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OS payal missing shyam exposed updated

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hey guys this is an os just for fun, like most of you have noticed payal hasnt been there for 2 episodes, and has been missing, so i am writing a short os on why she is missing... 

Chapter 1


It was late at night , arnav and khushi were sitting on the recliner, cuddling each other, arnav was sad and depressed, his sister had jus tasked him for something which he knew would ruin her life, khushi was sad, she was coming 2 tell him that she was going back home, but when he said "mat jao" she didn't want 2 leave him, she knew he was in a dilemma, and so she sat to comfort him, the night was quite and lonely at the raizada mansion, a lot had happened today, they started of with a celebration and it ended with a tragedy, clearly it showed that happiness lasts only for a while,


Time passed by as the couple were in an embrace, and it was time, khushi had to leave, before dadi told her off again, she kissed his forehead and said

Khushi: arnavji, I should leave now

Arnav: I can understand you go home, (he hugged her)

 They were getting up 2 go when akash walked into the room and said

Akash: khushi, I will drop you home I want to meet babuji as well, I heard he is not well

Khushi: (shocked) not well, jijaji, what are u talking about, babuji isn't well

arnav: ya akash what happened did buaji call

akash: bhai khushi, he hasn't been well for so long, payal went yesterday to buaji's house to stay because of that only

khushi: what, jijaji, jiji is not is buaji's house, I spoke 2 buaji jus ta while back and she never mentioned anything of that sort,

akash: maybe she didn't metion it because there is so much happening already with di, but I know she is there

arnav: akash I will come with you too, I also want to see if shashi uncle is fine or not


they all left to drop khushi and meet babuji, when they reached GH they walked in a rush as buaji opened the door

buaji: hai re nand Kishore, where are u running in

khushi: buaji, babuji is sick, why didn't you tell me

buaji: (shocked) eh sanka devi have you gone mad what happened to shashi babua is fine,

akash: where is payal,

garima: akash betwa you should know where she is, she must be at home

akash: no amma, payal isn't at home, she phoned and said that she is here, because babuji is not well

buaji: no akash babuwa, she hasn't come here, after the hospital I haven't seen her at all,

garima: maybe she came back home,

khushi: (confused)no ama, she hasn't, I have been there all day, and I haven't seen her,

garima: (st back in shock) where is she then (she said worried)

akash: (worried) then why did  she call and say this, where is she (he became hyper)

arnav: (put a hand on akash and said) don't worry akash, lets go home, we will search for her there, may be she came back,

akash: but I don't understand why did she lie to me bhai, she never does that

khushi: (worried and scared) jijaji is right jiji never lies, there is something very wrong, I can sense it

arnav: akash come with me now, lets go and find her

they were leaving when khushi said

khushi: wait, I will come with you too

arnav: (came and caressed her hair and said) you rest, u must be tired, we will find her

khushi: no arnavji, I must come please, just give me a second, I'll change

she ran in to change, arnav agreed, he knew that she was worried for her sister and knew that it wasn't right 2 stop her,

buaji: please call us when you find her

akash: yes I will, don't worry and take care of amma (he said to her in a reassuring manner)

khushi came out in a simple turquoise blue salwar, she assured ama that everything would be fine and then she left with the boys


Chapter 2


They rushed back to RM as fast as they could, Arnav left the car on the main porch they got off and then he said

arnav: akash, you check your room, khushi you check the kitchen and I'll check in mami's rom

akash: ok bhai

they all went in their directions to check for payal

 as akash entered his room, he screamed her name, but no response, he checked the bathroom, but there was no one, he then went to the pool side to check but yet no one


khushi went running to the kitchen and check to see if she was there but no luck, arnav ran to mami's room to see if she was there but he too didn't find her, on the way back he bumped into mami and she asked


mami: what happens arnav betwa, all ok, anjili betiya is fine

arnav: mami, have you seen payal

mami: hello hi bye bye, that khun bhari taang has gone to her maternity homes to check on her dear pitashree (she said sulking)

