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7/9 Dragon Club : Akele Hum Akele Tum :(

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 10:32am | IP Logged

Credit for this brand new gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!

About 3 Important Mumbai flashbacks and their real purpose Embarrassed
So far in this Yash's Anger mystry track , we have seen 3 important flashbacks of Mumbai after they return from Bhopal  and none are the reasons for Yash's anger but  I feel every flashback has a reason and strong purpose which will all connect towards the end of this track when the final mystry will come out Big smile
1st Flashback : In Dahi handi flashback , Yash wanted to prove that he is the hero badly and he made sure Aarti accepts that He is not any uncle LOL.. It means Aarti's words and her appreciation matters a lot to him ...Embarrassed...So this flashback showed Yash's growing expectations from Aarti  Embarrassed
2nd Flashback : In Fire accident flashback , Yash saves Aarti over Arpita portraits and even though he was angry because of Aarti's carelessness but he proved that Aarti's life matters to him much more than those lifeless portraits and later he does not even hold any grudge against Aarti Embarrassed...Same for broken photo frame fiasco  where he gets more affected with Aarti's injury than broken frame of Arpita Embarrassed...So this flashback showed Yash growing concern for Aarti Embarrassed
3rd Flashback : In Aman related flashbacks , Yash proved that his trust on Aarti will always remain intact and he respects Aarti and Aman's friendship ..So even though at times he might feel jealous or possessive about Aarti which is the initial phase of love , but he is not a insecure husband because he trusts his wife Embarrassed..So this flashback showed Yash's growing trust on Aarti Embarrassed
Overall all 3 flashbacks proved that Aarti and Yash's relationship hv come a long long way where Yash respects and trusts Aarti ,  he has expectations from Aarti , her life safety matters a lot to him and lastly  he has developed a good friendship bonding with her  Embarrassed...
So none of these flashbacks hv gone in waste and the reason of Yash's anger could b something where all the above emotions of Yash from trust to friendship to understanding to expectations were all scattered into pieces by Aarti , reason why Yash feels betrayed and dejected in life today Smile... Climax point will connect all the above flashbacks when finally Yash will hv his confrontation with Aarti over the real reason Embarrassed
Today's Episode Analysis
Today's episode was good light-hearted one making sure weekend is passed on a good note and two best scenes of today's episode got to b Aman-Yash interaction and the Essel world flashback sequence EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Aman and Yash interaction makes it clear that its either Prashant truth or Diary which is the reason of Yash's extreme anger Big smile
There are 2 very important clues which Yash gives away in this whole interaction with Aman ..
First clue : When Aman says that "you cannot hear anything against Aarti ,thats why despite being so angry with her , u still went ahead and defended her character yesterday " on which Yash said "he dint save Aarti but he only supported the truth " Wink...So Yash clearly stresses on the truth part which means he is indirectly trying to hint that when Aarti knows how much he hates lies ,then why did she lie about her divorcee status ...Dint she trust me or this punarvivah at all ?? Why he had to hear the truth from a third person and not from Aarti ?? Ouch...He feels betrayed in this case if the reason is Prashant truth and this explains why he uses words like dhoka and hadsa for this whole incident because its a big big shock and setback in his life just when he was beginning to dream about life again CryOuch
