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TaaRey SS : Bombay to Jothpur Updated Pg 44 (Page 44)

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Pls. update dear

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LOVED ITClapClapHeart


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Swayam :Taani zara woh notepad pass karna please!
Taani mutters,"Hmm" and takes the notepad, hands it to Swayam and yawns.
Swayam raises his eyebrows at her and says,"Taani what's wrong with you? This is the fifth time i'm seeing you yawn! Kal raat ko theek se soyi nahi thi kya?"
Kal raat..." Taani says, dreamily "Woh bhai actually...main kal woh..."
Before she could find an excuse, she feels someone flop down beside her on the couch. She turns around and sees its Rey.
He is resting his head on the couch and his eyes are closed. "Good morning" he mutters sleepily.
Taani tries to hide her smile.
"Tu bhi sleepy hai?!" Swayam asks suspiciously.
"What do you mean Tu bhi? Aur kaun sleepy hai" Rey asks, eyes still closed.
"Taani" Swayam replies. Rey snaps his eyes open at that and looks at Taani. They share a knowing look.
Rey sits up straight and says, " Woh actually Swayam mujhe kal...woh umm room mein bohot garmi lag rahi thi isliyeh so nahi paya theek se...Tu toh jaanta hai na mujhe, AC ke bina mujhe neend nahi aati"
Taani gives him a sympathetic look and turns to Swayam, "Bhai main kal woh sangeet ki planning kar rahi thi aur aap toh mujhe bhi jaante ho na, mujhe in sab cheezon mein kitna intrest...Isliyeh time ka pata hi nahi chala aur kaafi late soyi main"
Swayam : Hmm woh sab toh theek hai but I didn't ask for an explanation guys! But tum log itni explanation de rahe ho toh mujhe doubt ho raha hai.
Taani and Rey look at each other, panicked. They are trying to think of something to dodge this when Sharon comes to their rescue.
Sharon : Swayam will you please leave them alone and do what we are here to do?
Swayam : Oh yeah! Sorry! I was just waiting for everyone to come.
Swayam's cousins come just then.
Swayam : Oh they are here! So guys maine tum sab ko yahaan isliyeh bulaya hai bcoz Pinky didi ki sangeet kal hai and we hav very less time so humein aaj se hi practice shuru karni padegi. Toh guys couple dance ke liye kaun pair rahega, decide quickly and tell me.
Everyone's busy in deciding. Taani and Rey look at each other and smile. Taani is about to give their names when she hears someone say, " Main aur Rey"
She turns around and sees its one of her cousins. She has her arm around Rey's and is smiling at him widely while Rey is looking at her nervously. Taani glares at them and says, "Sorry thats not possible!"
"But Why?" Taani's cousin asks her with a sad puppy face.
"Because Rey mere saath dance karne wale hain...Pinky didi chahti hain ke hum saath mein dance karein"
"Exactly!" Rey says and takes his arm away from hers.
Taani's cousin gets up from there and walks away. Rey and Taani turn to Swayam and say together, "Rey and Taani"
They share a Look Look Hawa Hawa.
Swayam rolls his eyes at them, "Yeh naam maine pehle hi likh liye the"
Taani : (blushes) Oh!
She gets up from there and motions Rey to follow her. He makes up an excuse and goes from there. They walk upto the hall where the rehearsals were going to take place.
Taani turns to him and asks "Bhai knows about us?"
Rey smiles at her mischievously, "What about us?"
Taani looks away and says, "You know what!"
Rey moves closer to her, "Mujhe toh kuch nahi pata...What are you talking about?"
"Rey" Taani says, exasperated. She sighs and turns around to leave muttering "Just forget it!" when she hears Rey call her. She stops.
"Yeah he knows" Rey tells her.
"Really?" Taani asks, surprised "And he's okay with it?"
Rey smiles, "Yeah kind off...Actually Swayam played a big part in making me realize that I lo..."