arnav: no akash and I went to drop khushi she wasn't there

mami: kya keha rahe hai arnav bitwa

akash and khushi came running to arnav, and akash said

akash: bhai she wasn't in the room

kushi: or the kitchen

arnav: mami also doesn't know where she is

akash: (worried) where could she have gone

mami: hello hi bye bye, whats going on, I think there is something's wrongwa happening, detective manorma, phirse kaam e lagne ka pari, khoon bahri taang gayab  kaisa hui

khushi: arnavji I am scared where is jiji, (she said with tears)

he wiped her tears and looked at akash and said, there is no time we have checked everywhere, lets go to the police

akash nodded and the boys took, off leaving khushi and mami behind,

mami: hello hi bye bye, where is this khoon bhari taang how can she disappears, like this, with anjili betiya halat, she should be homes

khushi: mamji I cant understand myself

mami: dective manorma, investigation, karne a padi

she went to her room and khushi followed and said

khushi: mami, they have gone to the police jiji will come back don't worry

mami: no phati saree, something is wrong, we must find outs

khushi: maybe you are right, jiji will never go anywhere without telling jijaji or me ,

with that they were heading outside,  they were at the gate near the watch mans guard box, when they saw, two tall men walk in from the back entrance,

mami: phati sari look (she said, pointing)

khushi looked in that direction and said

khushi: mamiji, who are they, and why are they coming from the back entrance, I must call arnavji and tell him

she removed her phone and called arnav and told him, arnav and akash were curious to know who these men were, akash was worried that payal wasn't in any trouble, they were not far from home, arnav turned the care and jammed the brakes as they left to go back to RM


khushi and mami, waited at the side, arnav strictly instructed her not to go after them, when he is back they would handle it, so she obeyed, when they entered RM, arnav and akash were walking inside, when khushi pulled arnav on the side, akash followed,

khushi: arnavji, there they went (SHE POINTED)

mami: akash, somethingwa is wrong

akash: I know ma, but we will make it right, you and khushi go back, bhai and I will handle it from here

arnav: akash is right, khushi go back with mami, we will manage from here

khsuhi: no arnavji, I am coming

arnav: (explained to her, by caressing her face and said) khushi please understand it could be dangerous,

khushi: but arnavji jiji, and how can I let you go alone (she cribbed)

arnav: trust me nothing will happen, I promise,

akash: khushi don't worry, I am going to find your jiji and bring her back safe I promise,

mami: phati sarree come ons lets go,

khushi reluctantly left arnavs arms and went he reassure her that everything would be fine, from there they proceeded to the basement where the two men went, as they reached the basement door, arnav said


arnav: careful akash,

akash: ya bhai

 they went towards the door, and found it open, quietly they slipped into he room, it was dark and dungy, there was a little source of light that was in the middle of the room, they walked in further and to their surprise they saw, payal who was tied up to a chair, with a handkerchief in her mouth, she looked tired her cheeks were stained with tears, akash was shocked to see his wife that way, unable to resist, he proceeded towards her, when arnav stopped him

arnav: not now, look there are the two men, (he whispered)

 akash looked helpless but knew that he was right, they stood behind some boxes to hide, as the two men proceeded towards her, and said

man1: this girl, looks so ravishing (he said  eyeing her )                            

akash was ready to kill him, now angry he was about to go, when arnav again controlled him

man2: keep your hands off her, until and unless boss doesn't say we cant touch her

suddenly they heard a voice

voice: that's right let boss come only then we can do  what we want

arnav had heard that voice before, they saw a figure approaching towards payal, and when the  figure came into the light, much to arnavs shock, it was his kidnapper, the same guy who had kept an eye on him, when he was kidnapped, arnav recognized him in a second as his eyes became red and his fists in a ball, he was washed with anger akash noticed the change and said


akash: bhai what happened

arnav: akash, this is the same guy who held me hostage for those 45 days,

akash: what, I cant understand whats happening, why did this guy kidnap you and now why has he got payal

