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TaaRey SS : Bombay to Jothpur Updated Pg 44 (Page 35)

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Originally posted by zara.92

Zara Angry I'm writing! Sabar rakho...its a really long update

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Lol I bet its the last update :p
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Originally posted by zara.92

Lol I bet its the last update :p
No...2nd or 3rd last LOL I know mera SS kuch zyaada hi lamba ho gaya
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Originally posted by SanaR1108

Originally posted by zara.92

Lol I bet its the last update :p
No...2nd or 3rd last LOL I know mera SS kuch zyaada hi lamba ho gaya

Lol nevermind :p the more the merrier :p
Likho likho ...
Happie writing :p

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UPDATE FAST...!!!!!!!!!!
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aur kitna wait kraogi
jan galeme aake aatki hui hai
updat plzzz
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Sorry for taking so long to uodate! Embarrassed and Thank you everyone for ur comments, love u all!

This part is dedicated to Zara who had been eating my dimaag to update


"Ghanta Kamaal ki feeling hai yaar" says Rey in frustration and turns around to face Sharon and Swayam who were staring into each other's eyes and smiling. He folds his arm and glares at them.

"Main yahaan itna important discussion kar raha hoon and you guys aren't even listening" he says, outraged. Swayam and Sharon snap out of their trance and blush.

Swayam : Sorry what? Kya keh raha tha tu?

Rey gives him a sugary smile and says, "I was saying ke teri behen se pyaar karke I'm feeling out of this world"

Swayam : Rey I told you, mere saamne yeh "I love Taani" wali baatein mat kar'.

Rey : Toh aur kya karoon, main pehle hi itna irritated hoon and tum mujhe aur irritate kar rahe ho.

Swayam : Arrey par what did I do?

Rey : Oh plz! Ab itna bhola mat'.

Sharon : (shouts) Guys, stop it!...Itni si baat par kitna lad rahe ho, just forget it and Rey please calm down and tell me what happened?

Rey : Umm, woh'woh I am kind of'kind of missing Taani! I know this is crazy, abhi two hours, three minutes aur (he looks at his watch) 48 seconds pehle toh usse mile tha but I'm already missing her.

Swayam smiles.

Swayam : Don't worry, aisa hota hai! Mere saath bhi bohot hua hai.

He looks at Sharon and she blushes and says, "Mere saath bhi"

Rey glares at them again and takes a breath, "Guys, romance baad mein karna'Can you concentrate on my problem for now?"

Swayam : Its not such a big problem, usse milega toh theek ho jayega.

Rey : Really?

Sharon & Swayam : Yeah!

Rey : (smiles) Okay Fine! Phir main usse milke aata hoon.

Swayam's smile drops as Rey starts moving towards the door. He grabs Rey by the arm and says "Are you crazy? Time dekha hai tune'its 1 am, woh so gayi hogi"

Rey : Aur agar nahi soyi hogi toh'I can't wait until morning yaar, mujhe neend nahi aayegi! Plz understand!

Swayam : Whatever! Tu kahin nahi jayega'Itni raat ko I won't let you go to my sister's room, Bas!

Rey's jaw drops, "What do you think I'll do? Dude, I just want to spend time with her, okay?"

Swayam : I don't know anything. Bas you are not going anywhere warna main'

Rey : Warna kya?

Swayam : Warna main...main Taani ko tere khilaaf bhadka dunga.

Rey : What? Swayam tu itna possessive kyun ho raha hai...Sharon look at what he is saying.

Swayam : Don't bring her in this, main tujhe sidhe sidhe bol raha hoon, tu bhi chup chap sun le.

Rey was about to say something, when Sharon comes in between Rey and Swayam and stops them.

Sharon : Haan woh sun lega, you just calm down and Rey you need to sleep, this Taani ko milne wala idea of yours is crazy and you know it too! And kuch problem ho rahi hai toh sleep it off.

Rey : Sharon tum bhi?

Sharon : Haan, main bhi!

Rey starts to protest when Sharon winks at him and he stops suddenly understanding that she is trying to get Swayam out of the way, he pretends to be angry and mutters, "Okay Fine"

Sharon turns back to Swayam and says, "Problem Solved'now lets leave him alone"

She grabs him by the arm and takes him away from there.

Rey quietly sneaks out of the house and goes towards the backyard. He looks at Taani's window and smiles.

Rey : We're in the same house but pipe se chad ke tumhe surprise karne ka maza hi kuch aur hoga.