Second clue : When Aman says that "Aarti can even give her life for u " ..Yash clearly opposes it by saying "This is my problem" on which Aman shockingly asks "Aarti loving u is your problem" ShockedOuch...So Yash clearly stresses on the fact that Aarti loving him is bothering him a lot because love and any sort of physical relationship was never suppose to b a part of this punarvivah at all , then why Aarti suddenly kept such desires in her heart Ouch,..This explains why he calls it all a mann ka paap which one night he read in Aarti's love diary where she confessed it all Ouch...So this is uss raat ka big hadsa for him when he finds out that this whole Mumbai trip was planned so that she can woo him like a menaka Ouch and the fact that he actually falls for her charms and whenever she makes her advances like grabbing his hand or challenging him for some game , he falls for it ,is pissing him off and he is hell bent on punishing himself for it which explains why he even broke Arpita portraits since mayb he feels his mann too did same paap  Ouch...
It could b combo of first and second clue as well and so  he keeps talking about Trust , Dhoka , hadsaa , mann ka paap  and last but not the least his last words " I hate her , I can never love her "  has lots of intense passion in it which indicates he is in plain denial and he feels if Aarti goes out of his life ,then mayb he can peacefully travel back to Arpita land but its not happening anymore since Aarti in rain has now taken over all his Arpita death memories EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Yash is beginning to enjoy Aarti's touch which is so evident from the Essel World flashback sequence Embarrassed
It was a lovely moment when Aarti grabbed Yash's hand because she was fearing those dangerous rides in essel world , and then Yash gives her an intense look as if he is beginning to realise that he is starting to enjoy her touches EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Yeh dil hai was palyed after a long time too which was so refreshing to watch and hear EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
In this scene Yash felt like a husband there giving a shoulder to his wife .. all macho and proud types and he enjoyed her touch too Embarrassed...He used to keep saying dont act like a typical wife but in this scene she was a typical wife who clutches onto her hubby's arms just because she was scared of the ride  but even then he was himself surprised that he dint get angry but rather enjoyed it and so he kept looking at her EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Daddy Scindia and Gayatri's absense makes sure we might get a final intense Aarti and Yash confrontation next week with the final reason ... Big smile
Daddy Scindia and Gayatri will b missing in action next week as both r in Delhi for Gayatri's knee problem which makes me hopeful that next week we might get a proper Yash-Aarti confrontation scene in alone minus anyone's intereference EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Stage is actually set for an intense Yash-Aarti confrontation next week over whatever the reason is and I can even see a reunion soon  Embarrassed
Paridi's night outs can get her in trouble Ouch
Starting of the episode was completely on Pratik and Paridi issue and it seems Paridi is almost feeling detached from Scindia family now and no more cares for what Pratik or Vidhi says Ouch...But I feel her night shift and that too in showbiz will get her in serious trouble and it might even put Scindia family under scanner which is a good parallel track Thumbs Up...
Pratik needs to stop crying on Vidhi's bhabhi's shoulders and confront his parents asap over Paridi matter or else it might b too late Ouch...Even though I liked the Vidhi and Pratik scene , the way Vidhi consoles Pratik and motivates him but Pratik should also start taking decisions on his own now since he is not a kid and Vidhi should stop interfering in other's issues and mayb concentrate on her own hubby and marital problems Smile...
I think only reason today Paridi is suddenly revolting against all is because she feels unwanted in the house since her own hubby is spineless Ouch.. Anyways I hope Pratik soon develops a spine here because I can see Paridi's night shift getting her a big problem soon Confused
Overall the episode was good and Aman-Yash scene was the highpoint of the episode today .. Lets see who is this Sunita and what is this Essel world trip all about Confused ...Only reason I dint talk about whole Essel world fiasco in my take is because I feel it could b another misleading one since whenever Aarti guessed any reason it always turned out to b wrong whether its Arpita fire fiasco or Aman fiasco LOL...So well fingers crossed for next week Tongue

