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Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin Update - 5/5/2005

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The Star Performer of today's episode is a new character – whose name is Shyam Singh!Tongue Read on to find out more…


Last time, we left off where Nandu is confronting Jassi, forcing her to admit that she is his best friend, Jassi…



Nandu is shedding silent tears, and his voice is breaking! He is taking choked breaths, trying to keep his emotions under control, his eyes filled with accusation, "Why don't you say something now, Jessica Bedi?"

Jassi is looking down and crying, her face a mixture of aggravation and pain, and finally she bursts out, shaking her head, "Nandu ke bache!!!! Since when have you starting doing detective work?"

Nandu's says in a frozen voice, "This is not the answer to my question! Tell me, you are Jassi, aren't you? Tell me now!"

Jassi says sobbing, "You already know, Nandu!" Nandu cries, "But I want to hear it from your lips!"

Jassi closes her eyes in desperation! "Don't torture me!"

Nandu asks in a tearful voice, "Why shouldn't I? Because you are Jassi, that's why??"

The dam breaks and Jassi finally cries out, "YES!!!"

Suddenly they are facing each other and she sobs, "Because I AM Jassi!"

Nandu begins crying harder, tears flowing down his faceCry, "You are not my Jassi!" and turns away. Jassi begs him, shaken, "What are you saying!"

Nandu is looking heartbroken. "You cannot be my Jassi! If you had been my Jassi, you would not have hidden yourself from me for so long!"

Jassi pulls him back by his arm and holds him, "The Nandu I know can never stay angry with me for long…" They cannot hold back the painful joy of finding each other again, and break out into their old routine, clapping their hands together, breaking into laughter, like the sun suddenly peeks out from behind the clouds on a rainy daySmile… hugging each other tightly, crying pitifully, the pent-up emotions finally breaking out of the enforced exile…

Nandu is crying like a baby! He gasps, "You know, I thought you would never come back!"

There is a fire in Jassi's eyes as she replies, "Why would I never come back? You sweet fool, I had to do all this drama only so that I could come back to you all! I'm sorry..!!"

They hug again, emotionally drained, Jassi trying to wipe away her tears, Nandu sobbing uncontrollably…! Jassi howls, "Nanduuu!"


Amrit is rearranging some flowers into a vase and talking to Bebe about Billu. "He has gone out… I wonder when he will return, where he has gone?"

Bebe gives a knowing smile. "He has worn his new watch, hasn't he! It will take him some time to trumpet about it to the whole neighbourhood!!"


Jassi and Nandu are having the time of their lives! They are clapping and Jassi is singing, bindaas, "Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!" and they are giggling away, happy, carefreeBig smile


Meanwhile, Amrit is saying wonderingly, "What are these two up to upstairs? What do you think they are talking about?"

Bebe shakes her head and smiles… "Nandu never to talks to anyone for so long, unless its Jassi!" Amrit says she will go upstairs and take a look.


She reaches upstairs and stands at the door, watching the two of them horsing around, oblivious to everything around them! They are having a pillow-fight, with Jassi attacking Nandu and the poor boy ducking to save himself from the blows. Amrit watches the two of them and remembers a time when Jassi and Nandu would clap their hands and cackle with laughter the exact same way.

She asks them sweetly, "What are you two…?" Jassi and Nandu jerk and freeze in shock! They are waiting for the tsunami to strike them when Amrit says naively, "Today after many days, this house is resounding with laughter! Looking at you, I could almost think it's the old days again.."

Seeing their nervous faces, Amrit continues indulgently, "Arre! Why have you stopped? Today is his birthday! Laugh, enjoy!"

With that, she turns her back and leaves the room (probably to stand in queue for the 'Clueless Mum of the Year' Award) while Jassi and Nandu exchange a conspiratorial smile and get back to horsing around with gusto!!!! Jassi is twittering away while Nandu shouts, "Happy Birthday to Me!!"



Armaan is sitting at his desk, facing his computer. He is wearing yesterday's back designer shirt and a white suit, looking like an angel of lightEmbarrassed..

He is talking softly to himself, "So, Kohinoor has got back its money! That surely means, Jassi is innocent. Jassi has trusted Jessica and so should we, but… who will drum that into Mallika's thick head?"

He swings his legs out of the chair and walks towards Jassi's cabin, as if in a dream.. pulled there by the magnetic force of his love. In his mind's eye, he sees Jassi in her cabin, sorting through her files, smiling. He feels love for her flooding his heart, warming his soulEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

"How hard she would work… Out of all of us, she was the one who would work the hardest to keep Gulmohur ours…" He stands with his eyes lowered, the beautifully curled lashes casting a deep shadow on his face.

