Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Director's Cut: September 7, 2012

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When we started DC our endeavor was to make a place on IF where people could come & celebrate their love for the show .. a show which has brought us together .. a show which linked us all.

Our endeavor in DC has always been fun .. & celebration .. our endeavor has been creative outpouring of love for the show .. so be it colourful gifs .. incredible pics .. gutterakshri .. DC radio, fun banter or hot discussions ..  its our way of expressing & celebrating our love for IPK ..

So continuing on this vein tonite here on DC .. some of our writers are donning the role of characters in IPK .. & tonite they will write their view of the story or the episode analysis from that characters POV ..

An attempt to give you a behind the lens look at the characters thot process & the directors vision of that character.

So guys sit back .. relax .. pick up ur choice of beverage .. & spend ur weekend leisure .. with us here on DC .. falling in love with IPK .. celebrating the love for IPK .. & reconnecting with those lovely characters of IPK ..



Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon?



Arnav Singh Raizada ' Girloffire ( madhu )

Khushi Kumari Gupta ( ahem) Singh Raizada  - MeghaVN ( megs)

Anjali Shyam Jha  - Iritz ( ritzy)

Shyam Manohar Jha ' Saaruipk (Saritha)

Subhadra Mallik ( Dadi) ' Amarb ( beena)

Devyani Singh Raizada ' Paayaal ' (payal)

Garima Gupta ' Lizzy2012 (geeta) 

ME .. well I am GUL KHAN Wink ... i will be doing the episode analysis for u .. so guys .. DONT GO anywhere .. will be updating shortly .. 

BUT BUT BUT .. before i update .. let me thank everyone for their continued support to us on DC .. would love it if u guys can let us know .. how did u like this concept ... 
Also .. Thank you so much Chowna .. without ur continued support .. our posts would not look so pretty .. nor wud i be able to link episodes .. SO THANX 


                                    EPISODE ANALYSIS

" I am telling you a lie in a vicious effort that you will repeat my lie over and over & it will become the truth" ...



Episode starts with Shyam coming to Anjali's room. As soon as he comes, Anjali hugs him. Shyam asks her not to cry and says I can't see you like this. He then gives her medicines and makes her eat food. Before Anjali eats, she asks him if he ate. Shyam says, without you.. how is it possible? They both eat together then. Shyam tells her how you will be fine without eating? You will have to take care of yourself.. I can't be with you all the time. Anjali says, I was never that strong that I wouldn't need you. I want you to be with me always. Shyam speaks in his mind, I want same thing to happen as well' if you don't depend on me then how I will be able to reach my goal? Nurse knocks door and Anjali get worried. Anjali tells Shyam to go now but shyam says, no first you eat something. On the other side, whole family is going to Anjali's room with food.

Anjali tells Shyam if anyone saw you then won't be good. She requests him to leave. Shyam says, what if I don't leave.. Arnav will come and fight with me right? Let him hit me.. I am not afraid of him. I am dying little by little everyday without you



A fairly simple scene .. a more or less continuation of what we have been seeing since Shyam stepped into the hospital ..  he comes .. pounds on the guilt trip .. shows his false concern .. breaks her down piece by piece in the guise of piecing their life together .. 
Anjali .. a broken down woman .. a woman who is looking for her main port in this storm .. her main port .. SECURITY .. & to her addled brain the security is in the form of Shyam Manohar Jha .. 
The most interesting aspect of this scene was .. the above bold dialogues .. 
so lets take those & see what was being told to us .. 

Anjali says, I was never that strong that I wouldn't need you. I want you to be with me always : 
Anjali is a cripple .. a cripple due to polio .. which is an illness which strikes one at a very young age .. this woman has always needed a crutch in her life .. today .. her whole being is crippled .. today her very existence requires a crutch .. 
Now lets go back to the scene .. when Anjali witnesses Arnav with khushi ( the abandoned) agra trip scene .. she tells Arnav .. that u have changed .. there is someone else in ur life now .. what did she mean then .. was clarified today .. she meant then that there is another person depending on you today .. there is someone else who will also be a priority for you .. i am NOT THE ONLY PERSON WHO WILL USE U AS A CRUTCH ..  i cant depend on you being my support all your life .. 
Now remember how that scene ended .. it ended with Shyam's first call to Anjali .. & the start of the deception .. 
The deception for .. the need of a CRUTCH .. 

Shyam says, what if I don't leave.. Arnav will come and fight with me right? Let him hit me.. I am not afraid of him. I am dying little by little everyday without you

Shyam the cunning one .. oo the smart manipulator .. incase Anjali did not know Arnav had beaten him black & blue . he made it very clear .. babe i am your knight in shining armor .. i am braving the wrath of your brother .. i am braving the risk of my life to be with you .. i am dying a bit .. everyday without you neways .. so its better that i die this way atleast i am with you .. 
ooo brilliant shyam brilliant .. 
Panders to every woman's fantasy of a dream lover .. her knight .. her crusader .. the tragic hero .. the immortal lover .. the romeo to her juliet .. now step back a bit & think why tragic .. cause he knows both the siblings have an aversion to the word "death " nothing rattles the siblings more than the word death .. since they have seen the devastation of death at its closest quarter .. 
Plan 2 .. by highlighting all this .. his perceived sacrifices for her .. he is telling her . see what all i am doing for you .. but u cant even do a small thing for me .. u cant get me to be here with you ... to take care of you .. more or less goading & challenging Anjali .. to rebel .. & go against her family .. 

My Ques to you Mrs. Anjali Jha ... why is it .. if u feel you r right .. & ur husband is right .. then why dont u stand up & tell your brother .. i respect the fact that you dont want shyam living in ur house .. so i am going to live in his house .. u know ur brother will give in .. right .. or are u afraid .. that if you are told by ur brother to go & live with shyam .. .. ur shyamji may not WANT YOU  .. DO U BY ANY CHANCE KNOW THE REAL ATTRACTION for SHYAMJI .. hence u cling to him so tenanciously .. at the cost of ur own brother ...???


"Oh what a tangled web we weave when we first practise to deceive "


Anjali opens the door. Everyone gets shocked. Arnav asks her why she is standing. Anjali says, she got tired staying on bed. Arnav then says her to eat something. anjali says she doesn't feel like staying in room and wants to eat on dining table with everyone. Before Arnav says anything, Khushi says why not and everyone leaves from there.

Everyone gives Anjali's favorite dishes and sweets to her. Anjali says this is too much, you all eat as well from this. Anjali eats and Arnav is smiling looking at her. Arnav is standing on a side, far from everyone. Khushi goes to Arnav and tells him, you can eat now as well. Di seems so happy.. it must be because of some medicines. Seeing Anjali's face, Dadi figures it out something is wrong. Arnav says, he will go and get medicines from Anjali's room but Anjali stops him and asks him to sit beside her.

