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IP REDUX : Lilith !! (Page 3)

incandescent IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 10:57am | IP Logged

I am not sure what to say about the episode. A mother who just lost her baby needs love and attention. It's expected she would want Shyam back because she never believed the accusations made by Khushi and NK. But if she is really mourning her child, will she be able lie and manipulate her family? Every day Anjali's character hits a new low.

A request to cvs : If this is the way Anjali is going to be, then so be it. But please don't request the fans to understand her or sympathize with her because it is just worsening the situation.


Khushi is simple, nave and good hearted lady. But since when did she become so dumb? She is contemplating to bring Shyam back. Really? If the rest of the Raizada's want to bring him back, I can understand, but Khushi? Did she forget Shyam nearly killed her and Arnav. It was a total head desk moment.

Another note to the cvs : Don't disregard issues as big a murder or attempted murder. It is not a child's play.

Arnav Singh Raizada, a business tycoon has little or no security in his mansion. How is Shyam sneaking in and out? Care to explain it cvs? What happened to the tighter security and the restraining order for Shyam? 

Why would two grown men go to a gynaecologist for their sister? Okay fine, Arnav found a new gynaecologist  but why on earth would he have an appointment with the doctor? 


You have negotiated to give a certain actor for a meatier role. The parallel lead and lead antagonist are getting more screen space then actual leads. But sadly it is neither helping the storyline, nor is it working with the audience and in order to do so you are compromising with the quality of the show. This is what happens when quantity takes over quality.


Deepali has quit the show. I am not surprised. I wish her all the best for her future project and I hope she gets good roles where she can actually get the scope to perform. There is no news for a replacement yet. Good luck in finding a good enough replacement.


Can we please have mamaji back and if he is unavailable, can you care to get a replacement for him too? His unexplained disappearance may not bother you but it is bothering the viewers. 

Friday was a disappointment. I hope next week is better although I can't hope for much at this stage, simply because the consistency, crisp screen play has vanished and the character sketches are being messed up. 



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susan7 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 10:59am | IP Logged

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chowna Goldie

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 11:02am | IP Logged

Khushi Kumari Gupta and trouble go hand in hand

check my post on images of the eps

Why Khushi should not think Shyam has changed

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aidan34 Groupbie

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 11:06am | IP Logged

helo al reduxians,

this week didn't like writing...u can guess why???
straight pointers:
1.this week is a trp suicide.why anjali character is not shown matured enough.if she want s shyam bk why go for hunger strike one day and the the other she is al fine? why can't she talk to her bro like a matured lady????this q is on evryones mind...believe me...some maturety anjali character deserves for the sake of screen space.
2. not even a single scene showing elders of the house discussing about arnav/khushi remarriage? would hv satisfied the viewers...why al concern for anjali only...wat about others happiness??
3. after arnav/khushi marriage thing came out,i was expecting a good heart to heart talk b/w payal/ was imp for payal to know how her younger sis sacrifised for her sake.payal/akash duo support for arnav/khushi scenes would definitely given screen space to both the story it would hv looked like a payback of how arnav/khushi united dem. i know dey could'hv  pulled up some mindblowing scenes.wat a waste of talent!!
weekend is long will add some more later on...waiting for doods.

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Cool_wonder Goldie

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 11:08am | IP Logged


Before sharing some positive points le me point out some problem areas...

1. Promotion
Hugh problem here...Angry...
Weather it is channel or PH i am not interested in breaking my headWacko..which is already spinned by dumb people in my work placeOuch...
PH is more like a MOTHER of a show...if not a MOTHER than who will careAngry..AUNTYLOG KYAAngry..
Let me guess who is the AUNTY...Ermm...SBS SBBShocked???

High time the bell rings in PH ka ears...HIGH TIME...


What's with Shyam always sneaking in Poojali's room and hide and seek wala romanceShocked Confused..
Ok...SHyam and Anjali scenes are IMP...but just to accommodate more screen space to certain actor you can compromise on your story and leads kyaShocked...

