Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

OS: Shyam exposed and Dadi out (edited)

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I know this is never gonna happen in the show but at the moment this idea had been going in my head. So I thought I would write it. It is only a one shot. I am not going to continue with it so please don't ask.
I know this is not great but I couldn't help but write it.
Also I have for the first time written all the dialogues in hindi so there are bound to be mistakes. Please do ignore them.
Note on pg 5

Arnav was mad as hell at what was happening around the house. Finding out that his sister wanted'..wanted that jerk back in this house, in his house out of all places. He was angry that his dadi out of all people who hadn't even been around for 14 years was believing that man over her own family and her friend. He didn't know what to do now. His sister was weak very weak at the moment. His mind still on the scene on the terrace that day plus what he himself had heard from Shyam's mouth.

Khushiji hamari zindagi banchukhi hai. Hamara paagalpan, deewanapan, hamara sab kuch. Aur ab hum dono ke beech mein sirf ek rukavat hai rani sahiba.

{Khushji has become my life, my madness, everything. Now the only thing between us is none other than Rani Sahiba}

The words replayed in his mind but he had only ever told his nani and Khushi. He was pacing in his room when nani came in. She looked at him turned and closed the door. She turned to look at him again, her gaze penetrating him, questioning and confused. "Arnav bitwa main janti hoon ke jo kuch bhi hua hai woh nahi hona chahiye. Main yeh bhi janti hoon ke ab agar tum ne sab ko yeh kaha ke us raat tumne kya dekha yah phir Shyam ne tumse kya kaha shayad kuch lok is ghar mein maan bhi jayenge lekin Shubhdra aur Anjali bitiya nahi maanenge. Undo ke aankhon par Shyam kaa jhootha pyar ka parda hai aur tumhe ab yeh parda unthana hoga. Tum samjh rahe hona ke main kya kehrahi hu?" {Arnav bitwa I know what happened should not have happened. I also know that if you were to reveal what happened that night about what you saw and what he said maybe some people in this house will believe you but Subhdra and Anjali will not. They have both been blinded by Shyam's fake love and you need to lift this blindness. You do understand what I am trying to say?} Arnav looked at his nani and knew what had to done but he hated the fact he needed to do this this way.

Nani opened the door to go out but turned to look at Arnav. "Ek baat Arnav bitwa agar is ghar mein koy tumhara saath de ya na de mein tumhare aur Khushi bitiya ke saath hoon." {One more thing Arnav bitwa if anybody does or does not support you I will always support you and Khushi bitiya.} "Aur mein bhi." {Me too} The voice coming from outside stunned them both. NK was standing right there. "Nannav mein bhi tumhare saath hoon aur Khushiji ke saath." {Nannav I am with you and Khushiji} Arnav felt a little of tension going because he knew at least some people were with him.

NK and nani left him to ponder.

Arnav needed to get out of the house for a while. He went out and got into his car. He drove aimlessly, not knowing where he was going not even thinking when he found himself near laxmi nagar. His subconscious took him there near he, he needed to see her he knew that. She was his life, his love, the one who knew him inside and out, the one he found peace with and the only one who understood him. He parked his car outside but it was late. He knew he shouldn't bother knocking after all he didn't the last time so he did what he did last time and went through the back.

Khushi was near the window looking outside to the stars, wondering how she was going to help her Arnavji, how to help Di because she knew that if Di wasn't happy neither would Arnavji be and when he isn't happy she wasn't. Her not being to help the way she normally managed to made her feel helpless.

She was bought out of her thoughts when she felt someone right behind her. She turned to find Arnav just there but as she turned she jerked as his arms went around her waist to catch her but instead of sharing their normal eye lock Arnav took her into a bear hug. He just stood there with Khushi in his arms hugging her tighter. Her arms went instinctively around him showing him she was there. Come what may she was there for him. He felt nice just there being in that moment wishing everything to go away and time stopping forever .

