Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP REDUX : Lilith !!

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"I'm not a man. I have no male pride for you to trick me with, and I am not interested in single combat. That is entirely a weakness of your sex, not mine. I am a woman. I will use any weapon and all weapons to get what I want."
                         Cassandra Clare, City of Fallen Angels

"Annihilation itself is no death to evil. Only good where evil was, is evil dead. An evil thing must live with its evil until it chooses to be good. That alone is the slaying of evil."
                        George MacDonald

"Thou art beautiful because God created thee, but thou art a slave to sin... wickedness has made you ugly."
                    George MacDonald, Lilith

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Payaliya spilled her Chameli ka tel...slipped on it and went out of not only RM but IPK world all together...this was not what I meant when I asked her to be sent to rest room yesterday CVs...Aap ne to us ko Laxmi ki tarhan itna rest kerwadiya ke woh nazar hi na aaye D'oh

On a serious note...4lions have been champions in casting so lets hope we get to see the new and improved Payal soon...though I will miss Deepali...but its her life and she has a right to chooseEmbarrassed

But what is going on...everything we ask for we get a lil bit ulta of it...or CVs have you been reading me wrong???

We asked for a haircut for Arnav Singh Raizada...but instead we see our beloved HP with a nice crisp cutShocked

We asked for a clever, cunning Arnav who made game plans to trap shyam instead we are getting an Anjali who is suddenly promoted from a fused tubelight to a 400 Watt bulb...itni shaatir dimagh..itni smart, itni manipulative...and apne chotte ko dhoka...woh bhi apni Best friend forever Dadi ke saath mil ker...what the??? 

We asked for a mature, samajhdaar Khushi which we did get for a few days during the kidnapping track...lekin eekaaa bitya gone back to square 1...and forgotten all about the creepiness of the man who tried to kill her and her can she believe that the man who did not change when he heard that his wife was pregnant and still lusted after her, the one who was unfaithful to his wife suddenly turn faithful and loving...just because he lost a baby...a baby which he never cared about????

Another question...Is Arnav a bad come the nurse who has been hired by deceiving the Employee and helping the culprits...whats with the teenage drama and the hidden meetings...she knows the man is not she as a loyal worker should inform her employer but no she is doing chowkidar duty for the lovebirdsD'oh  

And last but not the least...why did Arnav give a disdainful look to khushi and walk away after he saw how dadi snatched anjali from her and went away...wasn't he supposed to be reassuring ...ek smile bhi chlati..a hand holding with reassurance anything...and Akash who witnessed dadi and her bad behavior gave an appropriate reaction...but bechara next scene he poofed...D'oh

Lets move onto the episode

Is Deception/manipulation ko kiya naam doon...???

  • Shyam deceiving Anjali and dadi
  • Anjali deceiving Arnav and family
  • Dadi deceiving family
  • Garima deceiving circumstances to avoid dadi confrontation

However the episode starts with Anjali being unhappy with the nurse and scolded because the nurse locked  the door and as a result Shyam is locked out...

Clearly Arnav has taken every measure to protect her but she is hell bent on inviting trouble on she invites the vampire inOuch

Enters shyam with a lunch box..which contains food for anjali...but before feeding her the food he feeds her his deceitful lies about his love for her...his only goal in mind to reach his original fulfill his maqsad with the help of Rani Sahiba...

Anjali as usual falls for his charm and claims of love and is basking in the light of it when the nurse knocks on the door to inform about the arrival of the procession with the food...anjali is in a fix and thus quickly jumps of the bed and opens the door herself to keep all of them out and to avoid Shyam being caught she goes down with all to eat..

Notice apart from Radha Krishen there is now a Ganesha murti in Anjali's room...for me it rang a bell...whether is this new addition in the room to show that Anjali Shyam baby is alive???

Also notice the lunch box Shyam carries and takes out roti from...what does it have on top and carries within?? Granny smith apples and roti..respectively...

What are granny smith apples?? They are apples that are eaten raw and normally used for baking...
Roti implies basic necessity i.e food

So who is raw, needs baking as in time to get ready to enter the world after coming out of incubation period...and who's basic demands of food are being met...who is safely tucked inside the lunch in a shelter???

Any guesses...?? for me it depicted the baby again!! yes Anjali's premature baby who is probably in an incubator, being fed and sheltered...taken care of...