Arnav asks her to eat little more but Anjali says she is full now and says she should rest now. She is still weak and cannot walk properly. As she walks towards her room she slips & Khushi & Arnav quickly break her all & right her .. Arnav tells her that he will take her to her room when he is stopped by dadi . who shuns Khushi to take her place to escort Anjali into the room .. Nani is happy seeing Anjali getting better.


 Just a small pointer to the Director here .. u have NK in the backdrop .. when they go to Di's room . they come down he is gone . & we get a lame dialogue from Akash .. .its ok .. in IPK we are used to actors disappearing for months together . without any mention to us viewers .. so NK missing from a shot does not deserve such a lame mention .. we are fine there are bigger loops to close for us . please do concentrate on that .. 

Ok moving on .. Another simple scene .. on the face of it ..but now the web of deciet is becoming a wider tangle .. every step of the way now u have to lie .. hmm anjali anjali anjali .. take a moment babe.. step back .. think what u r doing .. now in this scene  .. a couple of shots were really gud .. have highlighted it .. 

 Arnav is standing on a side, far from everyone. Khushi goes to Arnav and tells him, you can eat now as well..Arnav says, he will go and get medicines from Anjali's room but Anjali stops him and asks him to sit beside her.

What a conundrum .. 2 women .. practising deceit on Arnav .. one for her own good one for his good .. hmm very interesting .. look here .. in this shot ... have always maintained for khushi Di is important cause she is Arnavji's sister .. she knows his lows  highs are linked to her .. so now that Di is happy & eating she goes to him .. & tells him to eat .. all her concern is for him .. he loves this .. but his whole attention is still Di .. he actually goes to get the meds for his Di .. 
On the other end .. his Di his Devotion ..his responsibility .. sees him going for her meds .. calls him .. she is practising deceit here .. she cant have her husband exposed .. so she is once again protecting him .. so she calls her Chotte to sit with her & eat ... once again chotte is happy .. oo so much love .. but .. what love .. did the sister do it our of love .. or was the deciet .. wearing the mask of love .. brilliant .. difference highlighted between the 2 loves ..  while underlining the similarities .. both wives main concern .. only concern is for their husband .. 

Now a stray thot hit me here .. whenever anji tries to save shyam .. she gets hurt .. or something bad happens to her . hmm .. 

Seeing Anjali's face, Dadi figures it out something is wrong
The matriarch should know better .. its strange how dadi picked up the sign of discomfort on Anji's face.. & not Nani .. who has lived longer with Anjali .. hmmm is it because Dadi knew the drama that Anjali had played on the NO FOOD .. & was shocked to see Anjali down eating away to glory .. now .. what kind of an elder is this woman .. to prove a point she would let her granddaughter practise this BIG A DECIET .. that too on a brother who has only ever thot good for his sister .. 
In my house .. my elders taught me to not lie .. tsk tsk dadiji .. u need to really revisit a better aashram one which teaches the righteous path .. 
Note to the writers : please correct such glaring errors in characterisations .. of the most important characters in the show .. 

As she walks towards her room she slips & Khushi & Arnav quickly break her fall & right her .. Arnav tells her that he will take her to her room when he is stopped by dadi . who shuns Khushi to take her place to escort Anjali .. arnav & khushi exchange a look .. 


A nice way for the maker to highlight that it is always going to be Arnav & Khushi .. infact Khushi first who will save Anjali from falling .. now here i have a question to the director .. mr. khan .. after this scene .. where u deliberately show .. khushi saving anji from fall first .. how then do u show a monologue of Khushi .. where she is ready to make anji fall .. in the pits of wrongs .. now .. please tell me the importance of this shot .. there was no need for it . it cud simply have been dadi neways stepping in to shove khushi aside & help anji to the room coz the important part of the shot was the dadi snub to khushi in front of arnav right ... pls stop confusing ur viewer ...


Now dadi ... hmm can understand her snub of khushi ... she dislikes her ... i can understand khushi's remorse as well .. her being disturbed here as well arnav is angry with dadi .. i can understand that .  i can understand his not speaking up at that precise moment as well .. since the circumstance was not right his Di was there the whole family was disturbed ... but here is a pattern .. right .. twice in a day .. khushi was snubbed by dadi in front of arnav ( the khushi crying scene yesterday ) .. 
Now my question to you Mr. Raizada .. what is that one straw which will break your back .. what will make you realise . the woman who u proudly proclaim as your wife .. is a person who also has her dignity .. she is not a piece of trash to be kicked on by all when do u plan to stand & speak up for her .. will she have to go through the entire humiliation once again of being called a s**t .. & et all .. before u step up the plate for her ( like the shyam exposure episode) ???? 


"When truth is replaced by silence .. the silence is a lie .. "



Anjali enters her room & makes Shyam leave ..Khushi enters Anjali's room and everything is normal there now. Anjali is lying on the bed and Nurse is there as well. Khushi sees her sleeping so doesn't say anything. She then asks nurse what medicine Anjali is taking right now as she seems very happy and better than before. Nurse says, in this condition, it's normal. she will stay happy sometimes, sad sometimes. Khushi then sees a shadow and starts shouting, someone is there. Nurse asks Khushi to stay quiet as Anjali is sleeping. Khushi leaves from there.

Anjali gets up as soon as she leaves and has a sigh of relief. She goes to Shyam and asks him to leave else someone will definitely find out. Shyam says, fine but I am leaving only because you're asking. He tells her that he will be back tomorrow again. Anjali hugs him. Shyam finally leaves.

Khushi says to herself, someone was there for sure.. I hope it wasn't him. She goes on, should I tell Arnav or someone else about it? and then says no, I don't even know if anyone was there. If it wasn't him, then everyone will get worried. She then sees Shyam leaving the house and gets shocked.

Khushi is back to her house. She is still wondering about what she saw. She then talks with God and says, Di gets happy when she meets Shyam and may be today she ate because of Shaym. Di need Shyam. and Shyam also cares so much for Anjali. May be he changed after losing his child? But Arnav will never let him come to Anjali's life. She is confused what to do.


After a long time .. i have a major grouse in a scene of IPK .. will air that towards the end of my analysis ..

Nurse says, in this condition, it's normal. she will stay happy sometimes, sad sometimes. Khushi then sees a shadow and starts shouting, someone is there. Nurse asks Khushi to stay quiet as Anjali is sleeping.

yep actually it is normal .. for a person to have major mood swings during a time like this .. she is majorly hormonal .. the body has all those pregnancy hormones in them .. so kudos guys to get this one right .. The nurse is clearly taken into the web of deceit .. she has been roped in .. very interesting .. to me it left me thinking .. was this done by Anjali ??  then how deep is she deceiving her brother .. how deep is the well that she is digging for herself .. how devastating is the disaster that is surrounding her ..Khushi .. sees a shadow .. & reacts .. my only question here is why did she not go out to investigate ... ???


should I tell Arnav or someone else about it? and then says no, I don't even know if anyone was there.
Khushi is back to her house. She is still wondering about what she saw. She then talks with God and says, Di gets happy when she meets Shyam and may be today she ate because of Shaym. Di need Shyam. and Shyam also cares so much for Anjali. May be he changed after losing his child? But Arnav will never let him come to Anjali's life. She is confused what to do.

