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FF The New World of Arnav&Khushi Pt 21 PG 118 NEW (Page 46)

lilakumariacnw Goldie

Joined: 23 November 2012
Posts: 1978

Posted: 30 November 2012 at 11:00pm | IP Logged
really feel sad dat its ending
i cant believe, somewhere i still expect to see them on monday
stupid heart..
thankyou for story, u r right some things r meant to cherish..
may god bless you

Eagleview Senior Member

Joined: 10 July 2012
Posts: 282

Posted: 02 December 2012 at 1:20am | IP Logged
plz continue and can u PM me all ur FF/OS and SS.
smiley-shiney IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 November 2011
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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 3:46am | IP Logged

 interesting update

 continue soon
swati-89 Goldie

Joined: 08 February 2012
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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 5:31am | IP Logged
Hi! iam Swati

I came across ur FF and have read all 13 parts.

U have written the story so beautifully and built the characters, the situations and the interest so well that i loved it!!!

Hope u do continue this story, even though our fav. show has now stopped.

I am sending u a buddy request, plz do PM me whenever u update. I will love to read abt Dadi's way of plotting and how she will be defeated in her own way when it comes to the fore how Khushi herself is the girl whom Arnav's mom had wanted him to marry.

Do continue soon.

MissNadia Goldie

Joined: 18 June 2011
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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 6:46am | IP Logged
hey awesome story love the concept beatifully written love arnav and khushi cant wait for more
update soon
Preet.Kc IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 June 2012
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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 8:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by munam_13


We all know that IPK is ending its beautiful journey and so is our dearest Arhi, but Guys good things are meant to be cherished not missed .

I will keep Arhi alive through my stories as long as I am alive and I need all the readers support. So please keep reading the stories and be a part of Arhi world. Smile 

you are absolutely rigth, can't wait to read the next part please update it soon

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munam_13 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 November 2007
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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 8:07am | IP Logged
Warning : This part is totally Ektaish! So drama drama all through


Work was something, Arnav Singh Raizada loved but there was something he hated inside work which is known as Year Ending Meetings.

This meeting will be messy, brainstorming with different department's yearend sales figure being discussed, with various accusations thrown at various departments regarding changes in sales figures. Year End Meeting was one pain in the ass Arnav always dreaded. Thank God it happened once in a year. The perfectionist in him made him work double with cross checking the figures a million times and it was a time bearing process. He did not have complained about the time frame then but now that he had a lovely wife in home, he complained. He thoroughly listened to the presentations but sometimes his eyes will wander to the window to witness the  heavy rainfall and he wondered how will it feel to snuggle with her inside a blanket. He was missing his wife badly and was looking forward to end the day fast.

"So Gentlemen ... let's gear up for another blasting year ahead", Arnav concluded the meeting and hands were shaken in formality.

The intercom rang.

"Yes Julia?"

"ASR ...Mrs. Subhadra Malik is here to meet you"

"Lead her into the conference room", his voice was clipped as he ordered and waited for the lady.

What does she want now?    He wondered and tried counting 1-10 to check his temper.


Arnav saw the door opening and Julia entering with Subhadra. He waited for Julia to leave and once she did he heard.

"Arnav ... I am impressed, you are definitely making your father proud with your work", Dadi complimented and fury was an understatement that he felt at the moment.

"Dadi if I have to make anyone proud, they will be my family members, The  Raizadas .", he retorted.

"Behave Arnav ... You are speaking with an elder."

"Yes an elder who kept mum when her grandchildren were thrown out of their house. An elder who never bestowed 1% of love towards her grandchildren and to top it all an elder who hated my mother"


"Don't shout Dadi, everyone knows how much you hated my mother ,ill mouthed her whenever you got chance."

Arnav was furious as the memories of Subhadra taunting Aditi hit his mind. He again took deep breath and continued.

"What brings you here Dadi?"

"I am glad you asked. But whatever I speak will not be believed by you hence I have something to show you."

She extended the photograph to him which he snatched rudely and glanced.

Coldness overtook his senses as he finally took in the whole picture.