He stops suddenly realizing his almost slip up. Taani grins at him, mischievously now.
"I lo...what Rey?" Taani says and nudges his shoulder.
"Nothing" Rey says, pretending to be angry.
Taani makes a sad face, "Batao na Rey please"
"Maine kaha na dance ke baad" Rey says, trying to hide his smile.
Taani keeps pleading and Rey keeps refusing her while Swayam, Sharon and everyone else come. Swayam stops on seeing TaaRey.
Sharon notices him staring at TaaRey suspiciously and asks, "Kya hua? Why are you looking at them like that?"
Swayam : Because Something's Fishy...Something's different between them.
Sharon tries to distract him.
Sharon : Aisa kuch nahi hai Swayam! You are just being too suspicious.
Swayam : No i'm not. Just look at them, they are acting like a couple.
Sharon looks at them and sees Taani pretending to be angry now and Rey trying to manaofy her.
Sharon : Okay they are actually acting like one but I would still say ke tum suspicious ho rahe ho.
"Maybe" Swayam says, still not fully convinced. "Anyway chalo, lets start the rehearsals"
They go to TaaRey and Swayam says, "Guys agar tum log ka hogaya toh hum rehearsal ke kiye chalein"
TaaRey blush and nod. They start to go towards the hall.
Sharon glares at Swayam and turns to TaaRey.
Sharon : By the way Rey, Taani have you decided which song are you going to dance on?
Taani : No!
Rey : Yes!
Taani looks at Rey, surprised and asks "Kaunsa song?"
Rey smiles at her and says, "Dil Se Re"
Sharon and Swayam nod in agreement while Taani looks at him, confused.
Sharon : Nice choice!
Someone calls SwaRon for help with some steps and Taani uses the opportunity to ask Rey..."Why Dil Se Re?"
Rey whispers in her ear, "Because I want to see you too this time"
Taani looks at him and blushes,"So...lets start...rehearsing"
"Hmm, but usse pehle I have to ask you something" says Rey.
Taani looks at him, confused and asks, "Kya?"
Rey gives her his sexy charmer smile and says, "Will you dance with me Taani?"
Swayam : Okay guys! Finally we're done with the rehearsals...Great job everyone!
Everyone hoots and claps.
Swayam : Now you all go & rest! Kaafi thak gaye honge...we'll do a final rehearsal tomorrow again.
Everyone agree and go to their respective rooms. Taani & Rey are about to go too when Swayam asks Rey to stop saying he wants to have a talk with him. Taani is worried but leaves unwillingly.
"What did you want to talk about?" Rey asks warily.
"Nothing, bas aise hi generally" says Swayam.
Rey breathes a sigh of relief, "Oh Okay!"
Swayam : Aaj tu aur Taani saath mein kaafi cute lag rahe the!
Rey : (blushes) Thanks! Tum aur Sharon bhi saath mein kaafi cute lagte ho!
Swayam : Aur tera performance FaB hone wala hai, I already know it!
Rey : Thanks again! Tera aur Sharon ka performance bhi rocking hoga!
Swayam : Hmm, Main kal Sharon ko raat mein bahar lekar gaya tha.
Rey : Wow! Main bhi kal Taani ko raat mein bahar lekar gaya tha.
Rey realizes what he just said and looks at Swayam warily. Swayam glares at him and says, "I knew it! I knew it! Tere aur Taani ke beech sab kuch achanak aise theek nahi ho sakta tha...I knew you met her yesterday inspite of me asking you not too"
Swayam gritts his teeth, trying to control himself while Rey accuses him, outraged "You manipulated me"
Swayam answers right back without missing a beat, "You did it first yesterday"
Rey : Whatever! I just met her okay? Koi gunah nahi kiya.
Swayam stays quiet for a while, then he says, "Yeah whatever! Main bhi koi tujhe daatne nahi wala hoon, Kal bhi even when I left you alone I kind off knew ke tu usse milne wala hai...I just wanted to say that...umm Thanks!"
"Thanks?" Rey asks, shocked.
Swayam : Haan thanks...Thanks for making her happy! Taani ko itna khush bohot time ke baad dekha hai...
Rey bursts out laughing and Swayam looks at him confused.
Swayam : Kya hua?