What does one say to KKGSR .. the last time around she decided to let go the evil .. & decieve arnav .. by not sharing the truth with him .. it nearly cost Arnav his life .. she endangered not only arnav's life but her own as well .. 
My ques to you Khushi is .. this is the man who tried to kill ur husband ..the husband u love so much .. how then can u for a moment think of letting him anywhere near ur husband .. have u forgotten what levels the man can stoop to .. ?? 
Now my ques to the Director & writer .. why make a scene the other day . where u have Arnav & Khushi .. argue about Shyam's reentry into RM .. & then finally Khushi ending the argument saying she agrees with Arnav .. only to show her the next moment .. willing to deceive him ???

Now for the rest .. lets play points to ponder .. 

  • what do u think .. will garima go to RM finally ?? 
  • do u think the past will be unveiled for us this coming week
  • why has no one mentioned shaadi as yet . whether the same has to be cancelled or will proceed as per plan ?? ( arrangements need to be made or cancelled right??) 
  • Do u think Khushi will make an attempt at convincing Aranav to get Shyam back .. will she mention she has seen the chnage that Shyam brings in anji ... & reveal .. shyam's presence in RM ?

thats all from my keyboard tonite .. will end this with an Arhi pic .. yep in an episode where Arhi magic was minimum . sorry the pics will also be scarse .. so here goes guys .. bask in their love .. 





Guys i had a bad case of the writer's block yesterday .. & today the same was really out to clutch me .. thanx to Megs & Saru .. u guys really inspire me to write .. inspire me to try to give my best .. sometimes i am able sometimes i kinda fumble . but u guys are the reason . i make the attempt .. so a sincere thanx to u 2 .. & all here at DC .. for making us .. reach for new horizons everynite .. 



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 Arnav Singh Raizada

I am Arnav Singh Raizada. Twenty-eight years old. Businessman/Entrepreneur From Delhi. Happily married to Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. Brother of Anjali Jha. 

Every year, when Di ties a Rakhi on my wrist, I vow to protect her and her happiness. As a child, I took that oath, and I have kept it. Kept it in the face of all odds. I have tried my best to see that she is happy and safe. 

She is one of the most important persons in my life. She is the mother I lost all those years ago. She is the one I looked up to. Oh, I know, she likes to make me do things that I don't want to do, like put on a tika and come for pujas, and for her sake, I have done all that. She brought Khushi back into my life. I never believed her 'saanse rukh jayengi' wala story. Funny, I now believe it. I've had to. 

But now...I've the made decisions about our lives, since I was fourteen. I've had to, and sometimes, it hasn't been easy. I thought she was happy. I thought she was ready to move forward, without HIM. She was looking so beautiful at her Godh Bharai, she glowed. Then I saw her lying on that hospital gurney, so frail and pale. I couldn't face her, how could I?  How could I be the one to tell her that she lost the baby? I couldn't help her, couldn't protect her. If only... what could I have done? 

I had to bring her home. I couldn't leave her there knowing that Shyam could walk in anytime. At least at Shantivan, he cannot reach her. The security should be in place. But now she says she wants him back? Why, Di? Doesn't she know what he tried to do? That he tried to kill Khushi and me? How can I let him back here again? I have to protect her from herself now. I'm sorry, Di. He is the worst thing for you right now. Please try to understand. He is not what you need. I know what's best for you. I have taken care of you all these years. I wouldn't let him harm you, Di, you have to trust me. I can't tell you all the about the things he said and did. You don't need to know it, Di. Just trust your Chotey, Di. 

Well, she did look better today, but I'm worried about these mood swings of hers. First she didn't want to eat and now she sits down at the dining table with all of us. I hope this is a sign of better days. Di deserves to be happy and smile and laugh. And forget about him.

I cannot let him into this house again. He is too dangerous for all of us. 

Shyam. The very name disgusts me. He fooled me. He fooled us all. All he wanted was money... and Khushi. Dammit! He is the cause of Di's unhappiness. I should have seen what sort of a man he is. The many times he was away, the times he was late for all the pujas. His overly sweet caring husband act around Di. I should have told Di about him as soon as I knew about it. To tell me to my face, that Khushi was his obsession. I thought it would be over once Khushi and I got married. But even then, he didn't stop. He tried to put color on her at Holi! How dare he? Then he changed after I cut off his money. At least I thought he had changed. But I should have known better - a leopard doesn't changes its spots. I never thought he would stoop so low as to kidnap me, then try to kill me and Khushi! Just thinking about him taking Khushi's name ... I knew it was him, even then. Sitting in that dark room - who else knew that I had diabetes, and that the family thought I was still in Scotland? He was the only one with a grudge against me. But it was only for my money! He didn't want me to see his face. Of course! because I would recognize him! It had to be him. And Khushi confirmed it to me. It's only because of Di that I didn't have him thrown in jail. He deserves to rot in there! I thought he was gone from our lives. I thought he would stay away. Now he has the audacity to come to the hospital! How dare he? And put up that drama of a bereaved father. Really? Did he really think I was going to fall for it? All those years, he cheated us, the bas***d! Not anymore. Not me, Arnav Singh Raizada. I will not allow him to do that. Never again. 

It felt so good to punch him. I could've killed him, if it hadn't been for Khushi...The hurt this man has given to us, to my family, I won't allow it, not again. The man is a con artist and I have to be careful with him around. If he tries one more thing, I will have to go to the police. I don't have a single piece of evidence against him. Not one piece. I trust Khushi and know she is telling the truth. But will the police, without some hard evidence? 

And now he's sent in Dadi?!  Huh. Dadi. She left us, fourteen years ago - she left me and my sister to fend for ourselves. If Nani hadn't picked us up, when Chacha-ji threw us out, where would we have been? And today, she's come back. Shyam seems to have done a good job on her. She is being conned, and she doesn't see it. Why would she? Her ego won't let her see the truth in front of her nose. She didn't even believe me when I told her Shyam tried to kill me. What is wrong with her? She trusts him over me, her grandson? I knew she didn't like Khushi, but now I know why. Shyam must have fed her some story. I hate the way Dadi treats Khushi. I don't know how long it will go on. But Dadi will have to accept it, dammit! Khushi is here in my life to stay, whether she accepts it or not. Because what's the point in explaining anything to Dadi? She will believe what she will believe and everyone else is wrong if they don't agree with her. She hasn't changed and she never will. 