Once downstairs she is fussed upon by all and made to eat which she obliges as much as she can...dadi guesses her change in behavior and the 2 communicate through eyes about the presence of Shyam in the house...while the whole scene happened a happy Arnav looked dotingly at his sister and the scene...while he wants to check what medicine has worked wonders Anjali stops him on the pretense of wanting  his presence by her and once he reaches her one dialog and she says I am tired want to go to my room...

The little boy of 14 who pledged to love his sister and accepted her as his mom has done every thing in his power to make his sister happy and loved her with all his might but that very sister is taking advantage of his love..she is deceiving her brother fooling him and his love for the love of a man she has known for 4 sad...Arnav in for another rude awakening...a statement he had said to khushi on new years night resonated in my head...Sapno ki duniya se bahar niklo Khushi Kumarai Gupta..Asli duniya main log bohat khudgharz hote true arnav bitwa but alas you forgot to count your own sister as a part of asli duniya too...!!!

Another thing that caught my eye was...see how Arnav looks upon the entire family..while they are happy and doting on Anjali...thats how Arnav Singh Raizada's life is alone, but selflessly doing for others i.e his family... he is happy to see them smile even though he is not a part of that happiness..he stands far and alone...a little boy looking on to a happy family and thinking he too is happy...but there is someone who will form a bridge between this sad little boy and the happy smiling family...see how khushi links up him to the family...thus spreading cheer and joy in his life and making that little lost boy a part of his loving family...there will be a time where he will be no more an aloof ASR in RM who keeps a stern face and talks to the point but there will be the Arnav, the free fun loving prankster which he is only in GH as of nowEmbarrassed

Khsuhi...well all i will say about her is that her innate goodness refuses her to think bad about any human being...and thus she has yet again fallen  for shyam's act and is thinking that shyam is a normal human being who is affected by his baby's loss...first she made a decision at the time the pregnancy was revealed that she should  stay quiet as she felt that the baby will stop shyam ji from being the cheapster he was being!! now again she feels that the loss of the same has deeply affected him and he is a changed man...she also connected the dots of Anjali's happiness and well being to shyam's presence around her...and thus her expected thought process that lets give shyam another redemption chance has she wants anjali to be happy...but will think about a round about solution as she knows Arnav will not be ready for this!!

Now if you like anything in this post please press  'LIKE' !!!Big smile Tongue

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The following post is from chani123 aka our beloved Kopal...EnjoyEmbarrassed


First things first'

Whatever happened to the increased and HEAVY SECURITY and the RESTRAINING ORDER from the court against SHYAM???Ouch

Another googly thrown at poor gullible audience, US, that ASR's brain cells are twitching and then we fall flat on our face!!

Or has Shyam donned Harry Potter's cloak on invisibility that security cannot see him..

Only eyes which can see through that cloak are Anji of course, Dadi, Nurse and now Khushi.. .

I wonder, if the spells required to see Shyam are

1.       1. Anjali uses  "oh baby I need you.. for the rest of my life, I love you"

2.       2. Dadi uses "  Shyam Anjali ke pati hain.. Woh Anjali se Bahut pyaar karte hain.. Arnav galat hain.. Khushi  woh  aurat hai!"

3.       3. Nurse uses,  well, I think she just wants Anjali to get well fast, so she can run away from this madhouse.. That will happen only once Anjali starts eating and taking medicine.. For that, smart as she is she knows " A healthy dose of Shyam every few hours for few to many minutes, as many times as possible a day is the right medicine! "

4.       4. Khushi uses  "Shyam Ji apna bachcha khone ke baad badal gaye hain!"

Due to an engagement, I could not tune in to the live links and see the episode IST and provide delightful highlights (I like to think that they are delightful Winkto my fellow reduxians..  I came home and thought, Lets read the written update first.. And OH BOY! I was stumped.. My heart stopped and my body started shaking! To be little over dramatic.. Meri rooh Kaamp gayi!

Then I said to myself.. Hey Devi Maiyya, itna bura nahi ho sakta.. Maine dil pe rakha haath, bola "ALL IZZ WELL" aur dekh daala!

Boy, was I glad I saw. .I would have missed so many good things.. I can see you are ready with your chappals, rotten tomatoes and eggs! Let me explain'

What did we learn today?

1.       1. Nurse bhi chor nikli.. Ab, has Shyamu bribed her or is Anji black mailing her.. Inbhestigation zaari hai! Jo bhi ho, who bechaari toh gayi!