"Arnavji aap theek hai? Hum jante hai ke aap Di ke liye pareshaan hai lekin hume yakeen hai sab theek ho jayenga" {Arnavji are you alright? I know you are worried about Di but I believe everything will be fine.} Khushi said trying to reassure him. Arnav pulled back and looked at her. He tucked a stand of her behind her ear before cupping her face looking lovingly into her eyes, wondering how someone as innocent as Khushi could ever love him.

He knew what he had to do. Shyam had the gall to go and get his dadi and turn her against everyone in the family including his nani the woman who helped in raising him and Di after his dadi abandoned them. She believed that jerk over her family and friend and it was time that not only was Shyam really and truly exposed but out of their lives for good.


Things at RM had changed over the next couple of days.

Arnav had and not for the first time given in to his sister without letting her know what he had planned. He never went to get him instead he got Akash to do that.

Shyam being who he was wanted Arnav to do the honours in getting him to come to RM but Arnav had refused point blank.

"Shyam is ghar mein aa sakta hai sirf or sirf Di ke khatir lekin mein us aadmi ko nahi lene jaawoonga" {Shyam can come in this house only for Di but I am not going to be the one who goes to get him} he had shouted at his dadi when she had insisted Arnav go get his jijaji.

Arnav now leaves the house early and doesn't come back until very late just to avoid Shyam. He had insisted Khushi not to come to Shantivan anymore not with Shyam there. Instead when he finished work he would go to GH and spend time with Khushi and her family.

Khushi really didn't like this. She felt she was coming in between the brother and sister.

"Arnavji Di ko aap ki zaroorat hai. Aap ko uske saath hona chahiye yaha nahi. Mein theek hoon aap ko is waqt di ke saath dena chahiya" {Arnavji Di needs you. You should be with her. I am fine at this moment you should be with Di.} Khushi had told him on the day Shyam had come back and Arnav instead of going home had come to GH. Arnav looked at her first in shock then an overwhelming need to hug her took over. As they happened to be in her room at that time he took her into a bear hug which took her by surprise. "Tum yeah sab kaise kar sakti ho? Yeah jane ke baawajoot ke Shyam ne Di ke saath, mere saath or tumhare saath kya kiya tum abhi chaahati ho ke mein waha jaa kar Di kaa saath doon? Tum sirf or sirf doosron ke baare mein soch thi ho apne baare mein kabhi nahi. Kyu Khushi? Tum esi kyu ho?" {How can you do all this? Even though knowing what Shyam has done to Di, to me and to you, you still want me to go to Di and be with her. You always think about everyone else never about yourself. Why Khushi?}  Khushi just hugged him back feeling quite nice that Arnav knew her really well. "Kyunki mein jaanti hoon ke aap hai naa mere baare mein sochne ke liye" {Because I know you are there for thinking about me} smiling while saying that and making Arnav smile for the first time in days.

Dadi had wanted Shyam to be welcomed properly into the house making Payal get the arti but was stopped by nani.

