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Arhi: Desert Rose #2 Chapter 17 updated page 116 (Page 38)

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Oh my ... All you're admirers seem to have lined up.. abhi toh karneka padi

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Eagerly waiting for you to update

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Hey plzzz update soon!!!!!!!!

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Originally posted by mistyrains

Sorry, sorry, so sorry, I know I'm late, and terribly so.


The chapter was not a word short of stunning. Even though I hadn't been expecting the sweet afterglow kind of situation, the events unfolding the beautiful night were a little to startling. And when Arnav was saying all those things to her I cried, a bit, but still I did. The anguish, the anger, everything was written with a tender hand. Just beautiful Charlotte!:)

Hope exams went well? Smile

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Big smile
Originally posted by peepli

Oh my ... All you're admirers seem to have lined up.. abhi toh karneka padi

Of course... doing it right now...I have been promised jalebis Big smile
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Originally posted by tanurocks

waiting...plz update..will give u jalebies

jalebi ke liye kuch bhi karega Big smile
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Thanks for all your wonderful comments. And a special thanks to all those whowrite a little extra.I am sorry for not being able to reply to everyone.
For those who ask "Who the hell isRia and Suraj?" ---- Ria is AR's event manager, as mentioned by Anjali in the first few chapters. Suraj is the guy who proposed to Khushi in the first chapter.
Desert Rose ' Chapter 14
ARNAV looked at the worried faces of Anjali and Akash, as they stepped into his room, Shyam in tow.He had arrived at the Haveli a few minutes ago and was just about to refresh himself before lunch.
'What happened?' he asked them, taking off his coat.
'Mamiji is dead against this match Chotte,' said Anjali in a low voice.
Arnav looked at Akash and asked him, 'Did you tell her Payal is expecting your baby?'
Akash was silent. 'Why the hell not?' demanded Arnav.
'As soon as I told her about Payal, she got hysterical and fainted,' said Akash, 'after that I didn't get a chance to tell her as she refuses to speak to me.'
In other words he hadn't been able to summon up the courage to stand up to his mother. 'What about Nani?' he asked.
'Nani has no problem with Payal,' Anjali said a little enthusiasm entering her voice. 'She met Payal and Khushiji and loved both the girls on sight. I guess their Lucknow connection worked in their favour here. But even she has been unable to convince mamiji.'
'You know what Akash?' Arnav said looking at the pale face of his brother, 'You told me the other day that you don't really need my blessings. I would suggest you say the same thing to your mother as well.'
'Bhai, I am sorry about that --- I really am,' he said with a catch in his throat, 'you have got to help me.'
'Why me?  Arnav demanded, acrimoniously. 'Take the people who decided to bring mamiji here to solve the problem,' he said without looking at Anjali. He stepped into the bathroom and shut the door with a bang.
Later, that night, Arnav was summoned to mami's room. As he entered the room, he found nani, Anjali and Shyam assembled there. There seemed to be an awkward silence in the room, all their faces sombre, while his sister looked a shade paler.
'What happened?' he asked for the second time that day. 'Is this about Akash and Payal?'
'Arnav bitwa, all these people have been trying to convince me to get Akash married to that girl,' she lamented.  'You are one person who understands me very well. You have to help me here.'
'Well mami '..I think that ___' he began only to be cut off by mamiji.
'How can I get my only son married to a girl whose sister is so '.wanton?'
'What the ___?' said Arnav in disbelief.What the [email protected]#$ was mami talking about?
'Chotte'.. mamiji '. apparently heard some '..rumours from her relatives in Katariasar,' Anjali managed to say.
'What rumours?' he asked, his voice icy, his brown orbs glinting dangerously.
Anjali hesitated, looking utterly uncomfortable. But mamiji had no such trouble. 'It's about that girl and you,Arnav bitwa,'shebeganin her shrill voice,'I believe,you took her to Keshav's house for the Sangeet ceremony? Some relatives of mine, who happened to be present there, thought you had married and were offended that they were not invited to the wedding.'
'What the [email protected]#$!' This time Arnav couldn't stop himself from swearing, expressing his exasperation.
'Chotte!' admonished nani, 'you forget that this is Raisar, not Delhi. Here you cannot simply take a girl out to other people's ceremonies unless you are married or betrothed to her. You come from a royal lineage and you have a certain reputation to maintain.'
'My relatives will not let me live this down,' cried mamiji, 'how am I going to show my face when I visit the next time?'
Arnav knew that mami was making a mountain out of a mole hill. If the situation was not so serious he would have laughed his head off.  'That's it? I can't take a girl to a ceremony?' Arnav asked his face wrought with disbelief, 'this is the 21st century for God's sake!'
'Umm' there another thing,' began Shyam hesitatingly, 'Guman'.Bhairav' nephew saw you at the Desert Festival, holding Khushiji's hand and then later he saw you entering the tent carrying Khushiji'..' Shyam stopped as Anjali clutched his hand.