PS : A request to all .. plss avoid multiple quoting friends as then page takes hell lot of time to reload and it looks messy too  Embarrassed...Use @ symbol to address someone and only if needed ,then quote max one small para or sentence only once and not multiple times Embarrassed...

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Mann ka Paap...hmmm what can that be!

well, I seriously don't think its Prashant issue, but something that happened unwillingly and that's it!


Hmmm, ok not preggy, but do u guys think she was trying to feel Yash in her sleep!  It's happened before and poor guy had to put pillows in between!  maybe she tried to feel him and said quite a few things and this why she doesn't remember a thing!  ROFL

aarti should just seduce yash with this song and take him out of his misery!

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Pooja_11 Goldie

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Hey jyoti Ji, Nice Title...Hope to See Some Clues in today Episode...

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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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Yeah! For the first time i got a spot on the first page Big smile
Looking forward to today's episode and see how does Ansh knows that Prasanth is his Papa.
Nice title btw Jyo Wink

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AniSweety IF-Rockerz

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Oops superb title...

Aarthi is like ghajini Mohmd...Trying Trying not able to realize whats the reason...Hope it must be prashanth...

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Tilashini IF-Sizzlerz

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perfect title jyo!!! Wink the mumbai scenes are awesome im drooling!! BlushingDay Dreaming

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Zetter IF-Rockerz

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It was a good episode Smile...Sorry for being late was cooking dinner! 

It stars with Gayatri who's walking down the hall but her knee is paining her Ouch...she calls out for Pratik who comes running with Pankaj...they want her to go to the doctor but she refuse, Yash who is standing there as well tells her that she should get a check up and that she should go with SP.

PraDhi are in their room...Pratik is telling her about G3's knee but she doesn't seem to care just then her phone rings and it's her boss who wants her to do a night shift  she says yes then she and Pratik are having another argument Vidhi overhears and blats her for lying about college Clap

Paridhi was being very rude to Vidhi, she tells Vidhi not to interfer in their matters and that she should go and take care of her kids and husband Shocked Angry Pratik tells her not to talk to Vidhi that way, Paridhi in return shouts at Pratik to go to he!!, that he doesn't care about her only his family and just walks away..Pratik says sorry to Vidhi who tells him not to fight with Paridhi and that in time she'll learn...Goddamn it's time for Pratik to grow a pair and stand up for his wife in front of his parents.Angry

The next AM at the Dubeys, Aarti are getting the kids ready for school when Sr Dubey comes and tells Shobha aunty that Prashant called again regarding the house...so I guess he didn't let them alone even after Shobha did his late rites sounds like he has been a torn in their BLEEP and they didn't tell Aarti anything <_<

Just then Ansh comes and says that he knows Prashant is...he's his dad right leaving all the adults shocked...Aarti questions him about how he knows, so Ansh replies that Aunty Sunita from Essl world was asking him about his papa PShockedShockedShocked...A shell shocked Aarti runs out the room to call Sunita...Seriously who the heck asked a kid that never met his sperm donor how that same sperm donor is doing??? Confused AngryAngry

Yash is in the kids room at the Scindia's Mansion looking around missing them just then Aman comes and touches him on the shoulder, Yash turns around and sees that it's Aman...The latter tells Yash that Yash that Aarti is such a nice girl who loves his family, he has 3 cuties pies (kids), Aarti loves him andthat she would give her life for so why is it acting this way...Ooh gotta love Aman, he's the voice of reason ClapClap 

Yash replies that's his problemOuch...so Aman is like it's your problem that she loves you...that's the first time he hears something like that Tongue Yash doesn't respond for a moment...Aman goes on to say that Yash can't hear anything bad about her, her defended her character yesterday even though you were so mad at her which measn that you love her Wink...Yash says wrong...He did it for the truth not Aarti and that he doesn't love her...He actually hates her and that he could never love her Unhappy and leaves the room...Aaman saw in Yash's eyes thats he loves Aarti and the only reason he's saying such things is because he's hurt by whatever Aarti did. 

Aarti is in the room desperately trying to call someone on the phone (Sunita, i presume) when Shobha comes and Aarti starts to panic, telling her mom that maybe Yash came to know about their lie cause they met her friend that day in Essel world and she might have told Yash something...Shobha wants to know if she's sure, Aarti replies no she isn't but she has a feeling that
this could be the reason

FB...The family of five reaches Essel world, the kids wanna go on on the rides but Aarti is scared so she warns Yash so says that if the kids wanna go on the ride she should let them despite being scared she let them go...Ansh and Palak goes on the ride while Payal stays with her parents...Yash is cheering the kids on while a still scared Aarti clutches on to his arm with Yeh Dil Hai playing in the BG EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

It was great to see Payal again on my screen today...The three cuities were so adorable Heart Heart 

EDIT: Yash Sweetie, I hate to be the bearer of bad news (4 u) but you do love Aarti....THERE'S A THING LINE BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE...and you my friend has crossed it with no chance of turning back...Your mouth says no but your eyes if are the gateway to the soul says YES TongueEmbarrassed

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