She keeps bringing up the past. I want to forget that past. I want to move forward with my family - my Di, my Khushi, Nani... But she won't let me. I wish she would leave it alone. At least I have Nani and Mami. She and her hello, hi, bye, bye. I don't like her calling Khushi Phati Sari - I wish she would stop. But Mami has been such a big support to me. If it hadn't been for her, I would not have built up this empire. She has been like a mother to Di and I. She even went looking for me with Khushi when I was kidnapped! She may be strange, but she has a heart of gold. 

Nani. How different are my two grandmothers! Nani gave us so much love and affection when she took us in! Yeah, she can be a bit of a dragon sometimes, but I know she loves us. And I know she loves Khushi. I am so glad she understood about Shyam, she needed to be told. She understood why Khushi and I married in such a hurry. I knew she would accept Khushi as her grand-daughter-in-law, just as soon as we got done with this pheras and stuff. Then Khushi can come back to where she belongs. 


Khushi. I can't help smiling at the thought of her. She does that to people. She smiles and they all smile back at her. She brings Khushi into everybody's life. She fell into my arms, and I couldn't stop looking at her, her eyes, her lips. I didn't want to let her go. I was so angry with her. It's like all my life, there has been this anger in me - it made me hollow inside. I didn't even realize it. But then she came into my life - so many times. It seemed like whenever I turned around, she was there. I wanted her to go away, but then I started looking for her. Di brought her into our house. I wanted her gone and yet the thought of her leaving was unbearable. I could hear her payals even in a noisy room, and I could feel her presence like a breath of air, even when I didn't see her. Every time I made her cry, I felt so guilty, like I had hurt an innocent child. I could hurt her. I can't bear to see her hurt. 


When did I fall in love? I didn't even believe in love. I didn't believe in happily ever after. I didn't believe in marriage. Khushi made me believe - in love, in happily ever after, in marriage. The day I found out she was engaged, my world had come to a stop. I wanted her to admit what she felt for me, but she wouldn't. I tried to hurt her over and over, so that she would admit to it, and it hurt me more than it hurt her. I couldn't take it anymore.  Then her engagement was broken. I was free of Lavanya too. I wanted her. I just didn't know it was love even then. On Akash and Payal's wedding day, I was going to tell her ... what? I didn't even get the chance - I saw her with Shyam. Just seeing her in his arms... I couldn't believe it! My world crashed. And then he told me how they were in love! How could I have believed that man over Khushi? I married her - to keep my sister and her baby safe from him ... and her! 

I hated her then. Hated her for what she had reduced me to. Our 'marriage' was in name only. I told her that it would be only for six months. I refused to see the hurt in her eyes, I hurt her, but I was hurting much worse inside. She told me that I had been mistaken about what I'd seen. I didn't believe her. It's only when I was going to London that I realized I didn't want to do this anymore, but then I got kidnapped. There was so much time to think. I didn't want to die and not let her know how much I loved her. So I told her. She was crying. 

I didn't know that she was searching for me, until she was captured. She put her life on the line to save mine. When I saw her fall over the cliff...  I couldn't lose her. Not after all we'd been through. She had to live for me, for us. I don't know how long it was till I heard her 'hmmm?' but it was the best thing I ever heard. 

Once we got back to Raizada mansion, all hell broke loose. I knew Shyam was behind the kidnapping and the attempt to kill me.. but this? Di was crying, Mami had accused Shyam of wanting a divorce. NK thankfully stood up to him. And Khushi. She stood in the middle, and I had to hear every vile word that came out of that disgusting man's mouth - accusing her of being a ... I could've ...lying out of his teeth!  Even dragging Payal and Akash into it! But I couldn't leave Di's side. I had to stay by her. It wasn't until Khushi begged me to believe her, I knew I couldn't let this continue. I could have killed him then. But all I did was throw him out of Raizada mansion. I had no satisfaction doing that, but Di was collapsing! 

Finally, Khushi and I could be together, the way we were meant to be. I love her. I believe in love. I love everything about her, her smile, her eyes. Her tears hurt me. I want to give her all the happiness in the world - I want to see her smile all the time. For her, I would do anything - even wear that stupid Kurta on Rakhi day. 

Then this whole thing about rituals came up. I know she wants it. I took away her dream wedding, and I want to give it to her. We had the mehendi two days ago. She was so happy. She even put another 'A' on her palms - not Laad Governor like I wanted! But that's my Khushi. Innocent. Beautiful. Funny. Fiesty. Strong. Naive. My Khushi. I can talk to her. Laugh with her. Share her my deepest secrets, my fears with her. She is my other half. She makes me complete.



She even thought Shyam would've changed because of the baby's loss. I couldn't believe she could think that a man like him would change - after what he put us through!  That is so her. Always thinking the best about everyone, even a scoundrel like Shyam.

I don't think I could do this without her. I look at the mehendi on my palm. We should have been getting married in a few days. But now...

Dadi has been fed lies about her by Shyam - I can see that in the way she treats her.  But I have to focus on Di now. Her mood swings bother me. I know my Khushi will be there for her while I have to go to the doctor. But it was good to see her face first thing this morning!

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Anjali Shyam Jha


Namaste, My name is Anjali Shyam Manohar Jha and this is my story... You all know me as Arnav Singh Raizada's elder sister... I have always had a sheltered life... people around me have always loved me and pampered me... they thought that because of my handicap, the limp in my leg, I was a weakling... But I am not. I am not a weak person.

I was happy in my world... with Mumma, Papa, Chhotey and Daadi in Lucknow... until that on fateful day. It was the day of my wedding... I was happy and waiting for my life to begin when I heard a gunshot and Chhotey was crying for Mumma...

And then suddenly my life turned upside down... My parents committed suicide, Daadi left home... it was just my chhotey and me when we were thrown out of our own house by our uncle.

Naani took us both to Delhi and we started a new life, we changed our surnames from Malik to Raizada... adopted our mother's maiden name and began a fresh start ! I did not get time to mourn for my parents, my shattered wedding... the loss of all my hopes and dreams... Because I had to be strong for Arnav... my chhotey !  

We started building up our lives together, slowly and things started looking better... I had given up my dreams of ever getting married... when one day I met a man called Shyam Manohar Jha... and he swept me of my feet. He was not bothered about my broken wedding nor he was bothered about my handicap, he truly loved me... Me.. Anjali Singh Raizada... for what I was, for who I was, as I was. Life seemed bright once again, everyone accepted Shyam ji and we got married.

Shyam ji loved me as much as Arnav and he took over not just my responsibility but even Arnav's... Chhotey looked up to him as an elder brother, a father figure ! Life was so good... it would have been perfect, if only Chhotey agreed to get married.


Chhotey never says no to me... he is the best brother any girl can have. I know many a times I have to twist my fingers, to get things done from him... but he is a sweetheart, he will never say no to me. So for my happiness, he agreed to marry Lavanya ji... for my happiness he let Khushi ji in Shantivan too... Even Khushi ji is a sweetheart, she doesn't say no to me either.