'Shyam!' she cried as she looked at Arnav with fear.
'Rani Sahiba, isn't it better to hear this from me rather than some outsider?'he said looking at Arnav's reaction surreptitiously. 'It's not that I believe it. Not one bit. In fact, I have strictly warned him not to spread such rumours.'
'[email protected]#$%^*!' Arnav swore under his breath. 'I don't care what anyone thinks!' he spat out in, his eyes trained on Shyam, 'what I do with my life is nobody's concern.'
'That might be true for you, saalesaab' Shyam interposed, 'but it is Khushiji's reputation that is at stake here.'
'After knowing this I definitely cannot allow my son to marry the sister of girl whose reputation is tarnished!'mamiji declared dramatically.
'Manorama!'exclaimed naniji, 'we don't even know if what damadji heard was the truth.'
'I am sorry saasuma,' said mamiji relentless in her resolve, 'Going by Arnav bitwa's reputation, this may not really be too far from the truth. Just being seen with him is enough.'
'Mamiji!Manorama!'Both Anjali and naniji exclaimed in unison at mami'sinsulting comment.
Mami went on with her tirade. 'I agree that Akash bitwahas made a mistake'.. but I attribute that  to lack of proper role model after having lost his father at very young age.
'I will not let him pay for that one little mistake.'
Anjali looked at Arnav, his face drained of all colour as his whole body shook with anger.He turned around and strode away from the room, without looking back at anyone, only one sentence stuck in his head. Lack of proper role model''.
Anjali knocked on the door to Arnav's room,as he sat on his bed, his head in his hands. 'I am sorry, Chotte.' Anjali said in a low voice. 'It's all my fault.'
'Di ____' he returned, only to be cut off by her.
'Let me finish Chotte,' she said, a catch in her voice, 'you have to know that it was my idea to send Khushiji out with you that day.'
'Yes, I was the one who convinced her that it was the only way to let Akash and Payal meet,' she said evenly, 'I also told her there was no time as you were planning to take Akash to the States for treatment.'
'I am sorry Chotte, I was so blinded by the idea of helping Akash that I didn't think for a moment how you would feel.' She said, tears streaming down her face.
'Di, please don't cry,' he said coming up to her. 'You should know something as well. I was going to let Akash and Payal meet that day.'
'Oh God!'Anjali was horrified.
'That night, I was upset that you had played a role in this,' he continued,'but I have had some time to think over it and realized that you only had Akash's happiness in mind.'
'Thanks Chotte,' she exclaimed, hugging him tight. She raised her head and cupped his cheek affectionately as she said, 'Now you should forgive Khushiji as well.'
Arnav turned away from her, his body stiffening, 'I don't want to talk about it Di.'
'But Chotte ___'
'Please Di '' I know how to handle this,' he said cutting her off, 'We have had a stressful day. I think you should go to sleep.'
'Chotte'' she paused, 'you are good brother.' She said, reminding him about mami's hurtful words.
'No Chotte, I am you older sister and let me say it,' she said her eyes flashing with pride. 'You and I know how you took care of this family, giving up your dreams and aspirations.
'Don't you ever let a bunch of freeloaders tell you otherwise, do you hear me?'
'Di?' aske Arnav a mischievous smile entering his lips as he said, 'are you by any chance calling yourself a freeloader?'
'Yes and I don't mind it!' she said emphatically, 'Iam staying under the roof of a person who I love most in the world and I am proud of it,' she said, her infectious smile lighting up her entire face.
'Quiet Di'.. lest your husband should hear it.' He joked through his unshed tears.
'It's ok'..he knows.' Anjali said wiping the tears from her face.
Shyam turned away from Arnav's door, seething, their mutual admiration for each other disgusting him to no end.He thought about this morning when Arnav had taunted him for bringing in mamiji. How dare he talk like that? He had no respect for his brother-in-law or older sister. Just because he was the owner of the house it didn't mean that he should treat everyone like subordinates. He had tried to talk to Anjali about that but she had covered up for her brother as usual. Their closeness nauseated him.
It was his bad luck that mamiji turned out be a clamours bitch. She had completely shot down Akash, Anjali and then later him as well, when he had tried to intervene. Thoughts of closing his hands around her throat had crossed his mind at one point. He would have probably convinced her in time, but his dearest wife had panicked and called her brother yesterday. He had promised Khushi that he would help her. He hit his fist against the wall in frustration. He hadn't even seen her today, because of this drama, missing the daily routine of visiting the guest house with Anjali.
But he had to give it to mamiji for putting Arnav in his place. He had derived a sadistic pleasure from his brother-in-law's disparagement. He deserved that and lots more. He was sick and tired of him taking away all the laurels since he was in college. He realized the matter had just got a lot tougher, especially in lieu of the rumours. Their attendance at a Sangeet was understandable, but their activities in the Desert Festival, was unexpected, if not from Arnav, at least from Khushi. And if he hadn't heard it from Guman himself, he wouldn't have believed it.