Rey : (still laughing) Tu possessive Bhai types hai yeh toh mujhe pata tha but senti Bhai types bhi hai yeh aaj pata chala.
Swayam : (defensively) Haan hoon toh!
Rey is still laughing...
Swayam glares at him and says, "Mujhe tujhse baat hi nahi karni chahiye thi...I take my Thanks back"
Swayam is about to leave but Rey grabs him by the arm.
He composes himself and says, "Acha i'm sorry! Taani ko khush dekh kar tujhe jitni khushi milti hai usse kai zyaada khushi mujhe use khush karke milti hai and...and I wanted to tell you ke ke baad i'm going to confess my feelings to her."
Swayam looks at him, open mouthed.
Swayam : Oh My God! Tu mujhe yeh itni badi baat ab bata raha hai! (hugs Rey) I'm so happy for you both! Seriously!
Rey hugs him back and says laughing, "Haan dikh raha hai ke tu kitna happy hai"
Swayam leaves him ans says, " Does Sharon know? Tune usse bataya? I'll go tell her"
He leaves happily even before Rey could answer.
Rey : (sighs) Ab bas kal ka intezar hai! When will tomorrow come?
Taani wakes up lazily. She streches her hands and then grabs a teddy and hugs it.
"Finally, the day is here" she says. "Kitna wait kiya tha iss din ka and aaj woh finally aa gaya...Hey Krishna Ji, mujhe toh yakheen hi nahi ho raha ki aaj Rey mujhse..."
She turns in her bed and her eyes fall on the alarm clock. She screams and sits up immediately.
"Subah ke dus baj gaye aur main abhi tak so rahi hoon, I was supposed to meet Rey for rehearsals half an hour ago. He must be so mad...Chal Taani, ab aur time waste mat kar"
She gets up from her bed, showers, changes and hurries to the rehearsal hall.
"Sorry, i'm late" she says as she enters.
She sees everyone already rehearsing and Rey standing in a corner, frowning at her. She looks at him apologetically and hurries over to him.
Taani : Rey i'm so sorry! Main late uthi ti aur pata nahi alarm bhi kyun nahi baja...I'm really really sorry!
Rey's anger melts a little, "Its okay Taani, no big deal"
Taani smiles at him. They wait until everyone clears ouy except SwaRon who were rehearsing too.
TaaRey start their rehearsal. Taani watches as Rey shows her the steps patiently, explains her if she doesn't understand and corrects her if she does anything wrong. She remembers the time he used to train her for beinh the 6th dancer. He had always been a patient teacher. She wondered how someone who was usually so short-tempered could be so patient now. She knew why, it was because he was doing what he loved...Dance. She admired his passion for dance but she wanted to test how long he could control himself. She looked at him with a mischievous smile playing on her lips.
Rey : So this leg goes here and this one here. And tap your feet twice, then turn...hands stretched.
He does the step and shows her.
Rey : Now you go!
Taani : Hmm...
She comes forward confidently and then messes the step purposely. She turns to Rey with a broad smile on her face and asks, "How was it?"
Rey bites his lip and says, "Umm...Not bad! But Taani...woh its not like that, i'll show you once again"
Taani : (nods) Okay!
Rey shows her the step again, "Get it?"
Taani nods and Rey moves back to let Taani do the step. She does it and messes up the leg movement again. She turns to Rey to see his reaction and giggles silently. Rey looks like he's been slapped but when he speaks his voice is still calm, "No Taani, you did the leg movement wrong"
He comes from behind and keeps a hand on her waist and the other hand on her left thigh, "This leg should go here...(moves his hand to the other thigh) and this one here"
Taani is standing completely still, breathing heavily as Rey shows the step to her once again in the same way. Her waist where Rey's hand was resting loosely for support and her thighs where he had touched her were burning. She sucked in a breath sharply but Rey kept teaching unaware of what he was doing to her.
Taani : (thinks) This keeps getting better!
