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FF The New World of Arnav&Khushi Pt 21 PG 118 NEW (Page 20)

segad IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 6:01pm | IP Logged
Just read all the parts.  Really nicely done.  different take.  nice to see the RM women becoming independent

Shahid_lover Senior Member

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Awwh so Khushi was actually the lil girl :) 
Blondiexzy Goldie

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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 6:13pm | IP Logged
great update like arnav positive attitude toward kuhshi please update soon
udaymanyata07 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 9:49pm | IP Logged
Clapthanks..brilliant.wonderfull//amazing...please update sooon..and pm mr when you do update...Clap
Jasleenkaur01 Goldie

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Posted: 15 September 2012 at 3:12am | IP Logged
can any one plz give the link to THE WORLD'S OLDEST STORY  thread 14...
its on armaan riddhima...plzzz... 
munam_13 IF-Dazzler

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Buddy me for PMs.


Khushi and Prakash Dadu were chatting over chai and snacks and were discussing anything and everything but were very cleverly avoiding the topic of past. They wanted the presence of Arnav while they discussed history. Khushi had taken an instant liking on this old man, his fatherly nature and was enjoying the time she was spending with him. She was really missing their family and Prakash's presence was acting like blessing in disguise. Prakash on the other hand was observing Khushi carefully as she reminded her vaguely of someone very familiar to him.

"Dadu please have jalebis", Khushi offered the plate.

"No bitiya I am enough stuffed", he denied.

"Dadu, you sure are from Lucknow?", she challenged.

"Why bitiya?"

"You are refusing sweet, that's why", she shrugged and Prakash melted at her words.

Khushi smiled knowing she won and fed him a jalebi

"Its very tasty bitiya", he complicated.

"Hain na!", Khushi smiled happily, "This is nothing dadu, I will feed you with more and more sweets over the coming days. You must be knowing our sweet shop, its called…"

The bell broke the flow of their conversation and Khushi opened the door. Arnav embraced Khushi as soon as the door was opened and left a tight smack on her lip. He turned a bit confused as Khushi blushed deep red and then he saw Prakash concentrating keenly on a jalebi.

Arnav cleared his throat to cover his embarrassment and took a seat beside Prakash.

"Dadu, hope you are comfortable here"

"What are you saying baba, you are bothering unnecessarily", Prakash assured.

They were having light chit chat when Khushi entered the room with coffee followed by an over agitated Radha.

"Khushi you…" Arnav warned.

"I did not make the coffee, but I will serve and don't you DARE refuse me", Khushi announced and Arnav took the cup defeated.

Arnav finally briefed Prakash about everything that has happened and the situation through which Anjali is going through. Prakash listened to everything silently and observed how Arnav and Khushi reacted to each words of Arnav. They are deeply in love for sure , he concluded and he appreciated that Arnav and Khushi has discovered one of the important quality of marriage i.e. Companionship, at such early stage of their marriage.

"Hari, Om and  Jay had indicated me that something really terrible is happening to the family but they were refusing to tell me everything over phone. They were asking me to come here because their Arnav bhaiya needs me", he confessed and Arnav felt his throat constrict with gratitude. He found Khushi's hand in his and gave a small smile indicating he is fine.

"Baba", Prakash started again. "I have an advice for you, don't believe in everything Badi Malkin says."

Arnav and Khushi's eyes shot up with his words.

"What?", Khushi asked.

"I have been with Maliks for more than forty years, I have seen things I shouldn't have seen, I have known things I shouldn't have known."

"Dadu do you know something we should know?", Arnav asked.

"Baba, some secrets are better to be hidden, let some people retain the little amount of respect they have in your eyes.", Prakash hastily got up, realizing he revealed a lot.

"I want to rest a bit bitiya", he informed, "Baba you go and freshen up.", he left the living room.


"NK … I hope you are ready with your camera and stuffs", Arnav queried as he laid down in his bed after dinner

"Nannav my bro, I am ready, you don't worry, I will shoot everything tomorrow as planned" NK assured plugging his camera for charging.

"That's great", Arnav exclaimed and smiled to find Khushi crawling on top of him, kissing his neck and jaw.

"Nannav I need to tell you something more"

"Yes tell me", Arnav urged and warned Khushi to stop through his eyes, who ignored his plea and licked his lips. It took huge amount of control from Arnav to control his moan of pleasure.

"Nannav our house has a CCTV installation much to our ignorance", NK informed.

"What?", Arnav tore his mouth from Khushi in shock and put his palm on her mouth, resisting her.

"Yes Nannav, I found it out yesterday and Shyam is the person behind this"

Arnav closed his eyes in anger but couldn't keep it close for long as Khushi managed to free herself and was now rubbing her face over his chest. He mellowed down a bit and drew her closer and continued.

