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Dabulls23 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 31 October 2005
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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
OMG such a comical and hypocritical episode..
Archana and Purvi's tyaag-balidaan
Savita evil and she will go to jai...She is the reason why ArMan are seperated and will be divorced...Bhai when did the divorce papers get signed ??  6 months ago...Not 18 yrs ago
We knew it long back the whole fault is going to come on Savita..Evil Savita the scapegoat...Poor Archana has suffered so much...Who has suffered Mmore Archana or Savita or kids Or Manav?  Deshmukhs have sufered more than Archana IMHO...Savita has lost 1 son, 2 grand kids and Family izzat when Archu took Manav to court..
Ovi-Teju only knows Savita forged signature..
Do they know the whole truth about Archana's courtcase against Manav-DK for random chawlwalas?  Do they know Soham was lost due to Archana's mere stupidity in thinking Varsha was cured and could be trusted?  Snatiching 3 yr old boy from father's hands and handing him to psycho sister?
Archana is the one who did not stop Manav from taking girls...She did not fight with him by taking him to court for twin's custody...She simply let him take them...he told her if u want your daughter than take me to court...So she did have an option..Her decision to take Manav to court, her decision to hand Soham to Varsha and her decsion in not fighting for her marriage or for kids...Where is Savita involved in this????
We all know CVs have selective memories  but some audiance is very intelligent and they remember...Some of us are not following actors or characters but storyline and have elephant memory..
I found Archana rude and heartless when she said she was not going to go to the recpetion and telling ovi she having Arjun and happiness is only due to her daughter Purvi's tyaag-balidaan..Does she remember she is the one who gave birth to  this girl?
Manav is such a weakling...Worst male specie as a father and a son...he does not remember what preceeded for them to leave for Canada...All forgotten and forgiven..He is letting his mother take the fall for their own stupidity (ArMan)  Had they been strong than no one could come between them...Put the blame where it lies not selectively choose Savita as a guinea pig...How stupid...
To give nyaay to Archana there will be anyaay to Savita and Ovi both...Poor girl had to beg Archana to accept Manav or Arjun will not accept her in marriage...
Ovi's deal is nothing compared to what Archana has done  in her 50+ yrs life...
I am PO at both ArMan..Shameless people and parents.

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Kalapi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 25 August 2010
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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 1:48pm | IP Logged

Kool, ur question about the forged signature being 6 months old compared to the reason of separation that spanned 18 yrs, is too intelligent dear….these Cvs are just brain-dead people….

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m_masti Goldie

Joined: 07 March 2012
Posts: 1852

Posted: 07 September 2012 at 1:55pm | IP Logged
exactly Kalapi, me too felt like hitting my head to wall...

what is the reason for separation...if its not chawl case, if its not soham...why archu went to Ks home instead of Ds home after twins first birthday party...

why did manav send tickets with savita...
why archu didn't call manav when ashna came to meet her and told about canada moving...

why did archana manav did not communicate directly...why they had savita in the middle...and always they know savita is not trustable person as she hates archu from her...

why they never tried to know why savita behaved like this...where did archana manav go when savita needed them most...

where did manav go when Ds needed him
1. sachin's death
2. sachin's abilityies shravani understood bt why not manav
3. vandu's kidnap
4. vandu's torture by ajit
5. damo was compeltely drunk and home was shattered

manav was always there for Ks
1. when varsha had affair with boss
2. when varsha had abortion
3. when vyshu had tough time with dharmesh
4. when sulo was thru out from home
5. when damo was working in the night duty
6. when weddings needed moeny and help at sulo's home
7. and huffs and puffs for sulo

who stopped manav to live together with archana...who stopped manav not to contact archana for 18 years
who stopped manav to share good things about archana with kids, that is what he wanted right, he wanted kids not to hate archana...
who stopped him...

and i am sure, now also they will not give any importance to Arjun-Ovi wedding...for sure arjun is going to marry purvi and that will be called first wedding of arjun only...arjun and ovi wedding doesn't have any importance...

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LuvSSever IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 May 2008
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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by m_masti

just like parents the kids will be...meaning less deals, meaningless sacrifices, meaningless commitments, meaning less happiness...

I could see PR ending as...varsha wrong, savita wrong...archu, purvi mahaan...sachin, teju, ovi, manav, arjun weakling characters...damo bewda till the end...DK, vandu play safe game all the time...

Hi Masti,
A very nice post and totall agree with it.

And for the above lines of yours, dont Know what to give Clap or say.

Well said, whatever shown in PR is ,totally meaningless in all aspects
and the final ending would be the same way as you had said.
Today's show showed that only. I hope it could have ended today only and spare us.

You Knowwhat, actually I had gone out and came at 10 or 10-30 i think. when i returned home ,My friend was switching on the channels and when zee was on, it came 'Pavitr Rishta' Mahasangam.
Then we thought ok we shall see it.

So I just fall on the Trap. Though I escaped at the actual slot time, got stuck with the Retelecast.

it was a totally lop sided, one sided story as you have correctly kept the title
and the track was lIke, i think the intention of Cvs was to Say.

Archana, Tussi Great Ho.  LOL.I think each and everyone would say it finally on Monday, now only the kids started...

