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FF The New World of Arnav&Khushi Pt 21 PG 118 NEW (Page 33)

Jyo.Arshi.IPK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 September 2012 at 9:19pm | IP Logged
awesome Clap

deviarshi Goldie

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Posted: 16 September 2012 at 9:39pm | IP Logged
Fabulous update. NK & Payal smartly played their cards. Lets c how the creep will escape this time.

Arnav & Khushi's convo was a bit sad but the last part did take away the sadness. He was making jalebis & that also w/o sugar. Great job yaar.
mehak06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 September 2012 at 1:30am | IP Logged
wow this ff is really wonderful
loving it
munam_13 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 6:06am | IP Logged
Buddy Me for PMs

This update is dedicated to hiahmed and segad. Hope you guys enjoy!!
 @hiahmed - Hope I have put enough Arhi romance.
@segad - Hope Arnav has lessened his Gadhapan a bit Embarrassed

Part 11

The orangy morning rays pierced through the curtains and fell on her face indicating a new day. She twitched her face, a reaction from the disturbance and pulled her pillow over her eyes to shield the rays. After a while, she kept the pillow back and snuggled closer to the man she loved the most, her husband. She opened her eyes and grinned to find out they were again sharing a single pillow. She thought of remembering how it happened and again she couldn't recall how she ended sharing his pillow. She turned and saw his sleeping posture and broke in a wide grin, they had completed a month together and devi maiyaa has showered with enough blessings to get the strength to fight and reach the place they are now, the only thing unwanted was the presence of Shyam Manohar Jha, otherwise life was perfect.

Khushi traced her husband's sleepy face with her finger and found him shifting. She caressed his cheek and jaw with her knuckle and could feel him waking up. She waited with expectation that her husband will smile at her, bring her closer and romance with her, things she had seen in movies.

"Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, at least stop disturbing my sleep", he mumbled in his sleepy voice, pouring ice cold water to Khushi's imagination. Khushi gaped at her husband stunned.

"Laad Governor! Karele Kahinke", she muttered and hit him with her pillow.

"I heard it", Arnav remained unaffected of Khushi's attack and kept his eyes closed "Good Morning to you too", he wished.

Khushi fumed in anger, she was wishing a romantic morning on their one month anniversary and her husband was continuing his sarcastic comments even in his sleep. Cheerful and a happy person as she is , she decided not to feel irritated to his indifferent nature atleast today and act all lovey dovey and pamper him like he does to her.

Arnav loved teasing his wife, and he was enjoying doing so until he felt something sliding inside his tee. He curiously opened his eyes and was pleasantly shocked to find his vixen of a wife sliding herself inside his tee, her face rubbing his bare torso in the process. He breathed hard in panic, pleasure and shock as he felt her lips innocently roaming up from his navel, to abdomen, to chest. Does she even know what is she doing? His insides screamed and he found her poping out her head through the neck of his tee , grinning at him.

"Khushi", his voice came out hoarse, unexpectedly.


"You are stretching my tee", he informed nervously, breathing hard and she inwardly smiled looking at a helpless ASR.

"You can get a replacement t-shirt, but you can't get a replacement wife", she kissed his Adam's apple and he sighed.

Arnav wound his arms around her waist, which was inside his tee now. They remained like that for a while , loving the moment when Khushi finally said

"Happy One Month Anniversary Arnav Ji", she wished and he looked into her eyes with immense love. They locked their gazes, drowning into each other's orbs. Arnav felt this much contended as he felt with Khushi in his arms. They had travelled a long bumpy road together and he wished they would continue their journey together.

"Kiss Me Khushi", it was a request, not a command. Arnav face was devoid of any smirk, arrogance and naughtiness but plain love. Khushi complied to his request by running her lip all around his face, finally locking her lips with him. They kissed, basking with the knowledge of their sacred union completed a month and that made the kiss special and memorable.

"Happy Anniversary to you too", he wished back as they broke the kiss.

Khushi slid out of his tee, much to his annoyance and spread her palm in front of him.

"What?", he asked confused.

"My anniversary gift?", she demanded.

"Oh that! Wait", he sat up and opened the side drawer fishing out a square packet.