Rey finally moves away and asks, "Cool? Got it?"
Taani says, "Yeah" a little out of breath.
She does the step again and messes it up not purposely but because Rey had distracted her himself this time.
She looks at Rey apologetically. He groans and runs his hands through his hair.
"Taani" Rey says through gritted teeth, "That was...That was...Horrible"
Taani hangs her head, not in embarrassment but because she couldn't control her laughter.
Rey : (frustrated) Its such an easy step pata nahi why aren't you able to do it? Main itna bura teacher hoon kya jo tumhe simple step sikha nahi paa raha hoon...
Taani is laughing silently now.
Rey : ...Ya phir tumhi concentrate nahi kar rahi ho. Pehle tum late aayi,i didnt say anything aur ab tum...
Taani couldn't control herself anymore and she bursts out laughing. Rey looks at her, shocked.
Rey : Main yahaan pagal ho raha hoon and tumhe has rahi ho?
This only makes Taani laugh harder.
Swayam and Sharon who had been witnessing all this start laughing too.
Sharon : (laughs) Rey don't you get it? She had been kidding you!
Rey looks at Taani, shocked while she's still laughing hard, clutching her sides.
Rey : You mean she was messing the step...
SwaRon and Taani complete his sentence, "Purposely!"
Rey's mouth turns into a thin line while the others are laughing again. He looks at Taani with a fake smile on his face and says, "Taani Shekawat...You're so dead!"
Taani screams and starts running. Rey runs after her.
Taani : Rey, I'm sorry...I just wanted to see how patient you are.
Rey : Abhi batata hoon kitna patient hoon.
Taani runs and hides behind Swayam.
Taani : Bhai save me!
Rey tries to get hold of her but Taani keeps getting Swayam in the middle.
Rey glares at him and says, "Swayam stop it"
Swayam : I'm not even doing anything!!!
Rey turns his attention towards Taani, "Taani apne Bhai ke piche chipna bandh karo...I though ke tum apni problems khud handle karna chahti ho"
This angers Taani and she comes out from behind Swayam, "I do and I can handle ny own problems"
Rey nods in agreement. He uses the opportunity and grabs Taani by the waist and starts tickling her, "Bohot hasi aa rahi thi na? Lo ab aur haso."
Taani : (laughing) Rey plz stop, Rey...I'm sorry!...Really Sorry! Rey plz!
Rey leaves her and says, "Don't mess with me next time...Now lets rehearse, waise hi tumne bohot time waste kar diya"
Taani nods and as Rey turns to go, Taani sticks out her tongue at him and follows him.
Sharon : (smiles) They're so cute, hai na?
Swayam makes a face, "Yeah sickeningly cute"
Sharon rolls her eyes at him.
Later that afternoon, all the girls are getting mehendi applied to their hands including Taani and Sharon. ReYam are standing in a corner admiring them.
Taani : Pinky didi, aapne apni mehendi mein jeeju ka naam toh likhvaya na?
Pinky didi blushes and says, "Yes"
All the girls go "Aww!"
Rey and Swayam look at each other and say together, "Girls!"
Rey : Waise Swayam what's this mehendi mein naam likhvane ki rasam?
Swayam : Its not a rasam, its just something girls do...Apne hone wale husband ya boyfriend ya love even crush ka naam ya unke naam ka first letter likhvana mehendi mein.
Rey : (thoughtfully) Oh!
Swayam : Tere dimag mein kya chal raha hai?
Rey : Nothing! I was just wondering ke Taani ne mera naam likhvaya hoga ke nahi?
Swayam : Hmm! No idea.
Rey sees Taani getting up to go somewhere and blowing on her hands to dry the mehendi. He smiles and says, "Time to find out! Bye Swayam!"
He sneaks into the corridor Taani was in and calls out her name. Taani turns, surprised.
Taani : Rey? Kya hua? Koi kaam tha?
Rey : Haan I just wanted to see your mehendi!
Saying this, he comes close to her and takes one of her hands gently. He looks at the mehendi and Taani blushes. Rey immediately spots the "R" in her mehendi.
"I so knew it" he says triumphantly.