"So now?"

"Don't worry Nannav, I short circuited his system with the hose pipe of our garden and will be checking the connections every day. I will short circuit the connections every time he will get it repaired. In short, I will help him spending his money", NK chuckled and Arnav smirked.

"Sure NK, let's call it a night", he disconnected the line and flipped his wife on the bed, now he on top of her.

"What the hell were you doing?", he asked sternly.

"Loving you", Khushi's eyes confident.

"Liar, you were distracting me"

"Oh yes how can I forget? You suddenly remembered 'her' therefore I lose importance in your life right?", she spat out but then regretted as she found his eyes darkened with anger.

"Don't say that",  his grip on her tightened.

"Sorry sorry", she pecked his face all over and he sighed resting his head on her crook.

"What happened Arnav Ji?", she asked and in an answer he briefed his conversation with NK.

"Thanks to Devi Maiya Nanhe ji found it out. But what are you two planning?", she asked.

Arnav grinned in response and claimed her lips, kissing her gently.

"I will tell you tomorrow with proofs, I promise." Khushi smiled and traced his eyebrows lovingly

"I love your eyes ArnavJi"

"Whom do you see in them?", his voice silky.

"Me", she answered in trance.

"You Khushi?", he repeated and felt her dropping kisses on both his eyes.

"Your Khushi", she confirmed and he grinned with the knowledge.


The Raizada family sat at the breakfast table in the morning, when Akash saw Anjali reaching the table. He silently slipped a visiting card near the foot of already seated Shyam in a manner it is easily visible to Anjali.

Anjali was about to take a place beside Shyam when her gaze fell on the card and she picked it up and read it;

Shyam Manohar Jha


The card looked fresh and newly printed but the contact number seemed not to match with the one Anjali and the rest of the family members are accustomed with.

"Shyam Ji? You have a new number?", Anjali asked and Shyam paled. The family members hid their smirk by stuffing food in their mouth and Shyam continued.

"No Rani Sahiba! Why do you say that?", he asked and in response Anjali showed him his visiting card.

How could he become so careless? These are visiting cards of his illegal business, which he keeps hidden and no one is aware of this separate number, except his clients.

Shyam put on a over enthusiastic smile and informed, "Rani Sahiiba, this is an old number ,from office, we had been given a separate cell for office use, we don't use it now."

Akash raised his eyebrow, impressed the way Shyam build up a story within seconds and the others held a neutral expression on their face.

"What? You had a different number too? Why didn't you give it to me?", she pouted angrily "but Shyam Ji this card is new", she observed.

Since when did you grow brains Rani Sahiba,? Shyam cringed. He printed the cards one week ago.

"Are you suspecting me Rani Sahiba?", he questioned and Anjali gave a big grin in response "Don't be silly Shyam Ji" and Shyam sighed in relief but failed to notice what other's did, Anjali's unsure state. Their first step of making Anjali suspicious of Shyam reached the successful mark.

Shyam gulped down his glass of water in one chance and excused him for work , kissing Anjali goodbye much to everyone's disgust and Manorama saw Hari Prakash making signs through his hand, calling Mami to kitchen.

"What happened Hari Prakash, why were you calling me through signs?", Mami questioned him.

"Mamiji, I have done something I should regret but I do not and I want to confess it to you", he answered.

"What did you do?"

"I mixed indigestion pill in Shyam ji's water", he admitted and to his surprise Mami grinned and clapped happily.

"Really? Are you speaking the truth?"

"Yes Mamiji, I don't like him at all and don't like him openly deceiving Anjali didi", he confessed and Mami patted his back.

"When will the pill kick in?"

"At night Mami"

"Why? So late?" Mami was disappointed.

"Mami I am not him, an animal, I mixed a single pill, that too light powered"

"Hari Prakash", Mami voice stern.

"Yes Mami?"

"Next time, use a double power pill and if needed mix more than one, you have my permission" Mami let out a villainous grin.


How did the CCTV wires get wet? Shyam thought while walking on road. He had to repair the wires ASAP but if he repaired them, he won't be left with enough money for his luxury. Damn Singhania , he cursed. 15k is nothing in this world of rich and luxury and he was paid a petty amount for his work.

"Shyam Ji?" Shyam turned to find Happy Singh, from Lakshmi Nagar standing in front of him, grinning widely.

"Happy Ji?"

"It is really you. I never thought I would see you, you left Lakshmi Nagar uninformed. I missed you a lot."

"Even I missed you a lot. My work place changed so I had to leave buaji's house. By the way, how is buaji?"