"Subhadra agar tum chahti ho Shyam'." {Subhadra if you want Shyam'.}Dadi's hand went up to stop nani but nani didn't. "Nahi subhadra mein is bhar nahi chup rahoongi. Agar tum chahti ho ke Shyam ka is ghar mein swagat kiya jaay to aap apne aap hi arti keejiya aur unkaa swagat khudh keejiye. Payal bitiya yeah nahi karengi" {No Subhadra I will not be quiet this time. If you want to welcome Shyam into this house then do it yourself and welcome him. Payal bitiya will not do this}  looking sternly at her friend while Payal felt a huge relief that she didn't have to do this. "Yeah tum kya kehrahi ho Devyani? Shyam is ghar ka daamaad hai" {What are you saying Devyani? Shyam is this house's son-in-law} dadi looked back at her friend surprised. "Mere liye yeah is ghar ka daamaad nahi hai aur aap shayad yeah bhool chuki hai Payal bitiya mere pote ki biwi hai jiska aap ke saath koy rishta nahi." {For me he is not the son-in-law of this house and maybe you have forgotten that Payal happens to be my grandson's wife whom has no relation to you}. The shock look on dadi's face was evident while Shyam was just pretending to look shocked. "Devyani yeh tumhara mera humare beech kya hai?"{Devyani when did yours and mine come in between us?}  "Yeh tumhari hi galti hai. Tumne naa to hamari baat suni naa Arnav bitwa ki. Ab naa to mein tumhari baat tak sunoongi nahi mera parivaar" {That was your fault. You didn't listen to me nor Arnav bitwa. Now I will not listen to you nor will my family} nani had announced. Everyone except Arnav and Anjali were gathered around the hallway. "Mahendra, Manorama, Akash bitwa, Payal bitiya yaha tak ki Nandkishore bitwa tum sab bhi sunlo Anjali bitiya ke liye Shyam is ghar mein aaya hai lekin aap loko Shyam ke saath agar koy bhi rishita rakhne ki kohshish bhi ki to mujhse bura koy nahi hogaa" {Mahendra, Manorama, Akash bitwa, Payal bitiya and also you NK bitwa you all listen. Shyam has come into this house only for Anjali bitiya but if any of you try to keep any kind of relation with him then there will be no worse than me}  nani threatened. "Hari Prakash aaj se Shyam aur Anjali kaa khana aap unke kamre mein le jaayange. Aap sab mere saath aaye" {Hari Prakash from today Anjali and Shyam's dinner will be taken to their room. Everyone else follow me}  saying this she left with everyone following her leaving a completely shocked looking dadi who's temper was flaring while Shyam had a smirk on his face thinking ab to mein is ghar mein aa chukka hoon. Jab mein is ghar ka malik ban jawoonga tab aap lok is ghar se bahar jaayange {now I have finally come into this house. When I will own this house I will make sure that everyone is out of this house}.

Payal had been grateful to nani for what she had done. It was good that Khushi was told not to step foot in RM for a while but even she wanted Shyam out.

NK hated the fact that this man was back so on his own he just kept an open watch on him making sure that he wasn't up to anything. Arnav had told him to also make sure nothing happens to his Di.

Akash, Manorama nor Mahendra didn't know what to think. A lot of questions were still in their hearts but as they had been told to stay away they did.

With Shyam in the house breakfast, lunch and dinner time was awkward with no one hardly talking. Dadi did use to sit with them but nobody spoke, neither to each other nor to dadi.  As Shyam had been restricted to Anjali's room he couldn't do much but take care of Anjali as a nurse had been appointed to also look after Anjali and specifically told not to leave the room while Shyam fed Anjali. The nurse had also been told she had to check all the medicines before they were given to Anjali. Shyam knew trying something now with Anjali was futile as Arnav even though not there himself had him under surveillance.


The day had finally arrived.

Arnav that day had gone to GH to pick up Khushi to come with him to RM. This surprised Khushi and everyone.

Arnav had kept up with Anjali's progress from the doctor and she was now fully recovered but he also knew that what he was about to do may not be good but it was time Shyam was out of their lives for good.

He got home with Khushi. The pair of them holding hands as they walked in shocking one and all. Arnav gestured for Khushi to go to Payal who was sitting next to nani.

Akash had only arrived about half an hour earlier as he had been told to go home and gather everyone in the living room.

Arnav had then went to the door and opened it to let some people in and held up his hand to stop some.

The people who were allowed in came and stood in the hallway.

"Chote tum ghar aagay? Itne deeno tak tum kaha the? kya tumhe apni di ki yaad tak nahi aayi?" {Chote you have come home? Where have you been for so many day's? Did you not once think about your Di?} Anjali looked at him while sitting next to Shyam who had gone pale looking at some people he had recognised.