I am not asking 24/7 and full 22 mins with many Fans do...but all i ask is let the story and show move showing maing the LEADS POV naCry
can you denay that this show is manly staying because of ArHi...
so if you dump them where will your story go???


Today I was reading IF articles...and I really felt sorry for IPKKNDOuch

Poor Poor show...has no one supporting it nowCry..except for loyal fansCry...

1. In other shows...Bollywod actors are comming to promote their movie..and what do we get???.
2. Other 8.00 PM shows are getting FADU promos...specially MAHADEV...and BV though Ouch
 and what does IPK getOuch??
and IPK no promo, no promotion nothingOuch...



Yes...there are positives also along with this

the story of Past and hate and disloyalty has now startedBig smile..

1. What will Arnav do once Kushi gets shyamShocked
2. Will Kushi really go against ArnavOuch
3. Will the MU be long and big and strong Ouch
4. Will BRAINLESS anjali ever get to see the TRUTHLOL
5. Will the Haldi happen..and will Arni be the same after Kushi gets shyamAngry..
6. How will the past come out
7. How will it further effect Arnav Kushi
8. Even after all this..Will Arnav Kushi be Physically close ????
9. Will this give way for Passionate Arnav
10. Will this give way for Stronger Anjali
11. IS the baby safe...
12. What and how will Kushi support Garima??

SO many things to happenSmile...
SO many chances and opportunities...
So many paths for improvements...

THe PH has the BIGGEST ASSET... FANS and their LOVE...

I have been saying this..Despite BV being 4.8 and 5.5
Despite Mahadev being 2.6 and 2.5 
 without any promotion, without any celebrity attending or coming to our show...
without out AUNTY's supporting usLOL 
WE still are DECENT 2.8Big smile

Shows something rightWink...FAN POWERBig smile

The epi was really not that bad...but only thing is had less no. of good things to remember LOL
1. Repitative Anjali Shyam scene
2. Arnav for a sec is all into Kushi and for the next does not even know what is she doing Confused

but i must tell the PV has improved slightlySmile
Direction has ImprovedSmile..
Story... I want to believe that CV's and Channel and PH knows what they are doing and where are they heading...Smile

ArHi...this is their show...Koi kuch bhi the end...ArHi will have Intimate scenes, romance, Fight, everythingBig smile

Trust me... I want to see what comes ahead insted of breaking my head in advance and i have learnt that hard wayCryLOL..
so let the PH and CV's channel take all tension...

I will watch and support the show as long as I can handle itLOL...and again trust me when i say SHOW HAS NOT GONE BADBig smile...

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 11:18am | IP Logged

Tonight's episode was a disappointment, it was not the way I would have expected the show to end the week off given the episodes from earlier this week. I have to wonder what the CVs were thinking with this episode and why they are destroying their characters when this track would have perfectly well without going so far

Anjali, she is someone who was expected to be in denial and want her husband back this was a given but why the manipulation?? Why is Anjali shown to be playing such a cruel game with the people who love her so much and would do anything for her happiness? It was sickening to watch her scheming and manipulating, it was not needed and ruined whatever hope was left for her character

Khushi, she is someone who would do anything for her loved ones happiness including putting up with Shyam but did it have to come with her turning a blind eye to his past actions?? Why did the CVs have to show her saying he can change when she has seen how easily he manipulates people?? Shyam tried to kill her husband yet she is easily thinking of change and bringing him back, what gives?? It just pushed things too far and shed her character in a bad light

Arnav, here is someone who lately has done everything Khushi ke liye because he could not tolerate seeing her in pain so where did that vanish today?? Where was the follow up to what he noticed in the previous episode?? I would have liked a scene where Arnav was shown telling Dadi to treat Khushi with respect or at least not show him brushing Khushi off so he could go to an OBGYN that too without the patient who by the way is recovering just fine!