arnav: I no whose behind all this,

the men, proceed towards the door, and were going out, arnav and akash shelved themselves in the corner to hide, once the men left, they went to payal, akash saw her and his heart was crying from within, he couldn't  see her like this, he removed the handkerchief off her mouth, and arnav untied her hands, payals eyes opened as she saw her husband,  as soon as she could feel her hands, she got up and hugged akash tightly, and started to cry, as he took his helpless wife in his arms he hugged her tightly never intending to let her go,

arnav: akash, come on lets go,,

they proceeded to the door, but as they were going they saw the three men standing front them, and the man in the middle said

man3: you, think you could take her from here so easily

arnav: (ready to kill him)  how dare you, wasn't that one beating enough for you that you came back for more

man3: look her men, this man thinks he can out smart us again, by the way tell me what happened of that item who came to rescue you, now that she is dead you got another one (they all laughed)

arnav: how dare you, she is my wife and she is not dead, I know how to protect my family from scoundrels like you, I am giving you one chance get out of here while you can


chapter 3


the man got angry and the men proceeded to fight, payal went on the corner as akash instructed her, and then war began, the three men came on to the brothers hard but the didn't know that the raizada brothers were stronger and sharper as they battled with punches and kicks, they took on the men, beating them almost to death,

finally when they were on the verge of braking the men begged for mercy and akash said

akash: who is your boss (he yelled)

 the men remained quite not knowing what to say, and akash roared

akash: tell me answer me

payal: (in a crying tone, said) akash I know who it is

all of them looked towards her  and then payal said

payal: akash, its shyam who did all this

arnav already knew t was him and wasn't surprised, but akash on the other hand was shocked

akash: what payal, how can you

arnav: (interrupting) akash she is right it is him, the yare his men, I know it

akash: but bhai how can you be so sure

payal: akash, I was on my way home with you when I saw shyam, in the parking lot of the  hospital, I was going to tell you when I heard him tell his men good job the plan was successful I gasped in shock and shyams saw me and I  ran from him, but his men captured me and tied me up, then shyam made a call to akash and forcefully made me say that babuji isn't well and that I am going to GH (payal said while crying)

akash held her tightly, to make her feel safe,

akash: I knew it he is going to pay for this, I am not going to leave him, lest tell everyone about him

arnav: no akash, haven't you seen the way he has di and dadi wrapped around his finger, we need proof,

akash: lets take these men and make them confess

arnav: that's not enough, we must t have some more proof

payal: arnavji, wait I know,

she left akash's arms and then wen to the tv monitor, and popped in a tape and said

payal: he had installed cctvs, in the whole house, he was watching us all throughout, and taping us as well, when he had capture me ,he and I had an argument

akash: what argument


payal: why are you doing this, what have we done to you

shyam: yelled bak, you know why I am doing this, I am doing this 2 take revenge from arnav and that rani sahiba, the yhave ruined my life, I am doing this to get khsuhiji back,

payal: she is will never come back to you

shyam: she has no choice she has too, I will make her, and I will make that rani sahiba and arnav pay for all the pain they caused me

payal: what plan of yours is successful why did you say that

shyam: do you want to see

he popped in the tape and showed her,

end of flash back

payal played the tape and akash and arnav were shocked, at what they saw, the tape consisted of how shyam put glass pieces on the carpet, so that anjili could get hurt, it showed how he deliberately cut the wire so she would get shocked when she  held the railing, and how she walked into his trap and lost her day, there was also footage of him saying that he loved khushi and that she was his life, and he would have her any way that he could


both akash and arnav had no words, either of them could not believe that he actually killed his own child, arnav boiled with anger within him, the beast had unleashed himself and was ready to fight, akash was also very angry


akash: how can he do something like this

arnav: this is why I didn't want him back, he isn't going to be spared,

arnav question the men on shyams whereabouts and on asking they found out he was in RM all this while in anjili's room


they took the tape and went back to the house, akash held payal close to him, protecting her and making her safe, arnav dragged all the three men into the house,


as he walked din he thundered and yelled

arnav: shyam you bas***d come out,

the whole house came down as everyone came running to see what happened, khushi and mami came down, nani and dadi came running, nk also was scared and came down, the only one who wasn't down was anjili and shyam, who had heard arnavs voice,