"Di us din jab maine aap se pooncha tha ke aap ka credit card aap ke saath hai ya nahi to aap ne kaha aap ke paas nahi hai. Di kya aap sach kehrahi thi?" {Di that day when I asked you if you had your credit card or not then you replied you didn't have it. Di were you telling me the truth?} Arnav questioned. "Arnav apni di ko tum jhootha keh rahe ho?" {Arnav you calling your own sister a liar?} dadi interrupted. "Dadi maine aapse kuch nahi pooncha. Main apni Di se baat kar raha tha" {Dadi I did not ask you anything. I was talking to my sister} Arnav said through clenched teeth. "Di mein jaana chahta hoon ke kya aapne woh credit card Shyam ko diya tha?" {Di I need to know did you give that credit card to Shyam?}.  Anjali looked from Arnav to Shyam with a guilty look. Arnav got the point but still wanted an answer "Di please answer." "Haa. Maine woh credit card tumhare jijaji ko diya tha." {Yes. I did give that credit card to your brother-in-law}.

Arnav gestured some men to come in. They started searching around the house. Looking everywhere while everyone just watched on. They looked around the floor but couldn't find anything so they had to start to look above.

Shyam was getting nervous. He may have moved one camera but had had no chance to get to the others, nor had he been able to get people in to do it as NK had taken to stalking.

The men found the rest of the camera's and showed them to Arnav who took one of them and looked them.

"Di aapke credit card ke bills main ek payment tha ke aapne KL camera equipment's se kuch liya tha. Main un logo ke paas jaa kar yeh pata lagaya ke aapke credit card se video surveillance ka equipment liya tha" {Di on your credit cards bill there was one payment that you had bought something from KL camera equipment's. I went there and found out that you had bought some surveillance equipment} Arnav said while looking directly at Shyam who was sweating. Everyone else was shocked.

"Shyam in logo ko tum shayad pehchaan te ho naa kyunki yeh log tumhe zaroor pehchaante hai" {Shyam maybe you know these people because they certainly know you} Arnav smirked waving his hand towards two women. "Aap logo to Shyam ko jante hai naa. Unki to bolti hi bandh hogay to aap log khud bataye ke aap logo kon hai aur Shyam ko kaise jaante hai." {You people must know Shyam. At the moment he can't seem to speak. So could please introduce yourselves and how you know Shyam.}

"Main Shantiji hoon aur yah hai padminiji hai" {I am Shanti and this is Padmini} the first woman said waving her hand towards the woman next to her. "Hum laxmi nagar main rehte hai. Madhumatiji humari padosan hai aur hum dono yakeen ke saath keh sakte hai ke yahi woh aadmi hai jo unke ghar main PG ki haisiyat ki tarah reh raha tha" {We live in Laxmi Nagar. Madhumati is one of our neighbours and the both of us can say with full conviction that this is the man that stayed at her house as a PG} she told while the other woman just nodded.

"Yeh jhoot hai" {This is a lie} Shyam shouted while getting up. "Shayad aap lok jhoot bol rahe hai. Shayad kisi ne aap logo ko jhoot bolne ke liye kaha tha" {Maybe you people are lying. Maybe someone has told you to lie} Shyam retorted.

Arnav just looked at Shyam who was in a rage but also trying hard not to sweat.

Arnav then turned and asked two men to enter. One was Motilal the jeweller and another man. Seeing them there made Shyam look at them and then back at Arnav who was watching Shyam's reaction religiously.

"Motilal aur Shantaram kya aap ke paas woh receipts hai?" {Motilal, Shantaram do you have those recipts?}. Motilal handed him two receipts. Holding the receipts in his hand he held them up looking at everyone. "Yeah receipt ek nahi do anguthiyaan ke liye hai. Dono Shyam ne karidi thi" {These are receipts for not just one but two rings. Both had been bought by Shyam} Arnav said.

Anjali now got up and looked from Arnav to the receipts to her husband's back as memories of a number of things started playing. The receipt she had found in his pocket and when she had met motilal how he had said about the ring. She was shocked and things started dawning on her how everytime when Khushi was around her husband wasn't and how everytime she mentioned Khushi Shyam would suddenly say something that wouldn't make sense.