I was a little upset with Arnav when he broke off his engagement with Lavanya ji, but Shyam ji made me understand, that if the wedding would have happened, then my chhotey would not have been happy. God bless my Shyam ji, he understands everyone so well and he takes care of everyone's needs. I couldn't get a better husband than him.


I never understood earlier why Arnav was so affected by her. But then I realized their attraction towards each other... during Akash and Payal ji's wedding. I was so happy... Chhotey could not get a better life partner than Khushi ji.


On Akash's wedding day, I met with an accident... I almost died, that was the moment I realized the value of life... I even told Arnav how precious it is and we should not waste even a single moment. And then, I got the best news of my life... I was going to be a mother ! After trying for so many years, I was finally pregnant ! Thank you God ! Thank you !


Alas, my happiness did not last much longer... Chhotey and Khushi ji got married without informing anyone in the family !!!! How could Arnav do this to me? I had so many hopes, so many dreams for his wedding... but he got married... just like that !!! He didn't even tell me ! Such a big decision of his life, and he didn't even talk to me about it... forget taking my permission or blessings ! I felt so betrayed by him ! I knew Arnav didn't believe in the rituals, but Khushi ji... how could she get married like that ! She believed in all the rituals, she understood the importance of them... even Khushi ji did not give any answers.


In a few days, I realized how much these two were in love and by Holi, I made my peace with it... at least Arnav was happy and he chose the right partner for himself... one who loved him more than herself. Things were going smoothly... all was well. Arnav had gone to Scotland and while he was gone, I finally could understand Khushi ji's love for him. I was very happy for Arnav.

One day, while at the temple, Maami came and started saying such silly things about Shyam ji and Khushi ji... I just couldn't understand what she was saying ! Maami bhi na... she overreacts to everything. There is nothing between Khushi ji and my Shyam ji... Shyam ji loves me so much and Khushi ji loves Chhotey a lot.

I didn't believe her, called Shyam ji and Khushi ji both to prove Maami wrong, but they both were not picking up my phone ! I came back home to see Shyam ji had met with an accident, but Maami would not stop... so I had to tell her I didn't want to hear anymore of what she was saying. My Shyam ji will never lie to me.

But suddenly, Khushi ji came in... she looked as if even she had met with an accident, and then Arnav... my chhotey came in behind her... looking completely dishelved, as if he never went to Scotland ! He said he was kidnapped and Khushi ji... Khushi ji blamed Shyam ji for it ! NK Bhai is now claiming Shyam ji loved Khushi ji' Chhii !


Have all of them gone mad? First Maami said Shyam ji wanted to divorce me and now Khushi ji is saying he kidnapped my chhotey and wanted to kill him... only for money ! Don't they know Shyam ji doesn't have a single materialist bone in his body ! Poor Shyam ji kept defending himself, he kept asking for proofs against him but no one had any proof  whatsoever against him ! Only Khushi ji's words and what did Chhotey did I could not believe my eyes. My chhotey, who respected my Shyam ji like an elder brother, he slapped Shyam ji and threw him out of the house. My whole life crumbled in just one day and I could not even utter a word.


I decided I didn't want the baby because who would love this baby, if they all thought so wrongly about Shyam ji. They would blame the child too. But chhotey stopped me and made me realize that it was not the baby's fault.


Chhotey has become distanced from me ever since he got married. Khushi ji has taken the most important part in his life, I am in so much pain, my life has become a question mark, but chhotey is busy celebrating Khushi ji's birthday ! Why God... why did I have to se this day? My Chhotey is not mine anymore. He is not the same brother who would do anything for me... now he listens more to his wife.


Shyam ji called me and explained to me that Chhotey has had a big misunderstanding regarding him and that soon all will be fine. Shyam ji will soon be back in the house with me, and we all will be happy once again. I kept meeting Shyam ji without telling anyone about it. No one would understand it now. But soon, they all will.

Daadi has now come to live with us and I am so happy that at least she supports Shyam ji. She helps me in meeting him.


Things are looking good once again. Chhotey and Khushi ji are getting married again, the way I wanted Arnav's wedding. I'm so glad everything is going according to how I've always dreamed for Arnav's wedding. Khushi ji is the right person for him. And I'm sure they have a big misunderstanding with regards to Shyam ji and it'll all be fine very soon.

It is the day of my "Goad Bharai" ! Very soon, our little princess will be in my arms... I just wish Shyam ji was here with me in front of everyone, not in disguise. I can see his love for me and our little princess, he could not stay away from us, so he disguised and came to be with us as he knows how important it is for me. How can anyone blame this man, he loves me so much.

But as I said, God doesn't want to see me happy for long... My foot hurt and I slipped... I lost my precious baby ! Why, God Why !!!! Why does this always happen to me? Why can't you see me happy? I can't bear this alone... I need my Shyam ji with me, even he wants to be with me.

I will make sure Arnav will bring him back... he has to. If I stop eating and taking medicines, then he will have to bring Shyam ji back. I am sure once Shyam ji is with me in the house, everything will be ok. All the misunderstandings will be cleared and we'll all live happily ever after.

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THE SUNSHINE GIRL - Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada...


Khushi - the name tells us all... a woman who is epitome of spreading happiness where ever she goes.. a woman who has utmost faith in her Devi Maiyya, family & relations... a woman who has lost so much yet finds the strength to pick up & move forward & always hides her sadness & tears with SMILE- which is her amour...a woman who has no malice who is so pure at heart & innocence personified...


Life has thrown so many challenges for this girl yet always she has picked up the pieces & moved ahead... she has lost her parents at a tender age of 8, brought up by her aunt & her family...although they all love her very much they have in their own way once or so have made her realize she is adopted & not of their own except of her Babuji & sister. This has made this girl want to always want to be there for the family by sacrificing herself... be it supporting the family financially & taking all the insults by working in RM. Her ultimate sacrifice for this family being that of hiding her pain & love for the MAN she loved & agree to marry him for 6 mnths to save her sister's marriage out of HATE on Arnav's side.

Here she who is the VICTIM has been victimized time & again...

First by Arnav Singh Raizada...who didn't give a chance to the budding love...insulted & punished her as no man who thought was in love would do - crushed it by his own hands by a Misunderstanding.

Arnav was one who always made her aware of her class, questioned her character - still there was always this something which drew her to him...even after all the insults & numerous taunts & painful encounters this did not die...finally when HATE marriage reason was unveiled to her she was broken into pieces but she picked up again & she bore all this bravely. When Arnav refused to believe her about Shyam she begged him, followed him to make him understand & almost confessed her LOVE... she was broken again when he still refused to believe. She did time & again tried to kill her love for him but the connection made by GOD was not so easy to break & she had to surrender for it...her "nadhani kar baatien" is the proof for this...She even gave away her LIFE to save him from the kidnappers...

She picked up all the shattered pieces even after all this & moved on...The HATE marriage has now turned to LOVE...


So what is it that draws her towards Arnav ?