arnav went up to anjili's room, opened the door and dragged shyam out of the room and into he hall, every one was shocked to see shyam, as he walked down to the hall he saw anjili begging and pleading arnav to stop, shyam saw payal and the men and started sweating, knowing that now he is in trouble, but still he tried to save himself


anjili: chottey what are you doing

arnav: (angrili) throwing this filth out of the house

khsuhi ran to him, too calm him down and said

khushi: arnavji stay calm please

dadi: what kind of behavior is this, how can you behave like this with damadji

anjili: please chottey he is my husband


khushi came to hug payal and mami also came to hug her, she was in a bad state, and nani asked

nani: payal betya what happened  (she asked worried)

akash: (told them everything, and then said in an angry voice shout how he kidnapped payal)dadi, ask what will happen, now, this is the last straw

everyone was shocked

dadi: what re you saying akash, this cant be true

shyam: sale sahib I told you you cannot separate me from my wife as it is we are facing loss of loosing our child and you are creating more problems


and then suddenly

chapter 4



Arnav  slapped shyam straight on his face, everyone was shocked and anjili couldn't believe it, she was about to fall when nani caught her and tried to wake her,  dadi was angry and so she said


Dadi: how can you do this, look at her condition, she needs him

Arnav: needs him, he is the problem he is the reason why this is happening

dadi: (screamed) no you are the reason this is happening, its your fault

Arnav had just about lost it now and then he said in a

Arnav: u wanted proof I'll give you proof, akash you know what to do

Akash: ya bhai

He caught hold of the men by the collar and said

Akash: answer me correctly who is your boss,  (he said in a loud sharp tone)

Man: sir'. Please

Akash: if u answers me then I wont give you to the police but tell me the truth

Man: sir its him (he pointed towards shyam)

Nani mami, khushi nk were all shocked

Dadi: this is not true, he could be paid to say that as well

Arnav: ya and who would do that, who would pay him

Dadi: khushi

As soon as she said khushi she started to cry, a tear trickled down from her face as she stood like a statue, everyone turned towards her arnav was getting more annoyed with dadi


Nani: no sumi, ur wrong, why would khushi do this

Dadi: because she is the reason this is happening, she accused shyam and she is wrong, she should be thrown out of this house

Arnav: how dare u if at all it should be u that should be gone, khushi never said or did anything,

Dadi was shocked to hear arnav words, and then khushi said

Khsuhi: arnavji, please don't fight, its ok dadiji I didn't do anything I promise (she cried)

Dadi: (yelled) ur crocodile tears aren't going to fool me

Arnav: (thundered) ENOUGH I have had enough of you and your nonsense, he is at fault why would khushi kidnap her own sister, and that's not all this b*****d has done worse (he felt ashamed to say it even, but gathered the courage and spoke) di, he killed your baby, he killed the child



Another loud one, came, but this time on arnavs face, anjili slapped him, hard on his face, this was the first time she had ever slapped him, there was absolute doubt, arnav was beyond shock and couldn't believe his ister would do this, she slapped him, shyam grinned on the side and spoke


Shyam: how can u put such a horrible accusation on me, i cannot do such a thing (he said with fake sadness) sale sahib, how could you stoop to such a low level

Arnav stood there rooted with pain on his face and anjili said

Anjili: chottey enough, I am fed up, I have had enough, how can a father kill his own child and too un born, how (she shouted)

Arnav still didn't react and was looking blank khsuhi went to him and put a hand on his shoulder to bring him back to reality, and then dadi said

Dadi: this is all your doing, its your fault you shouldn't have come into the family, today they are fighting because of you,  khushi

Khushi was in tears Akash and nani went to speak when arnav showed them the hand they stopped and then arnav took a deep breath and then said


Arnav: you all have said what you wanted to, now I will speak and you will listen and this is not a request its an order

He took the tape and held it, this is the proof , and the truth,

Shyam started to sweat seeing the tape and so he said

Shyam: sale shib enough your talking as if the truth will be revealed from this tape and it will show how I supposedly killed my child


