation on both the sides , wanted her to study the report fully. As i still believe ,she is the one who still have some Akkal and  unbiased ness.

i still believed till before seeing the part where she cried on Road.

See, she was the one who directly went to the Judge and talked about the Forged signatures.
There were a set of people like Sulo,Purvi and archu who know this truth for like decades but never opened their mouth or went for it or tried to solve it in the correct way.

It was Teju, who right coming to know the truth, went ahead with it, checked the signatures, met the Judge and without gap informed Manav.

So she has some Akkal and I wanted or wished her to analyse the facts and situation thoroughly.
I thought she should post some questions to archu on behalf of soham's case, all cases and the abandonment of mother's love and on all what she had to go through all these years.
may be not harsh  as she came to know the truth of signatures,but atleast calmly.

as you had said as Teju already Knows archu some what and spent some days with her, atleast Teju can post that ques with love ,calmness at the same time with strict firmness.

But the road scene and Last scene made me lost my hope.
It shows she might Just became a parrot saying meri aai meri aai, following Purvi.
or a girl who shows only guilt and love for her mother.
actually though there is no fault of hers to feel the Guilt and 100 % had the HAQ to ask those questions.

Masti,I never wanted the Last line as i wish or wanted to see Ovi's marriage successful.

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Tunasnah IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 February 2010
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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 3:27pm | IP Logged
excellent post by allThumbs Up all raise up very solid questions but no answerConfused i just want to say relax and wait i have highhh hopes from soham he will definately go na teach his parents a lesson of life time and make them realise their mistake ...and by the way "tum sab ko ho kia gia hai"Shocked why u all waiting for purvi becoming pregg ...this will ruin ovi"s life archna will make ovi divorce arjun and marry purvi if that not arjun will run after matter ovi did wright or wrong but fact is she is arjun wife and arjun shuld respect this rishta i want to see ovi happy and purvi also though she is hurt but if she take a decission so now she shuld move on .i dont know balagi people follow this forum or not but want them to read our views abt archana as mother .

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LuvSSever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 3:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by umayal

Originally posted by koolsadhu1000

It is not Ovi who does not regard Archana as ' Hamaari Aai'

Today's episode made it clear that it is Archana who regards only Purvi as her daughter as she is the carrier of her great sanskaars .

Kool di Hug,
 well said Di. Correctly and aptly put and thats what the today action of archu' speaks.
Couldn't have said it better or put it better for the flipsflops shown and reacted.

And all other questions posted are also too Good Thumbs Up... well said again...
But unluckily we wont get the answers. these are ever unanswerable ques when PR is concerned,I know only this would happen.

I hate to say and feel like this. Because once i loved the character archu and a fan of hers,I never wanted to hate that character.
But today with her flipflops and way of Behaving she irritated me a lot.
She showed cent percent Hypocrisy today.

Leave aside Arjun,Purvi or Ovi's doings.Let us keep it aside.

Archu as a person and mother alone we considered how she behaved when Purvi as a daughter and Ovi as a daughter is concerned.

When it was Purvi's marraige, she didnt even bother about the suicide attempt of Ovi, just one shot she showed concern but doesn't asked about it later, she was so happy that she wants manav to do the Kanyadhaan though he is not interested or he is the one going to suffer as its his daughter Ovi is in denial for it.
She never cared for her daughters, she was happy roaming around in the marriage preparations.

But Now when It was Ovi's.
she is not interested to come only Angry , she as physically came there but all the concern is on Purvi and she is going to call purvi and check Purvi's status.
To everyone around she is talking about Purvi's actions it Manav,Sulo or Sav.
Purvi, Purvi,Purvi,

then why the hell you have to join with your family when they are not your apne in your mind/heart and POv.

How much ever i criticize Archu , so far I thought, inside she earns for her marriage and Family.
and though she is suffering for the fault of hers,I was feeling sad at times for her when she was being far from her Apne though she wished to be near them,though she considers them her apne, they dont consider her due to Karmas. so I wished her to be with her family and  get well with them and bond with them by rectifying.wished it immensely.

But today she Proved me she was not like that
she is so engrossed in her Own world that she does what she thoughts.

And finally understood Its not her family who doesnt treat her as apne, Its she who doesnt wish to treat them as her apne . or doesnt wish to get near them.
the way she acted with Ovi and she said for a Big No to go,i was like Angry.
Cannot she give some good advices to ovi.

So much flipslops today.
First happy on hearing sachin, then with a sad face saying No. the why the hell you showed a happy face. but then telling Sav she is coming back. at the same time, not accepting Ovi's that she is too come back, giving silent glares.

What was this Confused...I think the Cvs run out of track, so confused on how to clear the mess created by them and how to show the show for mahasangam.
It seems they have written the tracks on the spot in 2 mins gaps.

In the above mentioned post, I just forgot to add one more thing. So wish to add  it.

Out of these irritation on Archu and the scenes i have seen,
I have totally forgotten the real culprit, the enabler, supporter the GREAT SULO. Angry,
who is the root cause of all these problems.

She and her boost on Sanskaars, bringing up end up in a daughter like archu who followed the same footsteps and now end up with Purvi.