He goes to the pipe, keeps a leg on it and says "Hey Krishna Ji, bacha lena"

He starts climbing the pipe, reaches Taani's window and sees her pacing the room, muttering angrily.

Taani : Yeh Pinky Didi bhi na, aisi demand rakh di hai ke ab main kya karoon...kuch samajh nahi aa raha hai. Socha tha Rey ko ignore karungi par ab toh I'll have to play nice with him again'And as if this wasn't enough, I'll have to dance with him too.

Rey brightens up, "What the hell is she talking about? But Jo bhi hai acha hai"

Taani goes on, "Aur Rey ko engagement mein itna dance karne ki kya zaroorat thi, aisa lag raha tha dubara dance karne nahi milega isliyeh abhi saari kasar nikal rahein hai...Huh! Ab Pinky Didi ho gayi hain impress and she wants me to dance with Rey on her sangeet...And I can't even refuse her, bura maan jayengi. Hey Krishna Ji, aap hi batao ab main kya karoon"

Rey smiles and thinks, "Oh! Toh yeh baat hai...Great! Yehi mauqa hai Rey, Dance pe Chance maarne ka"

Just then, Taani notices Rey at the window and lets out a small scream. Rey winks at her.

Taani : Rey what are you doing here? Are you crazy? Kisi ne dekha toh nahi na aapko?'Agar dekh liya toh kya sochenge!

Rey : Taani I'm not exactly in a position to answer now. Kabhi bhi gir sakta hoon, so first help me.

Taani helps him climb the window and come to the room. Rey dusts off his jeans and looks up at Taani, smiling. His smile disappears when he sees her glaring at him, arms folded.

Taani : So tell me now, what are you doing here?

Rey : Mujhe na tumhare Krishna Ji ne bheja hai. He told me you are in some big problem and only I can help you. Toh batao what can I do for you?

Taani's jaw drops and she says, outraged "You were listening to me"

Rey : (smiles) Yes!

Taani glares at him at him and says, "You're such a'"

Rey : Uh-huh, Taani! Don't make that mistake'Remember you have to play it nice with me.

Taani grits her teeth and tries to control her temper, she says to him with a sugary smile "Ofcourse!"

Rey : Good! Now convince me!

He walks over to her bed and lies on it, one hand resting on his chest and the other behind his head, "Aur jaldi karna, mere paas zyaada time nahi hai"

Taani : (fake smiles) Rey, kya aap please mere saath sangeet par dance karenge? Main maari jaa rahi hoon aapke saath dance karne ke liye

Rey : No sarcasm allowed! Feel ke saath bolo Taani'Come on, you can do it!

Taani groans but tries to convince him again sounding as genuine as possible, "Rey please dance with me on the Sangeet"

Rey sighs dramatically and gets up from the bed and grabs Taani by the shoulders, "Still not right Taani'I said feel ke saath bolo"

Taani moves his arms from her shoulders and says frustrated, "Nahi hota mujhse"

Rey : Okay Fine! Lagta hai mujhe hi tumhari help karni padegi

He starts moving towards and Taani instinctively moves backwards. He corners her by the wall and blocks her way, each hand at one side. Their eyes meet and Rey leans towards her, Taani sucks in a breath and backs up against the wall more. She looks away.

Rey : Ab feel aa rahi hai?

Taani looks up at him, surprised and smiles. She pretends to be shy and says, "Haan"

Rey : Then say it!

Taani : Rey, I wanted'to say ki'

Rey : Ki'?

Taani : Ki aap'aap

Rey : Haan main'?

Taani : (shouts) Ki aap bhaad mein jao! Mujhe aapke saath koi dance wance nahi karna hai, I'll tell Pinky Didi ke aap convince nahi hue.

Rey chuckles and moves away.

Rey : And I'll tell Pinky Didi ke Taani ne mujhse koi baat hi nahi ki iss bare mein.

He covers his mouth with a hand and pretends to be shocked.

Taani : (outraged) Aap jhoot bolenge?

Rey : Yes! And socho Pinky Didi ko kitna bura lagega!

Taani groans in frustration and says, "Okay Fine! Aapko convince karne ke liye kya karna padega'I know aap aise toh nahi maan ne wale hain"

Rey : Smart Girl! Jao jaa kar tayaar ho kar aao.

Taani eyes him suspiciously, "Why?"

Rey : Because hum ice cream khaane jaa rahein hai!