2.       2. Shyamu ka naya profession.. Dabba service.. Anjali bi sayaane hai.. Ghar ke pakwaan nahi chahiye, patidev ke haath ka khana hi khaayengi, rani sahiba..


3.       3. Choohaa  chala sher  ban ne! I can imagine Shyam ki kitni phat rahi hogi yeh bolte hue.. "jab tak aap khaana nahi khaayengi hum kahin nahi jaayenge!"  He was banking on the fact that the wife would not let him get another slap.. Maza tab aayega, jab Anjali sayaani bolegi theek hai, aane dijiye chhote ko.. (yeah right, Keep dreaming)

4.      4.  Dadi-Anjali bhi ab aankhoin aankhoin mein baat karne lage hain! Arey, dinner table par.. Dadi raised her eyebrows asking  "Anjali bitiya, what's up with the creepy behavior" Anjali replies "Dadi. Phir se room mein aa gaye hain yeh, Kya karein?"

 On a totally unrelated matter.. I will tell you a story about dadi and what I feel for her..My mom was a school teacher.. She was teaching, I guess 2nd or 3rd graders.. She asked them to make sentence with "Humaari" in it.. One Kid wrote!"Haraami dadi abhi tak zinda hai!" Jabse dadi ko dekha hai.. this is the thought that has been haunting me!

5. Hansi toh Phansi! Dekh aapne.. Dadi muskura di! Haaye! Kaleje ko thandak pad gayi! Kitni pyaari smile hai.. Keep smiling Subhadra ji..  Who din duur nahi jab aap khoon ke aansson royengi!

Ab batao.. Bhala koi paagal hi itni important cheezein miss karega!


Head banging moment of the day:-

Khushi's monologue and flashbacks.. "Di ko Shyam ji ki zaroorat hai, aur Shyam jib hi Di ka kitna khayaal  rakh rahe hain..Ho sakta hai ki bachche ko khone ke dukh se who badal gaye hain..lekin Arnav j unhe di ki zindagi mein kabhi waapis nahi aane denge!" Poor Arnav!

Khushi ji, yakeen toh humein iss baat ka nahi ho raha hai ki aap aisa soch kaise sakti hain.. Snakewa badal gaya.. Kyun?  Woh shaatir dimaag jisne Shyam ka ullu banaya tha, kya ghaans charne gaya hai?

Only good thing, positive thing I could gather was that she has decided to talk to Arnav and explain it to him.. Hopefully in this convincing conversation that she will have with him, she will tell him that di was happy cos Shyam came to visit her, which will make him aware of the fact that Shyam is visiting Anjali in secret, bringing either an end or an entry to Shyam.. Right now he has no idea of the comings and goings of Snakewa.. And Hopefully, he will realize that this has been going on for long.. I know, I am asking too much!

So many times we thought Arnav's Harvard brain will come into play now.. Jaane who din kab aayega? Maine toh frankly  ummeed chod di hai!


 Song Pics of the day!


"Andar se koi baahar na ja sake                " Na jao saiyaan, chuda ke baiyaan

Baahar se koi andar na aa sake                  Kasam tumhaari, main ROH padoongi

Socho kabhi aisa ho to kya ho                           Main ROH padoongi"

Hum-tum ek Kamre mein band ho,

aur nurse bhaag jaaye"





                                              "Hum hain is pal yahaan..

                                Jaane Kal ho Kahaan..

                      is liye maine Bhookh hadtal ka liya sahaara

                              Taaki Juda na hoin DOBAARA"

For RM waasis especially chhote urf Saale saahab

                      "Tayyab Ali Pyaar ka Dushman Haaye Haaye"

Kuch serious pointers bhi the.. Lekin woh phir kabhi.. Abhi ke liye.. I will leave you with 

the AWWW moment of the day!


I love the little touches these two share with each other.. The gentle touch on the shoulder, a simple kiss on the forehead.. Cupping the cheek lovingly.. For me these little gestures define love.. These are the things that SCREAM ROMANCE..

The whole episode was worth a watch for this moment which did not last more than a second on the screen! But plastered a smile for a much much longer time! Smile

These little things which Arnav and Khushi share make me want to tune in every day to see their love story.. Makes me wanna know how they will find each other.. How will they cross this hurdle! Cos at the end of the DAY I know, they will find each other in the end.. And rest is just all hoopla which I have to see if I wan to keep on seeing them! Big smile

I hope I was able to bring at least a small smile on your face today.. If I did, I would say.. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


Kopal Smile

PS: If time permits, I will try to update later with some pointers.. Tongue

Thanks Bush for reserving the spot.. Thanks Bush and K1, for helping me come up with the songs! Smile

Last but not the least, thanks guys for the awesome likes..