"This is for you", he gave it to her which she took happily. Tearing the packet with over enthusiasm Khushi's smile vanished as she found a maroon coffee mug.

"What is this?", she asked disappointed with his unromantic choice of gift.

"A coffee mug for you", he informed and chuckled when he heard an almost inaudible "Laad Governor"

"Seriously Arnav ji? A Coffee Mug? As in Anniversary gift? A jhappi and a pappi would have been much better of a gift", she commented annoyed.

"Well, we are having all those jhappis and puppis a while ago", he replied.

"We were??" her eyes as round as saucer. "I was' I initiated both", she informed smugly.

"Oh! That was your gift?", he questioned raising an eyebrow and Khushi blushed.

"No I was planning to prepare your favourite Badam Kheer" she saw him opening his mouth in refusal and hastily completed her sentence, " For your information, today is the seventh day and you cannot refuse me working." He huffed in defeat and she tilted her face arrogantly showing victory.

"Badam Kheer? Seriously? Anniversary Gift?", Arnav loved annoying his wife and chuckled inwardly as he found her flaring her temper once more.

"Excuse me! I would have prepared it will all my love in each morsel. That is how a gift should be, not something like this cup"

"Khushi!!! This is ASR whom you are speaking with and for your information this gift of mine also has my love hidden for you."

"Really?", her voice sarcastic as she inspected the cup all through.

"You need a piping hot cup of tea to understand that", he commented and entered the bathroom to shower, leaving a pouting Khushi behind.


Nani, Payal, Anjali and Dadi reached the temple to pray and were ascending the step when Payal squealed with delight


They all looked up to find Garima descending the stairs, her puja complete. Payal enthusiastically hugged her mother which she returned and greeted others with Namaste. She flinched when she saw Subhadra looking at her with hate and loath.

"Garima Bitiya, how are you doing?" Nani asked.

"I am doing well, Thank you"

"You must be well, afterall you are free of both your daughter's burden, one is a Raizada while the other is a MALIK", Subhadra comment hit Garima hard specially the way she uttered Malik.

All the four ladies except Subhadra felt uncomfortable with Subhadra's speech and Devyani fumed from within. She slightly had an idea of Subhadra trying to affect the little left family peace with that not so holy brain of hers. Devyani though was known for generosity and her caring nature, still could not forgive Subhadra for many reasons. Those horrible days, fourteen years ago were still fresh in her mind but age has matured her enough and she has learnt not to flaunt anger at the drop of hat.

"Subhadra you are speaking to the mother of RAIZADA bahus, so please show some respect to my family", Nani spoke in defense and Subhadra snorted in disgust.

Payal was happy with Nani's defense and Garima was overwhelmed. She thanked Devi Maiya for gifting such holy people in her daughter's life. Her both daughters were happy and were married to the men who loved them the most. She could now die happily.

Garima exchanged farewells to the family members as she made her way out and the ladies entered to pray.

" Devi Maiya, keep my Chote and Shyam Ji safe", Anjali prayed.

"Devi Maiya, let the truth unleash fast, I want my chote and Khushi back home", Devyani prayed.

"Devi Maiya,  give my family strength to fight off the evil", Payal prayed.

"Devi Maiya,  punish Garima for not taking up my offer then, punish Khushi for trapping Arnav", Subhadra prayed and to everyone's astonishment a bulb from the temple ceiling dropped at Subhadra's feet, injuring her.

The ladies panicked ad Subhadra sat down , holding her foot in pain. Subhadra closed her eyes as blood oozed out of her wound making her grow weak and growl in pain.

Some devotees in the temple helped the ladies to place Subhadra inside the car. Nani panicked at the situation as they had made plans for temple to bring Anjali out of the house and now they cannot back off.

"Anjali bitiya, you and Payal please leave for the mall, I'll take Subhadra to the doctor", Nani explained.

"No nani, we'll come with you" Anjali refused disturbed with Subhadra's condition.

Devyani had to make up some excuse quickly and then it clicked.

"Anjali bitiya, I give you my swear, you need to go and help Payal" Anjali had to go now.


"Excuse me!"

Shyam turned towards the female voice and saw a tall, lean and fair lady clad in a knee length dress staring him. Finally, the lady blackmailing him was here, he concluded and tried to remember if she is familiar and how is she connected to Raizadas.