Taani : What? Are you crazy, Rey? Aapne time dekha hai?

Rey : Haan dekha hai and it doesn't matter coz mera ice cream khaane ka and jodhpur ghoomne ka man hai, so tum mujhe ghoomaogi.

Taani opens her mouth to protest but then shuts it, knowing that Rey won't listen to her now. She walks over to the cupboard, grabs a dress and was about to go to change when she hears Rey say, "Nahi woh wala nahi"

He shuffles through her dresses, selects a red churidar and gives it to her, "Yeh pehno"

She shrugs and says, "Fine, whatever!"

Rey and Taani quietly sneak out of the house and into the garden.

Taani : You know I hate you for making me go out with you at this time and all but I really enjoyed the sneaking out.

She grins at him and Rey says, "Abhi toh bas shuruat hai, aage aur maza aayega'Raat abhi jawaan hai"

Rey watches her as she laughs and leads the way out, her earlier angriness all forgotten. This was one of the things he loved about Taani, she never held grudges against any one. Not even Shivam. His face fell as he thought about him. Taani notices this and asks "Kya hua?" sounding concerned.

Rey : Nothing! Bas woh Shivam yaad aa gaya'.Tumhara ex-boyfriend!

Taani : Oh Please, Rey! Don't start again!

Rey : Start toh tumhe nahi karna chahiye tha, that drama with him!

Taani : (shouts) I did it for you and aapko toh koi khadar hi nahi hai.

She starts to go away from there but Rey grabs her by the arm and makes her face him.

"Kyun? Why did you do it for me? I've always wanted to know Taani!" he asks her softly.

She looks away and says bitterly, "Isn't it obvious, Rey? You know all about my feelings"

Rey : Yes I do but you don't know about mine!

Taani looks at him, confused.

Taani : What do you mean?

Rey : (smiles) Itni jaldi kya hai! Have some patience'

He leaves her hand and starts walking again. Taani follows him.

Taani : Aur kitna patience? I'm tired now'Aaj aap bata hi do!

Rey : Aaj nahi...

Taani : Kyun? Aaj mein kya problem hai?

Rey : Koi problem nahi hai but koi special baat bhi toh nahi hai!

Taani : Arrey par'

Rey : Par Var kuch nahi'Tumhe jo bhi answers chahiye woh sab dance ke baad dunga.

Taani : Dance ke baad? Pakka?

She extends her hand. Rey smiles and gives his hand in hers.

Rey : Pakka'ab chalo!

He interlocks his fingers with her and holds her tightly. Taani looked at their and then at Rey. Tingles shoot up her arm and she curses herself for having these reactions to him even after he was being so annoying.

Rey : Yahaan pe khali roads ke alava aur kuch hai kya, mujhe ice cream khani hai.

Taani : Haan haan, raat ke do baje sab apni dukaan especially aapke liye khuli rakhenge na?

Rey glares at her, "No sarcasm allowed, remember! Warna no dance and no answers"

Taani says "Sorry" to him and then mutters angrily under her breath. She hangs her head and walk in silence for a while.

Rey : (thinks) Oh god! Main phirse kuch zyaada toh nahi bol gaya'Ab kya karoon?

He looks around, trying to find some way to distract Taani when he suddenly spots an ice cream stall. He points it out to Taani and says, "Look Taani!" He watches as Taani brightnes up looking at the stall and smiles.

They walk over to the stall and Rey says to the man, "Excuse me! Do ice cream dena'Butterscotch (turns to Taani) and'? Which flavor do you want?"

Taani grins and says, "Strawberry'Nahi kulfi, Nahi Chocolate'Haan chocolate"

Rey laughs, "Are you sure?"

Taani : Yeah!

The man gives Rey his ice cream and then extends a chocolate ice cream towards Taani. She smiles and tries to pull her hand from Rey's but he just tightens his grip on her. She looks at him, annoyed.

"Rey mujhe ice cream khani hai'chodiye!" she says, innocently.

"Toh khao'Left hand se" Rey replies without looking at her.

Taani's mouth turns into a thin line but then she remembers that she has to be nice with Rey and doesn't say anything. She takes the ice cream with her left hand and struggles to eat it. Rey looks at her out of the corner of his eye and smiles.

After a while, they finish their ice cream and Rey asks the man, "Haan kitna hua bhaiya?

The man : 20 rupees!