Garima Gupta and Adesh Singh Raizada together . Garima Gupta being consoled by Adesh Singh Raizada , the expressions over their faces made it evident that they were more than acquaintances.

Subhadra smirked as she saw his shocked and ashen face.

"So Arnav you won't say anything?" Arnav was still in trance.

"Ok fine, I'll explain. Garima is that lady for whom your parents committed suicide, she trapped your father, she killed your mother."

A happy bride in red was being teased by her brother when suddenly they hear a gunshot.

"MAAA", the boy screamed.

 Arnav opened his eyes as he had that particular flash once again. He was breathing heavily.

"NO", he denied.

"Yes Arnav ... Garima is the reason for your parents death , and I can see how she has planted that Khushi in your life, Garima wants to destroy you Arnav believe me. She's using Khushi."

"ENOUGH", he stopped her, his eyes rimmed red.

"I will not stop. Garima destroyed your family . years ago and now she has planned Khushi into your life and this is the truth"   

Arnav couldn't take anymore. He felt chocked and dizzy. He felt betrayed and anger was taking in his senses. He couldn't bear the environment and he left the place.

Subhadra had a victory smirk painted over her face.

"So Arnav finally your temper will speak huh?", She happily made a call to her favorite damad ji informing that she played the trump card well.


Arnav Khushi's new home was hustling and bustling with people. It was a grand reunion of the Raizadas and Guptas and they were sharing jokes and snacks with each other. The party was in full swing. Khushi glanced at the clock and it read 8 p.m. Arnav was being late and the heavy down pour outside was making her fidgety.

She decided to call his phone.

"Hello?", an unknown voice spoke up.

"Hello who?", Khushi was confused.

"Khushi mam?"


"Mam I'm Aman, ASR has left his phone in the office itself"

Now this was some news. Arnav never left his phone stranded. This doubled up her worry.

"Aman ji, where is he?"

"Mam , he is nowhere in the office, may be he left. Mam I'll drop the phone to your house while I return."

"Thank you Aman Ji", she wished and disconnected the call.


A call was then placed to Mohan, Arnav's driver.

"Mohan ji! Where is Arnav ji?"

"Khushi Bhabhi ...Arnav Bhaiya is not with me."

"What do you mean by not with me?"

"I am in office itself, but he didn't come out I guess."

"Don't guess him in the office and tell me"

She disconnected and paced around the room biting her nails. She imagined the worst and prayed for the best

"Khushi bitiya what happened?", Nani enquired and Khushi felt as though she'll cry any minute.

"Nani... Arnav ji... "

"What bitiya?"

The phone rang again. It was from Mohan.

"Mohan Ji", Khushi screamed. "Where is Arnav Ji?"

Khushi's eyes were blinded with tears as she heard the other side.

She hugged Devyani furiously and started sobbing. The family members now surrounding her.

"Naniji ...Arnav Ji is not in the office, he left is phone in the office, he did not take his car, its raining badly"

Devyani patted her back and gestured Garima to take over.

Garima cradled her head and Khushi continued to weep.

"I am having weird feeling Amma , its not good at all, he will be safe right?" she hiccupped.

The whole family frolicked around her, they soothed her with words, gave her water but nothing helped.

"Waiting for your Arnav ji?"

The voice made everyone turn their heads and they saw Subhadra standing near the door with a smirk.

"He will not come to you.", she continued and everyone looked at her shocked.

"Dadi ji?", Khushi was shocked.

"Don't call me dadi ... what did you think huh? You'll trap my grandson and I'll just sit and watch the show?

"Subhadra what are you saying?" ,Devyani defended.

"The truth Devyani, Do you have any idea who Khushi is? She is Garima's daughter, the same Garima who trapped my Adesh, the same Garima for whom your daughter died and the same Garima who planted Khushi to destroy Arnav"

Gasps emitted throughout the room as everyone watched Garima and Khushi. Khushi shot her head up to see her mother crying furiously.

She wiped her mother's tears and mumbled in denial

"I know my amma ... she cannot do anything like this."

"Shut up your drama Khushi ... no one believes you, just like my Arnav and he finally left you."