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m_masti Goldie

Joined: 07 March 2012
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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
archu had experience with court cases...chawl case, maduri case...

so she could have gone to court easily...

and yes the signatures are just 6 months old not 18 years old...

and first of all why archu should accept in the court that those signatures are hers...

as archu gave little parvarish to sachhu, sachhu is good, and teju was living with archu for few months and she has archus parvarish so teju is good...and purvi has total parvarish by archu she is mahaan...

total crap...they want to hide sachu's deal just because sachhu is feeling guilty...

first of all sukruthi...she is making whole misuse of her powers...she should be put in jail first...

exactly varsha di...archu was like a white peacock, roaming with proud of purvi's balidaan...

umi di, totally agree for tussi great ho archu...what a lopsided episode form CVs view

Shravani really knows how the men in K sanskari love behave like, and Ks and their man ka rishta Men don't give any importance to rituals of wedding that haven't took place in original shaadi mandap...
shravani should come and give lecture to ovi...see these so called mann ka rishtha couples never leave single chance to play with someones is better to move-on or you will loose your athmsamman for whole life... 

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LuvSSever IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 May 2008
Posts: 4568

Posted: 07 September 2012 at 2:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by koolsadhu1000

It is not Ovi who does not regard Archana as ' Hamaari Aai'

Today's episode made it clear that it is Archana who regards only Purvi as her daughter as she is the carrier of her great sanskaars .

Kool di Hug,
 well said Di. Correctly and aptly put and thats what the today action of archu' speaks.
Couldn't have said it better or put it better for the flipsflops shown and reacted.

And all other questions posted are also too Good Thumbs Up... well said again...
But unluckily we wont get the answers. these are ever unanswerable ques when PR is concerned,I know only this would happen.

I hate to say and feel like this. Because once i loved the character archu and a fan of hers,I never wanted to hate that character.
But today with her flipflops and way of Behaving she irritated me a lot.
She showed cent percent Hypocrisy today.

Leave aside Arjun,Purvi or Ovi's doings.Let us keep it aside.

Archu as a person and mother alone we considered how she behaved when Purvi as a daughter and Ovi as a daughter is concerned.

When it was Purvi's marraige, she didnt even bother about the suicide attempt of Ovi, just one shot she showed concern but doesn't asked about it later, she was so happy that she wants manav to do the Kanyadhaan though he is not interested or he is the one going to suffer as its his daughter Ovi is in denial for it.
She never cared for her daughters, she was happy roaming around in the marriage preparations.

But Now when It was Ovi's.
she is not interested to come only Angry , she as physically came there but all the concern is on Purvi and she is going to call purvi and check Purvi's status.
To everyone around she is talking about Purvi's actions it Manav,Sulo or Sav.
Purvi, Purvi,Purvi,

then why the hell you have to join with your family when they are not your apne in your mind/heart and POv.

How much ever i criticize Archu , so far I thought, inside she earns for her marriage and Family.
and though she is suffering for the fault of hers,I was feeling sad at times for her when she was being far from her Apne though she wished to be near them,though she considers them her apne, they dont consider her due to Karmas. so I wished her to be with her family and  get well with them and bond with them by rectifying.wished it immensely.

But today she Proved me she was not like that
she is so engrossed in her Own world that she does what she thoughts.

And finally understood Its not her family who doesnt treat her as apne, Its she who doesnt wish to treat them as her apne . or doesnt wish to get near them.
the way she acted with Ovi and she said for a Big No to go,i was like Angry.
Cannot she give some good advices to ovi.

So much flipslops today.
First happy on hearing sachin, then with a sad face saying No. the why the hell you showed a happy face. but then telling Sav she is coming back. at the same time, not accepting Ovi's that she is too come back, giving silent glares.

What was this Confused...I think the Cvs run out of track, so confused on how to clear the mess created by them and how to show the show for mahasangam.
It seems they have written the tracks on the spot in 2 mins gaps.

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narayani123 Newbie

Joined: 06 September 2006
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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 2:16pm | IP Logged
I have started getting confused with Archu character... She doesn't care for her own kids but only purvi and sachu...
Any woman would love her own kids(unborn,soham,ovi,teju) more than adopted kids or if not if she is so gr8 she should love them equally...I have not seen her crying for her own kids even once.
She was torturing manav to come and do kanyadaan, ashirwad etc but she is not following the same with ovi.. And purvi was right she came between ovi and arjun... If Arjun hadnt come to india he would have married ovi... and arjun had agreed to marry ovi before coming to India...
One more point according to Archu Sachu is not wrong for dealing with archu-manavs wedding(which has already happened) for his mom but ovi is wrong for dealing with arjun-purvi(they were in love but not married)...
Pls are there any ppl like archu on earth...

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m_masti Goldie

Joined: 07 March 2012
Posts: 1852

Posted: 07 September 2012 at 2:38pm | IP Logged

totally agree, today archu changed colors faster than chameleon

I really want teju to see other side...i want her to ask archu why did archu said they are her signatures...teju told archu that the twins miss their mom so much and it is like hatered...

today whole POV of Teju was archu is a good person it was devloped because teju stayed with archu for some the same way why Teju is not seeing that archu knows that twins felt mom's abandanment...why teju is not standing on her view...why she faced the abandonment for 18 years...

teju truely knows archu supporteed all the evil plans...why teju cannot see or say it...

as kools said...i really want purvi to be preggo...

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