"Can you please tell me which is the Nakshatra Diamond store?", she queried and Shyam was stumped. She's not the one, he understood.

"Yes its over there", he pointed uninterestingly.

"What?", she was shocked. " I am coming through that way, I didn't find any, please will you come with me", she requested.

"No", he refused and then saw her batting her eyes lovingly which melted his heart slightly

"Fine come with me", he escorted the girl.

"Ouch!", she slipped and was about to fall when Shyam caught hold of her waist and guided her towards her destination.


"Di'", Payal called out and found no answer from Anjali who seemed shocked and stupefied.

"Di'", she shook her out from reverie.

"Yes Payal?", Anjali's voice small.

"All the washrooms to this floor are blocked, sorry I kept you waited, let's go to the floor above", she suggested and took Anjali by her arms.

Payal looked back and saw Shyam helping the 'injured' girl and smiled.


"Dadu where's Khushi?", Arnav enquired as came back for lunch.

"She is out to market", Dadu informed.

"Oh!" Arnav sat down disappointed.

He found Dadu patting his back with a teasing smile on his face. "Missing your lovely wife eh?"

"No dadu", he shrugged miffed.

"Now baba, why this anger? I used to tell you since you were small, Anger makes one blind, don't you remember?" he asked softly

"Yes I do", Arnav let out a small smile as he remembered his childhood.

"Try to control your anger baba! Its not a good thing. Anger makes one do horrible things", he explained and Arnav's mind flashed with the mistakes he did in anger. He remembered his misunderstanding, his haste marriage with Khushi, him manhandling her, mistreating her, evil mouthing her and closed his eyes in regret.

"baba!", Prakash's voice brought him out. "You are very lucky, do you know that?", he smiled and Arnav remained confused.

"Whenever you are angry no one can stand by you, except one, Khushi bitiya", he informed and observed his silence. He continued, " I am staying with you people for a while and I am amazed by the way she stands up to you, fights with you, cares for you and loves you. Where did you find her baba?", Arnav also wanted to know, where is she actually from, she cannot be a normal human? After whatever he did to her, why is she with him?

"You know what?", Prakash started, "Even Bahu Rani couldn't have find a girl better than her"

Arnav's head shot up in mention of his mother. Ma would have been really happy if she met Khushi, he smiled at the thought and then he remembered his ma's dream of getting him married to 'her'. He hastily got up, uncomfortable.

"Baba? Are you thinking about Bahu Rani's choice?" Prakash asked quietly and found him stiffening.  Prakash smiled at his little master, grown up, still a kid. He patted Arnav's back as he spoke, "Baba! It was a past let it go. Your mother wanted you to marry 'her' but above all she wanted you to be 'happy' and I am quite sure, she is happy because Khushi is your 'happiness', your DESTINY."

"Dadu I have been really horrible to her recently" he admitted realizing how he denied her from having his mother's saree. "Will she forgive me?"

"She loves you baba, that's all I can say", he gave a final pat and retired to his room.

Arnav now wanted to see his wife badly, he needed her by his side right now. He called her cell, "Where are you Khushi?"


Cashew Nuts four hundred rupees kilo!!! Khushi was shocked beyond words. Sure she is a Raizada now but she is a Gupta too and this price hike affects her like always. She bought her necessary groceries and was trying to complete the payment procedure fast as  Arnav wanted to pick her up. She could make out a tremor in his voice and it told her, he was severly bothered about something.

Khushi check out and was making her way  out when she saw a big group of girls hurdled, giggling, smiling, clicking photos and throwing flying kisses towards someone.

"Shameless teenagers", Khushi commented but suddenly a flame of hope lit within her and she smiled thinking maybe Salman Khan is in delhi otherwise, no way girls will be swooning in that manner.

Confirmed with her gut feeling she smiled and approached the crowd and heard their cheers.

"He is more hot in person than in paper"

"Look! He is searching for someone, is it me?"

"Killer Looks man!!! I will faint"

" He turned he turned, he looked at meee"

Khushi was s sure that the person complimented was Salman Khan that she tore the crowd .She gaped and turned angry.

The girls were swooning over Arnav Singh Raizada, her husband, not Salman Khan.