"I never realized this when she was here… oh, please come back. I promise you, I'll be good.. I will never give you a chance to complain… Come back, Jassi… back to your Gulmohur, back to your Armaan Sir…"

He takes a ragged breath, and the yearning fills his eyes, silently pleading with the object of his desire…. "Please, Jassi…!"Cry



Nandu is sitting on a chair and Jassi on the bed.

Nandu frowns. "But there's one thing I don't understand, Jassi! You are hiding from the world, and I can understand why. But what was the need to hide from me and your family?"

Jassi gets up and walks towards the door, saying it's a long story.

The flashback begins with a video of Mallika gleefully going to town with the Jassi-fraud story. Jassi goes on, "When I saw the Press hounding my family, I couldn't understand what to do! I couldn't do anything even if I'd wanted to! Mallika Ma'am has stolen everything from me. Mama, Bebe, Papaji, all had to bear so much because of me!"

Then she imagines coming back home from Mauritius, only to be greeted by her samaan flying out of the door, Billu in a mad rage… "I did come back… but my heartbroken Papa had broken off all ties with me! That was the day Jassi died! That was the day I realized, there is no place for Jassi in this materialistic, opportunistic world. And I simply HAD to become Jessica.."

A flashback of the Grand Finale in Mauritius, Jassi wearing that famous yellow saree with the generous-cleavage blouse…

Nandu consoles her as she falls into his arms, crying, relieved that finally, someone had heard and understood her story!

But Nandu is still puzzled! "What was the need to become a model??"

Jassi walks over to the window and stares outside, misty-eyed, relating the events that led to her decision. "When one door closes, Nandu, another one opens all by itself. That night I could not go home, but I spent the entire night at the gurudwara..

Another flashback of the fateful night that led to her spying Purab's contract as it rolled out onto the floor.. " – and then I became Jassi bedi, and you know the rest!"

Nandu gets up and says petulantly, "I only know that my best friend Jassi is lost somewhere behind this beautiful face!"

Jassi whirls around and tells him, half-frowning, half-smiling, "Quiet, you silly fool! I am still the same Jassi! The same old Jassi! I still like the same things – this house, this room, the food Bebe cooks with her own hands, and sitting and chatting endlessly with a buddhu like YOU!"

All the while, she is holding his hand, caressing his face. Nandu asks, "But how long will this go on??"

Jassi replies, "Probably until I expose that Mallika before the rest of the world!" She pats his face and says playfully, "Hey! You haven't yet opened your gift!!"

Nandu exclaims, "I forgot!" and goes to open it. "Let me also see, what gift Jessica Bedi, India's top model has brought for me!"

She laughs at his teasing and he unwraps his gift to discover a – mobile phone! (I thought he already had a really expensive one on installments!?!?)

He can't control his excitement and giggles, "You gifted me a phone! NOW I feel like Kohimoor's ex-General Manager! Now this is gonna be glued to my ears wherever I go!!"

Jassi says naughtily, "Hah! You don't even know enough people to call!"

Nandu says cutely, "You are there na! Now just wait and watch, I'm gonna be bugging you night and day!"

Jassi says getting senti, "Call me as many times as you want .. I have so many things to tell you, Nandu! I have stored my number in this."

Nandu is surprised to see that she has stored the number by the name of Jessica Bedi. When he insists he wants to rename it as Jassi, she chides him, "No you donkey! What if someone sees!!!!" Nandu says he won't let anyone touch his phone!

They pretend-play and Nandu calls Jassi on her cell, "Hello Jessica? I would like to speak to Jassi, please! Hello! Can't you hear me huh!" Jassi joins in the game and sneaks up behind him, and she has put on her big black Jassi specs!

"Hello! Who's this?" Nandu says importantly, "This is Nandan Verma speaking."

Jassi says, her eyes dancing with delight, "Who Nandan Verma? Ohhhhh… Gulmohur's new CFO??? Chief Financial Officer?"

Nandu is zoked!ConfusedShocked "Kya!!!"



Mallika is staring into the mirror, vitriol pouring from her eyes and the noxious fumes vaporizing into the air.

"Wah, Jessica Bedi! I've got to hand it to you – your plan was excellent! First worm your way into Gulmohur as a supermodel, then slowly – gain our trust, Armaan, Raj, Aryan… even MINE! And in the end, take the whole of Gulmohur into your own hands! Fantastic plan, Jessica….! But you made a smaaaaaaaaall mistake… ha ha!"

She turns to face two large candles burning on the mantelpiece, her temperature rising.

"You have no idea what Mallika Seth is capable of! You seem to have forgotten what I did with your 'friend' Jassi!"