"They are all doing well, Khushi ji got married, you must be knowing"

"Is it so? I didn't know it Happy ji? How is she doing in her marital life."

"Am I the one to answer that? You have to ask her, how is she doing. We were so sure both of you will be getting married."

"Even I was very sure Happy Ji", he confessed "But destiny planned something else", he huffed with genuine disappointment.

They chatted for a bit and parted ways sharing pleasantries and Happy got inside a car.

"Superb Happy Ji", NK complimented as he closed the camera with victory. "Thank you so much", he thanked Happy genuinely.

"What are you saying NK ji. It is my duty, afterall Khushi Ji is a family.", he confessed.




"You are impossible Khushi" Arnav muttered angrily as they walked in side by side in the office. "Who comes to office to relax?", Arnav commented and bumped to Akash with Payal by her side.

"Hey Akash, hey Payal", Arnav greeted them and Khushi hugged Payal.

"Bhai… Payal came with me to relax here", Akash informed them and Arnav gave a funny look as Khushi giggled with the information.

"Jiji, how is the business, studies and everything, tell me", Khushi queried enthusiastically to Payal.

"Khushi ji, Payal let's move to the rest room with your gossips, Bhai NK is with us" Akash led them to the rest room.

Arnav smirked with content as NK played the video and all of them watched with interest the face-off between Happy and Shyam. The video proved many points like Shyam being the paying guest of Madhumati and he being the fianc of Khushi.

As the video stopped everybody remained silent and Khushi finally spoke in trance, "We finally have a proof, I was not lying to di, Arnav Ji, we have a proof that I was true", she blabbered as tears blinded her eyes and Arnav pulled her into his embrace to sooth her. "Khushi its ok, shhh", he tried calming her down but she continued sobbing with relief.

"Are we going to show it her now?" Payal questioned.

"Not now Payal" Akash clarified. "We are storing evidences for now, these will act as a big blow during a perfect moment"

"NK did you create backups?", Arnav asked as he held on to Khushi.

"Yes Nannav I have multiple backups, cannot afford to lose all the proofs like last time", NK admitted and caressed Khushi's hair, "Don't worry Khushi ji, this time we will defeat him."

"Yes we will", Akash admitted, "  as this time its Raizada family against Shyam Manohar Jha".

"Akash what about the suspicion bug?" Arnav enquired.

"Bhai, work already in process, we will create circumstances due to which di will be suspicious of Shyam"

"Good." Arnav commented.

"Nannav my bro, we have another good news for, and Khushi ji, this news will dry up your tears", NK pulled out Khushi from Arnav's chest, ignoring Arnav's glares.

"Ahem ahem", NK cleared his throat, "I am really happy to inform you Nannav and Khushi ji , our Hari Prakash Bhaiya has mixed an indigestion pill in Shyam's glass of water, which he had consumed, so you all know, what is going to happen next", NK stopped and found Arnav and Khushi gaping at him for a while and then bursting into peals of laughter.

Khushi hugged Arnav overwhelmed and happy at the same time and Arnav was glad to see the tears disappearing from his angel's face, smile making its way. He remembered the day when she revealed the true intentions of Shyam and nobody believing her. She did not deserve that, he concluded and his constricted with the pain he gave her once, oozing out the love he felt for her through every muscle of his body. He moved forward to kiss his wife when NK interrupted with a big cough.

"Have some shame Nannav you are…"

"GET OUT NOW", Arnav interrupted in a dangerous voice, his eyes still on Khushi, which the trio had to follow without any arguments.

"Arnav Ji, why did you act so rudely to them?", Khushi accused him crossing her hands over her chest.

"Because", Arnav pulled her close, "I wanted to kiss my wife, do you have any problem?"

"Yes I do", she answered. "This is the rude ASR, I kiss only my husband"

"Really?", Arnav raised his eyebrow and brought her hand near his lips, kissing her knuckles and trailing a series of  kisses upto her shoulder. He moved back and saw her breathing heavily with her eyes closed, anticipating more.

"Khushi?", she opened her eyes to find him standing at a distance staring at her intently.

"Is your Arnav back?", he asked.

"You Laad Governor!", Khushi pulled him close annoyed . "Shut up and Kiss me", she placed her lip over his.







Note: I still dont understand how  a ff with more than 16k views managed just 140+ comments. If you guys read it and found it boring or something that cannot be served to readers ,let me know and I shall stop. I am writing the original story my way and it takes a lot of thinking and planning. Hope I get more comments in the coming chapters, and THANK YOU ALL  who commented on my last update generously, I love you all Big smile



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Wow awesome update! Big smile
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good 1 Big smile
thnks fr d pm dearSmile

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