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FF The New World of Arnav&Khushi Pt 21 PG 118 NEW (Page 16)

ridizzz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 8:37pm | IP Logged
awesome ff
loved it
really like Arnav and Khushi's new world
plz cont. soon

LyssaPie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 8:48pm | IP Logged
This story is from a very different angel and I enjoyed reading it very much
Mahi1219 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 9:05pm | IP Logged
Awesome job dear! it was fabuluos! thanks for the Pm!
Arshi4evrnevr Senior Member

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 9:54pm | IP Logged
Everything is going the way it's supposed to Big smile

Loved it and thanks for the PM Smile
deviarshi Goldie

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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 12:02am | IP Logged
Nice update. I'm happy 2 c Mami treating Khushi & Payal nicely & also glad that the have started their own business. The story is progressing well & regarding your A/N may b u r rite a couple cant be lovey dovey all the time a relationship have 2 be balance,  so I agree with u.
munam_13 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 1:48am | IP Logged
Buddy me for PMs


Nerve of that traitor! Manorama was heavily disturbed and angry as she saw their 'good for nothing' son-in-law hugging their daughter after his return from 'business'. Manorama realized she had angled her knife in a predatory manner and was moving towards Shyam when she was pulled back by a confused looking Payal.

"Maaji.. what are you doing?"

"Leave me Payalia… I want to specialize in human dog pickle and feed it to real dogs", she spat out angrily.

"Calm down Maaji… ", Payal tried.

"Khoon Bhari Taang, keep quiet! I will kill him today, how dare he touch my daughter like that?"

"Maaji", Payal pulled her towards kitchen finally. "Maaji please control your temper, we cannot let Anjali Di see the hate we have for 'him', we all are trying to unmask him Maaji, don't act like child.", Payal explained and Manorama calmed down but her mother-in-law instincts kicked in.

"By the way, why are you here?", Manorama scanned her sternly. "Go to your room, start studying"


"Go…", Manorama ordered and Payal moved out of the kitchen.

"Hari Prakash ji, Tea for Shyam ji please"

Manorama heard Anjali's yell and murmured, "Raizada house have the weirdest pets, I swear, a goat, who chews green the whole day and a now a snake who drinks thirty cups of tea approx" and then she smirked, "Let your mother-in-law treat you with you special tea Babua."

Anjali and Shyam were coochie cooing on the living room sofa much to Manorama's disgust when she came out with two cups of tea. She plastered a big grin and offered them.

"Anjali bitiya, tea for both of you"

"Mami? Why did you bother? Where's Hari Prakash ji?", Anjali questioned bewildered.

"He is out to market bitiya and you are not a bother. Here have it", she handed her a cup and intentionally tilted the tray with cup towards Shyam whose hand scalded with the hot liquid.

"Ouch!", he he got up hurt

"Shyam Ji", Anjali shouted in concern,  "Damad ji!", Manorama faked her concern.

"Forgive me bitwa, forgive me (not)", she whispered the 'not'.

"No Mamiji, you are not at fault", Shyam spoke painfully and Anjali nodded in consent. They departed to their room to tend to Shyam's wound and Mami did a happy dance "This is what you get for touching her with that filthy hand of your's"


"Mami did what?", Arnav got up from his seat pleasantly shocked.

"You heard it right Arnav Ji", Khushi giggled through the phone and Arnav smiled. He really liked the way their family stood united protecting Anjali and scheming against that Shyam. He was really shocked and happy to see this new 'avatar' of Mami who he always saw pampering herself or her children and using her hot tongue on others. Arnav smirked as he imagined Mami spilling tea on Shyam and Shyam's injury and felt gratified towards his mami.

"We should treat Mami", Arnav confessed and he could feel the next words yet to come from Khushi's mouth , "but you are not cooking Khushi, we will gift her something", he completed and felt Khushi's pout through phone.

"Fine! ", she replied.

"Khushi!", Arnav started.


"I want to see you", he confessed and got up from his chair "I am coming home for lunch", he opened his cabin door and was stumped to see Khushi standing at the door with the lunch box in her hand.

"Again!", Arnav's voice reached its peak with anger to find his wife back to work. His staff's gazes were locked to his boss's door with curiosity. They gaped as they found Mrs Boss push him inside his cabin and lock the door.

"Khushi…", Arnav started with a bark

"..Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, how dare you?", she finished for him with a knowing grin.

"Trust me Arnav Ji, I am not here to work, I wanted to have my lunch with you", she explained as she settled the box on his table. "…and I wanted to see you", she finished hugging him from behind, pressing a kiss on his back. She found him relaxing and taking her hand on his.


Arnav and Khushi fed lunch to each other while he showed her the evidences of Shyam's business, the spy act of Aman.

"Shyam Ji is into forgery?", Khushi asked shocked.

"Yes Khushi, I have appointed an investigator who is behind him 24X7. He found out that Shyam runs a forgery business and then I sent Aman behind him for striking a fake deal and here are those proofs"

"When are we showing these proofs to Di?", Khushi asked.

"Not now Khushi",he explained, "We have to collect enough proofs of each and every treachery he is playing with our Di. We need to gather information of all his illegal acts and it is a time consuming thing."

"…and he will stay with di till then?", Khushi asked crestfallen.

"Now now Khushi", he nudged her to look at him, "Do you think he can do anything with di when the whole family is protecting her like hawks?", he smiled and she nodded in agreement.

A knock brought Arnav and Khushi out from their little moment and Arnav asked the person to come in.

"ASR you have a visitor", Aman informed.

"Tell him to wait Aman, its lunch time now."

"I told him ASR, but he is insisting"

"Who the hell is this visitor?", Arnav asked irritated.