"Knew what?" Taani asked, confused.
Rey : Yehi ki tumne apni mehendi mein mera naam zaroor likhvaya hoga...
Taani turns red and pulls her hand away from Rey's.
Taani : (stutters) Umm...Umm maine nahi likhvaya.
Rey : Oh really? (he grabs her hand again and shows the R to her) Toh phir yeh kya hai?
Taani : (defensively) Umm woh kya hai na...maine uss mehendi wali ko apna naam likhne kahaan tha, haan! But I guess usne galat sun liya hoga...
Rey : Oh Okay! But I wonder usne R kahaan se suna hoga...Tumhare naam mein toh R kahin nahi aata Miss Taani Shekawat.
Taani looks away and Rey smiles.
Taani : Woh kya hua na, I told her my name aur...
Rey : Aur...
Taani : Maine Taani kaha aur usne na...usne Raani sub liya. Haan! (fake laughs) And usne T ki jagah R likh diya... How stupid! (laughs again)
Rey : Hmm...How stupid!
Taani forces a smile at him and says quickly before Rey could catch her lie, "Main Chalti hoon"
She turns around to go and Rey grabs her hand and pulls her back against his chest. He moves her hair from her ear and whispers in it, "Woh stupid thi hogi, main nahi hoon! I'm really glad ke tumne mera naam apne haath mein likhvaya"
Taani is about to protest when Rey says, "Sshhh"
Taani shivers against him and Rey again whispers in her ear, "Get Ready for the Dance, Taani...Our Time is Here"
He plants a kiss on her cheek, leaves her hand,moves away and goes from there, smiling.
Taani is standing there, completely still. She finally lets out a breath and tries to calm her feelings down. She was feeling so much all at once that it was driving her crazy...Anticipation, Excitement, Nervousness, Passion, Love. She is lost in her thoughts when she hears someone calling her. She snaps out of her trance and sees her small cousin, Raj.
Taani : Kya hua?
Raj : Taani dii main aapko kabse bula raha hoon...aap kahaan khoyi ho?
Taani : Sorry! Bolo kya hua?
Raj : Woh aapke liye phone hai...
Taani : Kiska?
Raj : Pata Nahi...Naam nahi bataya.
Taani : Okay!
She's about to go when Raj says...
Raj : Aur aapko woh Rey bhaiya ne kaha hai ke aap yahaan pe khadi na rahe aur jaldi tayaar hoyein!
Taani : (laughs) Unko kaho woh mujh par nazar na rakhein aur khud bhi tayaar hoyein!
Raj leaves from there, nodding and Taani laughs and goes to attend the call and get ready for the time she had been waiting for.

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I knw guys, this is really long but bear with me plz! And sorry this doesn't have the dance or the confession...I didnt write it bcoz bina likhe hi itna lamba ho gaya...Sorry! Hope u like it Unhappy

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Zara_92 IF-Sizzlerz

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OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Superb update Sana Clap

How much I loved this update !!!! It was sooo adorable and I could readily imagine everything <33

Mazaa aagaya :P
Update sooon

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OMG OMG OMG am i seeing it right jaani updated !! pinch me !! i shoccked Shocked Shocked !! 

okay coming to the update OMG i was bushign n laughign through out the SS !! it adorable but hot update tha !! uff TaaRey nok jhks n pyaar was AMAZING!! i LOVED IT!! Swaya possessiven senti bhai ufff sooo AWESOME!!  fab job jaani loved iit !! i cant wait for the update !! confession update jaldi jaldi cant waitBig smileMuaahhhxx this update brought a huge smile on my faceBig smile

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hi sweety this one was cant get anymore cute!!!!!

aww Ticklish TaaRey,dance wale omg loved it<3 awsum update soon..wanna see like this TaaRey on screen Day Dreaming swayum catching rey with his own wordsLOL nice update sana ...waiting for the confession..dont mind we  alwayz like lamba updates n this one was amazing!!

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