Thanks Anu, Shreya, Rit, Sharmi, K1, Nandu, Hkrajan, Jria for the lovely comments.. You guys made my day!

Ok.. Ok.. Finally last thing! CV's MANTRA

               HA HAH!

Happy WEEKEND everyone! Big smile

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Di Ke Liye...
Chanda hai tu.. Mera suraj hai tu...oh meri aakhon ka taara hai tu...
Pic Credit: sarun_deewani

Anjali who invokes a variety of emotions from the viewers of hate, pity,sympathy ... only evokes love from her family members...they love are so much that they are willing to bring in the person into their fold who had cheated on her devotion ,trust and faith...Shyam  her husband...who tried sapping the life out of Arnav... Anjali's chotte... the brother who spent 14 years of his life caring for his elder sister being her protector, her friend,holding her hand in times of sorrow and happiness without even thinking about himself.. because he had a promise to keep for Di.. no harm would come her way.. he will be the sentinel guarding her joys forever...

Her tears are more precious than the rarest of pearls.. for they eclipse the laughter and mirth of the Raizada household...
The absence of a  good for nothing husband.. a tragically snatched newborn... is so shattering that everyone is slowly realizing the fact that they need to  fulfill her wish.. of Shyamji's return with the hope of lighting up her life. What if the hope is nothing beyond wishful thinking?And  shyam once again brings in destruction in Anjali's life... Will the broken girl be able to bear another cruel blow?  Will the Raizadas and Dadi  be able to live with the knowledge of their actions?

Questions galore but the rational minds haves kept it under lock and key in Shantivan to relearn the lessons again the hard way... Anjali's condition is troubling them to such an extent that not once did it cross their minds to try and check the whereabouts of Shyam Manohar Jha since he left the gates of RM... 

A young boy 14 yrs ago tried to stand up for his DI when no one bothered...he sacrificed his childhood then... Arnav is again standing up for his DI when no one is paying heed to him.. what will he sacrifice now?

Di.. who no longer grieves for her child... no longer remembers that her brother had hastily married a girl just because he wanted to protect her marriage...that the happiness of chotte she fervently wished on sighting  a shooting star... is held hostage somewhere in taking care of her well being...Di is too broken to think logically in her fragile condition and is open to skillful manipulation.. but how does she cool and calculatingly lie to her concerned family members at the dining table without remorse? 

Dear writers/makers please give Anjali's character a single direction... either she is in a mental fog owing to loss of her child  and is reluctantly with guilt deceiving the  loving family because her husband's constant reminder of dying opens up the raw wounds about the fear of loss every time  or she is a woman who does not care about family,her dead newborn and is heart,body and mind loyal to Shyam even though he is vile because her love for him is a flaw which she is aware of...

Rangeela re tere raang mein yun rangaa hai mera mann.. chaliya re...
Pic Credit: sarun_deewani

Khushi has an A written in her will beat for Arnavji hameshaa...every day, every hour, every minute and every second... Di's well being foremost in Arnav's mind how can it not be so for Khushi?  She catches a glimpse of Shyam making an escape from his meeting with Anjali and rightly deduces the reason for her sister in law's mood swings...She sees the wolf again  in the guise of a sheep's clothing and believes in his goodness and concern for Anjali.. Convinced of his intentions she is ready on her mission... manao Arnavji for letting Shaym in Anjali's life...
6 months back Arnav fell for Shyam's lies and deceit.. he learnt his lesson... Khushi too has seen the evilness of Shyam.. infact more than Arnav. She still is unable to understand the mean streak which is evident in the guy... It is said that relationships are strained by the people who are in it.. their actions.. their beliefs...The opposing belief regarding Shyam will bring in the first serious disagreement among the love birds post confession... would be interesting to watch if the maturity experienced in the relationship until now still remains?

If you are unhappy, sad or annoyed with Khushi's monologue with Devi Maiyya... here is something to cheer you up... an excerpt from my post on the Iago Redux thread(5th sept,2012)

"I can only be thankful that she is a figment of the writer's imagination who conveniently forgets the chain of events that nearly killed her and Arnav besides bringing untold misery... for the sake of  introduction of a new story track... because there lies the opportunity to make her smart again  when the next plot would deem it fit..."