1) He is like her, yet at the same time her complete opposite...she knows that there is a child in him which is hidden from everyone, who had to grow up fast & missed it. So that is why I always say... if nothing else Khushi will give Arnav his lost childhood... proof being a laughing & smiling ASR whom we are seeing after more than a year...

2) She somewhere down in her heart knows that she is very safe with him - SECURE - her Biggest Fear INSECURITY ... that is her reason she always stands up & does things for her loved ones without thinking of consequences as she wants to be belonged as she is lost all in her life & doesn't want to lose anything more which is precious to her. Another reason for her to believe in Arnav... the devotion he has towards his sister...she will do anything for this bond to stay intact as she knows what it is to lose.

3)With him she doesn't need to pretend coz she knows she will be caught no matter what.

4) He made her uncomfortable because of the attraction but she is most comfortable with him being around her.

& then comes the man Shyam Manohar Jha who is the source of all her problems who is so obsessed & is in lust with her that when it came the chance to save himself put all the blame on her & questioned her integrity & character in front of the whole family & none stopped him not even her so called husband who had first-hand experience on what Shyam was all about.

Now we have new person added to this list... Subhadra Mallik... the matriarch of the Mallik family the lady with old thoughts old school ideologies - without even knowing Khushi she has pronounced her GUILTY & doesn't escape any given opportunity to blame & insult her either through actions or words.

Today the current state -  Khushi  - a woman in LOVE...Khushi the naive one...  Khushi the trusting one .. Khushi the distressed wife/fiancee...  Khushi the concerned daughter- in-law...Khushi the loving sister-in-law... Khushi the impulsive one ..  Khushi the believer...  Khushi the crusader... who has been the anchor & the strength to her LOVE her Aranavji .. today again is in dilemma...


She is so happy to see her Sister-in-law back to normal.. she surprised with this, with her mood swings & is equally surprised by the weird behavior of the nurse.. thinks is this not due to what she is assuming & introspects all the happenings with Anji... how emotional she was & suddenly notices the shadow & through exploration sees Shyam going out through pool side .. so all her conclusions have been her next step her next aim is to convince Arnav to get Shyam back to RM for his Di for his Di's happiness... in turn which is Arnav's happiness...

So my dear friends here is my question -

- Will Khushi convince Arnav to get Shyam back home?

- Will Khushi be VICTIMIZED again?

- Will Khushi ever break?


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Khushi Kumari Gupta and trouble go hand in hand

check my post on images of the eps

Why Khushi should not think Shyam has changed

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Na koi martha hai.. na koi maartha hai..
Yeh main nahi kehta, geeta mein likha hai
Main toh bas nimmit hu..

Nimmit !!

If there is  god.. obviously there is devil !!
If there is good.. obviously there is evil !!

My name is Shyam Manohar Jha...
a lot has been speculated, discussed and written about me.. so today i decided to tell you all how it feels, to be me..
Everybody hates me.. wants my defeat.. because i am the bad, selfish and the cruel one..  Is everyone here really good, forgiving and kind?

I realised the importance of money very early in my life.. money is a universal language which everyone understands.. everybody bows down, whats wrong if i can get my hands on it easily? Nothing!!

Apart from money the next useful thing which helps me achieve my goal is the human emotions...  how can anybody depend on someone else for their happiness?  its simply beyond me..

I follow a simple policy- Give and Take...
Yes i have used the emotionally weak.. but dint i let them use me too?


The boon of my life.. my bank account.. my Rani Sahiba!! why do u think i call her rani sahiba? She is the queen of the house and everything is in her control.. everybody wants to see her happy.. and she ... she wants to see me happy..
I agree she is nothing more to me, than just a money bank..
i was, am and will use her till the end.. but dint i let myself be used in exchange?
I was the perfect husband!! The one who put up with her extreme devotion.. & her self centered behavior for 4 long years!! Have i ever complained? No!! because that was my payback to her..


I wove a web of sweetness around them so that i can stay peacefully as a ghar jamai..
but i let them use me too.. i was the perfect damaad.. the mature one in this mad house.. the perfect son in law.. i never gave them even a single reason to be unhappy... so whats wrong if i use them too?

Saaley sahab.. i have always hated his power, courage and his achievements in life.. but i am smarter than him.. I know his biggest weakness.. and i know how to manipulate him..
i was the perfect brother in law to him..always supportive.. and always with the best of advices . hell.. i took his sister off his back.. and let him do his work in peace...isnt that payement enough

i used her to gain entry into her house and to get closer to khushiji.. yes, i used her weakness against her.. to manipulate her to do exactly what i wanted.. but dint i let her use me too? dint i solve all her financial problems? wasnt i there for all of them,  whenever they needed me?
and have i once tried to behave in an ungentlemanly way with khushi or payal, though i was staying at their place for a very long time?

I never believed in any human emotions...
But everything changed when khushi entered my life.. her beauty and innocence reached somewhere deep within me..

i wanted to make  her mine at any cost.. everything was going according to plan but suddenly mausaji(shashi) had to poke his nose in all the wrong places and i had to shut him up for good!!

Thats when i discovered that i feel great while punishing others.. so i punished him more and more till i completely turned him into a vegetable!! that too just behind the back of  all the brainless guptas.. who trust me as their own son!!

Then khushi found out my truth.. she broke our engagement.. she broke it because of anjali!!

 i always knew khushi loved me, so i was ready to leave rani sahiba for her.. but not the wealth.. so that left me with no other option but to kill anjali.. whats wrong with that i ask you?

 She was very useful to me..which i am grateful for.. i even asked sorry.. but.. she had to go..

 i wanted to inform khushi that we can start a new life together.. after all we both wanted the same things...
but destiny had a different plan and all my plans were thwarted!! anjali returned home safely, arnav found out about me..and khushi rejected me..

I shut Arnav up.. because of his di's pregnancy.. i was very happy that day not because of her pregnancy but because this link of mine to this house will come very handy .. one day..

Khushi married arnav, but i always knew that their marriage was not out of love.. how can it be??  khushi has always loved me!! i was her protector not him!!
Arnav cut my expense a/c off.. he made me beg for money in front of his sister!!
it was time for him to say goodbye to the world.
I kidnapped him and  again used khushi's weakness against her to get the will signed..

Then she came to me.. gave me hints that she also hates arnav.. & i saw the old khushi in her again.. the one whom i fell in love with..

For the first time in my life i trusted someone, loved someone.. i would ve shared everything with her..kept her happy forever.. if only she could ve seen my love for her!!

But she was cheating on me!! That day my love for her changed into hatred!! so extreme was my hatred towards her that i wanted arnav to be one to kill her!!

i dont even want to talk about the extreme insult that i went through..after she saved arnav.. But here also i was careful not to leave any proofs behind
 all of them are fools.. only fools react in anger.. i kept my calm.. i know how to get back.. i know how to take whats mine...