Then Arnav gestured some more people in. This time it was the police with the guys who had kidnapped him. This made Khushi stand up and mami as they had seen one of the men up close. They were all in handcuffs as the police bought them in.

"Yeah log jo is waqt yaha hai or woh bhi police ke saath in logo ne mujhe kidnap kiya tha or in logo ne police ko yeah bayaan diya hai ke inka boss or koy nahi par Shyam hai" {These men who are here with the police are the men who kidnapped me and they have given the statement that their boss was Shyam} Arnav spoke in a calm tone very unlike him.

Everyone was beyond shocked and all had got up on their feet hearing all of this. "Inspector aap Shyam ko arrest karsakte hai" {Inspector you can arrest Shyam} Arnav gestured.

Shyam looked pale and didn't know what to do. The inspector came closer and before he could handcuff Shyam in a swift move Shyam grabbed his gun, pushed the inspector backwards who crashed into Arnav before grabbing Anjali and had the gun pointed at her.

"Haa maine yeah sab kuch kiya aur is se bhi syaada" {Yes I did this and more} Shyam gloated with a smirk. "Lekin is waqt main yaha se agar zinda nahi nikla to main Anjali ko yahi mardoonga usi tarha se jis tarha se maine apne bache ko maaraa tha." {But at this moment if I don't get out of here then I will kill Anjali just like I killed my own child}.  Anjali couldn't believe what she had heard she looked at her brother her eyes wide in shock and fainted hearing this. Shyam got distracted what with Anjali fainting giving enough time for Akash to grab his hand away which had the gun. Arnav and NK came up front. Shyam had to let Anjali go as Akash had his wrist in a grip. Arnav got there just in time to grab his sister from falling. Arnav moved Anjali out of the way while NK also grabbed Shyam from behind and chocked him. As Shyam started choking for breath he let the gun go while the police came grabbed him and put the handcuffs on him taking him away.

Arnav called the doctor, picked up Anjali and took her to her room. He placed her on the bed while waiting for the doctor. The doctor came and said she had a major shock which has caused her fainting. She said Anjali needed plenty of rest and prescribed some medicine before leaving.

Arnav gestured for everyone to leave the room so Anjali could rest.

Dadi didn't want to leave but Arnav wasn't having any of it. He made her leave. They all came down to the living room where Arnav was livid.

He turned to look towards everyone. "Ab kya kisiko kuch poochnaa hai yah kya ab bhi aap logo ke yeh lagta hai ke maine jo kuch bhi kiya who galat hai" {Now does anyone want to ask anything or do you all still think what I have done was wrong} looking directly at his dadi who didn't like what Arnav was saying. "Humne jo kuch bhi kiya who Anjali bitiya ke liye hi kiya" {Whatever I did I did for Anjali} dadi said with her usual arrogance. "Aap ab aayi hai yaha yeh keh kar ke aapne yeh sab kuch Di ke liye kiya yah phir yeh soch kar ke maine kisi galat ladki se shaadi kar li?" {You have come here now saying that what you're doing your doing for Di or you came here thinking that I had married the wrong girl?}  Arnav shouted at his dadi his temper at his peak. Khushi moved towards him, stand beside him and placed her hand on his shoulder to try and calm him down. He calmed down a little feeling her touch on him as he closed his eyes. He opened his eyes and looked at his dadi.