Rey takes his wallet out from his pocket and tries to take the money out with his free hand but fails. Taani chuckles silently and Rey turns to her for help but she looks away, pretending to see the surroundings. He sighs and tries again. This time the wallet falls to the ground. Taani laughs and Rey glares at her. He bends to retrieve the wallet, still holding Taani's hand so she stumbles on her feet when he bends and grabs Rey's arm for support. Taani watches as Rey takes the wallet, stands up and looks at her hand on his arm. She becomes conscious and jerks her hand away. Rey smiles seeing her blush furiously. He turns to the man and and asks him for help this time.

"Zyaada mat le lena haan" he jokes and extends the wallet to the man.

Taani feels Rey loosen his grip on her hand while giving the wallet to the man. She smiles mischievously and slowly jerks her hand away from Rey's and starts running away from there, laughing.

Rey looks at her running, grabs his wallet back from the man, slams 100 bucks on his hand and runs to catch up with Taani.

Taani sees Rey following her and sticks out her tounge at him, "Catch me if you can"

Rey smirks and says, "Is that a challenge?"

Taani shouts, "Yes!" and starts running faster.

Rey chases after her, both of them laughing.

After a while, Taani stops hearing footsteps behind her. She slows her pace, turns to check and comes to a halt suddenly when she doesn't see Rey or anyone else there. It was just her standing on the empty road and she had no idea where she was. Her heart beat quickens and she desperately tries to look for Rey.

"Rey! Rey! Rey!" she keeps calling out his name but there's no response.

"Hey, Krishna ji! Plz help me" she chokes and is close to tears when she feels strong hands grabbing her waist from behind. She turns around, shocked and sees Rey grinning at her.

"I won! Got you!" he says but his face falls when he notices tears in Taani's eyes.

She wraps her arms around his neck and hugs him tightly as she cries in his arms. Rey holds her tightly and runs his hand through her hair, trying to calm her down. He had never seen Taani break down like this, she was literally shaking in his arms.

"Taani its okay, I'm here! I'm here" Rey keeps on repeating and soothing her.

Taani finally composes herself and leaves Rey. Rey moves her hand from her waist to her face and cups it. He makes her look at him.

"Don't do that ever again! I was so scared" Taani says, choking on tears.

"I'm Sorry" Rey says and wipes her tears with a thumb, his eyes welling up too. He leans closer to her and presses his lips against her one cheek and then the other, kissing her tears away. Taani clutches Rey's arm as they look at each other passionately and Rey finally brings down his lips to hers. Taani closes her eyes, melting into the kiss. Rey deepens the kiss and his fingers slide down the back of her neck, tracing its shape and every place they touched was electric. Taani tightened her hold on him and...

Pulled back immediately, her eyes wide, "What...What are you doing?" she asks.

"I don't know" Rey says with a grin. "But I'm pretty sure you were doing it too"

Taani blushes and looks away from him, "I...I...Lets go! Its getting late" she says and starts walking.

Rey follows her and says, "Stop holding yourself back, Taani. I know I hurt you but ab main..."

Taani stops and turns around, "Ab aap kya'? What is going on with you? Aap khud toh confused ho hi, mujhe bhi confuse kar rahe ho."

Rey clasps her hands and holds them to his chest while leaning down to her, "I'm not confused about my feelings, Taani and neither are you after that kiss. You are just scared to accept it. You are scared that I'll hurt you again"

Taani sighs and says, "You are right! That's why I want to hear you say it"

"I will say it...After the dance! I want to make it special for you...Make up for last time." Rey says and winks at her.

"Oh! So you are ready to dance with me?" Taani says and smiles.

Rey sighs dramatically and says, "Kya Karoon? You managed to convince me."

Taani laughs and pulls her hands away from his.

She grabs him by the arm and starts walking, "Ab chaliye warna ghar mein kisi ko pata chal gaya ke we're not there toh aapko chodenge nahi"

They laugh and head back to the house.

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TaaRey Confession <3

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Editted -

U wrote it for me and I'm the first one to comment :p see the looove ? LOL :p

WOW !!! I simply loved it !!!! The way rey goes to taani's room inspite of swayam warning him :p hw desperately he wants to be wid taani (blushes) and the pipe climbin (epic) and then ice-cream (awww) it was the sweetest yet weirdest thing he wantd in the middle of the night and finally they kiissseddd *yippee* !! Awesome awesome update sano :p
Can't wait for the next one :p m ready to spam :p :p xoxoxo

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