Finally, this show has always been promoted with Khushi and Arnav as the leads right? They are who we have watched for more than a year, whether it was their hatred, annoyance, kidnapping and now love it was always their story so where is that now?? These days Arnav and Khushi have no story of their own and have been reduced as side characters while Shyam and Anjali take centre stage. Is it any wonder why fans are outraged? Why the ramanchi on fans? This was never DKS, this was never Shyam and Anjali's story so please stop selling it that way because no one is buying it!!

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shreya_l IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 11:22am | IP Logged
Bookmarking :)

Those looking forward to a poem...

Wahi ghisela track dekh kar kya likhon main kavita...
Shyam ka asli roop dekh kar bhi...
Khushi ki kaise jheloon yeh moorkhta?
Kitani aur thokar hai khaani?
Tab hoga kya gyaanoday!
Ek Anjali kaafi nahin thi kya Angry
Jo ab Khushi ka bhi badal diya Charitra parichay!
Hansoon ya ro doon aisi hai meri vivashta!
Mujhse mat kaho likhne ko in par koi bhi kavita!

How can I write poem on the same worn out track!
After seeing Shyam's true colors ...
How should I bear Khushi's foolishness?
How many times more she has to stumble to become wise?
Was one Anjali not sufficient...
That you have decided to assassinate Khushi's character sketch!
Should I laugh or cry...such is my helplessness!
Please don't ask me to write poems on such pathetic episodes/characters!

I would rather love to see this scenario than Khushi ushering Shyam's entry! Arnav and Khushi can decide that Shyam cannot be trusted and rope in NK, Nani, Aakash and Mami to watch on Shyam...But I guess it will be too much to ask in present scenario!

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sonshine IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 11:22am | IP Logged


26th August, 2011


The First Forced Grihpravesh…

Yes! Today Khushi was forced to enter her future Sasuraal for the first time…

A young girl, righteous, spirited and idealistic… but woefully young, impulsive and ignorant to the ways of the world. In a fit of righteous anger about her dignity, she signed a contract, which she was unable to keep. Though the man involved had forgotten it, his sister decides to use it to his advantage. And Khushi, young, impulsive and thoughtless, is trapped…

Impulsive, thoughtless Khushi…, but dignified, upright and self-reliant...

Helpless and being manipulated…, but determined to see things through…

Apprehensive and filled with doubts…, but brave, strong and self-respecting…

The episode begins with Shyam promising Khushi that he will arrange the money for her; she needn't worry. He assures her that from that day forward, she is his responsibility. Though Khushi's family had no qualms about accepting Shyam's help, something in this little soul shied away from the idea. Khushi the child-woman had her pride. She must pay for her mistakes not someone else, especially not a stranger…

So she seeks her Divine Mother's blessing and sets out on her life's journey… her bravery lies not in the fact that she set out on her journey, but in the fact that she knew it was filled with thorns… insult, injury and belittlement. Still she set out… barefoot, defenceless and alone… and with no armour except her own dignity.

In a speeding car on the roads of Delhi, Manorama Mami is expressing her doubts and displeasure to her determined niece. Anjali explains to Mami that Khushi is perfect for the job. She has seen how Khushi can stand up to her brother and how her brother becomes quiet in front of the spit fire. She further reminds Mami of Nani's 1 month deadline for Lavanya to pick up her act. If Lavanya leaves, Chotte too will follow her.

This shakes up Mami… and she thinks of her Dream… No! Nightmare….

Bherry, bherry sarri… Brahmachari… Hello hi bye bye….. (***BWaaaHHH!***)

All of a sudden Mami wants to convince Khushi, but Anjali says, "we shall not go back there; we'll have to wait; and trust Khushi to take the right decision… a decision in our favour…"

In GH …

Khushi is immersed in thoughts. Faced with the dilemma she is weighing her options. A poignant scene, where you can't help feeling for this young orphan.

The contract and the ultimatum

An Offer? … or a Stranger's Intrusion?