On the other hand, it made things easier for him didn't it? He knew for a fact that Arnav wasn't the committing type. He would be there for Khushi when Arnav discarded her like used tissue.
The next morning, Khushi walked into Arnav's office with trepidation. It was a week since that fateful night and her heart skipped a beat, as she saw him, his head bent over his lap top. An errant lock lay on his forehead, escaping the confines of his neatly combed hair, making her want to run her hands through it. As he looked up from his laptop memories of that night came back, suffusing her entire body in heat from her head to toe, her heart beating wildly in her breast.
Arnav eyes reflected the same conundrumas he took in her simple purple kurti, her hair pulled back from her face with clips, braided into a simple plaitthat fell delicately down her breast. When he looked at her make-up free face, he was reminded once again how blatantly young and beautiful she was. He quickly moved up his eyes to look into hers, his mouth tightened into a grim line, as he caught the sadness in them.
'Sit.' he saidhuskily,
Khushi sat down on the chair and Arnav came round to her, went down on his haunches and picked up her foot,placing on his thigh to inspect it.
'That has healed,' she said softly, as she pulled her feet back from his grasp. It is the wound in the heart that hasn't healed, she added silently. 'You wanted to talk to me?' she asked him hurriedly not wanting to linger at the joy she felt at his concern.
'Looks like your sacrifices are not going to go waste after all,' he saidgruffly, as he stood up, his face stoic.
'What do you mean?' she asked him constrictedly.
'You said you did what was best for Akash and Payal.' He said reminding her about her parting lines. 'And that has paid off, I should say, because Akash and Payal will get married after all.'
His cruel words were twisting the knife that was already lodged in her heart, but she pushed the feeling aside when she asked him, 'I thought mamiji was not happy with the alliance.'
'Yes, she is still not happy.' He looked directly at her. 'But she could be convinced.'
'Oh?' Khushi said, looking a little sceptical, 'Payal will be happy.'
'But before you call the band baaja,' he said mockingly, 'let me tell you that there is one condition.' 
Of course! thought Khushi exasperated. She knew there had to be a catch somewhere. 'What condition?' she asked him warily.
'You will marry me.'
Khushi wasn't sure she had heard right. 'What?' she asked him her eyes going wide as saucers. 'Are you joking?'
'Do I look like I am joking?' he countered, 'Do you usually behave like this when you receive a proposal?'
'If the proposal sounds more like a business deal --- yes!' she said emphatically.
'Were you expecting me to get down on my knees?' he asked her, lacing his tone with sarcasm.
'No,' she said thickly. 'I would never expect that from someone like you.' she added contemptuously.
'I thought someone like you wouldn't be averse to this -- condition --- under the circumstances.'
Her anger rose as the meaning of what he was saying sunk into her. 'What has it got to do with Payal and Akash's marriage?'
'I don'tfind it necessary to explain.'
She wanted to tell him what he could do with his "condition".'Then my answer is no!'
'What's your frigging problem Khushi?' he asked her arrogantly, 'You found yourself a rich man. You would not have to work for the rest of your life. You are just playing hardball, aren't you?
'Unless',' He paused, 'You have some rich fool waiting for you back in Delhi.'
The image of her neighbour Suraj, owner of a sweet meat stall in Laskhminagar, flashed before her eyes, a flash of pain crossing her face as she remembered his sweet proposal.
'[email protected]#$!' Arnav swore, a bewildering anger enveloping him, as he saw her face.'You left some loser hanging in Delhi, with the hope that you will marry him some day?' he asked derisively.
'Surajji is a good man from a good family,' she said, emphatically, confirming his doubts.
'Do you love him?' he asked her his voice dangerously quiet.
'Someone recently told me that love is highly overrated,' she said, the pain in her heart increasing, 'But, between you and him, I'd rather marry him,' she declared her face stoic.
'Is that right?' he said, his face hardening, his eyes dark smouldering coals. 'Do you think this good man from a good family will still want to marry you after he finds out about your steamy Arabian Nights escapade in the desert?'
Khushi went very still. 'You wouldn't dare''
'Try me.' He said laconically.
'What else can I expect from a man who has lost all ability to feel?' she said scathingly.
'Yes, you are absolutely right.' He said, still staring hard at her, 'and you of all people should know the reason for that.'
They stared at each other for countless seconds, and then he broke the silence. 'Don't beat yourself over it. You can go back to your loser.But while you are at it, take your sister with you.' he added softly.
'We should I?' she shot back. 'Akashji promised to marry Payal with or without your blessings.'
Arnav was not too happy with the reminder. 'You should know something about your would-be brother-in-law. Akash didn't show any inclination to work after his bachelor's degree until I pushed him to start at AR a few months ago, result of too much pampering, no doubt.
'Don't get me wrong, he is good at heart. But he is not capable of earning a single pie if he gets out of AR.'