I met dadi and begged her for help.. stroked her ego.. which was her emotional need.. she had promised me help.. but i dont expect great things from her anymore.. she is as useless as all of them!! old woman dont know why i wasted my time on her!! but she might be useful in the future... u never know...
Now, i am using anjali again.. i killed my child.. i dont even feel a bit of remorse for that ..

the child was just an additional help.. which i used.. to get what i want!! i am thankful to my raajkumari.. for helping her papa...

Anjali is just another fool who doesnt even recognise the amount of destruction i am capable of .. she is just a puppet in my hands..
i will use her till the day she is useful..

then i have got some great plans for her...
great plans...

its the circumstances and the destiny of those involved which makes me do all this...
i never wanted to hurt anyone.. but when it comes to my survival and my needs.. i give the priority to myself...

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I, Devyani Singh Raizaada, have been through a lot of things in my life. I've seen some good times, some bad, and some really bad times too. But, I don't think I can ever forget that night, 15 years ago, that changed all our lives forever...


It was the night of my dear Anjali bitiya's happy were we, unaware of the tragedy awaiting us...


Amidst all the fan fare, my 14yr old chottey, my Arnav, witnessed an altercation between his parents...involving another woman...a fight that ultimately led my daughter Ratna & her husband to commit suicide...the night of their daughter Anjali's wedding...


As if that blow was not enough, their chacha threw them out of their home & their dadi, my friend, my samdhan, left them, to go & spend the rest of her life in an ashram...


In the space of a few hours, life as we knew it, had been turned around on it's head. From a happy nani, anticipating the wedding of my grand daughter, I was a bereaved mother, a sad mother-in-law, & the sole guardian of two orphan kids...

Lucknow to Delhi...a journey that changed all of us...

A 14 yr old boy...became a man...
An 18 yr old girl...became a mother...
& me, their nani...became their guide & mentor...

14 yrs on...


We had left the past behind, as the kids had their name...they were no longer Arnav & Anjali Malik, but Mr.Arnav Singh Raizaada, & Mrs.Anjali Shyam Manohar Jha...

Arnav Singh Raizaada, or ASR, a famous business tycoon...a 28 yr old man with money, power, status but sadly, no heart...emotions so deeply buried, that it would take a very brave or a very foolish girl to bring them out...His Di was his world & the rest didn't matter...He had no time for God or rituals, all he believed in was him...

Anjali Shyam Manohar darling girl, a happily married woman, living with us, because her husband Shyam, who was a lawyer, was away on cases quiet often...but we didn't mind...she was the apple of everyone's eyes & the only one who chottey ever listened too...

Then a year ago, everything changed again...


She came into our lives & changed everything. She touched us all & we were never the same. She brought into our lives, what even we didn't know was missing...khushi...happiness, fun, laughter...Khushi entered our lives...a girl so innocent, so artifice, just pure heart...

Incidently, Khushi was also from Lucknow...& I knew, she would be perfect for my chottey. But Arnav had other plans...he had Lavanya, Lavanya Kashyap...his business associate & his girl friend...some one he wanted to live with but not marry...


I didn't like Lavanya. She was too modern for my tastes, so I put a condition for her acceptance in the family...she needed to learn how to be a Raizaada bahu...a task that was successfully completed by Khushi...


She not only changed Lavanya's perspective towards Indian culture & rituals, she changed Chottey's mind too...Alongside this, my other grandson Aakash, my son Manohar & DIL Manorma's son, fell in love & resolved to marry the girl of his choice...who coincidentally turned out to be Khushi's elder sister, Payal.

Arnav & Lavanya, Aakash & Payal, Anjali & Shyam...all my grandchildren happy & settled, about to embark on a new life...what more could a grandmother want...I was content. Khushi was also engaged to her bhuaji's tenant, Shyam.

But, on his engagement day, Arnav called off his relationship with Lavanya...gave no one any explanations, not even Anjali...such an heart wrenching moment. I had accepted Lavanya as my grand see her leave, so sad & heart broken...Khushi's engagement had also fallen through...what was happening...

We all immersed ourselves into Payal & Aakash's wedding preparations. Anjali & I began noticing the subtle but slight changes in chottey, especially when Khushi was around. He was smiling more, laughing...becoming...Arnav. We decided that after Aakash's wedding, we'll work on getting this rishta pakka...

Then on the wedding day we got another dear Anjali bitiya was going to be a mother...what a joyous day!!! All my grand children happy & settled & with the people whom they loved & who loved them in return...what more could a grandmother want...


But another shock awaited us...Arnav & Khushi walk in married on Payal & Aakash's wedding amount of anger, tears, or entreaty resulted in any explanations or answers...ASR was back...but why?

And then slowly slowly everything returned to normal...all due to my Khushi bitiya's efforts...


Then chottey went to London for some conference...and I realized the depth of Khushi bitiya's love for him...I thank DM everyday for bringing Khushi bitiya into my chottey's life...  


Just when I thought life was going smooth sailing, another big shock awaited all of seems chottey had not been able to go abroad at all, but had been kidnapped & the kidnapper was non other than Anjali bitiya's husband, Shyam...he had wanted to kill chottey for his money & property!!!!

This was not all, he had been cheating on Anjali bitiya all this while...he was the Shyam who had been Khushi bitiya's fiancee & bhuaji's tenant...he had lied to the Gupta family too, about his marital status!!!

Khushi bitiya, NK, & Payal bitiya brought out the entire sordid truth in front of the whole family...

He had wanted what chottey had, his money, his property, his wife...


Chottey threw out Shyam, it was the right thing to do...but Anjali bitiya...what would happen to her now??

DM, how many more tests do we have to many more many more...??


Where one side there was sadness, despair, angst, in our home...there was also love, trust, sacrifice...


I knew chottey had Khushi bitiya by his side, she would be his strength in this time of need & he would be her we all have to be there for Anjali bitiya, who had had one too many shocks, on top of which she was pregnant...such an emotional time for a woman...

Anjali bitiya's behavior was a little off with Khushi bitiya...understandable under the circumstances...but she had chottey by her side & I knew she is strong, she can handel it...but Manorma's behavior...I did stop her from holding Khushi bitiya responsible for all this...but I understand her POV as well...she is a mother first & her child is hurt...what to do??


Then things started looking up...Anjali bitiya was getting better & so were her relations with Khushi chottey was happy, he was smiling more, laughing more...& all because of Khushi bitiya...what a blessing this girl is for this family...& they are not even aware of what all she's been through for them, not even me......Thank you DM, thank you...


One day, after all these years, Arnav & Anjali's dadi, my BFF, my samdhan, Subhadra Malik, came home to Shantivan...I was so happy to see her...but why does she hate Khushi bitiya so...??? Doesn't she understand that by doing so she's alienating her grandson...??


Then another truth hit us...chottey & Khushi bitiya's wedding was not done with proper rituals...but before a issue could be made of this, my chottey stepped forward & decided to go through with all proper rituals to marry Khushi bitiya again...I was so Arnav was emerging out of his ASR persona & all because of Khushi bitiya...