He finally left you.

The words echoed in her head and created a buzz. She felt the warmth of her husband evaporating as she heard the words.

"He did not leave me... he will come", she mumbled in trance and then began to blabber.

"He will come right? You all believe in me right?", she asked everyone but they were too shocked to respond.

"He will not come", Devyani announced.

"He will come", she wiped her tears.

"I believe in you Khushi", Nani stood up to her and Khushi's face broke into a small smile.

"Not only you Nani ... we all believe in Khushi", Akash responded and the whole family gathered around Garima and Khushi as if protecting them.

"You all are fools ... she and her mother are playing with all of you. Cant you see? Even her husband does not believe her" Subhadra growled.

Where are you Arnavji? Khushi prayed.



Khushi heard the husky call and turned to face the only person who can call her like that.

"Arnav ji?", she took in the sight of her husband's disheveled state . He was totally wet , his eyes were moist and red and he was looking at Khushi intently and painfully. Khushi understood the want in his eyes and ran towards him and both of them engulfed each other. They were crying.

"Arnav Ji ... you came ... she said you won't come... you don't  believe me" she hiccupped.

"Shhh... Khushi", he patted her back. " I couldn't have made the same mistake twice, could I? We will sort this out together", she nodded and snuggled inside him more.

The whole family shed happy tears, except Subhadra who snorted in disgust.

"So she's successful in trapping him fully.", Subhadra commented.


"Enough Subhadra ji ..." , Madhumati finally spoke up. "Just because we kept mum till now that does not mean you speak ill of my daughter and my Garima. What have they done to you?"

"They destroyed my family.", she growled.

"They did not destroy your family" , Everyone turned to find Prakash standing by the door and fuming.

"Prakash?", It was Subhadra's turn to get shocked.

"Yes Badi Malkin Prakash ... the same Prakash who knows all the deepest secrets of Sheesh Mahal and you."

"Prakash I am warning you"

"and I give a damn to your warning. What were you saying? They destroyed your family? Its you Badi Malkin.. you who destroyed your own family."

Everyone was shocked and curiosity mixed in the air with an accelerating speed.

"Dadu?", Arnav managed to say, with still Khushi in his arms.

"Yes baba ... I've had enough of my loyalty , I cannot see you suffering knowing the half truth."

"Half truth?", he was confused.

"Yes baba. Do you know who Khushi bitiya is?", he asked as he took in the confused face of Arnav. He side wise glanced at Garima who had gratified tears in her eyes.

"Khushi is your Kumud Masi's daughter."

Devyani, Manorama , Subhadra and Arnav all were shocked with the revelation. Subhadra's face turned sweaty at that very instant. Khushi looked up to Arnav who was squeezing her form more inside him with emotions even she failed to understand.

"Arnav Ji?", she cupped her face.

"Khushi? You are Kumud Masi's daughter?", he managed to ask.

"You know my mother?", she was bewildered.

"Khushi ... you were the baby with those beautiful payals", he inferred with shock and awe to Khushi who was confused at first but then it sunk in.

Khushi was the girl chosen for Arnav.

"...  and now its time for the whole truth", Prakash declared.


Cliffhanger!!! huhuhahahah ... am evil and I tell you if I dont get enough  comments I will not disclose the truth of Subhadra.

P.S. Will send out PMs Late

Priyo Smile

Edited by munam_13 - 04 December 2012 at 8:14am

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babydevil Goldie

Joined: 01 June 2010
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Posted: 04 December 2012 at 8:15am | IP Logged
First Of All It's Party Time 


it's me first to comment on The Lovely FF of Yours 


Ok Now , Coming on The FF !

Wow what an FF , And what a lovely chapter it is ! Yea it had a lot of drama but I loved it ! 

Truly Amazing ! 
I loved The Hug The Shared 

I loved It when Khushi turned 

KASR ! When mohan said He don't know about Arnav ! 

And Now Update soon ! 
I'm waiting For it !! 
or else 

I'll Die 

without reading it !

Love u Dii
(Ur crazy Lil Friend )

Edited by babydevil - 04 December 2012 at 8:40am

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