The girls were throwing compliments after compliments on her husband who stood oblivious to their stares and her jealousy level rose to the optimum level.

"Look at those lips, feisty eh", a girl commented and Khushi's eyes widened with shock. Khushi, time to enter the field, she concluded an held the girl by her shoulders affectionately.

"Yes indeed and when those lips kisses , they create magic I tell you", Khushi commented and the group of girls looked at her amused. They saw a lady adorned with sindoor and mangalsutra commenting on a man openly.

"'and those hair, running fingers through them gives a heavenly feel", she continued " The sensuous stubble, when it tickes on skin'"


The girls shouted putting Khushi's speech to silence. "What happened?", she enquired innocently.

"Bhabiji have some shame, what are you doing?", a girl asked her.

"Well, I am complimenting like you all are doing", she shrugged.

"But Bhabiji you are married, you have a husband, you should not speak like this"

"Really?", Khushi raised her eyebrows . " Ok fine, I'll do it then", she informed and made her way towards Arnav ignoring the protests.

Arnav felt a tap on his shoulder and he turned. He was severely shocked when Khushi thrusted the shopping bag in his hand and pulled him pecking both his cheeks.

"Khushi?", he was confused and checked her temperature "are you fine?"

"Better like never before", she grinned and walked away with him, linking both their arms.

Khushi looked back and saw the girls standing dumbfounded.

"She is Arnav Singh Raizada's wife", a girl finally commented after registering the shock.

NOOO, the whispered in union.


What's wrong with her? Arnav wondered as they entered their house. She was being so lovey dovey in the mall and then she was ignoring him the rest of the journey. He saw her going inside the kitchen and followed her.

"Khushi?" , his call remained unanswered.

"Khushi what happened darling?", he tried again and Khushi's spatula fell down from her hand in shock.

"Darling?", Khushi turned "Arnav ji are you all right?", she cupped his face.

"Why are you not talking to me?", Arnav asked

"I was acting wifely.", she informed and Arnav raised up his eyebrow in confusion. "I wanted to be angry on you for gifting me a mug", she confessed and he smiled and pulled her closer.

"Khushi Khushi Khushi I told you that mug has my love hidden" he smiled as Khushi rolled her eyes.

"You and your riddles, forget it, why were you upset?", she enquired remembering his voice when he called. Arnav stiffened in response and quietly left her.

"Khushi please come to our room and bring us a cup of tea and coffee", he left but entered again

"Serve yourself in your coffee mug.", he suggested.

"Its still in the room"

"No worries, bring your tea in the tea pot, serve yourself in the room", he ordered and left.


Khushi entered the room and saw Arnav waiting for her. He took the tray away from her hands and placed the maroon saree over it.

"Arnav Ji?", she was shocked.

"Khushi, this is for you", he confessed and saw her taking a step back, her eyes turning misty.

"But'but you said" she started.

"I am an Idiot"


"Khushi I am an idiot, I never understand the depth of things, Ma had kept this saree for her daughter in law, the girl who is my destiny, the girl who is my happiness and the girl with whom I will spend my whole life, the girl is you Khushi"

"Arnav Ji?", she choked at her words.

"Ma would have wanted you to have it", he quietly said.

"How do you know?"

Arnav kept his hand over his heart in an answer and let out a small smile "I know". He was pulled by a fierce hug by his wife who drenched his shirt with her tears while he soothed her. He made her sit over the couch and poured her tea into the new coffee mug.

"Khushi, my love is hidden in this", he handed her the cup and she was utterly surprised to find the cup turned adorned with their picture with 'Arnav Loves Khushi' writen over it. It was a magic coffee mug.

"Arnav Ji", she looked up in shock.

"Happy Anniversary Khushi", he replied and found Khushi hugging him again.


THANK YOU ALL for commenting and liking the last update, love you all


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swetha30 Senior Member

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beautiful... Loved it .. thank u for dis update...

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Jyo.Arshi.IPK IF-Sizzlerz

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that was simply so damn beautiful !!!!!
such an awesome update !!!!
Arnav was damn  his coffee mug idea !!!!
loved the way khushi shocked those girls !!!!!
simply love ur update !!!!

meenaluma IF-Rockerz

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awesome update
beautifuly written
loved it
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 awesome update

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