She gives a twisted smile, her face contorting into ghoulish proportions. "Something like that is about to happen to you! Maybe just like that – maybe even worse! Now just you WATCH!" Her eyes are blazing with a carnal fury!WackoDead



Nandu and Jassi are stepping outside the home, walking in tandem.

Nandu says quizzically, "You want to expose what Mallika has done to you, that I understand. But why should this family suffer for that? How long do you intend to keep them living in grief?" Jassi looks disturbed.

Nandu says sadly, "I have seen the yearning in Bebe's eyes. Auntyji keeps praying to Babaji and Uncle.. he doesn't show it, but he badly wants his Queen Victoria back! The happiness in this house back! Don't you feel like meeting them as their daughter Jassi again?"

Jassi's eyes are as deep and wet as the ocean. "I DO, Nandu! Did you think I wouldn't? I called them so many times, but everytime I heard their voice I'd hang up! I wanted so many times to tell them that I am Jassi, but I couldn't! I missed them so much, Nandu! I even wrote a letter to them, but I haven't posted it to date! It's always in my purse! Look!"

She fumbles around for the letter in her purse, and the fumble turns into a mad scramble. Jassi is shocked! "Where did the letter go!!!"

Nandu asks her if she forgot it inside! Jassi says impatiently, her brain working feverishly, "It cannot be inside. The family must never find it! I need to prove myself innocent first – and only then will I lift up my head with pride and disclose my identity! This cannot happen until I prove that Mallika's accusations are a bunch of LIES!"

Nandu asks, "Could that letter be in your office?"

Jassi reacts violently to the thought. "I did take out some things from my purse… it could have fallen out there.. and now what! Oh God, if that letter IS in the office, no one must ever lay their hands on it! And if Mallika Ma'am sets her eyes on it, I'll be in deep s**t!!!"OuchOuch



Mallika right-hand man, Ram Singh, is dusting some files on her desk.

Suddenly, a couple of files slide off the table and as he bends to pick them up, his eyes catch sight of a brown envelope with "Balwant Walia, Indiranagar…. Etc etc" inscribed on it.

He exclaims, "Arre! This letter has the address, the seal, even the stamp… it is ready to be posted, then why hasn't Madam dropped it in? She must have forgotten! Never mind, I'll do the honors for her!"Confused



Mallika has changed and is about to leave when her own reflection in the mirror calls out to her.

"Mallika! Where are you going, all dressed up? Your… Office????"

Mallika outside stares at Mallika inside, looking like she could roast her own image and feed it to the birds.

The mirror image goes on, her voice laced with sarcasm, "Have you forgotten? You no longer HAVE an office in Gulmohur…..!!!"

Mallika replies frostily, "I know. And this is ALL because of that Jessica. And I WILL find a way to avenge myself! You must be having SOME weakness, Jessica.. everyone does. Even THAT JASSI had it! And the day I find your Achilles Heel, I will throw you out of my way – for ever, and ever, and everrrrrrrrrrrrr…"

She goes over and stands near the drinks cabinet. Her eyes are dripping with hate. "I will do with you exactly as I did with Jassi … I ripped away all her supports and I will rip away yours. I will write a letter. I have heard that you consider Jassi's family your own family, and that Nandu takes care of all your work…"

She is seated on the sofa, perched like a tigress, "Hmmm! So if I tell Jassi's family that Jessica deceived their beloved daughter Jassi to gain control of Gulmohur and Kohinoor, they will start hating Jessica! And then – Jessica will be all alone! And then we shall see – how long can Jessica Bedi struggle alone against Mallika Seth? Good idea, Mallika! Very good idea!"

She ends her monologue with a junglecat-like smile, imagining her prey between her paws…



Ram Singh approaches our Star Performer, Shyam Singh.

"Hey Shyam Singh, where are you going?"

Shyam Singh says credulously, "I am going to the bank!"

Ram Singh hands him the precious letter he found and says in a friendly tone, "Ah well, since you are going out, do post this letter too!" Shyam Singh is only too happy to obey.Tongue



Mallika has finished writing her essay and is stuffing the letter into an envelope, looking like the cat who got the cream.

"I have written the letter… but the stamp? I shall go to Gulmohur and fix that on. I shouldn't be wasting even a minute! This letter must reach the Walias soon as possible! Bas!"

She gives herself a pat-on-your-back-Mallika smile……



Jassi has changed into a deep pink salwar kameez with her hair tied up into a ponytail.

She is walking towards her car and talking furiously to herself, "I must go to the office and hide that letter! If anyone should find it… it will be a biiiiiiiiiiiiig problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"



Mallika enters Gulmohur and is walking slowly, deep in thought.

"When this letter reaches the Walias, Phase I of my plan will be accomplished. And after that…"

She spies Shyam Singh and beckons him haughtily, "Shyam Singh!" He stands to attention, "Ji Ma'am?"