'You sound like a hindi movie dad now' she smirked, though she was a little taken aback by this revelation.
He ignored her comment as he continued, 'That is one of the reasons I was against this match,' he said evenly.'I knew that he needed some more time to settle down, to grow up into a responsible individual.'
'But you were planning his marriage!' she said, remembering what Anjali had told her when she had come to meet her at the hotel.
'It was his mother who had planned it. Not me.'
'I am sure Akashji will do fine once you stop mollycoddling him.' She said adamantly.
'I wish Akash had the same confidence, you have in him Khushi.' Arnav said, lacing his tone with sarcasm.
 'Shyamji has also promised to help.'Khushi said desperately.
'Again, I admire your confidence in someone you met three days ago,' he said with a barely controlled temper. 'Nevertheless, I accept your decision and wish you all the best. 'You may leave now.' He said curtly, as he went back to work on his laptop, dismissing her.
As soon Khushi left Arnav poured himself a drink, his whole body wrought with tension. His thoughts went back to the night in Delhi, couple of days ago.
He sat in the office of Raizada Mansion working on his laptop. He shut it down with a bang and picked up the glass of vodka tonic on the table, gulping it down in one go. He hoped the burning liquid would help him forget. It was almost a week since he had left Raisar, but thoughts of Khushi haunted him every night, disturbing his sleep. Once, he had this weird feeling that she had called out to him. [email protected]#$! He slapped the glass back on the table.
He heard a knock and looked up to see Ria at the door. She was dressed in a short, figure hugging hot pink dress. 'Hi ASR, I brought the portfoliosof the designers.' She walked in with a case, swaying her hips, her stilettos beating out a staccato rhythm on the hardwood floor.
 'What?' he said gruffly, not particularly happy about being brought out of his reverie. 'Ah right'. the ethnic collection,' he said remembering.'But we aren't hiring the designer until later this month. There was no hurry.'
'Oh it was no trouble ASR,' she purred, giving him a coquettish smile, as she put the case on the table.
'I am sure you are getting late for a dinner or a party,' he said when she started walking around the table to him. 'I won't keep you.'
'Why don't you come with me?' she said as she sat on the table next to his lap top, the hem of her dress riding up her thigh.
He moved his chair back and stood up, moving around the table to pick up the portfolio. 'Now that you brought me some work, I think I will take a look right away.You carry on.'
'Something has changed,' she told him sliding off the table to face him across it. 'You have avoided me since you came back.'
'What are you talking about?' he said without looking up, rifling through the file, sounding bored.
 'Is it because of that girl at the hotel in Bikaner?' she asked sharply.
Arnav looked up at her his eyes beginning to simmer, 'That is none of your business!' he rasped. 'Look Ria, I am a little stressed out right now,' he said trying to keep his cool, 'I will see you at work tomorrow, alright.'
'I knew it!' she spat out, her voice rising up shrilly. 'The way you were staring at her while she was dancing'.. you found yourself some new to entertain you.'
'Enough Ria!' he warned her.
'She didn't seem your type though,' she went on, 'the way she was dressed, with those glasses and everything. There must be only one reason you are so smitten.'
'I think you should leave'..NOW.'
She went continued, 'She must be good in ___'
'Don't you dare talk about her like that!' he thundered.
'So it is true then,' she smirked.'You used me ASR!' she raged on.
'Shut your goddamn mouth!' he said his voice so icy it sent shivers up her spine. 'Who the hell are you? Don't forget you work for me. You only got this job because your father begged me to give it to you, and I obliged him because he was my old client. You knew you weren't competent enough for this job. So, you decided to use your "charm" to sustain it. You think I don't know you have been sleeping around with your assistant Kunal, so he does all your work? And that you don't think twice before hooking up with our clients after a dinner meeting?
'I am not sure if you are just so nave that you don't realize that these things don't get you anywhere in the long run or if this has become another habit. So let's not talk about who is "using" whom. Now get the hell out of here!'
What was with all these women? thought Arnav . First, Khushi and his sister had conspired against him, Ria had tried to manipulate him into feeling guilt, mamihad blatantly pointed fingers at his character and then Khushi had rejected his proposal. He raked his hands across his hair as his attention moved to the box that had been lying on his table since morning''
 The small shoe sized box had arrived via courier. It belonged to Lavanya. Mrs D'Souza, Lavanya's old housekeeper had sent over Lavanya's personal effects over to him as she was moving away to Goa to live with her sister.He had opened up Pandora 's Box few days ago, when he had told Khushi about Lavanya. He was not ready to open another one.
He picked up the full glass and hurled it with all his might, shattering it to smithereens as it crashed against the wall.He had had enough of these neurotic women.
Damn you Khushi!
I feel motivated to write more when I hear from you so do comment and feel free to give me your feedback.