"Some Prakash Dadu"

"What?" Arnav got up shocked. "Prakash Dadu? Please send him in now"

Aman nodded and left, Arnav smiled widely.

"Who is Prakash Dadu?", Khushi asked.

"He.. he is", Arnav stammered overwhelmed when the door opened and the man in question stood in front of him, dressed in dhoti kurta and a red scarf around his neck.

"Arnav baba!", the man's eyes glazed proudly  and Arnav, much to Khushi's amazement, touched his feet and hugged him tightly " Dadu you? What a pleasant surprise! Please have a seat."

"Later baba… first let me have a good look of you", his voice quivered as caressed Arnav's hair ,face and suit with love, "You have grown up to be a big man baba" , Arnav's eyes brimmed with tears as Prakash voiced out his compliments loud.

"..and everything has happened because of you' Arnav admitted and saw Prakash staring at something and saw him looking at Khushi with confusion.

"Khushi?", Arnav extended his arm and she took it and came in front of Prakash.

"Khushi this is Prakash Dadu, and Dadu she is my wife Khushi", he introduced them and Khushi touched his feet immediately, seeking blessings.

"God bless you bitya', he blessed and continued staring at Khushi, "baba you got married to 'her'?" Arnav's eyebrow furrowed and Khushi looked up confused. Arnav suddenly remembered what Prakash hinted at, "No Dadu she is not 'her' she is Khushi"

"But she looks so familiar, where are you from bitiya?", Prakash asked.


"What a co-incidence… 'she' was also from Lucknow"

Arnav had to stop the mention of this 'she' so he interrupted

"Dadu… you met others?", he enquired.

"Yes I went to Shantivan , baba, met Om and Hari but I couldn't enter the house as they told me Badi Malkin has returned." , Arnav's expression hardened " So I thought of meeting you and going back today."

"No Dadu, don't leave" Arnav insisted, "you will stay with us, with me"

"What do you mean baba?", Prakash asked.

"I don't stay at Shantivan now", Arnav confessed and Prakash's eyes shot up.

"Why baba?"

"I will tell you everything, but please you stay with us, I am sending you to my house, make yourself comfortable, choose any room you like, not the servant's room, and when I return in the evening I will tell you everything', he promised.

Prakash nodded and Arnav called Aman to escort Prakash to their new home.

Arnav turned towards Khushi who was confused and took a deep breath "I think I need to make some explanations to you too"

He guided Khushi by her arms towards the sofa, made her sit on it and laid down on her lap. She felt his fingers through his hair and he started.

"Khushi! Prakash Dadu is Hari Prakash, Jai Prakash and Om Prakash's grandfather"

"What?", Khushi was shocked.

"Yes', he admitted. "He used to work in Sheesh Mahal, with Maliks", his voice hardened but he continued, " Di and I received the love of grandparents not from dadi but from Prakash Dadu. Dadi was always strict and used to tame us.  But dadu, he used to love and pamper us and wipe our tears.", he smiled fondly.

"When ma and committed suicide and we were thrown out, Dadi did not object because saving Sheesh mahal property was more profitable to her than saving two young lives. She let us be thrown out by Chacha ji, she saw us leave the gate in a single cloth on our body. But dadu, he rescued us and took us his home, and kept us there till Nani and Mamaji were informed. Dadu remained loyal to Maliks by continuing working there, but his love made him send his son and daughter-in-law to Shantivan to take care of us, so that we are not burden in our maternal home.", Khushi's hand wiped the lone tear from Arnav's cheeks and he continued.

"I have never seen a family like this Khushi", he admitted, " Prakash uncle and aunty used to work for free as people in Shantivan were not rich like now. They used to take care of everything di and I needed but they never asked for anything in return. Now, they are no more with us Khushi but they make us feel their presence in the form of their sons Jay Prakash, Om Prakash and Hari Prakash.",he let out a watery smile which was returned by her.

"Therefore, how much I shout, yell or turn them mad with my tantrums, I still consider them as my family", he got up and made his way towards his table.

"Now Khushi, I have to work but you go home and take care of yourself and Dadu"

"Wait!", Khushi held his arm and Arnav raised his eyebrow in question.

"Who is 'she'?"


"The one Dadu was speaking about?"

"Oh I see", he smirked naughtily. " Ma used to like her best friend's daughter a lot, she used to say when we grow up she will make me marry her."

"What? You were about to marry someone else?", Khushi roared angrily.

"What the? When did I say that?"

"Did you love her?", she asked.

"I did not even see her Khushi", he kept his hand on her shoulder to pacify her. "No wait, I saw her only once"


"Yes I was three year old then, she was just born, I don't remember the face but she had  worn really beautiful Payal.", he admitted as he tried recalling her.

"Leave me", she shrugged him off.

"What happened" he asked as he saw her turn

"You don't remember what I wear each and every day and you remember her Payals??? Then why didn't you marry her?", Khushi felt stupid for feeling jealous over a little girl.

Arnav let out a naughty smile and he hugged her from back, leaving a wet kiss on her cheek

"Because I found you." Khushi let out a secret smile.


Garima had no idea why was she again attracted to that box. She opened the box and again rummaged through its contents and took out a letter, the pages faded to yellow indicating the presence of history behind it.

She unfolded the letter

"To my chote's little bride,

  This is my first gift to my chote's little bride. You are so beautiful like an angel that you deserve this special gift" God bless you"

Garima let out a small smile as she folded the letter and put it back to the box and brought out a pair of beautiful tiny anklets. Khushi's first shagun.





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Jyo.Arshi.IPK IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome terrific update !!!!
am sure the girl whom Arnav's mom picked for him is khushi herself !!!!! Wink

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deviarshi Goldie

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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 2:49am | IP Logged
Love the update. The story is getting interesting Smile

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