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FF The New World of Arnav&Khushi Pt 21 PG 118 NEW (Page 65)

rskumar Goldie

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Posted: 07 December 2012 at 9:24am | IP Logged
pls update soon...

munam_13 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 December 2012 at 11:16am | IP Logged
Warning : Ekta Kapoor inspired part... drama drama ... full drama LOL


The room was filled with eerie silence except the ticking of the clock and the ragged and heavy breath the occupants of the room took .


"The whole thing started around thirty five years ago.", Prakash started and Arnav noticed Subhadra stealthily sneaking out, he blocked her way and nodded a negative.

"Bade Malik , your grandfather, was looking for a bride for his eldest son. Adesh Bitwa. He wished for what every son's ideal parents will wish for, a well mannered, well cultured, educated daughter-in-law. He saw all this positive aspects in Aditi bitiya, my bahu rani but …" , he was interrupted by Devyani.

"We were not rich then", Devyani spoke in a trance and Prakash nodded affirmative.

"Yes , Raizadas were not rich, they had enough money for survival but not enough to flaunt. Bade Malik, generous and golden hearted as he was had no qualms to Raizadas financial condition but Badi Malkin had.", he stopped to take breath and everyone looked at Subhadra with gauging expressions.

"Badi Malkin wanted Adesh Bitwa's alliance to be with a very rich family. Money and status was everything she cared for. She was not happy with this alliance but could not go against Bade Malik and hence the wedding happened."

"Liar, He's lying", Subhadra burst out.

"I am not lying Badi Malkin and you know that very well", came his unflinched reply. Everybody witnessed how calmly Prakash was dodging Subhadra's outburst, he looked like a man on a mission.

"Prakash Ji ", Devyani interrupted. "Subhadra was not unhappy, she treated us then very nicely and treated Aditi with love too", Devyani was confused. It was time for Arnav to break his mother's promise.

"NO", he shouted. "Dadi never liked Ma, she used to behave badly with ma and she bound me with her promise and therefore I never confided it to you.", he gave a hard stare to Subhadra and Devyani was flabbergasted.

"Devyani Ji", Prakash again started. "Bahu Rani was treated civilly by Badi Malkin till Bade Malik was alive. After that, Badi Malkin started her ill behavior towards Bahu Rani, she insulted her at the drop of hat. But my Bahu Rani stayed mum." Gasps were heard out of Raizada family's mouth as they came to know the daughter of the house was mistreated.

"Bahu Rani never complained. She had a wonderful husband, two wonderful children and a best friend Kumud.", he stated and now everyone looked at Khushi who was still in Arnav's arms. She was still not over the fact of Arnav's belief in her and the new information of her being destined for Arnav was not letting herself untangle from him.

"Kumud and Aditi were inseparable. They had been with each other through thick and thins. They had that ideal and legendary friendship which is craved by all. Soon Kumud was married and was blessed with a beautiful doll and its you Khushi bitiya", he looked at Khushi with adoration and she just nodded with tears.

Devyani went towards Khushi and gestured her inside her arms and she complied. Both of them cried and Devyani kissed her forehead.

"B… but we thought that Kumud, her husband and daughter were dead.", she stammered and Garima chose to speak.

"They were dead but Khushi she was taken in a orphanage and I got to know of her whereabouts after eight years of Jiji and Jijaji's death. I rushed to get her but … but they refused to give Khushi to me as I was unmarried then"   , Garima was crying profusely then, Manorama and Payal chose to somber her.

"Bitiya … you should have taken our help then", Nani intervened.

"I didn't know you Raizadas then I only knew Jiji's friend was Malik bahu of Sheesh Mahal. I went to ask for help from the Maliks"

"You … what?" it was Arnav's turn to get surprised. No one ever was refused any help at Sheesh Mahal, his dada made sure everyone was helped and it was a tradition of Maliks never let anyone go unhelped. He looked at Khushi and his blood boiled to think Garima was refused help, that too regarding Khushi. He looked at Subhadra angrily.

"She's lying", Subhadra stated nervously.

"I think you better keep quiet", Devyani intervened and ushered Garima to continue who was nervous all of a sudden and was looking down.

"Garima?", Devyani pressed and saw her looking at Subhadra with fears evident in her eyes.

"Don't be afraid Garima, we believe you, tell us", but she kept quiet. Prakash chose to speak up.

" Garima ji is silent because what Badi Malkin did with her was humiliating, disgusting and a slap to women race."

Everyone was silent and shocked. They were contemplating what Subhadra can have done and Subhadra stood hyperventilating.

"I still remember that day", Prakash started. " Garima Ji came to meet Kumud and Adesh but they were not in the Sheesh Mahal. She met Badi Malkin instead and stated the situation and begged her so that Khushi can be brought out of the orphanage but Badi Malkin refused."

"You Selfish woman!", Arnav shouted and was bursting with fury. He imagined a helpless Khushi in the orphanage and his blood boiled.