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Dhinka chika dhinka chika...can you believe it charlotte, me takes first placeWA LOL

that was a bootiphul update..

call me bloody orthodox, but I am glad you decided to get them married..khushi bitiya will come around when she knows the reason

good to see the mu cleared, and arnav going down on his knees, if not to propose, atleast to.check on khushi s injury was heartwarming..

And when surajji was mentioned, did the green eyed monster just rise???

I know the arnav khushi convo was a serious one, but couldn't stop chuckling at the steamy Arabian nights escapade LOL

All in all a good one... Shyam is too sleazy, can just about see his twitching when he hears about arnav s proposal..

P.S. We have surajji from DND, is palak on her way??? LOL

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Author: -Zara-   Replies: 144   Views: 54405

-Zara- 144 54405 13 May 2013 at 9:37am by -Zara-
Desert Love(Mayur,AR,Sajan)-update part 4 page 30

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Author: Faria.   Replies: 294   Views: 17559

Faria. 294 17559 21 August 2011 at 1:04pm by vishalfool
AR OS Love Blossoms PAGE 3 || Note PAGE 7

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Author: angelic_angel   Replies: 58   Views: 38572

angelic_angel 58 38572 12 May 2011 at 11:08am by swamii92
A Walk On The Beach..-AR[New Page Link: Page 150]

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Author: Munchkin.   Replies: 1193   Views: 176353

Munchkin. 1193 176353 10 April 2011 at 8:10am by Riddss
-Lost AR- Part 1 Page 1 Note: Page 4 7/31/2009

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Author: Veiledbeauty   Replies: 30   Views: 19500

Veiledbeauty 30 19500 31 July 2009 at 8:04pm by Veiledbeauty

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