My heartfelt thanks to all the readers  who read my posts.Big smile and  those who manage to leave their valuable inputs and clicks on the like button inspite of their busy schedule...Hug

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"No one fights dirtier or more brutally than blood; only family knows it's own weaknesses, the exact placement of the heart. The tragedy is that one can still live with the force of hatred, feel infuriated that once you are born to another, that kinship lasts through life and death, immutable, unchanging, no matter how great the misdeed or betrayal. Blood cannot be denied, and perhaps that's why we fight tooth and claw, because we cannot'being only human'put asunder what God has joined together." 
Whitney Otto
How to Make an American Quilt

Its been a while since I wrote anything regarding IPK' so this post might seem a little higglety pigglety; pardon me if it is..


Well the past week has been a draining one; a few truths came to the forefront, a few betrayals were caught, a few confrontations, a few slaps, a few low blows but most of all' a relationship that's at the very edge of the cliff' one gently nudge and it might topple headfirst into chaos, taking with it anyone and everyone who ever were witness to the budding love between the two..


And no, I'm not talking about Arnav-Khushi; not yet' its about the bond that's seemingly unwavering, between one of the strongest characters in the serial, and one of the most cosseted and most delicate characters in the very same serial..


Neither is this about Anjali-Shyam.. because as they say, "Love that does not beget love is barren". What we've witnessed the past week are the desperate measures, futile attempts and extreme actions of a man that loves his sister. The bond is such as it draws him back; back from whichever other relation he might be seeking to form..


If anything, the past week has proved that without Anjali's backing, Arnav's relations stand nowhere' the very family that he's toiled to preserve and hold together would start doubting him; if his ever supportive sister isn't on his side..


I may not be able to justify the beautiful relation the show has brought on screen, but I sure can try to describe why every time I see Anjali and Arnav, I smile a little brighter at my own brother'..why Rakshabandan, a festival I didn't even know existed a few years back means so much to me now that thought we don't celebrate it, I pray a little extra for my brother that day..

Not too long ago, we were introduced to a character that has come to be so close to our heart that we feel his each and every emotion as if they're our own. Ever since the moment he showed up on our screens, he's had us flummoxed; we hated him, loved him, were angry with him, detested him, were disgusted with him.. there were some actions of his we could never figure out why. Arnav Singh Raizada was a complex being to understand; appearingly stone hearted.. until..


The lights shifted to a woman; young, pretty with the most genuine smile ever seen; you look at her once and can't help but smile at her. ASR's stern exterior is no match to her gentle smile; his stern mask melts away to show the human within. What's this? The man we'd all imagined was a living breathing robot was looking at someone without the blank wall covering his eyes? Is that even possible? Was Arnav Singh Raizada a human, afterall?


The man steps up, or rather the little brother in him walks to his Di; he who is now the centre of a huge business empire. Not to her, though; to her, he's just Chote; no matter how many times he reprimands her not to call him that. He can fool the world; pull wool over even the ones who've seen him since he was born but not her. Before Anjali the Di, the mighty ASR kneels and dissolves into Arnav the brother.


He offers her his hand; a hand of support that has always been there; a promise that he strives to keep with his very life. She stumbles lightly and he's right there, the only one who knows when she needs his support and offers it before she herself realizes; Arnav has always known what Anjali needs; it's the way his life has always proceeded until now; in the path that will give his Di the most happiness..

Anjali seems a little unsure about how the media would take her sudden appearance; she is the one who has kept track of all the gossip being spun about her brother.. she wonders if anyone would have connected the past and asked questions to him. Because Anjali knows the level of hurt and pain her seemingly unshakeable brother is hiding and she doesn't want anything to happen that might bring it up.


"She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. She is your teacher, your defense attorney, your personal press agent, even your shrink. Some days, she's the reason you wish you were an only child." -Barbara Alpert

Did Anjali come to Sheesh Mahal that night to bask in pride while her brother records another milestone to his career? Did she come to share the limelight as the ASR's sister? Did she come to visit the house that was now hers? Did she come to visit her childhood home?


The one and only reason that pushed her towards Lucknow from her comfortable home at Delhi was her concern for her brother's wounds from the past. He was going back; back to the place where their painful past lay. He was going to face it, all alone; thinking, believing that he could get the ordeal over with without letting himself relive the events of the past. But she knows; Anjali knows that Arnav couldn't do it alone; he couldn't when he was fourteen, he still can't now because her brother, her Chote might have achieved the impossible in the world of business but Anjali has seen and she is terribly protective, of the heart that lays behind the shatir dimaag and unshattering confidence that he emanates to the world.