Arnav raised his eyebrow, didn't argue and then popped the tape in, and as everyone watched anjili who was jus t defending her husband was now alarmed and couldn't beilve what she saw, she remembered how she fell for his trap as a flash back came in er mind, dadi who was so strong hid in the corner and remained quite nani and the rest also were beyond level shocked, and then nani said


Nani: subi anjili betiya, now do you understand why chottey was doing all this, do you realize what a dangerous man he is


Anjili didn't move an inch and stood there static, arnav walked up to her and then said

Arnav: all I want is to keep you happy and saife, what ever I did was for your and the  babies good, I had no intentions of accusing him, I only punished him because he was wrong, now the decision is in your hands if you want to believe me or not (he held khushi's hands and then said) its up to you to choose if its khushi and me or your so called perfect husband


Anjili looked up at shyam and then shaym said

Shyam: rani sahiba you know I wouldn't do this, you know its all wrong, it's a set up

No one spoke a word shyam tried to explain to a quite anjili, then anjili said


Anjili: why did you do it (she said softly)

Shyam looked at her stunned he knew he was in trouble he tried to save himself and said

Shyam: raani sahiba you believe them too

Anjili: (yelled) why did you do it

Shyam stood quite and anjili said

Anjili, why, did I love you too little, (she began shouting)

Shyam: please rani sahiba

Anjili: how could you you killed your own child your own flesh and blood, why shyam explain to me (she cried louder, and nani went to hold her)

Shyam: (begged) please ranni sahiba forgive me please, I was blind, its not my fault is khushiji's fault

Arnav: (yelled back) don't you dare take my wifes name '

Anjili: (wait chottey she interrupted) khsuhiji, has done nothing, and I know it, she is trutful and innocent, it is you who fool me, and took advantage, (she looked at arnav and said) get this filth out of our house,(she said in a stone cold voice)

Arnav held him by the collar and told akash

Arnav: akash called the police

Akash dialed the police and they were here in no time, they hand cuffed shyam , but before taking him, anjili said

Anjili: wait, there is one last thing I would like to do

Shyam looked hopeful thinking that she would stop this and believe him, and so he said

Shyam: rani sahiba i am glad u don't belive them, and'



He was shocked, and then she said

Anjili: this is for using me, for your filthy needs


He looked shocked, at her,




Anjili: This is for turning me against my brother

This time everyone was shocked as anjili slapped him another time, arnav felt relieved



Anjili: this is for blaming an innocent soul like khushi

Khsuhi who was crying felt light knowing di believe her



Anjili: (yelled with all her might) and this is for killing my child


No one had ever seen anjili like this, nani held her and shyam was beyond the word stunned , and then arnav said

Arnav: take him away,

The constable took shyam away and anjili looked sad, after hearing what happened, she felt sad and sorry, she went to arnav and apologized to him


Anjili: I am sorry chottey (she cried) please forgive me , I am sorry (she folded her hands)

Arnav took her in his arms and then said in a soft voice of victory

 Arnav: di no its ok, you have the right to hit me, you're my sister, and I love you, (he cried)

 Everyone was happy that anjili and arnav were hugging the mess cleaned up and now everything we will be back to normal, then anjili took his hand and took khushi's hand and said with a teary eyed smile


Anjili: nani, decorate the house, our chottey is getting married


Arnav hugged khushi tightly and she cried , then she hugged anjili, and they shared some sweet moments, dadi who was proven wrong realized that khsuhi is a nice girl and all ended well, 


so guys what did you think, should I continue or not, please comment and tell me, its jus tan imagination, 

my other work

love and other disasters (on going)

cinderella must be protected

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sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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Where's Payal ?! ; O Embarrassed
zohakhan7 IF-Stunnerz

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where is payal :O
its awesome
continue soon
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hey thanks guys posting next part soon 
..juhi.. IF-Rockerz

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nyc osSmile
pm me also plz...

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Very interesting. Please do continue 
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CVs at least read this! U'll get some idea
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interesting story! 

do write more:)

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