She asks him if he has stamps and when he says yes, she gives him the letter and instructs him to immediately affix a stamp and deposit the letter in the post office.

Shyam Singh has his back to her and is doing something. Mallika shouts impatiently, "What are you doing? Listen to me fast!"

Shyam Singh hurries up and says, "Yes Madam! I must go to the bank, and I also have to mail Jessica Madam's letter! I will do yours as the same time!"

Mallika makes a disgusted face and raps him, "OK.. but first you'd better do my job!"

She turns her back and has just about taken a delicate foot forward when happy enthusiastic Shyam Singh exclaims gaily, "Your letter is going to the same address!! WoW! Amazing!"

A huge gong goes off in Mallika's head, followed by alarm bells and red sirens…

She stops in her tracks, rolls her eyes and backtracks. With a pseudo-sweet face, she says, "Shyam Singh! I just remembered that I have to go out on office work so you can hand me the letter, I'll post it myself!" Shyam Singh happily hands it back to her.

Mallika then eyes Jassi's letter and says obviously, "And… this one? Is it Jessica Ma'am's?" When Shyam Singh confirms it, Mallika orders him to hand  it over saying she will post that too. Shyam Singh happily hands her the letter and Mallika orders him to go.

She then reads the address on the letter, starting with "Balwant Walia, Indiranagar…" and holds it within her hands as if she has found a treasure!

She rushes to an unoccupied room, shuts the door, sits on a chair and examines the letter, talking aloud, "Why on Earth is Jessica writing to Jassi's family!? Armaan was saying that she goes there everyday!"

She slits open the envelope and eagerly takes out its contents. The letter is addressed to "Bebe, Papaji, Ma.. peri pona… " her eyes run down to the bottom of the page, where it is signed off, "Your daughter, JASSI!"????ConfusedShocked

Mallika's brain is ticking at full speed! "This letter has been written by – JASSI!?!?"

She reads out quickly, "Bebe, Papaji, Ma, Peri Pona.. I have come a long way away from you, and now I am going even more far away. If I cannot come back I just want to let you all know that I love you very much. I miss you all very much. Do not forget me! Your daughter…"

Mallika says to herself, "She is going very far? Maybe she will not be able to return? Something's up! Has Jassi really gone away somewhere or.. what's up!? And why is Jessica of all people mailing this letter to Jassi's home?"

Flash! flash! flash! Mallika's brain is in overdrive! Zooooooom!!



Jassi enters Mallika's cabin and frantically begins her search for the letter.

She tosses aside files, papers, opens drawers, closes drawers, looks up, looks down, looks sideways, but no letter! Ouch

Mallika is watching the scene with great relish just outside the door.

Jassi calls out loudly, "Ram Singh!" who appears in a second, "Madam, what happened, Madam?"

Jassi says impatiently, "There was a letter lying here on this table, where is it?"

Ram Singh is taken aback, confused. "What letter?"

Jassi struggles to get through to him. "It had an address written on it, it was stamped and sealed too! Where is it?"

Ram Singh's face clears and he replies happily, "Ohhh! That letter! That has been posted!"

Jassi is knocked for a six! "WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT????"

Mallika tries to control her laughter from behind the door and watches Jassi's chagrin with delight, enjoying every moment of her torture!Ouch



Mallika is sitting in the back seat of her car, thinking, "You WILL have to tell me, Purab Mehra! Something, that will help me destroy Jessica Bedi!"

Then she is standing in a place which is grey and gloomy, the ruins of Gulmohur. Her determined voice echoes in the hall, "I will make full use of the death of Gulmohur to achieve victory over my enemy!"

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thank u very much queenbee. ur the best!!!Smile lol malika has no clue wutsoever about wut shes doin. apni kismat khrab karke chodegiLOL. go on malika i support u. hahaLOL

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bystander IF-Addictz

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thank you soooooooooooo much.
Selina IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanks for the awesome update QB. Smile
ummm Senior Member

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Great update, QB !!!

Where's this story headed? Confused

jprasad IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2005 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
thanks Ms. QB.  You have provided a most boombastic update!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

So, Raj and Armaan wrote cards....Jassi and Mallika write letters....One would think that Jassi have learned by now not leave things around and especially In Mallika's office!  Oh f  FFFFFFFoul language word...kaun samjhaen!!!
ToxicRebel IF-Dazzler

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LOLlol malika has no clue wutsoever about wut shes doin. apni kismat khrab karke chodegiLOL. go on malika i support u.Wink. ha
lotsaattitude Goldie

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thanx a bunch queenbee!!!!!!!Big smile
luvvvvvv ur updates..!!!Wink

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