Anjali knew she had to be there beside Arnav as he set foot in Sheesh Mahal once again; because she had been right there when they had been thrown out. The pain wasn't just his to deal with; it was hers just as well. He wouldn't be able to put the past behind without her presence because the horrible memories that haunts them are theirs in right half. The memories of those days need to be relived and forgotten together; because alone, Arnav wouldn't have the strength to move past the pain of his Mother's death. Without her beside him to make him feel a mother's love his heart wouldn't be able to rest in peace.


Anjali knows the exact chinks in the mask he wears; though many would claim that she didn't have it in her to break the wall he'd built, it was more because she understood where he was coming from, knew what made Arnav rather than because she didn't care enough about him. When you understand someone perfectly, there is no need for them to change because you know why they're doing what they are doing and though the world might see it differently, you know the why; and that, is what makes Anjali so overtly protective and defensive over Arnav. Why she never lets anyone bad mouth her brother; be it an almost stranger like Khushi; or even he own brother's wife.

But does this mean she'll let him off the hook? Of course not; she wants to know; like a mother who asks an injured child, "Why did you keep your finger on the fire when you know it will burn you?", she asks him what he is doing here, carefully avoiding the same question pointed at herself. Because she knows Arnav is aware of her reason to be here; he is asking them merely to avoid having to answer her and she's having none of it. She sees this as a chance for them to put the past back once and for all; for them to come to terms with them being thrown out.


A sister smiles when one tells one's stories - for she knows where the decoration has been added.  ~Chris Montaigne

The house was theirs now, their childhood home. They could start over; or so she dreams. Still, her brother, intent on sliding over the topic of the past, explains in detail about how he has planned to bring down the house; the very place where they were born and brought up because, unlike Anjali, he doesn't see the place as anything but a bad memory. To him, the building is but a reminder of his failure and he can't tolerate seeing it again; he cannot afford to be reminded of the same events over and over. He believes that tearing down the walls and pillars would erase the humiliation of the past. Its a nave belief and he knows; yet he hazards going against his sister because what she thinks could be rebuilt, to him, has already become run down and dilapidated.


She tries, one more time, knowing that she would be pushed back and yet hoping; that this time, in the presence of the house that is the only place they've considered "Ghar", he might relent. That he might shed those tears that he'd kept banked so far; that atleast now, after achieving what he'd sworn to achieve, he'd somehow, miraculously, turn back into the Chote who had burst the balloon she'd gifted him. The very Chote who'd stuck Krishna inside the cucumber with glue; the one whose happiness came from pranking and playing; the one who smiled, laughed.


But didn't she know; that the tears that he'd held back as a child had carved themselves as scars in his heart? Even when he tries, the only thing he can feel is the sting of reopening the scar; not the warm balm that childhood memories bring. The heart that once beat and bled for his mother had by then solidified into a diamond. Sparkling, beautiful, admirable; but a stone unbreakable all the same.


She does and yet, she hopes; places her wishes on falling stars that the Almighty might send her brother someone worthy of him; someone who can achieve what she had failed to. She admits defeat; because she daren't poke and prod him so much that he hurts. No; that would be merciless of her; she would be inhuman to cause such pain for her brother, whom she loves more than her own self.


He turns away and she knows its over; the mission she had come on; that had brought her there all the way from Delhi, was unsuccessful, just like her previous innumerable attempts to bring out the real Arnav in him were.


It wasn't destined for her to do that; she was showered with his unconditional love, but that is all was her position in his life. She couldn't change him; with a sigh of indignation, she smiles for the media while giving him one last pleading look. A vain hope; a futile request.. denied, as expected.

Now why am I suddenly describing this scene, from so long back, now? Because that was the scene that had me in its grip. There were so many scenes where Arnav and Anjali where in the same frame; a few cute ones, happy ones, sorrowful ones, angry ones and quite a few where we were left speechless by the depth of the bond.


Each of them were brilliant in showcasing the unmatched relation between the siblings and yet, none, so far as my heart goes, touched me the way last Monday's scene did. Those few seconds of silent communication between the two siblings; separated not just physically but also emotionally, having a huge difference of opinion.. but still, its he she looks to for the truth and support. Its he who she believes can right all the wrongs in her life; and it is he, and not anyone that she trusts in to make her life colorful once again.