An arrogant, prejudiced and unfeeling man's insults

Her father's financial troubles


That night, at Raizada House, a fond sister is making laddoos for Raksha Bandhan at a late hour. Her husband is by her side, helping. The husband with an agenda of his own, tries to dissuade her from bringing Khushi into the house. He reminds her that she is wrong to take advantage of a young girl's helplessness. When she doesn't agree, he tells her that she should also take into account Arnav and Khushi's hatred for each other. Here she is, making sweets for her darling brother and on the other hand, she is bringing into her brother's house the very girl her brother can't seem to stand the sight of! Though Anjali  does not answer him, she has no intention of giving up on her plans…

Hum jo bhi kar rahe hain, humare Chotte ke liye kar rahe hain

Nothing else matters for Anjali. What Chotte wants, Chotte gets. And if he wants Lavanya, Khushi is the means by which it can be accomplished. And it is not as if Khushi is not being compensated… she needs the money… she is helping Khushi too in the process. Thus assuages Anjali her conscience…

Little does she realize that she has just given her Chotte the best gift ever, on the occasion of this Raksha Bandhan! She was the means by which her Chotte came to know the Love of his Life, his Soul-mate, his  future wife, better…

The next morning, the ladies except Nani are making laddoos for Raksha Bandhan…

Miss Kashyap, yeh laddoo naahi modern art laagat hai. Ee Saasu Ma dekhe toh pata hai kya kahein? "Kitne Laddoo The?"

Right on cue...

Kitne Laddoo bane?

Nani continues with her Khushi jaap…

When Mami is once more alone with Anjali…

Anjali Bitiya, tum aur Saasu Ma, ek hi team ke ho. Dono u Phatti Sari ko like karat ho. Par woh Phatti Sari hai, ki tumko grass hi nahi daalat ho. Sasuma ko bataayi kaa, ki hum wahan visit kiye the?(… and when Anjali replies that she is waiting for the right time to say so…) Ohh! Do hi baj rahe hain… char baje ka mahurat ttheek rahega kaa? Raahu thoda increase hoga, Ketu thoda decrease hoga… tab bataaoge kaa? Par woh Phatti Sari maanenge kaa? (Anjali says… humaara dil kehta hai ki Khushiji zaroor maanenge…) tumra heart tumse bahut hi baat karat hai; humra heart ek dum Mouni Baba hai. Ek baat bata hi dein tumka… agar woh Phatti Sari yahan aayi na, toh Arnav Bitwa bahut hi angriya jaye… soch liyo..

Anjali is convinced she is on the right path… "Soch Liya"

Khushi arrives.

Nani is pleased to see her and asks her the purpose of her visit.

Anjali informs Nani of the plan. Nani agrees.

Lavanya who has been listening to the proceedings in disbelief, asks if Chamkeeli is here to train her!

Which prompts Mami…

Ee liyo! Yahaan Ramayan poori ho gayi aur ee poochat hai… who ijj Kunti?

Kunti nahi Mami Ji…  (says Anjali looking at Khushi…)


Nani approves.

Lavanya is disgusted. She proceeds to leave the house. Though Anjali and Mami are jolted at this turn of events, Nani couldn't care less. But when Anjali reminds her of Arnav's reaction to the news, Nani very off-handedly gives them permission to stop Lavanya from leaving. Khushi takes on the task.

Ab aayega mazaa! Phatti Sari Vs Chotte Kapde… yaani ki… East Vs West!

Lavanya is packing in the room. She is disturbed.

She rings up ASR.

Busy at work, he stalls her complains without listening to her. Disappointed, Lavanya proceeds with her packing.

Khushi arrives. She makes a compromise with Lavanya saying that this is just a job for her. She makes Lavanya realize that if she needs to stay with ASR's family, she needs to gain his family's approval; most importantly Nani's and she, Khushi can help her with that. In the process, Khushi will also get an opportunity to earn her salary. Lavanya reluctantly agrees.

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