"Aaj tak is ghar mein kisine mujhse kabhi koy sawal nahi kiya, naa to kisine mere faisle ke ooper ungli uttaya. Sab yeah jante the ke main jo kuch bhi karta hoon woh is ghar ke liye hi karta hoon lekin jis din se aap ne is ghar mein kadam rakha mere har faisle pe ungli uttay gay, yaha tak kisine kaha to nahi lekin mein jaanta hoon ke sab ke man mein sawal uttrahe the sirf or sirf aap ke wajhe se'." {Till today nobody in this house nobody questioned me nor did anyone point a finger at my decisions. Everyone knew that whatever I did and do I do for this house but when you came here all my decisions have been questioned maybe nobody said anything but I knew in everyone's hearts they had so many questions} Arnav said trying to keep his temper in control. "Hum ab bhi keh''" {I still say'..}  Dadi was about to speak when Arnav for once put his hand up gesturing her to stop shocking everyone even dadi. She not being used to people interrupting her or stopping her speaking. She was always the one doing that.

"Meri baat abhi puri nahi hui" {I haven't finished yet} Arnav continued "jis din se aap is ghar mein aayi aap ne ek bhi baar na to meri suni naa hi kisi aur ki yaha tak ke aap ne meri aur Khushi ke beech aana chaahaa. Us din aap hi gay thi buaji ke paas Khushi ki buray karne taki aap hamari shaadi rok sako. Aap kon hoti ho mujhse mere hi ghar mein sawal karne kaa? Is se pehle ke aap yeh kahe ke aap meri dadi hai to aap ko hakkh hai puchhana to aaj mein yeh sawal puchhana chaahataa hoon ke kaha thi aap itne saaloon tak? Aap ne ek din bhi hamari or Di ki khabar tak nahi li aur jab Shyam aap ke paas aaya apni jhooti kaahaani aap ko soonayi phir aap ko laga ke aap is ghar mein aakar kya karne ke liye aayi thi? Yahi naa ke Shyam ko is ghar mein hamesha ke liye vapas booliye jiy aur meri aur Khushi ke rishta hamesha hamesha ke liye toot jiy. Yahi naa" {since the day you came into this house you never once listened to me nor anyone else let alone you tried to come in-between me and Khushi. that day you went to buaji's house to insult Khushi so you could stop our marriage. Who are to question me in my own house? Before you say you are my dadi so you have the right then I want to ask you where were you for all these years? Not one day did you find out how Di and I were doing and then when Shyam came to with his false story which he told you so you thought of coming here to this house for what? For getting Shyam permanently back in this house and Khushi and my relationship completely broken. That's it isn't it?}Arnav said through clenched teeth his every word being emphasised.

Khushi by now was just looking between Arnav and dadi, eyes wide open as to what Arnav had said sank in. "Arnavji aap shaant hojaye" {Arnavji please calm down} Khushi said looking back at him while her hand was still on his shoulder. Arnav turned to look at her, his eyes calming down just looking at her. this exchange didn't go unnoticed by anyone. While dadi grimaced, nani felt proud of not only Arnav but Khushi as well seeing how she was the only person in her grandson's life who had bought about this change in attitude. Arnav then took her other hand in his intertwining their fingers and turned to address his dadi.