 There's no other love like the love for a brother. There's no other love like the love from a brother. ~Astrid Alauda


That one scene gave me hope.. hope that the bond we were shown a year back is not yet so strained as to fear breaking. Anjali's first child is still Arnav; she might be blinded by her love for her husband now, but when she isn't conscious, when her mind refuses to function and her heart is in too much pain to feel anything at all, it is the comfort of her brother's presence she seeks. It is his face she looks for; it will be his arms she would have broken down in, had he had the courage to face her..

She doesn't need words; not even his presence in the room. She only needs to look at his eyes; red rimmed, tear streaked, broken; just the way hey would have been fourteen years ago when they'd lost everything in one big sweep and the realisation sinks in. Everyone and anyone could lie to her; could cause her pain and hurt but not Arnav; she trusts him to never do anything for her that would harm her. Yes, unlikely as it seems, Anjali does still believe the most in Arnav.

Well, I'd actually set out to defend Anjali and make people she that all is not lost with her even now; I'm not sure I succeeded at all but at least, it got me to rewatch the beautifully scripted scenes.. I'm sure I wasn't convincing enough..

Thanks for reading this almost pointless post...Smile

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Ok...I fast-forwarded the epi on mute and couldn't stand it...

I don't want to suffer from  high blood pressure this weekend and watching the epi is definitely going to double my BP... so sorry guys but don't think I will be updating this weekend...

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There's no rest for the wicked


How can Shyam rest until his plans bear fruition?  He has to make his next move in this game and take the pawn one step further each time, conclude the game and emerge as the victorious one, right?  Poor Arnav doesn't even know he's already the other player in Shyam's game.  But, give him time, things are beginning to slowly dawn on him.


It's time for Shyam to meet Anjali chupa chupi once again, to reassure that he cares for her and is concerned for her well-being.  He brings her food, talks very lovingly, feeds her asking how she'll get better without eating?  He then gently tries to hint that she's taking care of herself on her own and he can't be with her all at all times and it worries him (clear hint that others aren't doing their job and he's the only one who can help her).  Oh! What a loving husband.  What more can a woman ask for?


Anjali tells him, "I've never been very strong/independent and neither do I want to be, such that I won't need your help.  All I want is to be with you forever so that we can take care of each other."  Wow, this is Anjali's true face... Shyam is extremely happy that his plans are working and he just got Anjali where he needs her i.e. she'll always depend on him and that's what will help further his plans.


A worried nurse who notices the battalion (the raizada khandaan) Winkwalking up towards Anjali's room with food, starts knocking on the door.  Anjali asks Shyam to leave and he refuses. He'll leave only after she eats and what will happen, at the most he'll be beaten up by her brother and he's not afraid; frankly, he's dying inside without her by his side. Nurse knocks on the door several times to tell them the family is coming.


Krishna's strategy:  We all know and heard about Lord Krishna's strategies during the Mahabharat war.  He always identified the enemy's weakness and helped the Pandavas take advantage of it.  He knew Drona's weakness was his son Ashwatthama and had Yudhisthir to tell a small lie that "Ashwatthama died "(very loudly) and then "an elephant" uttered in a whisper, he knew Bheeshma pitamah would never fight with Shikhandi (born a girl and brought up as a man) and sent her to face Bheeshma during the war, he knew Duryodhan's weakness was his thighs and asked Bheema to aim at the thighs etc. 


Let's not forget Shyam has waged a war and he's definitely using the weakness of Arnav, which is his Di, he's using Anjali's weakness which is her dependency on him and Dadi's weakness, her ego that she's always right and can fix things for her granddaughter.  Will he win this war?  We've all seen in movies how the villain always gets the upper hand in the beginning, then the hero takes a few shots. Next, it's the villains turn to bring down the hero completely and just when the villain presumes he's won and becomes over confident, the biggest strike comes from the hero to permanently put an end to the villain. Will the same happen here too?  Shall we wait and see?


Chori pakdi gayi (Caught in the act)


The family reaches Anjali's room and everybody is surprised to see Anjali back on her feet.  When Arnav asks her to eat food, she stops him from entering the room and expresses her wish to eat downstairs with all of them.  The whole family is shocked and pleasantly surprised at this change in attitude.  Is this the same person who refused to eat, threw tantrums and sent them away from her room? 