Both spoiled their daughters Life with the so called Sanskaars. Sulo archu's and Archu's going to Ovi's.
I dont think archu will be able to influence Purvi, as she comes out a s strong person who does what she decided is right.

i hate sulo the most in all aspects.

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LuvSSever IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 May 2008
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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 3:56pm | IP Logged
One more thing I dont understand in this Crisis is
Why Arjun or Archana jumping on their heels on hearing Ovi's and showing their hate only On Ovi.
As if only Ovi was the sole reason in it.

Actually in my POV,I dont see anything NEW from Ovi's side. we all know she loves him more. she is ready to do anything for him, she is in denial that arjun-purvi love each other and she wants arjun, so she wants arjun-Purvi marriage to be stooped.
so nothine new from her part, everyone Knows this.

new has happened with only Purvi-Arjun, who was roaming around all along saying we love each other, one(Arjun) without having the guilt that he promised marriage to someone else ,went through engagement then Break it, then the second one(Purvi) without the Guilt that she has loved a person who was loved by her sister too and went till engagement.

These two's behaviour only new, even after claiming loving so much, one goes for the sacrifice on acceptance of a good deal and one accepts for the mere love he had on his lady love.

If Purvi-arjun didnt marry each other, didnt go ahead with it, then its their decision and they are totally responsible for it.
And everyone who have Brains should know that if they dont marry each other even after loving, if Purvi denies the marriage even after loving, then koina koi wajha thi in that.
So whats new there that both Arjun and archu jump on hearing the reason.

Its obvious that purvi left arjun for archu and to make archu bond with her family, made Ovi to be married toArjun. when Arjun and archu was Ok with this reason of Purvi and that she did it for her own reasons and decision, why they jump on only Ovi's actions.

when all three are totally responsible in Arjun=Ovi=Purvi scenario.

Purvi could have said a No, or Arjun could have directly said a no and tell purvi that,Ok you dont wish to marry me because your family/aai will be in trouble, fine but I cant marry Ovi and you cant force me.

When he had the Guts to say today,i will do whatever i wish, Cant he say it a day before, and refrain from spoil a girl's life by entering into marriage without the heart.

These both decided but now why Ovi alone blamed...

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m_masti Goldie

Joined: 07 March 2012
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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 4:20pm | IP Logged
umi di...

sulo is the whole and sole reason of these sanskars...and did you see today how she made the point of FDs, she was the one who wanted to break them...and today she is the one who is using them to blackmail sachhu...

yes, it is more fault of was exam for purvi and purvi failed in it...why to blame the someone else...

when the deal is from purvi it is balidaan...when it is from ovi it is a deal...

it is the same fact ...arjun heard from purvi that she wants archu's happiness and she told properly to arjun he should marry ovi to make this happen...if purvi just sacrificed the love without asking arjun to marry ovi, then i understand it is ovi's deal...

ovi never mentioned in her deal to make arjun marry to her...ovi just said archu will get her rights in the excahnge of arjun...

it is compeltely purvi's decision to accept the deal and she added arjun-ovi marraige to it...

and no-one understood if at all wedding needed to be done it should be done infront of everyone...

and see the cunning purvi called just on the suhaag raath to disturb the couple...

it is complete sauda purvi made of arjun...she bought archu's happiness by selling arjun to ovi...arjun was purvi's investment whihc gave good profits in 3 months span...

and now archu knows that purvi is just stubborn like her and now she is jumping on ovi to make her wishes come true...and sure archu will make arjun-purvi marraige...

and arjun...i don't know whats his problem exactly...he is ok if purvi makes sauda but he is not ok if ovi wanted him...arjun supports seller market not buyer market...

and did you see the way he answered DK, purvi asked me to prove my love by marrying ovi...what stupid he is...he made the decision in the anger/ego that he wanted to prove that purvi cannot be happy if he marries ovi...and both purvi and arjun are making ovi's life miserable...for arjun, ovi is like a doll...he was committed to her then left her then married her and now leaving her again...she is not toy man...

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Jaishankar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 4:22pm | IP Logged
masti dear I have come to a simple conclusion that as long as there are emotional fools like Manav and now student Arjun joining the list ,the K female bandwagon headed proudly by our Sulo with her sankaars ,will always have their say over these men for eternity .LOL
I feel for the men of PR who are pawns in the hand of their lady love..
No excuse for going along knowing that what are you doing is senseless and crap just coz your lady love asked u to do so.This applies to both the victims - Manav n Arjun..
I think the Guru - student duo need a vacation..May be they can make a trip to Hawaii and enjoy with some chiks who care a crap about sacrifice LOL
Dear both Manav and Arjun can become Sholay's Jai- Veeru duo and abscond happily far away to Hawii singing "ye dosti hum nahin chodege" .ROFL

poor thing the Guru-student duo are tested very badly..They have such a stunning,hot and sexy mother-daughter duo but cant do anything about it as the bandwagon leader Sulo is standing at the gate with a stick of sankaars and endless selfless senseless sacrifices to bestow on the poor Guru-student duoROFL

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