"Aap kya jaanti hai Khushi ke baare mein. Aap to yaha thi hi nahi to aap kya jaanti hai ke Khushi ne is ghar ke liye, Di ke liye aur mere liya kya kiya hai. Aapne to sirf Shyam ki baat suni aur yeh maanliyaa ke Khushi is ghar ke liye'." {What do you know about Khushi? You weren't even here so what do you know what Khushi has done for this house, for my Di and for me. You just heard what Shyam said and you believed that Khushi for this house is'..} He had to close his eyes controlling his temper with his grip tightened around Khushi's hand and her other hand gripping his shoulder showing support and trying hard to calm him down. As he opened his eyes a realisation hit him "Ek minute dadi kya aap ko yeh lagta hai ke Khushi bhi us aurat ki tarah hai jiske wajah se maa aaj zinda nahi? Agar aap ko yeh lagta hai iska matlab hum sab aap ke liye kuch bhi nahi. Sirf or sirf is waqt Shyam aap ke liye sab tha. Aap ko esa laga ke jo kuch bhi chaudah saal pehle hua wohi ab ho raha hai? To ab meri baat bhi sun lijiye aur is baar mujhe yakeen hai ke koy bhi is baar mere faisle ke kilaaf nahi jayegaa. Khushi ab is ghar mein jab chaahe aa sakti hai aur jab chaahe jaa sakti hai aur Di kaa khayaal raksakti hai. Jab Di bilkhul theek hojaayengi meri aur Khushi ki shaadi bhi tab hogi aur us waqt mein yeh nahi chaahta ke koy bhi is shaadi ke khilaaf jaayenga. Mein yeh bhi jaanta hoon ke dadi aap Khushi ke khillaf hai aur is shaadi ke bhi to ab aap isi waqt mere ghar se nikal jaaye. Main yeh nahi chaahataa ke jab Khushi is ghar mein hamesha ke liye aajaye to aap Khushi ko koy bhi dukh paunchhe" {Wait a minute dadi did you think Khushi was like that other woman who was responsible for the death of my mum? If you thought that that means all of us mean nothing to you. For you only Shyam means everything. You thought whatever happened fourteen years ago was happening now? Then you listen to me and this time I am sure nobody will go against my decision. Khushi from now on can come in this house at any time and go from this house at any time and she can take care of Di. When Di gets better Khushi and I will get married and at that time I don't want anybody to go against this marriage. I also know dadi that you are against Khushi and this wedding so I want you to get out of this house this very minute. What I don't want is that when Khushi comes to this house forever that anyone upset's her} Arnav declared.

Everyone looked at him in shock.

"Arnav bitwa yeah tum kya keh rahe ho?" {Arnav bitwa what are you saying?}nani asked. "Nani aap nahi jaanti. Dadi ko yeh lagta hai ke Shyam unka beta hai, Di unki bahu aur Khushi who doosri aurat. Yaha tak ki dadi yeh soochti hai ke jab maa ne apni jaan leli to woh maa ki hi galti thi kyun ke woh kamazor thi" {Nani you don't know dadi thinks that Shyam is her son, Di is her daughter-in-law and Khushi is the other woman. She also thinks that when mum committed suicide it was mum's fault because she was weak} looking at his nani. Nani was shocked and hurt that her friend would think that of her daughter. She suddenly felt weak. Both Payal and Manorama came to her side and took her back to her room. "Akash tum dadi ko wapas us ashram mein le jaawoon jaha se yeh aayi hai" {Akash can you take dadi back to the ashram from where she came} saying this he left for his room with Khushi by his side going past his dadi who was just looking shocked. NK and Mahendra went to nani's room to check on her.

Once in Arnav's room Arnav turned to look at Khushi and hugged her as tears started rolling down his eyes, his hurt all coming out feeling helpless again. Khushi hugged him back. "Arnavji mein yeh nahi jaanti ke aap ne yeah sab kyu kiya lekin mein aap ke saath hoon, hamesha. Hum dono saath milkar Di ko sambhaalenge. Aap chintaa mut kijiye sab theek hojayegaa" {Arnavji I don't know why you did what you did but I am with you forever. Together we will take care of Di. Please don't worry everything will be alright} Khushi said. Arnav felt relieved that Khushi was there. She was going to be there now and forever. He knew with her help everything will be fine.

Now all you lovely people do comment even if it is to critisise. I will appreciate it all.


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kriti_atharv IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 7:21am | IP Logged first...*happy dance*

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kriti_atharv IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 7:21am | IP Logged
lemme read first and be back for commenting...
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res... rashi.. change [NO COPY] to [NOCOPY]

----- edit------

Wonderful fic... I hope this happens.. Though it might get stretched into various episodes... I want Shyam to be cornered... 

I want Arnav to be supporting Khushi no matter what ... even after the truth of the past is revealed... 

Crossing my fingers

Awesome fic! 

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kriti_atharv IF-Rockerz

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omg such an amazing os...i would be sooo happy if dadi is kicked out of the house in the show as well...she has become such a pain...loved it very much nthnx 4da pm dear...

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