A celebratory mood took over the entire household...after all it's not everyday event...Arnav Singh Raizaada was getting Khushi bitiya...his life, his wife...


Shagun, Roka, Kul Devi pooja, all these functions happened really well...surprisingly my chottey was whole heartedly involved in all the rasams...only Summi seemed a little peaky...wonder why...???


Then it was decided that alongside Anjali bitiya's Godh Bharai we'll have Khushi bitiya's Mehndi as well...what fun...what with Summi, why does she keep insisting on bringing Shyam back in the house...doesn't she understand what this family, Anjali, Arnav & Khushi have been through because of him...???


But alas, something always goes wrong...& see what happened...Anjali bitiya slipped &...DM...lost her child...

For Summi this is not enough, she started talking about bringing Shyam back again...the woman has no sense of place & timing...


Then chottey brought Anjali bitiya home & we found out it was because Shyam had dared to show his face in the hospital...& all because of Summi...


how can she change so much...???
she was in cahoots with Shyam before coming home...
she thinks Shyam is innocent & Khushi bitiya is the reason for all that is happening at Shantivan...
she's comparing what is happening now, to what had happened all those years ago...
she thinks Khushi bitiya is similar to woh aurat that wrecked my daughter & her husband's life...
she's hell bent on getting Shyam back in the house, for Anjali, whatever the cost...
she considers chottey to be stubborn & unreasonable & not ready to listen or understand the truth...but is she...???

So much is happening now...

Anjali bitiya wants Shyam back...
Summi refuses to see or understand the truth...
& my chottey & Khushi...what about them...their marriage...what will happen now...??     


All I know the eldest of the family...I am with my chottey & matter what, I'm on their side...along with DM, my blessings are with them...I'm a witness to their love for each other & I will be standing with them, if & when required...they have done so much for this's time the family start doing something for them...I Devyani Singh Raizaada, will not let this family break apart, nor will I let Arnav & Khushi's love bond be broken...I will not let anyone or anything come between them now...


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Beena's Post

Subhadra Malik

Yeh mat Bhuliye Dadi hai hum. Aapke babuji ki Ma.

(Do not forget I am grandma. Your Fathers mother)

Nowadays the younger generation does not have any respect for the older  generation. They are being defiant. Where has the respect gone? I go away  for 14 years and my grandchildren have changed so much that I cannot  recognize them anymore. I had left everything, be it money, aish-o-aaram, and  went to live in a ashram never to come back. But destiny has plans of its  own. I am forced to leave my self exile. Am I leaving this self exile for  me? NO WAY.. My Grandchildren need me.

My Grandson-in-law asked me to help  him get his wife back. He comes over and tells me that I can fix everything  for them. For the sake of my grand daughter and to save my grandson to make  the same mistake again I have decided to give up my self exile.

I still remember the day I came into shantivan. NO one was expecting me but  this girl opened the door. Her face and eyes reminded of her. Yes, that woman... who is responsible for ruining my family. Destroying the very existence of  something called family. That woman, who not only took my son away, but also indirectly had my Daughter-in-law killed.. Huh, my daughter-in-law, such a  weak person. Could not deal with a small infidelity from her husband. She  should have stayed strong and dealt with this. Instead, what she did... she went ahead and killed herself. Well this girl.. who is this girl and why is she  having so much freedom in the house. I need to find out.. Nobody is home.  Hmm... Manorama is here. Hey bhagwan what a pest she is. I cant tolerate her  language or her behaviour. Is this a way a Khandani aurat behaves.. oh how  can I forget she is not khandani. A mere servant given the position of a  princess.

Finally Devyani. Oh she has not changed much. Oh is that my grandson. Oh my  he is become so big and he looks so much like my son. He touched my feet.  Dveyani has taught him well.I am pleased to see that I still have that kind  of authority over him. Devyani introduced me Aakash's wife. She also  introduced me to the girl who welcomed me home.

What is this Devyani.. You  are telling me that this girl who looks like her is my granddaughter-in-law.  My Arnav's wife. I do not accept her. Is this the same woman who ruined my  granddaughter's life? Nope she is not welcome in MY house or MY family. I  need to talk to Arnav about this. I need to explain him that she is not  acceptable and I am his DADI.. he will listen.

He is not the same grandson. He is not the same Arnav. He had defied me to  support his wife. That girl of a wife. Cant he see that I cannot tolerate  her. Now this girl is snooping around the house and looking at MY family's  things. Who gave her the right to even touch MY Son's stuff. I need to talk  to Devyani about this. Good everyone is in the hall. Devyani who gave her  the right to touch MY son and daughter-in-law's stuff. Arnav said so what?  What does he mean so what. He is supporting her again and everyone is  looking. Hmm... so he is the hukum ka ikka in this house. The ultimate  power. I will show you who the ultimate power is? I am your DADI. Your  father's mother. I need to ask if I have any powers. Let me ask in front of all. Let them know as well. So Arnav do I have any authority or not. What.. Did I hear him right. Did he just put her at the same pedestal as me? This Girl.

I need to do what I came here to do. Bring Damadji back into this house and get rid of this filth. What is devyani thinking? Why is she supporting that girl and not her damaad. He is such a wonderful person and loves my grandaughter to bits. Arnav wants to keep his unwed so called wife here but will not bring in the lawful husband of Anjali? Where is the justice in this? To keep this s**t here, he is even ready to marry her in vedic ways which he does not believe in?

What jaadu tona she has done to him. Well let me find out about her family. What did she say her mother's name is Garima. Is she the same.. No NO... First the mother, now daughter is playing the same game with MY family. but I need to confirm is she the same Garima? She will have to come see me. I will find out then.

She has not met me yet. Each time she avoids me I have a feeling that she is the same person. At least I am happy about one thing that Khushi is not her daughter but is her niece.

Anjali.. my poor Anjali has to face so much. She is going through a rough patch. She has lost her baby. But this gives me a opening to bring damaadji home. Let me tell Arnav. what did he just say? This is his house and his it is not my house then. I need to make this mine and create circumstances to bring my lovely, beloved damaadji home. It is time that I have a proper discussion with him. Arnav I know how much Damaadji loves his wife. He came crying to me at the ashram and I have seen the love in his eyes. And what is the proof that you have that he is a bad person. He tried to kill you? What is the proof. I will not beleive anything against him. This is the same thing that happened 14 years ago. Just like this everyone blamed my son and not the other woman. Here history is repeating itself. You all are blaming my damaadji and not blaming the woman who is standing next to you.

I have hated that woman and I hate this girl. This time I will see to it that the end is different. This time I will make sure that I am proved right. This time I will make sure that MY family can move my way. This time I will not let me son suffer as he suffered 14 years ago. Arnav You are wrong. Then and Now. But there is a vast difference between then and now. Then I used emotions, now I will use my intellect and not be swayed by emotions to take any descision.


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