Mami, dadi and nani prepare a lot of food that Anjali likes and they loving surround her and encourage her to eat (NK bhai was seen in Di's room and became superman/batman to fly and get some more sweets for Di, arre wahLOL).  Arnav is happy because Di is happy.  Khushi feels that Di's happiness must surely be because of the medicines she's taking.


Dadi catches Anjali's eyes and understands that Shyam is in Anjali's room.  When Anjali says she needs rest and is walking up to her room, Arnav and Khushi try to help her.  Dadi interrupts the walking parade and takes over the escort's job. As they come closer to her room, Anjali convinces them that she's ok and can manage by herself and enters her room.    


Anjali pleads with Shyam to leave and asks for time to manage the situations at home.  Meanwhile Khushi notices Di's phone on the dining table and heads towards her room.  The nurse sees her and warns Anjali and Shyam.  When Khushi opens the doors to Anjali's room, she sees Anjali sleeping on the bed and nurse is busy with her work.  Of course Shyam has hidden himself once again behind the curtains of the patio door. 


Khushi asks the nurse what medicines Anjali is being given because Di seems to be feeling much better suddenly; nurse tells her that for people in Anjali's condition, mood swings are fairly common.  Khushi while casually walking towards patio door sees the shadow of a person.  She's troubled and calls out to Anjali only to be shushed by the nurse who points to a sleeping Anjali.  A puzzled Khushi leaves the room.  Anjali gets up from her pretentious sleeping pose and once again requests Shyam to leave as he'll be found out.  Shyam says he's leaving only because she's asking him to and will be back the next day with her favorite food items.  Meanwhile, Khushi is debating with herself about whether she actually saw someone near Anjali's room and is it whom she thinks it is and if she should tell Arnav ji and then feels that since she's not even sure if she saw anybody, there's no point it getting people all anxious.  Just then she finds Shyam walking up the stairs like a thief; chori toh pakdi gayi.


Questions:  Why is it that only Khushi sees Shyam leaving?  Are the rest of the people in RM blind?Angry  Anjali never ever acknowledges how much her family is doing for her and how they bend backwards to please her; it's all taken for granted.  But if Shyam feeds her (be it sweet lies or food), she starts crying and thinks that he loves her.Angry  Hayye, when are they going to remove the blindfold from her eyes whose thickness seems to be somewhere close to infinity?  The nurse is such a traitor, she gets paid by Arnav and she's hiding things from him?  What ever happened to loyalty?Angry



Khushi's Dilemma


Khushi's at GH, going over the happenings and wondering what to do.  She saw how one moment Anjali was sad, desolate and depressed and next moment she was happy and came to eat with all of them.  Then, she saw Shyam ji leaving Di's room secretly.  She recollects the hospital scenes where a heart broken Anjali is crying for her lost child, Arnav is trying to kick out Shyam and Shyam says he's also shattered at the loss of his child and not just Anjali, and then Di's pleading with Arnav that she wants her husband back.


Khushi puts two and two together and comes up with 4 (or do I mean 6).  She feels that Anjali is better because of Shyam and needs Shyam and may be Shyam changed after losing the baby?  But, she also knows Arnav will not allow Shyam to come back.  She's in a big dilemma and doesn't know what to do.Confused


Morning dawns and Arnav is about to step out to meet a new gynecologist for Di and Akash joins him.  Arnav meets Khushi at the entrance and informs her about his plan; she tells him that she wants to talk.  She starts off haltingly to ask if he noticed how Di has been having mood swings.  Before she can continue Arnav says that's why he wants to consult another specialist, but right now he's short on time, so he'll come back and they can talk.  He takes a few steps and when he calls out to her and she immediately understands and says not to worry, she'll take care of Di.  Khushi decides that she has to talk to Arnav when he comes back and must convince him.


Comments:  In life, as adults, we face many challenges, tough situations and sometimes we are thrown into a dilemma and can't figure out what is right and wrong?  Who can tell us which path to follow?  Is it our family, friends, relatives or neighbors?  Agreed, we can talk to others and get opinions.  Let's say we made a choice based on what others said and it didn't work out, are we going to blame them?   We cannot.  So, ultimately, the choice is always ours and ours alone and we are responsible for it.  We've always been taught that we should never do anything that goes against our own conscience.  That's one of our surest guides and the second thing is to listen to the heart.  Isn't this what Arnav has learnt the very hard way i.e. to listen to the heart?  Let's see what decision Khushi made and if it is the right choice or not, shall we?     



Thank you for reading my post.  If you wish to send comments or suggestions, please send me a PM.  Thank you.

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