"Chote", "Bhai" . Everyone tried to calm him down and he took deep breath. Prakash then continued.

"I saw Garima falling at her feet, crying, begging and telling Badi Malkin she is ready to do anything  for her. That's the moment when Badi Malkin decided to help Garima but she laid down the condition."

"What condition?" Arnav asked.

"Help her break Adesh and Aditi's marriage", Prakash confessed and round of gasps emitted from the room. Garima was crying profusely by now. She sat on the floor and lamented.

"I am sorry. I agreed to her condition, but I had no other choice. I agreed to woo him so that I can bring Khushi out of the orphanage", she cried and cried when Khushi wrapped her arms around her amma and consoled her.

"You call yourself a woman?", Manorama shouted and Madhumati butt in " Chi! I feel ashamed to call you my kutumb."

Arnav remained silent and was looking at Garima with wide eyes, he finally mumbled.

"That mean you were my father's…."

"NO", Garima interrupted with a shout. "No Arnav Bitwa I did not"

"Yes Baba … she came the next day to refuse. Badi Malkin was furious. She offered her more money, property, assets , but she refused all."

"Amma?", Khushi was surprised.

"I met Shashi Ji that night. He was my neighbor then. He saw me disturbed and unsteady and asked me the reason. I don't know why but I confided him and he being the wonderful man made me understand the sin I was going to perform. He had lost his wife then and Payal was growing up. He proposed me to become his wife and assured me that he'll take care of Khushi. I agreed to be his wife."

Khushi was awed and overwhelmed so was Arnav. Khushi hugged her amma with all might , thanking her for being so thoughtful.

"If you were not the other one in my dad's life, then who was?", Arnav muttered surprised.

"There was no one",Prakash added softly and Arnav gasped in shock.


"Yes Baba. Garima ji had refused your mother and your grandmother was furious. She wanted to destroy Garima and she got a perfect opportunity. In the meanwhile, Adesh noticed how sad and unhappy Aditi is without Kumud and he decided to get slightest possible information about Kumud's family. He came to know about Garima."

"Yes … he came to meet me", Garima confessed. "He wanted me to meet Aditi jiji and wanted Khushi to come too. He invited us for his daughter's wedding"

"But your grandmother, my Badi Malkin had played her cards till then. She had clicked Adesh and Garima's pictures, wrote fake letters and made Bahu Rani believe that Adesh bitwa had an affair. After he got home they had a huge fight with Bahu Rani throwing accusations at Bitwa. He tried explaining but  Bahu Rani was enraged and out of control. She in fit of anger shot herself and Adesh Bitwa followed her."

Arnav was shattered at the revelation. His father was not at fault. He did not betray his mother. He was trapped, that too by his own mother. He soon hit the ground with tears falling down his face.

"Arnav Ji", Khushi rushed and engulfed him in a hug and he cried like never before. Khushi ran her fingers through his hair to sooth him.

A new fury engulfed Arnav as he stood up and faced his dadi

"You are a selfish, shameless and dirty minded women. I loath myself for calling you my dadi"

"Arnav believe me they are…", Subhadra tried.

"Telling only the truth", he interrupted. "You killed my mother, my father and made Khushi's mother a pawn to your dirty game, aren't you ashamed of yourself?" he shouted.

"Didn't ever the mother in you stopped you from doing this filthy act? You did it just to get rid of my mother? Bravo Dadi!!! You even got a prize, a dead son."


"Don't take my name with that dirty mouth of yours. You are dead for me and I don't regret saying it to you."

"Devyani believe…."

"Subhadra … just leave, I don't wish to speak with a vixen like you. You are lower than a witch who never harms her family. Just Get out.", Devyani's voice thundered.

"Wait Nani", Arnav interjected and made few calls. He pulled away the cell phone from Subhadra's grasp.

"I have arranged a chopper for you. You will be staying at an ashram in Mussorie ,all arrangements have been made. Now you may leave. Don't try to contact us ever Subhadra Malik"


I stop here... howz it???
Do let me know...

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bansaldiya55 Senior Member

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ehheehehheeh ahahahah me frst me frst yapieeeHearteeePartyDancing
akankha Goldie

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awsm part!!!! uff dhamaka!!!! love it!!!
bansaldiya55 Senior Member

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o hooo bravoo bravoo blink blink :O :O omggg sprbb yar tune to sach me pacific me fake diya iss ko :P 
ridizzz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 December 2012 at 11:31am | IP Logged
love it
wonderful update
dadi...go went gone...awesome
now only snake is left to deal with...and to bring Anjali on the right track

munam_13 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 December 2012 at 11:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by akankha

awsm part!!!! uff dhamaka!!!! love it!!!

hehe dhamaka indeed... thanks
munam_13 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by bansaldiya55

o hooo bravoo bravoo blink blink :O :O omggg sprbb yar tune to sach me pacific me fake diya iss ko :P 

Yesh tune bola tha fekneko maine phek diya LOL

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